The Morning Star

General Information


  • Morning Star Palace; 7th Circle of Acheron
  • Gothtyrdan Palace; located in Esscha Endor on the western shore of central An Morendor
  • Gorgemyth Shrine; located on the high peak of Mount Umagryss of the Forgotten Mountains.
  • Current Public Name: Maelmorda Kilcanoragh

    About his Names: In Morashtar he introduces himself as a human sorcerer named Maelmorda. Among his other forms are; a Namas named Morbius, a name he took from an old Sci-Fi earth movie called 'The Forbidden Planet' as an inside joke; a black irish human form named Killian, an angel form named Arasgal, an egyptian human form named Helel, and a youthful form of Killian named Malachai. He commands many, including Artorius Xavier, the High King of An Morendor, while The Morning Star by any name rules over Morashtar and Acheron. He seldom imposes on the leaders and kings in his world unless a country or world in general is under serious threat, and even then he often allows kingdoms to settle warfare between themselves. Typically he chooses to meddle when great errors or injustices are being done, but other reasons impossible to predict may also compel him. In the Middle Kingdom of planets he is elusive as a man or devil and very discreet. In Acheron he is called by title; King, Mordenta, leige, or by Auros, The Morning Star. As Helel, the Light Bearer, he wanders and can be found anywhere. As Killian he resides in a great forest labyrinth in Annwn which overlaps Ireland on earth, while as Arasgal his home is on the planet of Darkstar. One of his sons out of Maelmorda assumed the name Arasgal II. His first proxy was named Erebus or Auros, both of which translate from the most ancient of all languages to The Morning Star, while his original name was and still is Acheron.

    The Morning Star by Proxy: The embodiment people see is The Morning Star, a proxy of Acheron most would call an Avatar if they were aware of what he actually was. Each time a proxy is destroyed; Acheron either creates a new proxy which adopts a new name, or a proxy spontaniously resurrects if their death was only transient. No two proxies are ever exactly alike, much as they evolve indepedantly of Acheron whose soul and power is theirs. Those proxies which are created with the full potential of Acheron's power as fully mature embodiments are most like Acheron in nature when first created, and evolve away from him as they adopt more and more personality traits and beliefs of their own, whereas those proxies born as children are most unlike Acheron in their evolution until they evolve 'towards' him. Proxies born as children (Reincarnate Proxies) begin life weak and evolve towards the full potential of their power as they age, or 'quicken' into their true embodiment. Fabricate Proxies on the otherhand (mature empowered proxies) can access as much power as Acheron grants them from the moment of creation. The Morning Star can also create proxies of his own, splitting himself into numerous beings, albeit Acheron must also divide its power between proxies as they access it at the same time. Acheron is the primordial Deity of Chaos and is a Prime while its primordial embodiments of chaos are its proxies. Maelmorda is the One True Proxy, meaning he has earned the place to access Acheron's entire pool of power

    Nature: Highly Intelligent and creative; logical thinker; cunning and complex; multifaceted in his ambitions and designs. He is a shrewd judge of character while he himself is hard to judge as good or evil. He is extremely charming, dashing and charismatic with a very cool disposition. He may or may not display emotion and can have a twisted sense of humor. He is more himself in the presence of clan and those he values and trusts. His emotional being is complex and based on instinct. He is aloof of anything and anyone that bears him no interest. He has an arrogant charm and carries a commanding and mysterious presence, while a cold menace is everpresent in his jade green eyes. He is seductive with a tight hold on his temper, and a plotter not prone to outward explosions. He is friendly towards those who interest him and loyal to those who are loyal to him, albeit he has trouble being faithful in carnal matters much as he sometimes wields desire as a tool or even a weapon. He can be depended upon to retaliate against those who cross or betray him. His enemies often don't see him coming until it's too late.

    OOC Info: This character and other high level actors controlled by the GM or Co-GMs are the GM's main tools for developing and capping Story Archs, regulating the choice vs outcome mechanic of the game, and for guiding the physical evolution of characters from one state to another, physical or metaphysical.

    Race: Primordial Embodiment of Chaos (Better known as 'THE Devil') The One True Proxy

    Physical Attributes: The Morning Star is extremely powerful physically, impressively agile, and very quick. Despite his prowess; he Never picks fights as he is simply too dignified. It is wreckless to aggravate him, for he has a low tolerance for blind assuming fools. Indeed blind assumption peeves him. He is a merciless killer when forced to a fight, or when annoyed beyond his temper's tolerance point. Those who have their wits about them avoid a confrontation with him. He is skilled at most forms of combat, weaponry, and martial arts. He is reliably cool and calm in his disposition, even when in a temper, and he never panics. He is a self-healer and to do physical harm to him with standard weapons is quite challenging as a result of his high fortitude and regeneration. Mael does not bleed, he lets dark purple vapors.

    If his physical body is destroyed his unseen spirit (appears as a vague shadow to those with spirit sight unless he makes it clearly seen) is very likely to escape into the ether and onward into Acheron.

    Appearance: He can take many forms, but assumes an extremely handsome human form most often to blend in, and his appearance may vary, although he is created with a form which he tends to maintain. His humanoid forms vary between proxies.

  • Maelmorda: brunette hair, jade-green eyes, sharp but very handsome facial features, medium fair skin, lean, not overly tall, five eleven in height and again, very attractive.
  • Morbius: long, very curly, silky black hair, ice-blue and jade green eyes, very fair skin, stature of six feet, immaculately handsome.
  • Malachai: long corkscrewing black hair with auburn streaks, aquamarine eyes, medium-light brown skin, upper teens, flawlessly attractive, five eleven in height.
  • Killian: thigh-long corkscrewing locks of jet black hair with hints of grey, devilishly handsome facial features, pale ice-blue eyes, fair skin, attractively wide largish nose, full lips, very black-irish in his appearance, six-three in stature.
  • Helel: sienna brown skin, curly, shoulder length, brunette hair, handsome with large nose and full lips, pale brown eyes, five ten in height, with a muscularly strong lean build.
  • Arasgal: long corkscrewing black hair with auburn streaks, aquamarine eyes, medium-light brown skin, flawlessly attractive, low thirties, six three in height.
  • Erebus: abyss black all over with exception of his eyes which are large and jade green; his cap is crowned with flared goat horns and his face is goat shaped but with a broader muzzle that has catfish-like qualities, with fleshy whiskers on the chin and cheek like a catfish; his skin all over is smooth, silky, and leathery. He is bipedal with quadruped like legs while he has clawed humanoid arms and hands. This bestial form of his is balanced by a reptilian tail and given flight with dragon wings. Also an abyss dragon in form.
  • Auros: Mael with six wings, claws, fangs, scaled lower body, with or without flared goat horns. See Tsulaerius Embodiment on power page and image below.

    These are the forms Acheron's proxy The Morning Star can take and the forms of his proxies. He can alter his appearance between any of these handsome forms immediately or gradually as he sees fit. His major sin being pride, he always chooses handsome forms for himself. Whatever guise he chooses to take he IS ever Auros, The Morning Star; heart, spirit, and will of Acheron. The appearance of Acheron is something else altogether and something Leviathan, aka Yajmha, the self he split from ages ago beyond the memory of immortals, alone has ever laid eyes on.

    Acheron and Leviathan are never seen by their people yet those people lay eyes on them every day. --A clue from Ronwe.

    Auros Form

    Scions of Sammael and Malachai

      Listed from Eldest to Youngest
      Raised by Chai
    • Malachai II - Mal
    • Saamyss - Sam
    • Tad (named after the The Abysmal Darkness)
    • Imwaru - Wolf
    • Selphina - Selfi (the only female)
    • Sakedes - Sax

    • Raised by Sam and Mael
    • Kagrym - Kag
    • Dallvaer - Dal
    • Kesaelam - Casey
    • Yfris - Flame
    • Lucigen - Luke
    • Liaren - Lee
    • Vaelenn - Vain
    • Syaorahn (show-rahn) - Shy
    • Azruphel - Rufel - Rufi
    • Yshkellam - Kell
    • Others: Samaak (unnamed scion)
  • Scions of Sammael and Maelmorda

      Listed from Eldest to Youngest
    • Arasgal II - Aras
    • Iezael and Artax - Xael and Arc - The Gems
    • Sysyu (shee-shoo - the only female) - Shy
    • Erogi - Arrow
    • Halyk - Hall
    • Emyn - Min - or Min'pin
    • Res (race)
    • Mordantes - Dante
    • Salvedar - Sal
    • Ulhecthor - Hector
    • Gauruss - Russ
    • Savehti - Savy - Wroth
    • Kedmesh - Kaym
    • Shivaal - Vahl - Cobra
    • Krushna - Cruze
    • Raebehr -- Ray - Saber
    • Phanescex -- Phanes
    • Others: Samorda (unnamed scion)

    Immediate Family

  • Eldest Living Son: Mordreig the Raven, aka Azazel
  • Matron: Galaxy
  • Patron: Sammael
  • Son: *Corwyn Kilcanoragh
  • Son: Arasgal Zefrimea
  • Son: Mascen Kilcanoragh
  • *Twin Son: Rainier Forrest Kilcanoragh (Rain)
  • *Twin Son: Keir Gascon Kilcanoragh
  • * = Children born out of Galaxy and Maelmorda