Kelpie Steed

Base Level: 18
PA: 19 d6
SA: 22 d6
HP: 570
HB: +3
AR: +5

Physical Attacks {PA}:
Trample: Level X 2 + Strength dmg per success.
Kick: +20 dmg, +100 to vital areas.
Bite: +8 dmg
Gouge: +24; using horn, level +6, +1 damage per success, +1 HB. Horn imbues victim with nightmare delusions, -1 on all mental checks per ace but intelligence and wisdom.

Special Abilities
Flame Eyes: whatever it gazes at bursts into flames
Flame Breath: breathes fire like a dragon
Flaming Hooves and Horn: hooves and horn do added aggravated damage with fire
Throw flame: Flame thrower effect with range of up to +1 yard per success.
Wall of Flames: Creates wall of fire between caster and target.
Nightmare Blood: Contact with Blood caused violent nightmare hallucinations, -1 on all mental checks per ace but intelligence and wisdom

Physical Check Dice {PCD}:
Strength: 17
Stealth: 9
Movement: +17
Dexterity: 17
Stamina: 17

Mental Check Dice {MCD}:
Instincts: 17
Intelligence: 19
Willpower: 28
Constitution: 16
Courage: 30

Description: Their name, Morgheras, means Demon Horse or Winged Devil. These animals were born out of the shadow marches of Annwn, from the souls of great battle mounts. Each is crowned with a single spire, and all have massive, leathery wings, like a dragon. They breed like normal horses, and cannot sire. If their blood is consumed, it causes horrible nightmare hallucinations which can last for hundreds of years, and even lead to suicide. If too much blood is consumed (8 ounces or more) it causes death after mind is assaulted with horrifying visions. Paralysis occurs before death. Death occurs in five minutes. There are valuable secrets connected to these demon beasts, including their way of death, which few know of and which others seek.