Aurelius Spellbook

Arcane Paths: Necromancy, Sorcery, Curses, Spectromancy

Elemental Paths: Fire, Earth, Lunar, Light, Shadows

Inborn Paths: Telepathy, Haste, Telekinesis, Presence, Domination, Possession

Limited Paths: Phantasmancy, Conjuration, Mind Walk (special, see at bottom of page), Mental Tower, Dead Realms Magic

New Paths: Quantum Projection, Seramancy (electrical), Verdurmancy, and Hydromancy


Specialty necromantic spells

Black Lash Shield: Necromantic shield deflects magic back at attacker conveting positive engergies to negative energies to be comanded by caster

Gate of Flames: an azure blue gate of flames which delivers necromancer to and from Acheron.

Seeing Pool: necromancer gazes into any still pool of water to see select events, visions of named targets etc.

Share Power: combine power

Dead Realms Shadowy Cloak: Cloaks from all detection, sence, sight, true sight magic, Caster can summon Dead and Nether dark realms Creatures through cloak to attack targets-Roll for level of creature Summoned

Hell Summoning: Summon any monster of Hell at your own risk, level used = max level of monster.

Runic Warding: Wards area with runes imbued with power

Create Spell of own Making: damages mage -5 HP Dmg per Spell Level, spell is memorized (added to spell book) once created or can be passed onto another.

Dead man's eyes: Deadly gaze on a crit, vs. save

Shatter the Weave: shatters spells, variable power allows spell to shatter even unknown types on a crit, weakens spell by power of roll otherwise.

Amnesia: Causes loss of memory as called on a crit, or limited loss of -1 called memory per ace with normal power.

Theif of Life: drain -1 called level per hit, damages, drains -1 stamina and strength per ace. -1 called level lost permanently on a crit.

Time Walk: Time lapse select leap into past or future.

Gate Mastery: Use of all gate types within arcane or elemental range.

Diablerie Decomposition: Rots vicitm very rapidly and plunges their soul on death into Acheron's river of souls. No resurrections allowed, release of soul for rezz dependant on Princes of Acheron

Animal Joining: Join with vision, hearing, and olfactory of a called animal.

Phantasmal Reality: Caster wills illusions to be seen by target that seem real as life as caster implants living images, touch, scents ect. in target's mind. Willpower vs. Logic.

Immutable Death Crush: Crushes vital area; bypasses magic and energy fields

Death Plunge of Acheron: Rips soul from Target and Plunges soul into Hell Cavern of Lost Souls. Caster alone or his Master can release Target from Cavern of Lost Souls, vs. save or evasion of power.

Blood Source: Enchanted flask which preserves blood transfered from a specific source or sources.

Blood Transfer: transfers blood from called target to a called target or container

Summon Balrog: Locks onto a select or random Balrog and overpowers it to summon and bring the Balrog under necromancer's power.

Morgruen Prometheus: Creation of High Level monsters under domination and utter command of maker. Ritual-Requires all elements monster is created out of and a path of creation, as well as genesis commands.

Undead Heart: The victim of this curse is put under the control of the caster. The heart of the victim is removed by the caster as the curse is being laid. The heart afterwards becomes an artifact, used to invoke certain reactions or effects in the victim of the curse (whether pain, the knowledge of their location, the ability to see into their mind, etc.) called by the caster. If the victim can reclaim their heart and find a way to place it back where it belongs, the curse is removed.

The Elements

Specialty elemental spells

Fiery Conflageration: pyromancer grows in stature and flames errupt around them and their voice carries with booming command to overpower all of those within visual range. Willpower check to save. Pyromancer can also throw flaming streams of fire when exercising Fiery Conflageration. Fire streams last until another action is taken.

Vaporous Flame Form: Burns whatever it touches and takes no physical damage.

Sphere of Flames: Sphere of flames surrounds mage OR subject and can act as shield or hold victim in arrest of fiery globe. The flames are various colors and each act according to a different effect.
Red: Burns and Blisters
White: Vaporizes
Electric Blue: Shocks and burns
Black: Degenerates and Burns bitter cold.
Orange: Burns, Blisters and repulses.
Yellow: Acid burn and causes nausia.

Priveledged Spells

Spells passed to Aurelius by the Morning Star

Ring of Pigmy Demons: Fifty Pigmy demons are summoned in a tight formation around target and while laughing and chattering maniacally they leap in randomly to bite and tear at victim with sharp claws and teeth, growing more and more frenzied until it is an all out attack, and demons cover victim, in a frenzied quarrel to devour the victim. See Betiary, Demons, Pigmy.

Soul Net: Captures dead subject's soul and holds it within a spacial sphere.

Fanatical Bondage: When target is touched by Aurelius and given a command under this path, a glowing azure tattoo of a chain appears around their throat and subject begins to obey the command and continues to labor until they drop from exhaustion. Command is always one of physical labor or exhertion.

Recall Memories: Captures select or all memories of a subject.

Curse of the Dragon's Eye: Subject is cursed with visions of being horrifically tortured.

Curse of Atlas: Subject feels as if burdened with a tremendously oppressive weight, their breath becoming labored, motions very sluggish, eventually collapsing to their knees under the invisible weight of their curse.

Beast Master: Command of beasts necromancer summons, up to +1 called beast per success.

Restore Memories: restore all on a crit, or up to +1 called memory otherwise

Beast of Burden: Subject is morphed into a burrow or nag laden with heavy sacks of grain in cloth enchanted so that it cannot be torn, while an unbreakable bottle of water dangles in front of the beast's face from a pole and rope. The beast appears in the bad lands vast desert as the transformation occurs.

Mental Fortress: Protects a mind from Tampering, acts as an immunity.

Guardian Warding: Guardian Weave is invoked and using select commands a ward is created within subject to protect them against specified effects. Ward acts as contingency and is triggered by opposing effects.

Memory Erasure: Select Memories are erased on a crit, up tp +1 called memories per success otherwise.

Abominate Distemper: Target suffers rabid state of gloom and doom and is unable to function other than to retreat and sit down muttering and hissing, incoherently at times, about being doomed. State of paranoid delusion which consumes them with morbid and terrified thoughts.

Enchanted Tower: Captures victim in a stone tower which is warded against entry and exit by any but caster, factored heavily with anti-MR and anti-spell weaves.

Gateway to the Sprawl: Victim is sent and sealed in Hell's Metropolis, a high tech, super polluted, high rise city known as the Sprawl. Everyone is a hard core criminal element, wicked clubs are common as are unique and powerful recreational drugs. Slaves are bought and sold like candy in the Sprawl.

Noct'maire Overlord: Ability to scry, summon, seize and capture, command the will, and break past mental barriers of any born of his blood line.

Crystal of Souls: Summons a crystal from Acheron's Chamber of Souls and with a select command, the soul of a dead subject is captured and sealed into crystal and cast into Acheron's Chamber of Souls inside crystal. Countless other crystals are strewn and heaped in this vast chamber, and the only escape is for Lucifer or another Prince of Acheron to call on a specific crystal and free the soul held within.

Echo Obliteration: Destroys memory and soul echos to prevent any memories or old forms being restored.

Mind Walking

This power was assimilated from a powerful Arcanus, Ismah.

1-Influence Thoughts: The caster attempts to sway a subject's thoughts without controlling them.

2-Memory Alteration: Changes the way a subject remembers an event. The more powerful caster is, the more they can alter.

3-Memory Erasure: Removes select memories of a suject. The more powerful caster is, the more they can erase.

4-Implant Memories: Caster implants a memory that is as vivid to the subject as though they had lived it.

5-Mind Walk: Caster can project themselves as a vision into the mind of another.

6-Mind Reader: Caster can see into the mind of another to learn their thoughts, memories, and secrets.

7-Dream Walk: Caster can control a subject's dreams and influence them through their dreams.

8-Command the Mind: Caster can control the thoughts of another.

9-Command Dreams: Used with dream walk, caster can convert dreams into an alter-reality where victim is subject to whatever happens in their dreams.

10-Absorb Memories: Caster can pull the memories of another into their own mind for analyzation. The caster is always aware that the memories that they absorb are not their own.

11-Mental Barrier: mind becomes impenetrable if this power succeeds against level difficulty. Power lasts up to +1 day per success as called.

12-Deified Mind: forumlation of mental commands.