Advantages and Disadvantages

Way of Death: Way of Death: Total Obliteration, death of all forms

Disadvantages: Divine Paths X 2 Damage, Vulnerable Spot and 0 regeneration in Dragon Form

Mental Disadvantages: Easily angered. Bears a strong dislike for women [brought on by the unfortunate experiences of his Acheron brethren, lol. His wife being the only exception]. His enmity, once awakened is never entirely forgotten. Pessimism.

Physical Advantages: Dragonic Strength. Regeneration. High Fortitude. Heightened senses. Haste. Accuracy. He has no scent. Magic Resistance: 50% in Morgrue Form. Elemental Resistance: 80% vs. electrical in vampiric form.

Immunities: Heat. Cold, Necromancy (improves his power), Mental Tampering, Force against the Will (summoning included). Forced Gates. Forced Shape Change.

Mental Advantages: High Constitution. Humanity. Logic. Composition. Extreme Intelligence. Problem Solving.

Knowledge: Advanced Occult Knowledge. Arcane Knowledge. Basic Farming, Livestock, and Horticulture. Languages: English, Latin, Gothic, Old English, Limited Persian, Limited Egyptian, Limited Gaelic, Limited Esurian, Limited Mythemyn, Griddaen, Cenys, Limited Otso Eurokai. Read and Write in known languages.