Morgrue Form - Black Terror

Hell Reaper Sword: +30-dmg. Enhancers can be purchased when morgrue levels up. 50-XP per +1 enhancer.
Hell Fire: Damage=20% victim's HP per day, antidote specific.
Hell Bane: Turns victim into a Morbid Knight Minion of Hell.
Death Plunge of Hell: Plunges victim into Hell's Graveyard, a place where those sent wait for Lucifer to judge them and determine their fates.

Morgrue Traits:
Level: 42
Armoured Flesh: +41
50% MR upon Creation, this cannot be adjusted.
Precision Weapons Bonus: +3 HB
Jagged Teeth: +20 dmg. Enhancers can also be purchased for 50XP per +1 with level gains.
Abysmal Claws: +15 dmg. Chills body on hit -1 stamina per hit. Victim Must roll stamina check on each successive round.
Blends with Shadows: +10 Stealth
+3 Stealth: when trying to hide in shadows or use shadows for stealth when in demon form.
Drain Life by Touch: Reduces victims' dice rolls -2, if a saving throw fails, loss of levels is permanant. +13 dmg
Improved Haste: +15
High Dexterity: +15
Immunities: immune to Cold and Fire, Immune to Hell Fire.
Improved strength: Double base strength in demon form.

Possession and Domination:
Possession and Domination roll magic/action dice for success against Victom's PD. Possession is a soul transfer, their soul possesses their victim and they take command of victim. At level 10+ Morgrue can Split their soul to possess victim. Domination works much the same, but they dominate victim by their will to command them.

Arcane Skills and Paths:
Selective Casting
Fork Powers
Use Missiles
Spell Craft
Arcane Knowledge
Unfailing Energy Identification: Allows detection of anything that gives off energy, and its sphere or alignment.

Morgrue Demon