Vampiric Form

Physical Prowess
Vampiric Fortress: They take 50% normal damage in vampiric form, and their tough hide has 50% chance of deflecting normal (unenchanted) weapons and missles when in vampiric form.
Strength of the Dragon: He is EXTREMELY strong, being able to tap the strength of his dragon form.
Elemental Bastion: They resist cold, heat and electrical effects by 80%. Wings of the Warrior
Winged Mantle:Wings act as shield to deflect weapons and are immune to magic and energies.
Grappling Hook: Wings tipped with one and half foot long, curved talons which act as a grappling hook. Very hard to dislodge -{4 d6 18+ to dislodge.} Winged Prowess: Wings delve powerful blows+5 dmg +strength roll.

Claws of the Damned
Whithering Doom Inflict: Claws can imbue victom with Whithering doom if vampire speaks the word "inflict" while attacking with claws.
Dagger Claws: Claws are curved, as long as daggers and razor edged.+15PA per claws.

Born with Abilities

Vampiric Haste: 35

Telepathy: 42

Improved Strength: +37

Improved Fortitude: +57

Improved Regeneration: 44 RL.

Telekinesis: 41.

Improved Intuition: +12 added to intution, or split between intuition and instincts.

Keen Senses: +8, +8, +6, +6, +3, +3 to split between physical perception.

Immortality: They will never die of old age, have swift regeneration, and are hard to wound.

Vampiric Form Shift: Claws, Fangs and Wings with Flight.

1-[1-3] Fangs: Retractable, +1 dmg. young vampires, +3 dmg each for Elders over 500, +5 critical attacks.

2-[4-6] Claws: Retractable, +1 dmg. each claw young vampires, +2 dmg each for Elders over 500, +5 critical attacks.

3-[7-9] Improved Height: Shift, greater range with melee weapons and physical attacks, +1 hit and defense bonus-range advantage per +1 foot in height over opponent, up to +4 feet in height.

4-[10-12] Fangs, Wings, and Claws: can dmg. foe with both fangs and claws in an attack. Fangs+1-dmg, Claws+1-dmg each claw, +5 throat, heart or femoral vital dmg.

5-[13-15] Fangs, Wings, Claws and Height: combine physical advantages.

6-[16-18] Vampiric Form: Stature and muscular increase in complete shift of Fangs, Height, Claws while fortitude, Strength {+6}, and Stamina is enhanced (X2) with tough flesh, and quicker regeneration (+8).

7-[19-21] Vampiric Menace: Shadows spread around vampire and presence emits an aura of terror in full form shift. Level=# d6+7 vs. Constitution.

8-[22-24] Physical Majesty - Vampire can use vampiric temple with supernatural haste in combat combinations, or in winged flight. All physical checks increased by +10, Stamina enhanced by (X2).

9-[25-27] Might of the Dragon - Vampire can tap any physical dragon check or power while using this ability.