Shadow Dragon Form

Information: This is one of the most powerful of all dragons, and it is very ill-advised to provoke their dark side. Though they are often one of the wisest of dragons, they are likewise very aggressive. Failing their trials can be deadly if they decide someone is a blemish on the world and better off being disposed of. As they grow wise, they are also cold and indifferent to death once it has been ordained by them. Some call them 'Lucifer's pets' which is not far from the truth. As they respect The Morning Star, he holds these mighty beasts of the shadows in high regard. They are as black as the shadows with silky smooth but tough leathery skin and a great wing span, and despite their size, they have the shadows on their side and are the stealthiest of all dragons, able to move as silently as the shadows themselves. Indeed they were born out of the shadows of the great abyss. Their eyes are either yellow, orange, or red, and turn black when in stealth mode. They can reach massive size when ancient. Spines trail down their spine from the back of the head, over the back and the length of their tail. Their heads are adorned with fleshy chin whiskers and ear spines, sometimes webbed, while their tails are tipped with a blade-like arrow of hard cartilage or spiked horns.

Alignment: lawful neutral
Size: 200 feet per level, Morph Size
Fortitude: 74, Scales and Leathery Skin
Checks: Strength: 120, Stamina: 52, Stealth: normal levels + MA
PA: Physical Attack + Strength
SA: +3 Levels
HP: 6240
Claws: +40
Bite: +400
Tail: +40, throws victim 1 d6 feet per 5 levels, stuns -1 AR per Ace.
Wings: +40, throws victim 1 d6 feet per 5 levels, stuns -1 AR per ace.

Trait Advantages: Great Strength, Stamina, Fortitude, Stealth, and Intelligence. Quasi-immortal.

Immunities: Immune to fire, ice, disease, and necromancy. Necromancy increases power of dragon's next necromanctic attack by power of rival's necromantic attack.

Disadvantages: Vulnerable Spot. Death from mortal wounds.

Special Abilities
Stealth Dragon: +1 stealth bonus per level
Innate Necromancy: +3 Levels, any
Innate Shadow Path: +3 Levels, any
Whithering Doom Cloud: Vaporous breath which drains life -1 Lev. per ace rolled or per round SIM, the dragon then breathing the cloud back in to steal its victim's powers. Victim decomposes (-10% -HP) per -1 life and essence level drained. 1 permanent Level Lost.
Necronomican Globe: Globe of Arrest which surrounds victim and drains -1 called level per turn captured, with SA dmg per round necromantic degeneration; plus power boost if any. If victim expires within Globe, dragon soaks their powers by inhaling the globe. 1 Permanent Level lost.
Mortus Bite: Bite infects victim with rotting decomposition effect, +10% degeneration per bite and if dragon eats victim, they consume their soul to gain a power boost +1 damage SA (including Shadow & Necromancy paths) per soul consumed.
Power Boost: +1 d6 SA damage per soul consumed with Mortus Bite = # d6. {+5 d6}
Whithering Doom Claws: with command inflict in the archaic tongue of the dragon, dragons claws inflict victim with whithering doom effect which decomposes victim 10% per 1 Level drained. 1 Level drained per ace rolled or per round SIM. 1 Saving throw allowed on each death attack.
Telepathy: Not the same as mind reading, or thought probe. Thoughts must be directed at Dragon for it to receive thoughts, while it can project its own thoughts at any time.