Aurelius Dice and Weapons

Combat Bonuses
Sword: +8 HB
Melee: +5 HB, all but sword
Lance and Spear: +7 HB
Bow: +6 HB
Daggers: +7 HB, +1 HB Precise Aim.
Missiled Weapons: +6 HB, +1 HB Precise Aim.
Embodiment Taps: takes one turn to tap strength, stamina, regeneration, etc. of any form, from another form.

Aurelius Levels
Base Level: 42
Enhancers: +50 PA, +120 MA
Shadow Dragon: 40
Silver Dragon: 35 Aurelius Main Stats
HP, Human: 1250
HP, Vampire: 2185
HP, Shadow Dragon: 6390
HP, Demon: 2405
HP, Silver Dragon: 4004
HP, Spirit: 2550
HP, Falcon: 390
HP, Lion: 750
AR +6 Special, +1 per ace hasted
Regeneration: 89, 0 in dragon forms.
Magic Resistance: 50% in Morgrue Form.
Elemental Resistance: 80% vs. electrical in vampiric form.
Immunities: Heat. Cold, Necromancy (improves his power), Mental Tampering, Force against the Will (summoning included). Forced Gates. Forced Shape Change.

Check dice

human/vampire/shadow dragon/morgrue/silver dragon/spirit

Physical Checks
Strength: 20/37/120/41/82/130
Stealth: 31/36/31/41/19/42
Movement: 16/31/45/32/40/choice
Dexterity: 16/28/30/31/17/choice
Stamina: 36/40/62/38/47/72
Fortitude: 5/57/58/41/74/84

Sensory Checks:
Eyesight: 27
Hearing: 18
Sense of Smell: 22
Sense of Touch: 14
Sense of Taste: 15
Sixth Sense: 21

Mental Checks:
Charisma: 18
Wisdom: 25
Intelligence: 16
Intuition: 22
Instincts: 38
Willpower: 36
Constitution: 31
Confidence: 20
Logic: 21

Private Armoury

Aurelius' weapons.

Noct'maire Sword: +40 damage; Captures Souls and Drains Life, phases through magic shields, Withering Doom Inflict command.

Hell's Wrath Sword: +35 damage; Inflicts target with Hell Fire and Demonic Soul Attack, phases past armor and magic shields.

Soul Reaper Sword: +40 damage: Imbues Victim with Hell Fire (Antidote specific-Water from the River of Souls} this blade also able to cast "Hell bane" "Fire of Hell" and "Death Plunge of Hell" into anyone the blade penetrates, the only counter is not to be penetrated by the blade.

Twin Broad Swords: +40 damage; Double edged, two handed with 42 inch blades. High Tempered, Carbon steel blades, folded 100 times, Hilt black with Bat winged arm guards, and bat skull with ruby eyes on crown of sword.

Long Dagger: +25 damage; Black dragon hilt with 14 Inch blade.

Heavy Cross Bow: +30 damage; Quiver of 20 oak Bolts5 bolts imbued with Blood of Hades Nosferatu, Deadly to Vampires and Demons without special Immunities or Resistance specific to Nos. Blood.

Battle Spear: +35 damage; a strong, short, spartan type spear with barbed, steel spear heads.

Battle Lance: +60 damage; a heavy lance which packs a lot of damage with a wickedly sharp tip and barbed shank.

Long Bow: +40, used mostly for hunting but carried into battle for ranged attacks and picking off enemy archers.

Battle Axe: +30, a fine, light weight, but strong axe which can easily be carried.

Spiked Mace: +45 damage; long spikes and heavy ball delve a lot of damage, knot etched grip for less slip.

Cutting Shield: +25 damage; added strength damage shield bash; AC 85 diamthril plated, wooden shield.

Martial Combat Attacks

Hand-to-hand attack damage.

Impact Damage: add strength to all attacks
Combination Attacks: +1 AR combine any hand to hand attack using AR
Superior Breathing: max stamina loss of -5
Superior Focus: +2 constitution vs. distraction and mental attacks while fighting.

Kick: +Strength.
Spin Kick: +10 to any kick
Face Kick: +12
Temple Kick: +12, stuns -1 AR per ace
Throat Kick: +14
Middriff Kick: +16
Rib Cage Smash: +24
Chest Crusher: +50, heart damage can be deadly on crit
Low Blow: +12, stuns -1 AR per ace
Knee Crush: +15, -25% mvm & dex and extremely painful
Shin Splinter: +15, -25% mvm & dex
Kindney Kick: +24, doubles and stuns
Windpipe Snap Kick: +30, can be deadly to mortals on a crit
Kick Blocks: +1 HB

Punches: Strength = damage
Brain Punch: +35, stuns -1 AR per ace
Kindney Punch: +20, Doubles and Stuns -1 AR per ace
Grappling Neck Snap: +50, deadly to mortals
Wind Pipe Punch: +20, strangles, can be deadly
Wind Pipe Grapple and Tear: +100, deadly to mortals, +1
HB with claws
Vital Tear: +100, any vital organ
Heart Tear: +100, deadly to mortals, torp vamps
Brain Tear: +160, deadly to mortals, paralize immortals
Brain Jog: +12, stuns -1 AR per ace
Temple Jog: +15, stuns -1 AR per ace
Underhand Blow: +15
Two Fisted Blow: +18
Body Slam: +15, stuns -1 AR per ace
Hand Blocks" +2 HB

Tackling Blow: strength=damage
Spearing Tackle: +14, +1 HB next turn, +10 to vital areas.
Hugging Tackle and Slam: +14, +1 HB next turn.
Back Cruncher: +24, can be deadly to mortals with 20-24, breaks spine, breaks paralyze immortals.
Claws: add claw damage
Spine Tear: +30, deadly to mortals with 18-24, paralyzing to immortals
Kindey Spear: +26, stuns -1 AR per ace
Death Hold: strength damage per turn squeezing attack; damages until hold is broken by strength. vs. strength check.
Body Blocks: +1 HB