Sammael :: The Desert Wind

Player: Spork or Alaina, whichever you prefer
Name: Sammael, SamaŽl, Samiel (sahm-I-el), Satan, Satanael
Race: Angel of Death - Fallen as Angel of the Pit ascended into a devil
Order: Thrones-The highest in his order.
Rank: Prince of demons and Steward of Hell.
Age: An Anomaly-Ancient.
Information: If Lucifer (or Acheron's ruling Prince) is ever errent (whether by death or circumstances) for a period of one thousand years, Sammael is the keeper of Hell's throne in Lucifer's stead. As an angel of Thrones he was (and still is) the Venomous Tongue of God, and acts as an accuser and executioner of those judged by God and Lucifer Alike, as well is he a seducer who tests loyalties, strengths, weaknesses and even virtues through seduction. Sammael and Lilith have a huge descendance of demons which they command and which SamaŽl is the Prince over. It was SamaŽl who fathered Cain out of a mortal woman, and SamaŽl who tempted Eve in paradise in the guise of the serpent, and brought sin to the earth, and it was SamaŽl who was responsible for the death of Moses.
Nature: Stern, Clever, Observant, Unpredictable, Brutal Killer and Punisher, Cool Head most of the time, but has a dangerous temper, does not feel regret whatsoever, acts on Logic before his temper, and his logic alone can temper his violence.
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful Evil.
Personal Slaves in Bondage: Ashayt (Ash), Isis, and Kemsit (Kem). Nubian women he sired as Demon Slaves. Satan has many slaves, but these three lovely sisters in bondage are live ins.

Appearance: He appears to mortals as a very attractive man with dark hair and dark eyes like the deepest waters of the ocean. He can take the form of a serpent in any shape, from a coral snake to a Dragon, his true form a handsome angel with dark auburn hair, massive black-feathered wings, black claws like curved daggers, and eyes like the abyss. His body is hairless and his hair is lustrous, thick and soft as satin, while he can combine parts of his forms as well to cover his body with thick scales (+20-PD), adopt venomous fangs, or combine his angelican form to grow wings and claws, etc. His size can shift as well, from his normal height of 6'1 up to the length of his titan monster forms at 95 feet in height. Very handsomely built in his angelic form or human guise.




A day came when the Prince of Hell was indeed errent for a thousand years, and so Sammael assumed his high Lord's rank as reigning superior of Hell. One thousand and six-hundred more years lapsed, and still there was no sign of the Morning Star. Never had Lucifer been absent so long, and some feared the worst had come and that the New Order of Angels had destroyed him. Satan knew this was ridiculous, for he would have had a hand in Lucifer's death had it been ordered by God. A great counsel was called and all the Lords of hell attended. A motion was raised to crown Sammael Prince, and though in his darkest soul he desired to rule hell more than anything, he knew Lucifer was alive and would return. Despite his envy of the Morning Star he told the counsel he could not claim what was not his to take, but then the highest of his demons Gabrian stood (who was a thrones angel under himself who he had torn the wings off of, and the heart out of to sire him) and Gabrian reminded Sammael and the counsel alike that if the throne was barren of Hell's Prince a count of two-thousand of earth's years, that the Steward was obligated to claim the throne if the counsel ordained it must be so. Sammael knew what Gabrian said to be true and nodded. "Our great lord Lucifer does not possess the sense of time most others do...and three-thousand years to him is like the flicker of candle to another, but...You are right Gabrian, and Lucifer knows our laws better than anyone. I shall claim the throne if this counsel deems I must, and when he returns, he shall have to prove himself able to reclaim it again." The uproar which followed was expected by him, but to his amazement, more voice rose ON his behalf than for Lucifer's. "SILENCE!" he roared, and the great hall of pillars fell deathly quiet. "There will be no quarreling! You shall all cast a vote into the cauldron of judges (which no vote could be altered through) and we ALL shall abide by the outcome," He commanded, and so it was done. Sammael won the votes by a count of 210 out of thousands. He was named soveriegn Lord of Hell until a time the Prince of Hell could reclaim his throne.

Only thirty years after Sammael had been named King, Lucifer returned, and as he had suspected, Sammael sat in his throne. He was not angry at Sammael, but at himself, for he heard a first hand account of the counsel of thrones from Mordreig, his own son. It was hard to trust envy nevertheless, and the Morning Star knew Sammael envied him his rank and power, and yet in counsel he had conducted himself as he always did in matters of dignity in Hell, like the professional he was. Sammael met with Lucifer and they spoke long, over many glasses of strong liquer.

L: "You could not have waited?" Lucifer asked him at last.
S: Sammael shook his head. "The counsel would not hear of it. It was not I who brought it up, but they."
L: Lucifer nodded slowly. "And who brought it before the counsel?"
S: Sammael met his eyes with a cool burn, knowing damn well what Lucifer was leading up to. "It was Gabrian who motioned for a counsel of thrones to judge succession." He watched Lucifer closely as he nodded slightly.
L: "But of course he did...If not him, than Gabriel." His green eyes shifted to meet Sammael's jet-lances as he slammed a fist down on the arm of his chair.
S: "I knew you would assume that I worked against you! Always you have distrusted my motives. This was NOT my idea!" he fumed.
L: Lucifer shook his head and scoffed a breath. "Come now, Sammael. You have wanted the throne for ages back through time. You envy me, and I fucking know it, so don't TRY to deny it."
S: Sammael sneered darkly and leaned forward in his chair to burn Lucifer through and through with his eyes. "We all envy something, my Lord. You envy the angels, heaven, your OWN wife," his voice thick and husky as he stressed this. "But I do not see you plotting against her."
L: "I do not envy Heaven, Sammael, the angels perhaps, but not heaven. The very thought of heaven disgusts me..."
S: Sammael interrupted. "Out of envy it disgusts you."
L: "NO. Out of HATE for ALL it stands for! The white lies of deception...It's Lord who claims to be the one and only God in heaven and all the rest of us angels...when I created angels!! He said as the father of them, I must be an angel myself. So am I an elf too? A unicorn, a faery, a leprechaun, all the little furries I made?!"
S: Sammael chuckled deeply. "Perhaps you are, father. You can take the form of anything you have made...If the angels are a part of you, then why not everything else? It all came out of YOUR head after all." He was clearly amused, and Lucifer was not sure whether he was serious or not.
L: "Don't be ridiculous, Sammael," the devil huffed.
S: Satan laughed. "Who says I am? Maybe you are afraid I am right."
L: Lucifer just shook his head. "No, you do not understand is what."
S: "Don't I?" he jumped on that as well. He met the stare his creator now burned into his own dark eyes. Sammael gave his head a faint wag and he heaved a breath. "I know I am not as smart as you, my Lord, but I know what you envy. I have seen the struggle in you with Belorian...your wife, hell every angel who is good. Deep down you want to do to her what you did to Belorian, what you do to the others...Break her down, pick her apart piece by piece, disect her heart, spirit, soul and mind, and see if you CAN corrupt her light, cover it over with the same darkness which so long ago took your heart away from you. So why don't you? What are you waiting for? You know that whatever heart you have is clay which you mold to your whims, while their's are real...pure. You hate it, because you lost that and cannot get it back, and you love it because it is so real. And you know damn well that when they die, they will not be coming here. You are obsessed with the angels and their corruption, the claiming of them Lucifer, because you covet what you envy and wish to possess what you made." He was not in the least bothered by the smolder in Lucifer's eyes nor the clench of his cheeks.

L: "And what is wrong with corruption? It is honest."
S: Satan laughed. "I never said anything was wrong with it."
L: Lucifer scoffed a hiss. "You are far more clever than you would ever admit, Sammael, and a master of turning tables upside down. Admit it, you have always coveted the throne."
S: The corner of Sammael's lips curled. "Yes, but I always knew my place. Now you must remember yours," the last stated sternly.
L: Lucifer tossed back what was left of his drink, slammed the glass down on the broad-flat arm of the chair and shot to his feet. "I know what I did...The mistakes I made. I know what I sacrificed came to nothing, but I had to do it just the same. I thought I could prevent the apocalypse this time...I saw the formula for triumph in my mind...A stable time line for earth...but the reason remains, I just cannot see it..."
S: Sammael broke in once again. "The past can never be altered. Your plans were doomed from the start. Trying to impress God again? Forget it, Son of Eos. He will never forgive you and embrace you again. You are too important to him here. Don't you see? Your brother cannot forgive you." The pain he saw in Lucifer's eyes at that moment both satisfied and angered him. His stab in the dark had proved enlightening. Lucifer gave a part of himself away. "You are losing your touch, Maelmorda. VŠos Tirrusae Taercůras and the ruins of earth are now your domain. You have 20 Legions to command and no more. When you have earned it, you will have 50. Now GET OUT."
L: With tight cheeks and tears burning in his eyes, Lucifer stormed out of Sammael's den and then his lair, Sammael's eyes following him until he was out of sight. He shook his head and sipped his drink. No, Lucifer was far from stable yet, the emotions he once either did not feel at all, or could bury at will, betrayed him. He had hit him where it hurt, his pride and damn if it did not show as it should not. He had reclaimed emotion, true emotion, but how, and why in hell would he want to? Sammael would either break his emotions, or bury him in them. Lucifer had set a trial for himself, and perhaps it WAS meant to be. His eyes closed and he concentrated on following the presence of his maker as he went to his own lair to wake Galaxy from her death-like sleep. He had not his creator's sight, but could track a presence leaving him anywhere. Sammael had left a little surprise wrapped up in his angelic-wife some months before the devil had returned. A gift which would test Maelmorda's wits, the state of his heart, nature, and mind. Not long after he woke his wife, they left to take up the station he assigned to Lucifer. Sammael was satisfied. He had obeyed and done so swiftly.



HP: 728-Human, 1440-Demon and Angel, 2000-Dragon and Titan
Regeneration: 45
Stamina: 28-human, 40-others
Strength: 26-Human, 36-Demon and Angel, 50-Dragon and Titan Forms
Fortitude: 32-Human, 36-Demon, 38-Angel, 40-Dragon
AR: +2-Physical, +8-MA
Saving Throw Bonuses: +2 vs. True Death and Capture, +1 save vs. transient death
MA: 40-Inborn, 35-Curses, 40-Fire, 36-Quantum Projection
Combat: 32-Sword, 40-Bestial Combat

Check Dice

Physical PCD
Strength: 26-Human, 36-Demon and Angel, 50-Dragon and Titan Forms
Stamina: 28-human, 40-others
Stealth: 18, +Arcane Stealth
Dexterity: 17
Movement: 18-Human and Demon and Angel, 20-Dragon,

Mental MCD
Willpower: 40
Charisma: 18
Intelligence: 17
Alertness: 29

Lucifer's Trials

  • Trial One-Trial of Curses (+/-10 Legions-3 curses)
  • Trial Two-Trial of Loyalty (try to break his loyalty and punish him if he fails)
  • Trial Three-Trial of Irony (do unto them what they do unto you)
  • Trial One - Curses

  • Curse 1-Laid on Galaxy, by Sammael (aka Satan) and Mordreig while she was enchanted by Livid Dreamscape.
  • Lucifer's Paradox Curse: Triple Contingency Curse. Trigger 1-(Any negative remark spoken by Lucifer about Sammael, no matter how slight at any time and place.) Trigger 2-(Any infidelity of his marriage to Galaxy.) Trigger 3-(Any flirtation to anyone other than Gala.) Effect-(All the anger Galaxy has pent up through the years in concerns to Mael is released as pure, violent rage in an attack of Maelmorda when curse is triggered.) Curse Protection-(Anti-Detection, Anti-Auralvision and Magic Sight, Anti-High Mystic Weave, Anti-Rare and Unknown Magic Weaves, Anti-Shatter, Anti-Disenchant, Anti-Remove Curse, Anti-Reversal, Anti-Signature Detection, Anti-Weave Alterations, Hidden Mark and Seal, Protection again the Nine Spheres of Magic.)
  • Duration: Lucifer must submit to these terms: He must surrender his throne and sovereignty over the Legions of Hell to Sammael for a duration contingent on the death of Sammael. In the event Lucifer surrenders his throne, he remains Prince of Hell and controls no more than 50 Legions of his choice, with exception of the Clans Noctmaire, Morash and the Fallen Angels of Hell which Sammael shall command until he is insured Lucifer's complete loyalty and trust.

  • Curse 2-Laid on Lucifer by Sammael to take effect when Sammael speaks the command words.
  • Karmic Purgatory: Any bad deed is paid back excessively. If subject of this curse steals anything, all their things are lost by some means. If they offend someone, they are insulted by everyone they come across. If they kill someone? Everyone they know will be out to murder them. If they hurt someone, someone will hurt them right back but far worse. The only cure for each bad deed is to correct it. The cursed person must say something nice to a person made fun of, and beg their forgiveness. Someone killed must be resurrected and compensated for their pain. They must give a great deal of money to someone whose money or things they stole. They must MAKE ammends for whatever was done.
  • Duration: Until Sammael removes the curse.

  • Curse 3-Laid on Lucifer by Sammael to take effect when Sammael speaks the command words.
  • Black Luck: The power of fate is invoked, and anyone inflicted with this curse will have the worst of luck. Yes, anything that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong until the black luck curse is broken.
  • Duration-Curse in broken when the curse breaks Lucifer and he collapses in absolute surrender, at what time demons appear to tear the curse out of him, causing him inconceivable pain as they bring every emotion and terror to the surface as they tear the black luck out of him.

    Trial Two - Loyalty

  • Ordeal 1-Trial of Rape (time chamber-2 years of rape in one week's time with his wife standing over him as witness. Punish him if he fails by taking one he loves away and turning them against him-Corwyn)
  • Ordeal 2-Trial of Despair (make him truly believe Sammael has taken everything away from him. Punish him if he fails by taking one he loves away and turning them against him-Galaxy)
  • Ordeal 3-Trial of Domination (Sammael makes him his own slave, treats him with the worst indignations and cruelty at all times, particularly in the witness of those who respect Lucifer and who Lucifer prizes. When the duration is over, he frees him of bond and offers him a choice between serving him as his slave for eternity, or his absolute freedom. Punish him if he fails to choose slavery to Sammael by enslaving him to someone far below his rank.)

    Trial Three - Irony

    Five Year Trial-Do unto them what they do unto you - This trial lasts for five years Hell Time-1 Year is 13 Months of 30 days, 390 days in a year, with 30 hour days) 8760 Hours-Earth Year, 11,700 Hours-Hell Year. A year as it is measured in hell is approximately 4 months longer. Every horror and torture Lucifer has visited on others shall be visited on him.

    Trial's End-Trial of Trust

    Results-For every trial he triumphs in, he receives 10 Legions of his choice, and for every trial he fails, 10 Legions are taken from him. If at the End of his trial he has succeeded a number of six times out of the nine trials, he shall reclaim the right to pursue his throne with 60 Legions. If he falls short, his trials shall continue until his proper rank in Hell is decided. Lucifer will NOT reclaim his throne until he has 90 Legions under his command.