Acheron's 9th Circle

Area Key

NOTE: All circles include The Lost Caverns
1st Circle: The Gauntlet
2nd Circle: Corridors of the Dead, The Warrens
3rd Circle: Path of Souls, Arcador (the city of vampires)
4th Circle: Dreamland Shrine, Temple of Dragons

5th Circle: City of Angels, The Sprawl, Chasm of Judgment
6th Circle: The Stronghold, River of Souls, Pit of Acheron, Cavern of Souls
7th Circle: Capital City, Path of Fire, Oubliette
8th Circle: Shrine of Fire, City of Demons, Shrine of Chaos, Haunted Mine, Lake of Fire
9th Circle: The Deadly Warrens, The Great Abyss

9th Circle

The Deadly Warrens:
An unknown number of dangerous chambers, caves, subterannean rivers and lakes, tunnels and caverns, which the abyss affects in many various and often deadly or life altering ways as the subtle energies of the void seep through a mile of rock to infuse these areas with its abyssal anti-energies. Because of the subtleness of these draining or corrupting forces, a traveler in these areas are unlikely to even be aware that they are being affected. Caught between the lake of fire and the abyss, this area is perfectly amiable in its temperature, being neither hot nor cold.

Lost Caverns of the 9th Circle:
Vast caverns where only monsters, spirits, and solitaries dwell.

The Great Abyss:
The great abyss is a spherical void at the center of Acheron that is extremely cold, where space is concentrated and tremendously dense at its core. The core is so dense that it absorbs life and energy into its vacuum, thus expanding its spherical void and Acheron, even the Universe with it. Souls that are extremely heavy with the burdens they carried in life, or which have been digested by Acheron, souls called Fades, are drawn into the abyss on death. These are the souls which feed Acheron and which stand no chance of an afterlife, resurrection, or reincarnation. Acheron surrounds the abyss as the earth surrounds its core of lava. If in time the Great Abyss expands enough, the universe will become spherical in shape. The core is counted as the 10th circle of Acheron, and is impossible to access by all but Acheron's most powerful devils and fallen angels or deities strong enough to withstand the crushing black.