Combat Skills

Every warror needs a few...

Melee Combat: sword, mace, flail, battle hammer, axe
God of the Sword: sublime swordsmanship
Lance and Spear
Hand to Hand
Bestial Martial
Battle Strategy
War Machines
Tactical Warfare
Mapping skills
Battle Charge
Ambush: Stealth and Strategy vs. Alertness for init. +1 on all rolls, +critical damage first attack if init succeeds. Enemy takes -1 on all rolls if init succeeds.
Beheading Blow: +1 HB when beheading a target
Blind Fighting: Level+1, Fight in darkness or blind no penalty.
Bow and Fletcher: make bows with 45 lb draw weight, +5 lbs per additional level, make arrows, know what wood to use, how to shape and layer wood, how to make a rudimentary lathe, how to knap arrowheads and make them out of steel, fletch and make well balanced and straight arrows, requires one month to make bow while traveling, two weeks stationary, and one day per arrow. Knowledge of making makeshift bows and arrows on the fly in 1 d6 hours at 0 HB and damage of 3 d6 total.
Brawling: at current combat level
Breaking Sword Blow: a blow which damages or breaks the rival weapon, strength +1 d6 each hit to rival weapon, doubles on a crit. Weapon breaks when strength is at 0 or less.
Combat Derision (war): Enemies rush to attack the mocker, ignoring spells, missile weapons, or strategy to attack physically at -2 HB, -2 AC or -2 HB Defense, and -2 all checks. Lasts 1d6 turns.
Combat Discipline: hard to shake during combat, +1 HB or +2 focus vs. all distractions or effects which might unnerve character during combat.
Combat Reflexes: +1 reflexes vs. melee, missiles, thrown, or lunging attacks.
Concentration: +1 focus per success on all rolls requiring concentration.
Mutilating Death Blow: +1 HB, uses 3 AR, thrust to heart, slash across throat, thrust which twists and is pulled in a slashing motion from gut.
Femeral Death Blow: +1 HB, thrust and violent slash to inner thigh which severs the femeral artery. Victim will bleed out as wound does critical aggravated damage. Deadly to mortals, torps vampires, immortals pass out with blood loss if regeneration does not stop bleeding before HP drops to 1-2.
Riposte: +1 damage per success blocking
Saving Throw Bonus: +1
Shield Combat: +1 damage per success with shield.
Back Stab: +2 HB for backstabs if a stealth check succeeds.
Charioteer: +2 HB chariot driving during combat or at other times.

Common Skills

The skills that everyone should have.

Seamanship: 21
Equestrianship: 36
Horse Breeding and Care: 29
Medieval Architecture: 26
Interrogation: 28
Intimidation: 32
Persuasion: +2 charisma
Appraisal: gems, books, and antiques +1 logic and intelligence, Know the value of items specialized in.
Break into Buildings Unseen: +1 stealth vs. alertness of those present.

Outdoor Survival

Surviving in the wilderness isn't always a picnic.

Make Fire: Methods of sparking and building fires.
Direction Sense: know what direction is being traveled, reduces chances of getting lost immensely.
Herbal Lore: Find Edible and medicinal Plants, knowledge of how to use edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants, +1 wisdom.
Camping: how to build a camp, make a tent.
Hunting and Trapping:
Tracking: +1 stealth per level.
Tanning and Leather Craft: proper tanning of hides and the skill to make clothing, tents, and blankets of them.
Make and Use Rope: what plant fibers to use, how to make rope, how to tie lasting knots, and methods of using rope.
Make Shelters: out of available materials.
Make Primitive Weapon: make crude but effective weapons out of stone, wood, antlers, etc. +1 damage per level.
Stone Knapping: knap arrow and spear heads, scalpels, and other tools of stone, +1 damage with primitive weapons per level.
Weather Prediction: allows character to avoid dangerous weather conditions.
Hiking: +1 stamina, +1 strength
Winter Adaptation: knowing how to get ahead of the winter to take proper shelter, dry and store food, and methods of staying warm to survive the winter.
Artesian Spring: knowing where to look for artesian springs for drinking water.

Underground Survival

Spelunking is a finely-honed skill...just like wandering in caves.

Make Fire: Methods of sparking and building fires.
Night Vision: The ability to see well in the dark with little light, +1 vision per level.
Make Torch: know how to make a torch out of materials found in or around a cave to light the way, +1 wisdom
Danger Sense: Sense if danger lies ahead, +1 alertness.
Abyss Swimmer: character can survive the strong currents and cold water of subterranean rivers, and can swim in underground lakes and streams, +1 strength.
Cave Lore: knowing what kind of creatures, water, gasses, passages, etc, are in caves, when they are safe, and when they are not through a cavern’s history, stories, and research, +3 wisdom
Spelunking: How to maneuver and find your way around in a cavern’s dangerous networks of tunnels, +1 instincts, dexterity, and wisdom.
Cave Sounds: understanding the sounds in a cave to know when they mean danger, +1 Hearing, +1 instincts, +1 wisdom
Cave Foraging: finding food in caves such as fish in streams, den mammals, snakes, frogs, salamanders, rats, birds, bats, edible algae and cave moss, etc., +1 wisdom.
Alter Environment: know how to dry a cave out and heat it without dangerous levels of smoke or fumes to make it livable.
Set Traps and Snares: Make traps and snares for enemies, game, or dangerous animals.
Fuel Source: Finding a natural source of fuel for fires in a cave and putting it to use safely (i.e. without causing an explosion), +1 wisdom.
Detect Traps and Snares: Detect traps, manmade or natural, and snares.
Cavern Fortress: fortifying a cave and taking steps to make a haven out of it. LoD of each passage and cave chamber is 30.
Luminescent Algae: learn how to grow phosphorescent cave algae and use it to light paths in a cavern fortress, +1 wisdom. LoD 35 per chamber or path
Cave Prospecting: know where and how to find precious metals and gems in a cave and how to mine them safely, +1 wisdom, +1 d6 gold value.

Knight Skills

The finer points of combat.

Dodge: Dex check +1=dodge an attack that would hit like haste.
Evade: Dex check +1=evade missiled weapons.
Multi Shot: +2 attacks with bow.
Arrow Flurry: Attack all nearby with bow, -1 HB penalty to hit after the first +1 d6.
True Aim: Never shoot a friend with arrow, +2 HB.
Heart Feast: Take 10 rounds to prepare heart of recently slain foe and eat, heals 10 d6 HP, +2 drained levels, and restores 50% stamina.
Battle Command: Command gives all allies (self not included) in 25 foot radius +2 hit, damage, +2 HB for 2 turns.
Battle Roar: Foes in 40 feet radius must save vs. fear or be paralyzed with fear 1d6+1 AR.
Mock: Target/s rush to attack mocker, ignoring spells, missile weapons, or strategy to attack physically at -2 HB, and -2 Checks. Lasts 1d6, +1 AR.
War Cry: +4 hit and damage for next three attacks.
Cyclone Attack: +2 AR present turn, a fierce all around attack when surrounded.
Berserk: Character goes berserk, no other specialty abilities allowed. Char gets +4 HB, +1 AR, +double damage, and +20 HP. Char cannot retreat. Char has 0 HB on defense. Ally who tries to deter char suffers attacks from berserker for 1 d6 AR. Berserk doesn't end until all present foes are slain. When it ends, bonuses cease and char takes -0 HB and saving throws for 10 AR.
Leaping Attack: Leap 2 d6 feet with running start, or 1 d6 feet from standing start. +1 hit and damage per success.
Bulwark: Willpower and Ability check negates fear and disease.
Charge: +3 hit and damage when charging, -2 HB defense penalty though. Normal penalties of charging unchanged.
Knight’s Feat: Heals 10 d6 HP, +2 to all drained levels, and restores 50% stamina.
Smite: Bash foe with shield for Level=Damage, and stun +2 AR.
Zeal: Fill self with confident zeal, +3 HB, +3 d6 stamina, +4 d6 damage, cannot flee when in zeal.
Regroup: Party gets 2 turns to regroup if battle comes to a pause.
Mastery: Use once a day per level. Roll any knight ability twice, taking best roll.
Mental Tower: +1 all mental rolls per success until end of encounter.
Bone Armor: Can use bones of dead to make armor, takes 1 day and two skeletons. AC: 9 +2 per level.
Night Eyes: Night-vision up to 60' foot radius for 6 hours.
Poison Adeptness: Brew poisons and identify poisons. Created poison causes +2 damage per success. Takes 1 day to gather ingredients and brew. Max of one dose per level may be mixed at once.
Company Valor: Each party member gets +1 HB, +1-PCD, +1 per ace, and 10% MR, +10% per ace rolled, next turn, stamina cost is 6 to use.
Courage: Increases party members’ courage by +1, +1 per ace.
Clamor of Disruption: Knight beats his shield with weapon and roars. Any magic cast by opposition is disrupted if Willpower roll defeats MA roll. Once a day per level.
Weapon Specialization: Specialize in a chosen weapon at +2 HB and +2 d6 damage.
Defense Bonus: +2 HB when unarmored and unencumbered.
Faithful Mount: Around 10th level, the knight has a chance to acquire a bonded mount. This mount is very loyal, and has combat attacks. It also gets resurrections.
Poison Resistance: +5% resistance to poisons per level.

Magic Skills

Skills used at specific path level.

Arcane Biology: knowledge of what plant materials and creatures can retain magic and which do not.
Arcane Cryptology: knowledge of magic runes, glyphs, hieroglyphs, and their meanings.
Arcane Knowledge: knowledge of magic and the history of magic, +1 MA-Level high level knowledge of magic, only one level allowed
Arcane Mineralogy: knowledge of what minerals retain magic and which do not
Arcane Sanctuary: mage can fuse the walls of a chamber, tower, or building with powers of protection and defensive effects which are factored against anti-factors
Arcane Tactics, +1 on all spell check rolls
Saving Throw Bonus, +1
Chaos Lore: Understanding of chaos and how it relates and interacts with all things. Understanding how to tap and apply the power of chaos.
Create Arcane Runes: creation of runic languages, reading runes aloud unlocks their power.
Cryptanalysis: decipher runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals etc.
Cryptography: writing, reading, and creation of runes, seals, hieroglyphs, and symbols
Cryptology: study of runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals, etc.
Vampire and Demon Lore: gain little known knowledge of a creature type or culture, skill vs. LoD of knowledge.
Inborn Power: character can learn all inborn powers at the cost of one level, leveling up all inborn powers at the same time.
Innate Magic: character can learn limited magic at 50% XP cost, or +1 spell per level at 50% XP cost.
Lore Aspects: Gain path of Lore, see Limited Magic spell book.
Magic Adjustment: +30% adjust a spell to get past defenses or attacks while casting by adjusting power to an alternate channel of energy
Magic Damper: +1, dampen levels of a magic by -1 damage or power per success.
Magic Enhancer: +120
Magic Modifier: +40%, modify power to counter magic adjustment and anti-factors
Magic Targeting: for use with missile and thrown spells, +5 HB on targeted spells.
Occultism: Arcane, +1 Level in paths occult knowledge applies to
Occultism: Demonology +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
Occultism: Vampire +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
Power Investiture: character can create wards with any power they possess.
Quick Casting: +1 mvm spells
Read Runes: elven, demon, anubian vampires, dragon, and goblin; read runes of these races and cultures.
Research: +10 XP towards field of study when roll succeeds against research LoD
Reasoning Expertise: +1 Mental Checks.
Arcane Rites: marriage (protection), divorce (mild curse), knight (someone with protection), condemned (death, curse, or punishment), pride (reward), of circles (protects against summoning and banishment)
Arcane Circle: creates a protective circle in which to summon select figures with arcane rituals, keeps target figure and its powers confined within circle
Arcane Rituals: of demons (summons), spectral king (summons), circle of banishment (demons or spirits on the material plane), excorcism (demons and devils), guardian circle (summons and request guardianship)
Rune Lore: history and knowledge of runes, +1 wisdom vs. LoD of runes.
Signature Spells: Necromancy, Cast at +1 level, or +1 AR, or +1 HB, or foes get -1 save. Uses 0-Stamina first cast once a day
Silent Casting: cast spells without speaking
Thaumaturgy: knowledge of magic applications and disciplines, +1 Ace to all magic rolls.
Undead Lore: aids in understanding the undead, wisdom vs. key level of undead creature to discover creature’s secrets.
Use Magic Items: use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects, roll of an ace required to use.
Zepto-feat (MA-SA): achieve any feat instantaneously at 50% damage or power, stamina cost triples. Mvm fails against this feat.
Zero-Gravity Command (SA): ability to command weightlessness in self, others and other things.
Smart Spells: adjust spells so that they ‘consider’ the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do, without a will own its own. Spell can also ‘learn’. Intelligence of 17 + required to use. Intelligence = to caster’s.