The Morning Star's quarrel with Yahjma (God) began when he did the forbidden and created immortal beings with immortal souls; Immortal races of elves, dragons, vampires, and unicorns were among some of the first. Yahjma believed that such creatures would be capable of becoming godlike and bring imbalance to the Universe, and The Morning Star vehemently disagreed. The Morning Star was hence cast out of the Kingdom of Light for his defiance of Yahjma's sacred law, and condemned to wander the dark fathoms of the Universe alone. The creatures engendered by the Morning Star were banished by Yahjma from the worlds of his creation to the alternate worlds created by the Morning Star, for with every world that Yahjma created, so too did the Morning Star create a world. On the worlds of The Morning Star's creation; he introduced Quantum concepts which allowed mortal and immortal creatures alike to evolve from their environments with the ability to control magic. In time, The Morning Star appeased his brother by creating for him a great number of Angels (110 of them of high orders) to serve Yahjma in the Kingdom of Hamen (called heaven by some), and Yahjma saw that they were good. As these angels were made, all the darkness was taken out of them, and out of that darkness were created their antithesis in secret, the Satus Demons, which the Morning Star sent to Morashtar Ardda (the dark star netherworld), the first world of his creation. For every angel made, so too was a demon. A time came when many of these angels took up sides with the Morning Star on various matters, and Yahjma saw that The Morning Star had given the Angels free wills, and this vexed him, for he believed only terrestrial creatures should have a will of their own, else wars might occur in the Upper Kingdoms and spread to the worlds. It was when The Morning Star gave all the creatures of Yahjma's creation immortal souls, that a great argument arose between The Morning Star and Yahjma.

"I thought to make your wonderful children more divine, as I let my children be divine," the Morning Star spoke.

"And what is to be done with all these souls when their bodies cease to exist?" Yahjma wished to know.

"They shall create a spirit life for themselves with their thoughts," The Morning Star said, and Yahjma shook his head severely.

"No, for then surely shall the weave of the Universe fall apart. No brother... The souls of the good, joyous and innocent shall come to the Upper Kingdom of Light, and the evil dead and corrupt, and all of those heavy with despair shall join you in your domain. I name you and all yours now the Forsaken, and cast you out forever. The Prince of the evil dead, lost and forsaken you shall be, for all eternity so long as time exists."

A great uprise of protest then arose from the angels who loved the Morning star, and it was then that The Morning Star was cast out of Haman with all the angels who loved him more. Plunged they were into the crushing black of the great abyss, at the center of the universal hourglass, where darkness gathered. Out of that fathom of seeming nothingness, The Morning Star scraped and scratched in his thoughts, eating the souls of spirits trapped in the abyss to keep from fading away, and over many ages of time, he created Morgalgoth, the Kingdom of Darkness (later known as Acheron or Hell), for no light penetrated the abyss, but the flames which the Morning Star brought there. There he and the angels cast down with him, who became devils, have remained in Acheron ever since as the Guardians of the forsaken souls, the Satus Demons serving him in Acheron and the worlds he resides over. Few realized the miracle it had been that The Morning Star, and those who had fallen with him, had survived long enough to scratch a new creation out of the abyss. The Morning Star and the Dark fallen were potentially the most powerful beings in the universe. It was believed that nine had fallen with The Morning Star. Thousands had fallen with him, only nine of them had survived the void.

Time marched on, and Yahjma discovered many disturbing things. Yahjma learned also of the satus demons The Morning Star had created, and commanded his angels to destroy them lest the demons envy their light and wish to possess it, for it came that a demon did attempt to claim his antithesis. For ages the angels and demons fought, until at last The Morning Star got involved, but his army was defeated, banished, and sealed in Acheron for many ages. The Morning Star no sooner broke the seal, than he peopled Yahjma's worlds with immortal beings in the form of vampires, beast-kin people, and others which could take human forms to blend in. Yahjma was dismayed by his spite, and commanded his angels to go down on the earths and slay these creatures. It came that some of Yahjma's angels fell in love with the physical worlds and chose to fall, or loathed killing their dark brothers, and these other creatures, and refused to take part, so it came in time that Yahjma cast down all the angels of the Morning Star's creation, even those who had been loyal, for he did not trust them. Those who were cast down fell onto the terrestrial worlds. When these angels fell, they became mortal, but with a mortal death, they became angels again. Therein Yahjma called on Alamas, the demigod of harmony, and commanded his divine servant to create an army of angels for him who had no will of their own. The second pentacle of Angels was hence created, and named after their maker, Alamascans. Alamas did not know the secrets of creation as the Morning Star did however, and did not take the darkness out of them, which is inherent in all embodiments of life, just as light is. Without splitting the darkness from the light to create an antithesis out of each angel, the Alamascan were not pure in light, and more easily corrupted if they fell, albeit their fall had to be an accident, for they had no will to choose a physical life for themselves, or to otherwise defy God. Their only will was the will of Yahjma, of God. Owed to The Morning Star's many acts of defiance against his sacred laws, Yahjma ordered his angels to hunt down and kill every servant of Hell discovered on the terrestrial worlds.


The Morning Star in Reflection
These were hard times even for Acheron, and harder times lie ahead of them all, for although everything may have appeared 'typical' on the surface, subtleties were taking place that were not so subtle to Maelmorda. It had all begun really with the decline of Belorian of Tuatha, and been given a tremendous shove with Azriel's fall. When such heavenly figures as they fell into the depths of darkness, or in Belorian's case, despair, the neutral field between darkness and light was corrupted and became unstable. It was felt in almost everything, only few, very few were even aware of it. Maelmorda had even felt that hairline ripple as certain figures of power, like Elzin, had taken a turn towards drawing a more distinct line between the forces of evil and the forces of good. What Maelmorda knew that perhaps Elzin, and most others did not, was that Elzin was not alone. There was a massive surge of these poles pulling apart,and ironically, Maelmorda's son Beornagh had intended for Elzin see this line more clearly. Maelmorda felt very betrayed by his son, not only for his suicide, but for taking an unknowing part in the genesis of what may become the worst holy war the universe had known since ages of old, since he had been cast down utterly and that line between darkness and light had first been drawn.

The lengths Maelmorda had gone through; millions of years of influence, laborious work, meticulous plans and achievements, yes, many achievements, now threatened. How many evil kind had Maelmorda instilled honor in? Instilled wisdom in? Instilled knowing the difference between right and wrong within as The Morning Star believed? Beornagh had hardly brushed the judgment of Acheron. and his time had come to be taken deep into the heart of the kingdom which had birthed him. If Beornagh was truly weak, truly a coward, truly evil, he would not survive it and touche to Elzin. Those souls who Maelmorda collected, if they were hopelessly evil, never saw life again; Never felt what it was to breathe air beyond Acheron's walls again. They were the souls that Acheron harbored, kept until they faded away and ceased to exist. Worse yet; the most evil of souls suffered an eternity in judgment in whatever hell of perdition suited them. Why? That they not be recycled to be reborn on the material planes again, to repeat their vile deeds, or indeed commit worse ones. The Morning Star's heavenly brother knew all this; knewthat Maelmorda had built himself into a mighty temple, a kingdom out of his fall that was a prison for evil. What had made The Morning Star bitter...cold, ruthless, despite the fact that he must be to control all those he took into himself; was that his own Angelic deeds, goals, triumphs, had been denied by his brother for so long, that he had become everything God ever accused him of along the way. The father of lies he was not however. Yes, he fabricated what he had to, but gave in to deception only then. It was with his dark soul's intelligence and logic that he commanded his conduct and his clever, and yes, even wicked strategies.

Maelmorda had proven Yajmha right too damn many times and was tired of it. Yajmha named The Morning Star the word hate, while he named himself love and forgiveness. Oh what a load of crap! Let Yajmha attempt immuring all these souls for eternity and hate, loath, and despise only one creature in all the universe! Yes, Yajmha was the only one who Maelmorda truly despised. Anyone else who crossed him was merely an aggravation. Those who could challenge him impressed him. He was Chaos, corruption, change, rebirth through destruction, not hate. Maelmorda loved his children, whether he created them or they were born of his loins. He loved his wives and lovers. No, it was God's own servant Sammael who was hate and sin, albeit The Morning Star was a sinner.

Now here had come a crossroads, where evil was more prevalent in the universe than it had ever been. Sammael had taken the throne for the time being, and Acheron was rising with him. And so Maelmorda was doing all too well in the soul collecting department, and sorting through them all. The Morning Star had ordained Acheron's path of judgment for assessing who deserved a second chance, and who was to be cast into eternal perdition, or pain if their living deeds warranted it. With the very powerfully evil only everlasting agony could destroy their spirits. Only when they were wiped out, their souls obliterated, did their evil not seep back into the weave of all creation. Ironically, 50% of the worst evils which came into Acheron, sprung from those humans God had created in his own image. The Morning Star had been naive when he had endowed them with immortal souls. Byron had been one those evil humans...and who had cleansed him of evil, and given honorable direction to what darkness he could not purge from him? As the dark elf Viteran had most eloquently pointed out, few, very few lived that had no evil in them. It had been The Morning Star, the devil, who had brought out the best in Byron; shown him his true self through ages of pain and ordeal, and Byron was not the only fiend the Morning Star had brought wisdom to.


And now here was Maelmorda, facing another ridiculous holy war because he was racking up souls where evil had surged to heights in the Universe, and because he was doing his damn duty, his calling as what he had become. Yet again he and his were being targeted by the forces of Haman for obliteration. Fools...did they wish all the evil he had imprisoned uncaged? Yajmha could play innocent all he liked; let his angels believe as they always had that The Morning Star was the enemy of all and everything, but Maelmorda knew better; knew his brother was not blind to what he was; an eater of the vile and most wicked, the irredeemable, and he was the father of the forsaken, who embraced those lost souls who were not beyond hope of redemption, those who Yajmha cast out into Limbo simply for not embracing him into their self-serving hearts.

What a load of Blather. And The Morning Star was called a tyrant? Bah! Those who failed, and could not be redeemed in the end, were destroyed. Caine had not yet been eradicated for the simple fact that he had yet to have been tested and judged by the powers of Acheron, of the Morning Star. Caine was forsaken; evil yes, but he was not beyond hope yet. Yajmha had cast Caine so low in esteem that he had bent beneath Yajmha's influence to become what the supreme being had accused him of. Then he had been but human, and what human could stand up under that kind of power and not become the shadow cast over them by their creator? Yajmha's influences and doggedness to control the reputations of all those who rivaled him, had even reflected on the Morning Star over the ages, so yes, Caine had something in common with The Morning Star.

Oh the subtle intricacies Maelmorda recognized with his ancient wisdom which most would never know, or could even understand, and would never be able to embrace even if it stood right in front of their face. Yajmha, when he felt the threat of the line between good and evil being erased, picked up the horn of war and trumpeted a cry to battle. He would not allow the Morning Star to triumph and blend the black and white into grey. Withal this knowledge, Maelmorda gave a slight sigh and passed the palm of his hand over his eyes to send Elzin a vision of Byron at his Inn. He was doing good there, upholding honor, and defining the word compassion. Who but a blind man could not see that the vampire who had once been evil, was good? The Morning Star's hope was that he would not lose another soul to the side of good, but win Elzin and many like him over to the side of all true creation, Chaos, where all colors bled into one. Yajmha was not the true maker; it was chaos which engendered Yajmha and The Morning Star with all else in existence.