Silver Dragon Form

Information: One of the most beautiful dragons, their scales glean like silvery mirrors to gather and reflect light, which is the Elemental path they command. Creatures of quantum knowledge they can manipulate light in ways that would astound the imagination. They can even manipulate the light which fires in the brain and soul. Only creatures composed purely of darkness are immune to its paths of knowledge. They are not perhaps the strongest of dragons, but what they lack in physical strength, they more than make up for in knowledge, stamina, and power.

Alignment: lawful neutral.
Size: 120 feet
Fortitude: +58
Checks: Strength: +82, Stamina: +47, Stealth: 19
PA: Physical Attack +82
SA: +38
HP: 3854
Claws: +35, + Elemental
Bite: +234 + Elemental
Tail: +35, throws victim 7 d6 feet, stuns -1 AR per Ace.
Wings: +82 damage, throws victim 7 d6 feet, stuns -1 AR per ace.

Trait Advantages: Strength, Great Stamina, Fortitude. Intelligent. Wise. Quasi-immortal. Immune to Light Elements, Poison and Disease. Speech-Many languages.

Disadvantages: Necromancy double damage, Death from mortal wounds, vulnerable spot.

Special Abilities
Lunar Elements
Light Elements
Mental Tower: Inborn Powers
Mytharaen Presence (defined below)

Mytharaen Presence: Level 38
Stamina 1 {1-3} Induce Awe - Mesmerizes those in dragon's presence with awe.
Stamina 2 {4-6} Induce Respect - Causes others to respect dragon, making attack on the dragon unlikely.
Stamina 3 {7-9} Chill Presence - Chills to do minor damage and lower constitution.
Stamina 4 {10-12} Imposing Presence - Shakes willpower and constitution of those in dragon's presence.
Stamina 5 {13-15} Majestic Presence - Dragon can influence the will and mood of those in his presence.
Stamina 6 {16-18} Induce Terror - Shakes all mental attributes of those inflicted.
Stamina 7 {19-21} Induce Sleep - Dragon's presence induces a deep state of sleep.
Stamina 8 {22-24} Bed of Sins - Measures a subject's virtue by placing them in a deep sleep during which they "dream" of all their sins. If the caster deems they are unworthy, their sleep deepens into a death-like state from which only the caster can awaken them. Caster sees the subject's dreams as they occur.
Stamina 9 {25-27} Petrify - Terrifies those affected to point of paralysis.
Stamina 10 {28-30} Command the Will - Dragon can command the will of those affected.
Stamina 11 {31-35} Master of Presence - User can formulate will, emotion, and mind altering presence at these levels.
Stamina 12 {36-40} Arch Presence - User can inflict any presence effect at these levels as mastered.