General Information

Name: Aurelius (ow-RAY-lee-us) Ambrosius (am-BRO-zhus) of Noct'maire.

Date of Birth: 371 AD

Age: Appearance, 37 years True Age-19,967 years

Race: 1st Generation Noct'maire Morgrue Avatar, Noct'maire God of Judgment

Subrace/s: Human, First Generation Thinnease Noc'tmaire Vampire, Shadowdragon, Noct'maire Morgrue, Silver Dragon

Domain: Lord of Castle Noct'maire, and the North Kingdom of the Shadowlands, in Sgāthir Anmathseti. Kingdom of Shadows, God of the Shadowplane.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Nature: Though he has strong chaotic tendencies, he has made a firm shift to lawful neutrality and he is dependably Lawful Neutral in performance of his duties and in his judgment.

Demeanor: He shows what side of himself he sees most fit for any given situation. If he is angry, though, he does not usually try very hard to restrain himself, instead he will likely vent his frustration on the nearest object, or better to his taste, creature or person.

Alternate Forms: Storm of venomous Bats. Shadow Dragon. Vapor. Lion. Falcon. Vampire. Human. Morgrue Demon. Morgrue Lich. Silver Dragon. Noct'maire Avatar. Noct'maire Spirit.

Appearance: Human Form- (L36) He is tall, and muscularly built. Thick locks of black hair fall beyond his shoulders, and frame a slightly paled face of features reminiscent of the romans, which are set around firey, black eyes. His typical dress is of darkly colored furs, leather, and linen. Vampiric Form- (L36) He would seem to grow in stature and height, Massive, leathery bats' wings spreading from the powerful muscle of his shoulders, his eyes draining of life and color, to become white and sickly yellow. Claws would protract from the ends of long, bone-crushing fingers, his face to contort in the fury and vindictive urges that would likely have been the cause for his transformation. Dragonic Form-(L40) He would morph into the form of a great shadow dragon, the increase of his powers and strengths physically noticiable. Sleek and fatal the thick coils of his body would be coated in scales stronger than any steel plate armor. Long, thin, blade-like spines would run from his curving neck to his whip-lash tail, between massive black bat's wings along his arching back. Fierce, yellow eyes would peer from a pointed head, decked with smaller of the black scally plates. Enormous jaws, equipped with double rows of back-curved needle-like fangs, a set of eight canines extending past their fellows to deliver a poisonous bite to his foes. Morgrue Lich Form-(L36) He is six and a half feet tall, and maintains many of his own human features, though every aspect of him is cast in a shadowy matt-black that seems to bleed into the air of his surroundings with an awe of magesty and chill of death which seeps from his very presence.

Time Line: Time / Plane Walker (Any time period)

Maximus Caerellius: 2nd Gen Thinnease Noct'maire Vampire
Matthew Laurence Marcus: 3rd Gen Thinnease Noct'maire Vampire
Kelly O'Brian: 4th Gen Thinnease Noct'maire Vampire
Kent Cavannaugh: 2nd Gen Noct'maire Morgrue
Mickey Muldoon: 2nd Gen Noct'maire Morgrue
Marianna Simona Draguta: 2nd Gen Noct'maire Morgrue
Melchaiah Ereclea: 1st Gen Noct'maire Demon

Spouse: Melisseant Kilcanoragh Ambrosious, Daughter of Eoghan the Comet.

Prince Beran of Noct'maire
Prince Remus of Noct'maire

Animal Familiars:
Seuraeeod (syoo-ray-ohd) - Kelpie Steed
The Dogs: 4 English/Irish Wolfhound Mixes, 2 Rottwielers
Waermahs (weredog): Brendal Great Dane (Lycanthropic Carrier)
Horses: Herd of mostly Black Breed of Draft Horses (4 Stallions, 12 Brood Mares, 10 Yearlings, and 3 New Foals)
Shivmor: (sheev'moor - black fire) - his prize Black Dapple Demon Stallion.