Spirit God Form

First Stage Ascension Bonuses: +10 Stamina, +5 Strength, +100 HP, +1 Path of Power, and gained immunity to mental tampering.

Spirit and Avatar Form: noct'maire god form, part dragon, part demon, part vampire, part lion, part falcon. Bipedal; stands 30 feet tall, can morph size. Has a dragon head with a lion's mane, and a falcon's beak and eyes. Immense vampire wings thrust up from back of shoulders with flight capabilities. Has a long dragon tail and a lion's rear legs and paws. Black scales outlined in silver cover most of the body with exception of his spiked shoulders, black leathery arms, and clawed hands like a morgrue. He is scentless. In spirit these details can be seen but are transluscent and glow with an ethereal light.

Underworld Kingdom :: Kingdom of Shadows Aurelius is the ruling king of the Shadow Plane. The Kingdom of Shadows is a physical realm which lies at the very center of the shadow plane. This kingdom was created long ago by a shadow demon god who built the kingdom using powerful shadow magics, and in making the kingdom everlasting and genuinely tangible he sacrificed himself. This act also gave life and intelligence to the trees and plants he created, and in some cases even the land, which serve whomever can rule over the kingdom for longer than fifty years. Until that time, this intelligence often tests those who claim sovereignty over the shadow plane. The Kingdom of Shadows is always veiled in darkness or dusk and is a haven for vampires, shadow demons, undead, living dead, spirits, and other shadow loving creatures and monsters. When Aurelius ascended into Godhood he was plunged into the shadow realm and fell into this kingdom, where his changes took place and he became a god. The watcher of the realm; Kedu, witnessed Aurelius' painful remaking into a god and the splitting off of his avatar form from his spirit form. When the process was done, Kedu approached him, bowed down on his knees, and implored him to claim kingship over the Kingdom of Darkness, which had not seen a king for over one thousand years. All was chaos and anarchy in the land, Kedu, told him, for no laws had bound its inhabitants for so long. Inasmuch as Aurelius found himself bound to that kingdom in spirit form anyway, he agreed to rule over the Kingdom of Shadows in spirit and sent his avatar form back to his home world to finish the battle which had lifted him to his second stage of ascension as a god.

Paths Allowed: Unlimited Paths of Power (they must not oppose alignment)

Avatar Form Shifts: Prior Noctmaire Morgrue form, shapeshifter with human, vampire, shadow dragon, morgrue, and silver dragon form

Avatar Form Bonuses: Regeneration of 50, Stamina of 55, +5 Willpower, Strength+10, HP+150, and gain immunity to forced gates.

Spirit Form: No harm from normal weapons, Vital Force (HP) Level x 50, Limitless Stamina, Vital Regeneration of 50, HP+200, +10 Willpower, and gained immunity to inflictions against the will, including forced summoning, and immunity to forced shape change.

Deific Forms: Gods can project an Avatar form to chosen locations which becomes real when it reaches a world, and also shift into forms they possessed before ascending to gods in order to visit worlds of the Middle Kingdom. Gods in Spirit form cannot remain outside of their home plane for longer than 4 hours, and must remain in home plane for 10 days before leaving it in spirit form again.

Paths of Dedication:
God of Judgment