Castle Noct'maire


The Castle is located on an island off of the North Haven Shore in the Shadowlands. The castle can only be accessed by air, gate or sea. There is no causeway nor can any trespass on the island by magic or gate when the wards are activated unless selected by Aurelius to pass the Wards {See Magic Items and Artifacts for Wards}. One road leads to the shores of Aurelius' territory from the South west, passing beneath Noct'maire gates which block an entire mountain pass.

North Gate

These gates are enormous, constructed from the dark granite that the mountains around them are composed of. There is a rampart walk on top of the gates which bridges two mountains with the gates and mountain tunnel beneath. A steep style of stairs climbs to rampart from the northward side of the gates. Two titan statues flank the tunnel walls on either side as pillars, and are indeed carved out of the mountain as well. They are of the figure of the Morning star, his enormous folded wings feathered and angelic, his bearded goat's head unsmiling and pentacle-like, two cloven hoofed hands clutch the ornate hilt of a monstrous sword. The gates are well guarded by armed warriors all loyal to Aurelius.

The Keep

The Castle keep is surrounded by high ramparts and towers which enclose a courtyard {used frequently in the training of Lord Aurelius' knights, unless they prefer to take their practice to Noctmaire's tavern the Black Dog}. The black granite inner and outer walls of the castle are no less than twelve feet in diameter. A stable and servants' quarters stand within the walls of the courtyard and a small, but lush garden to the back of the place, which is overgrown with rose vines, ivy, morning glory, and other climbing shrubs. All grows wild against the atrium walls while the inner garden and its plant islands are well tended by his wife Melisseant.

Interior :: 1st Floor

The inside of the castle is dark unless lit by the torches which jut from the stone walls from pewter dragon sconces, winding corridors opening to the vast number of halls and rooms. A few outer chambers alone have windows, which are uniformally draped in the heaviest curtains, thus in most of the keep there was no way for the light of the sun to reach them.

Upon entry through the double oak doors onto the main floor, a wide hall opens, many stone pillars supporting the ceiling. There are six main rooms on this floor, Including the Dining Hall, the sparring arena, the kitchen, the lowest portion of Aurelius' chambers, and Aurelius' throne room.

The dining hall is an enormous room, fitted with a long table of oak and sturdy chairs of maple, these set in rows against the table's edge. There are tapestries hanging from the walls, and from a balcony set two thirds of the way from the floor to the vaulted ceiling, which overlooks the whole of the room. A wide, wood and stone stair case leads to this balcony, no carpets dress the stairs, their wearing oak surface bared to sight, the bannisters are of a finished oak, and carved simply, no intricate artistry fell into the woodwork of the room, the grand, if faded tapestries alone provide the decor of the room. The seats of the dining chairs are of soft leather tanned to a smooth texture and fitted over comfortable cushions. The floor tiled in black marble, with woven carpets atop them in several places, hounds and men alike, at times, use these as seats.

The Second Floor

From the stairs, a threshold opens to two forked corridors on the second floor. The two halls branch off from the landing of the staircase and join together in a rectangular shape, two others dividing the rooms at the center of this. Many rooms branch off of this corridor or that, on this floor many of the rooms are bed chambers, varying in size and comfort. Those on the outside passage are well lighted and warmed in day by the sun from large windows, those on the inside lighted by torches, candles or lamps when in use, having no windows at all, most to the convenience of the vampires or demons housed there.

Beside bedrooms, There is a Library at the center of the wall farthest from the stair, and in the far right corner is Aurelius' Study room, as well as his own bed chamber. Kent and Mickey's rooms are both inner chambers, untouched by the day, for their general dislike of the effects of the sun. Matthew's room, however, is on an outer hall, the windows made exceptionally secure, for his dislike of the sun was further keened with his siring into vampirism. Few of these rooms are in a state of neglect, for, at one time or another, each spare of the spare bedrooms are utilized in varying ways

The Third Floor

The third floor is a wide, open space, interrupted only by the stone pillars which support the ceiling. Four helix stair cases from there, lead up into two towers, and, through a trap door, to the stone roof. The interiors of the towers are bare, though clean, as they are often traversed, if not used, for tower guards make their solitary watch at their pinnacles every morning and evening. The roof is a terraced stone surface, stair cases of like stone leading from one layer to another. One could liken it to a cobbled village street, with buildings of stone upon one side or another. The wall that stands upon the edges of the roof is regularly indented, the murder holes well suited for for an archer's weapon.

The Dungeon

The Dungeons are below the ground, and under the water, being very dark, dank and dingy, unlike the rest of the castle. Moisture would drip regularly from the walls, certain mosses and algae finding life there, rats, bats, and insects of various kinds could also thrive there. The formidable place would see few prisoners, for Lord Ambrosious does not keep prisoners often, those he thinks worthy of battle, he kills, allowing them an honorable death, and those he feels do not deserve death, he would enslave, release, or turn over to his own lord; keeping only those useful to him alive. The dungeon is circular, like an enormous deep, vaulted well, instead of rectangular as all the rest of the structure is shaped. There is no door or stairway leading in or out of the dungeon. Entry is gained only by fixed Shadow Gate which is triggered by a 'Key Command' from those Elite guards who act as the dungeon's wards. The gate which opens into and out of the dungeon opens ONLY to those granted dungeon passage. No foreign power can open a gate into the dungeon.

The Island of Noct'maire

From the castle is built an immense causeway from the front gates of the castle to the main bulk of the island, which is built quite near the warding device. There are seven buildings on this island, including a mill, an inn, several taverns and a limited number of houses, as well as a small farm, the vegtables planted in a plot of scarce fertile soil made rich with ages of composting. There is also a large watchtower built here for a lookout, which looks out over the sea and towards the shore in all directions. It is manned on a voluntary basis and done so diligently, even when war does not threaten. Knights and guards man the tower during conflicts.