Weapons and Skills


Sword of Killian: [34+MA] A longsword which has arcane channeling, meaning he can stream arcane powers through his sword)
Dagger of Arasgal: [25+MA] A long dagger with elemental channeling and enhanced damage.
Morning Star Sword: [80+MA] Drains stamina, health, and strength -5 per ace on a crit, -1 per ace otherwise, enhances his own stamina by +1 per ace per hit, damage enhanced.
Desert Wind: [30+MA] A whip of flames or liquid salt he received as a gift from Sammael. Salt causes additional pain but no added damage at -1 constitution and willpower per ace each hit.
Morning Star Longbow: [45+MA] The arrows can be recalled on command and can hit with any called elemental power.

Armor: Diamthril Chain and Scale (+80 AC, MR 50%. He seldom wears any armor and only does so when going into battle or when he has been physically diminished)

Combat Skills: Arch Mastery in all; Combat Riding, Swordsmanship, Dagger Fighting and Throwing, Archery, Whip, Torture, Leadership

Common Skills: Wilderness and Underground Survival. Poetry, Writing, Artist (sculpture an painting), Musician (stringed instruments), Linguist (many languages including dead or ancient tongues), Business, Intimidation, Diplomacy

Magic Skills: Decipher Runes and Glyphs, Quantum Detection and Tracing, Indentify Power, Missiled Precision, Targeting Precision, Innate Magic Weaver, Signature and Marking Sense, Adjust Power, Stabilize, Factor, Loop, Layer, Modify Power, Improvise, Tactics, Arcane and Occult Lore, Grand Arch Master of Ceremonies (using altars and shrines to tap, enhance and stabilize powers)