Magic Items and Artifacts

Noct'maire Sword: +40 dmg. Captures Souls and Drains Life, phases through magic shields, Withering Doom Inflict Command.

Hell's Reaper Sword: +40 dmg. Imbues Victim with Hell Fire-Antidote specific-{Water from the River of Souls}this blade also able to cast "Hell's bane" "Fire of Hell" and "Death Plunge of Hell" into anyone the blade penetrates, the only counter is not to be penetrated by the blade.

Hell's Wrath Sword: +35 dmg. Inflicts target with Hell Fire and Demonic Soul Attack, phases past armor and magic shields.

The Mythmorda Crystal: Call forth a vision of someone into the crystal and then capture them into the crystal within an alternate reality.

Black Tempest Staff: Artifact - Level 30 Appearance: Heavy staff of black wood with grey swirling grains, wood having a metalic shimmer, crowned by a gnarled root resembling a claw woven around a large obsidian crystal, which flares with an internal light when powers are tapped.
Effects: Used in graveyards where warriors and soldiers are laid to rest. When powers of staff are commanded, powers are triggered which raise the dead and alter them into demon, death knights. The inner light of the staff shoots out radials across the graveyard to strike the graves, errie mists rising around from the graves as the corpses are resurrected into black, muscular skeletal death knights, each armed with the weapons used in life as fighting men. Their flesh acts as armor+3 DB. Levels 10-20. Numbers=Number of dead in Graveyard.
Info: The soul and powers of an Arch-Creationist are trapped within the staff; those powers are harnessed by select contingencies imbuing the staff, which Aurelius alone can command. If the will of the Arch-Creationist ever overthrows Aurelius' commands then the army which is raised will turn on Aurelius and his followers. Willpower of staff is 17. Staff must defeat Aurelius' will with at least three 6s for Artifact to overthrow Aurelius' power over the raised army.

Castle Warding Artifact: Level 44
Appearance: Four, massive, angular, claw like, long spikes with smaller spikes thrusting up from base of key spikes around a pyramid of stone. Above the peak of the pyramid a sphere of power is held in place by the ward cage, while an azure blue aura surrounds the cage which is open at the top.
Effects: The powers are drawn out of the Eternal flame and when activated form a sphere around his fortress and citadel to protect from entry of any who are not selected to enter. Powers flare to attack any invading life form, undead form or counter invasive energies.
Additional Information: To get past wards requires very specific abilities and powers, and must be of a greater power than the ward. (Must beat roll of 44 d6 +160)

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