Power and Traits

Magic and Quantum Attributes: Chaosmancer - Path of Chaos. Maelmorda has mastered all levels of the six pentacles of chaos and has incredible Magic Abilities. He has Mastered the Nine Spheres of Chaos and can command any path BUT holy. Through the Path of Chaos he has mastered all the spell books but those paths he cannot command. His magic abilites are omnipotent. Though his knowledge of spells is fantastic; he is discreet about using his powers, his more potent supernatural powers in particular. His vanity allows him the amusement of conjuring petty pleasures at will, like food, drinks, or gifts for the ladies nevertheless. He is a powerful invoker and can summon many beasts and almost any item at will. Keep in mind, He is The Morning Star, and he introduced the concept of magic to the universe.

Deific Embodiment of Chaos

Spell Book:
Path of Chaos: Chaos Aspected - Chaosmancy
All aspects of chaos and its command paths have been mastered. Light Damages to weild by 50% of normal damage owed to him being suffused with abyssmal energies..
Chaosmancer Disadvantage: Spells botch with full backlash damage if no aces are rolled and backlash damage is doubled if spells botch with more 1s than successes.

Deific Advantages:

  • Embodiment of Chaos: This deific devil form can fuse with any element but light and command that element with no penalty. The scales, horns, and wings of this form reflects the appearance of that element's visible characteristics. At cost of -25 HP each, additional elements can suffuse this deity. The HP loss is constant until multiple elements are rejected by the devil. His life force is also improved by +100 in this form as is his stamina by +20, his regeneration by +10, and his fortitude by +8. This form can also morph size to attain a titan status. He never assumes a titan form however unless combating a titan and he never betrays who he is within that form unless he has no other choice. All Physical Damage +100 and +25 Strength in Titan form
  • Arcane Acumen: By calling this power into his embodiment he can recall any power from his archives and use any power in any spell book with exception of light and holy.
  • Elemental Oneness: Whatever element he is fused with is soaked by him if he is attacked by it or if he finds a pure source of that element, and increases his HP by +25
  • Appearance as God of Chaos: This form is adorned with three massive pairs of overlapping feathered wings. His feet are clawed hooves (+35) and the fingers of his human hands are tipped with talons (+18). His head is human, equipped with long fangs (+10), and crowned with flared goat horns. His chest and body is bare from the waist up, and from the waist down he is covered with smooth scales with a slit where his loins are, and he has a thick scaled tail which can whip like a lion's with a razor sharp pair of bone blades on the end. All that is scaled, bone, or feathered mirrors the appearance of the element or elements he fuses with, while the human aspects of this form are ivory fair and hairless in appearance with exception of his curling, black hair. His flesh is no less delicate than his scales despite its tender appearance nevertheless. His eyes are jade green and glow with an ethereal light. When this form is violet and black it is most dangerous, for that is when he has fused with all of the elements he commands. His angel form has the same appearance only it is without a tail.
  • Omnipotent Sight: As a deity The Morning Star can see and hear with clarity anything of and under his creation at will and as many things at once as he desires. His wisdom dictates when he should or should not interfere in what he oversees and to act unwisely in concerns to his visions dims his ability to see.
  • Enmesh Attributes: All of his forms are enmeshed with his deific form thus he can tap attributes of any form at will, and from those form harness his deific abilities with exception of morph size, albeit the strain on his lessor forms will drain his stamina far more rapidly at -5 stamina per attribute tapped.
  • Sublime Creationist: As a deity he can create beings, life, worlds, parallels, aspects of worlds, alternate worlds and planes, and even solar systems to his specifications over a period of time and at the expense of a great deal of stamina. Loss of -10 stamina to tap this power and each aspect of creation must be formulated one stage at a time. If stamina loss is sustained over too long of a period he is weakened by 50% (power and physical checks) for up to +1 week per stage after he has completed a project
  • Deific Form

    "The Morning star never boasts or abuses his powers only to prove them, indeed he practices them only for exact purposes." -Mordenta to Belorian.

    Devil Form

    Sator Devil Abilities: Inborn Powers
  • Domination: MA+Willpower vs. Willpower
  • Dark Presence: projects their will for a desired result -vs. Constitution
  • Dark Allure: Intoxicating scent, Charisma+8
  • Possession: MA+Willpower vs. Willpower+Constitution
  • Reaper of Souls: He breathes in the souls of the dead and either converts those souls (NPCs) to raw power to improve his stamina (+victim's stamina until used and gains victim's knowledge) or transfers them to Acheron's Chasm of Judgment (PCs). He will reject the souls of the truly virtuous as they burn in his throat and taste foul to him
  • Metaphysical Sight: see and identify energy streams, auras, moods, alignment
  • Arch Wraith Form: drains life or health, haste, divination
  • Supernatural Haste: enhances movement
  • Improved Regeneration: Level+10=Regeneration Level
  • Omnipotent Visionary: Ability to see into the past, present and future.
  • Devil Form: Increases all physical, sense and mental checks by +6, or +12 to one check field. Devil form is a jet black angel with, claws, fangs, sharp teeth and horns or antlers.
  • Form Shift: Unlimited forms of up to +1 per level, form selection at level 40
  • Embodied Siring: The ability to take any form that can sire and sire another out of that form as a 2nd generation.
  • Key Forms: Devil Form, Demon Form, Vampiric Form, Abyss Dragon Form, Deity Form, Chaos Basilus Form, Human Form
  • Illusory Projection: create illusions that can be felt and touched, MA+Constitution vs. Logic+Constitution.
  • Metaphysical Bonding: sense the vibes of, and locate anyone bound to them at will
  • Embodied Projection: Project present form or a chosen form at will over distances. Form can be maintained until recalled. Form is a true embodiment at 50% power
  • Divine Fortitude: MA Level+10
  • Divine Strength: 25-40-up to 50 when devil strength is tapped
  • Divine Stamina: 30-40-up to 50 when devil strength is tapped
  • Bestial Senses: 21-40
  • Seal: sator devil with pentagram positioned head, clutching sword chest high blade down and center, wings outspread curving inside circle surrounded by mythemyn runes: chaos, judgment, power, wisdom, darkness, dawn
  • Tributes: Five willing human sacrifices of quality, each upon a point of a pentagram, each holding a candle and a full glass of fine, strong wine. Sacrifices are accepted if their wine is drunk and their candle blown out. Summoner has twenty-six hours to replace any two tributes rejected. If three are rejected, the entire tribute is rejected.
  • Arcane Paths: Path of Chaos.
  • Tsulaerius (Angelic) Embodiment

  • Appearance: This form resembles his deific form exactly only without a tail, and sometimes with, and sometimes without horns. This form is adorned with three massive pairs of overlapping feathered wings. His feet are clawed hooves (+35) and the fingers of his human hands are tipped with talons (+18). His head is otherwise human, guise of Mael, only equipped with long fangs (+10), and is sometimes crowned with flared goat horns. His chest and body is bare from the waist up, and from the waist down he is covered with smooth scales with a slit where his loins are. All that is scaled, or feathered is flesh coloured and all which is flesh mirrors the appearance of his Maelmorda embodiment down to the hairless, satin smooth flesh, and loosely curled, brunette hair. His flesh is no less delicate than his scales despite its tender appearance nevertheless. His eyes are jade green and with them he can charm, mesemerize and capture the will of others.
  • Vocal Command: with his voice alone the Morning Star can influence and command the will of others as well as call up the powers of the Eternal Flame and the paths he commands. Range of influence extends to whoever can hear him.
  • Mental Command: with his 'mental' voice he can influence and command the will of others as well as call up the powers of the Eternal Flame and the paths he commands. Range of influence relies on having a connection to a subject by sight, acquaintence, possession of something personal to intended recipient, or by THEM speaking HIS name (Auros, Mortarris, rather The Morning Star spoken in any language understood by him).
  • Wings of Chaos: with his wings he can project his presence, heal, and emit the azure light of the eternal flame to purify, recreate, resurrect and even vaporize. Range is up to +1 foot per success, doubles on a crit.
  • Sight Unseen: while in this form he can call up possible futures as lucid visions, the past and see things as they are happening at will. He can also see into the memories of others. Use of this ability weakens his body (-1 strength and stamina per +1 knowledge gained; -5 health per +1 knowledge gained; up to +1 knowledge gained, +1 per ace). He can share these visions with others if he makes physical or mental contact them while perceiving these auditory images.
  • Elemental Flourish: hundreds of elemental ribbons extend from his feathers and his fingers, which whip out as wings and feathers snap out at aim, or which slice through the air at opponents as he performs rapid pivots and spins. The extremeties of the elemental ribbons can solidify into blades and spikes while simultaneously maintaining ethereal qualities which penetrate armour. Up to +1 elemental effect per -1 AR, MA Level x Elements Used = damage, x 2 on a crit. Often factored with 'anti-shielding' factor which penetrates shields and walls of force if LoD of shield is defeated.
  • Abyss Dragon Form

    Special Trait Abilities

    Abyssal Miasma: always emitted by flesh but if it surrounds someone, then it drains -1, -1 per ace.  Radius of up to +1 foot, +1 per ace. Drains last until restored by powers or potions of restoration.  With deep freeze, drains -2 stamina, -2 per ace.  This miasma makes it difficult to make study any details of the dragon as it confuses the senses much like fog does, only moreso because it is black.
    1 [1-3] drains will
    2 [4-6] chill, drain will
    3 [7-9] drain strength, will, and chill
    4 [10-12] drain stamina, strength, will, and chill
    5 [13-15] deep freeze to slow or stop motion as ice crystals infuse shadowy miasma, those frozen take double damage, and double stamina drain; drains strength, and will.
    6 [16-18] radius increases by +2 feet, +2 feet per ace
    7 [19-21] consume will to booste your own will by amount taken until spent
    8 [22-24] consume strength to booste your own strength by amount taken until spent
    9 [25-27] consume staminal to booste your own stamina by amount taken until spent
    10 [28-30] abyssal sleep to all whom are bathed in the miasma
    11 [31-35] drain increases by -2 per ace
    12 [36-40] stunning miasma, miasma holds subjects stunned during drains for +1 turn, +1 per ace.
    13 [41-50] miasmic cathexis boosts will, strength, HP, and stamina by amount drained until spent.

    Breath of Abyssal Ice: deep freezes to slow or stop motion, double damage, and damage to hits while frozen, stamina damage of -2 stam., -2 per ace.

    Breath of the Void:  range of up to 10 feet, +1 foot per success.  Radius of up to 5 feet, +1 foot per ace.  Affects all who are in radius of smoke cloud.
  •   Absorbs energies to null power and elements; Mages surrounded in this miasma cannot cast, also damages
  •   At levels 20 +, also does extreme damage (triple damage or double critical damage
  •   At levels 25 +, also drains all checks by -1, -1 per ace) as life force is absorbed.  The only way to recover from this drain is by powers and potions of restoration, which restore health as well as checks.
  •   At levels 30 +, also drains health by -1 HP, -1 per ace) as life force is drained.  The only way to recover from this drain is by powers and potions of Holistic Restoration, which restore health as well as checks.
  •   At levels 35 +, also absorbs HP and checks drained to boost same stats until spent.
  •   At levels 40 +, also absorbs one called power from anyone caught in breath cloud.

    Dragon of the Abyss: flesh, claws, eyes, breath, even their wings and tail, can all channel powers and 'unique' powers of the abyss. 
  •   Take Path of the Abyss; replace spells with custom ' abyss related' spells at will (GM approval), includes Abyssal Ice at half XP cost for each level.  Dragon channels these powers from its body, as the dragon is an embodiment of the abyss.

    Unique Telepathy: 
  •   Mind Speak: project thoughts as a mental voice
  •   Mind Probe: hear the thoughts of another and see mental images of the subject's past or present memories, gain +1 information, +1 per ace, vs. will.
  •   Voice of the Abyss: voice drains the will making another more susceptible to the dragon's influence.
  •   Mental Tear: tear at one's mind to incapacitate them by make them temporarily insane with mental anguish and pain.  Lasts until dragon stops tear.  Use no other special ability or power until subject is released from tear. Damages the will for one day by -1, -1 per ace, per turn, duration and damage doubled on a crit.

    Mental Presence: a part of their telepathic ability which influence a subject through a mental connection. Requires a great deal of focus so no other powers or special abilities can be used while this ability is being used.
  •   1. [1-3] Mesmerize: subject is transfixed on sight of dragon for the duration.
  •   2. [4-6] Terrify: subject flees in terror on sight of dragon
  •   3. [7-9] Petrify: subject freezes in terror on sight of dragon for the duration.
  •   4. [10-12] Soothe: a pleasant calm comes over subject which makes all his/her worries or concerns melt away.
  •   5. [13-15] Awe: subject is in awe of dragon and will do anything it asks (up to +1 command, +1 per ace).
  •   6. [16-18] Rage: enraged, the subject will attack anyone on sight (excluding the dragon) at the slightest provocation, with +1 HB, +1 per ace, +5 strength, +1 per ace, +10 stamina, but 0 defense until rage is spent.
  •   7. [19-21] Courage: subject has little fear, boosts the will by +1, +1 per ace, and strength by +2, +1 per ace.
  •   8. [22-24] Hate: subject despises someone the dragon bends their hatred towards.  At least, the subject will refuse to cooperate at all with the one his hatred is directed towards, at most, he/she will be compelled to harm the object of their hate.
  •   9. [25-27] Love: subject falls in love with someone the dragon bends their love towards.  Subject will be compelled to pursue the object of their desires, even obsessively if their love is unreturned.
  • 10. [28-30] Drink of the Mind: memories fall into the abysmal ether of the dragon's mind to make a subject forget -1 detail, -1 per ace, per turn used. Permanent until reversed.
  • 11. [31-35] Curator of the Mind: imbed imagined memories to make subject believe in false memories, +1 detail, +1 per ace, per turn used.  Permanent until reversed.
  • 12. [36-40] Keeper of the Mind: by pulling a subject's memories into the abyss and inventing new memories to imbed them, the dragon can restructure memories as called.  Permanent until reversed, resists reversal by power of roll (add LOD of total roll vs. reversal).
    Duration: Effects last as long as connection is prolonged but CAN be made permanent if the effects can be maintained for as long as six consecutive turns, and only IF the dragon intentionally imbeds the emotion deeply to make the effect permanent.

    Physical Traits

  •   Flesh of the Abyss: AC 10, +2 per level (emits abyssal miasma)
  •   Claws: stun, drain will, and chill to the bone, damaging stamina, will, and health, -1 stam. will, and AR, -1 per ace, strength +8, +1 per level damage.
  •   Bite: will crushing bite which does extreme damage, strength x 3, +1 per level damage, -2 will, -2 per ace.
  •   Tail Lash: damages and stuns, (strength + 1 per level = damage, stun -1 action, -1 per ace)
  •   Wings: flight; wing flail (strength = damage) wing flurry (confuse for -1 action, -1 per ace)
  •   Speech: telepathic and vocal
  •   Size:  10 feet in height, +1 foot per level.
  •   Special Trait Abilities (see Special Abilities)

    Soul Hunter: this dragon sustains itself on the life force it drains and on souls, and can be found wandering the wastes of the abyss, barrenlands, acheron's lost caverns, the dead realms, the dark realms, and even Annwn in search of souls. Abyss dragons seldom rip souls from the living unless they are attacked, or unless hunting FOR food.  This dragon's miasma drains life force from anything it contacts, including the plants, insects, small animals and spirits the dragon passes, so is constantly 'feeding' off the world around it.  This maintains its general health.  If injured however, it must feed to restore itself. 
  •   Each 'sentient' soul (person) fully restores the dragon (from damage and check losses).
  •   Each large animal soul (horses and larger) restores 20% of the dragon.
  •   Each medium to small animal's soul (rabbit and larger) restores 10% of the dragon.
  •   Tiny animals, such as insects, mice, or minnows, do nothing unless the dragon breathes in an entire swarm (horde, school etc.) which counts as one small or medium animal.

    Abyss Phase: this dragon is always partially phased into the abyss, is part of the abyss, and as such can phase in and out of the abyss completely at will.  It is for this reason its flesh is infused with the miasma of the abyss.


    Tribe: Only TWO of these dragons exist
  •   Erebus, the dragon form of the Morning Star
  •   Traerson, only offspring of Erebus.
    Appearance: This is a large dragon with many whiskers, spines, spikes and lizard-like skin. Jet black with electric blue (powers inactive) or ultraviolet (powers active) eyes. Neck is somewhat long and is muscularly thick.  Tail is long, rigid like a dinosaur's, held erect off the ground, and can deliver powerful blows, tip also armed with spikes of black bone.  Head is large, with spiky cheek and ear fins and lots of spines and whiskers.  All these characteristics of the dragon are shrouded in a blackish ether called Abyssal Miasma which confuses the senses making it difficult to examine the dragon's appearance closely.  One has to gaze on him for hours to get a true idea of what he looks like beneath the black vapors which surround and drift around him at all times.

    Alignment: chaotic alignments only... Any who the Morning Star makes into this dragon shift towards chaotic; chaotic evil, chaotic good, lawful or neutral becomes chaotic, meaning they adhere to laws and rules only when it suits them to, most often adhering only to their own laws.  "I am a law unto myself." Was it any wonder the Morning Star had only created one other out of his Erebus form?

    Abyss Pendrasi

    Duel Forms: Pendrasi can shift between Subrace (add subrace stats to CS) and Abyss Dragon form (add all Abyss Dragon stats to CS).

    Duel Form Taps: 
    both forms can 'tap' or channel powers from the other form without taking on physical aspects.

    Partial Shift:
    subrace form can take on some physical aspects of the dragon such as claws, wings, tough scaly skin (emitting or omitting miasma), tail, and or dragon eyes, taking on the appearance of a dragon-kin in a full partial shift.  Dragon stats at 50% during partial shift.

    Duel Shift:
      this ability, which allows the Draek to split off into BOTH of its embodiments, subrace and dragon at the same time, is unique to Abyss Draeks.  Now able to ride him/herself, and take someone on two on one, the Draek packs twice the punch.  Duel form taps and partial shifts not possible while duel shifted.


  •   Subrace form produces subrace babies with viable mate, in effect; elven Draek in elf form produces elf baby with an elf.  Human Draek in human form produces Nephalim baby with Tsetar or Sephiroth.  No dragon traits are inherited.
  •   Dragon form with another dragon produces dragon babies; Falcor dragons since no female abyss dragons even exist (that anyone but Erebus knows of). 
  •   FULL partial shift form produces Dragon-kin out of viable humanoids.
  •   Falcor and Dragon-kin offspring get only TWO traits (physical and or special) from the Abyss Dragon side, much as the very nature of what Abyss Dragons are makes their genus difficult to achieve at best.

    Generation Bonus:
    1st gen start at level 5; 2nd gen start at level 3; 3rd gen start at level 2.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

    Immunities: Disease, Poison, Necromancy, Aging, Altered Regeneration, Forced Time, Forced Travel, Cloning, Duplication, Forced Metamorphasis, Mental Probes, Metaphysical and Aural Probes, Heat, Cold, Elements and Powers of the Abyss

    Strengths: Power, genius, charisma, wisdom, intuition, subterfuge, fighting skills, physical strength, incredible consitution, logic and cunning. His most powerful advantages are his wisdom, subtlety, the arts of deception, and cunning.


  • Penalties: Certain penalties can leave him weakened and vulnerable for a period of time
  • Double Geis: Maelmorda has a double geis, or two ways of death, and is vulnerable to particular powers. In order to destroy or do serious injury to him, one must discover what his weaknesses are.
  • Possessiveness: His greatest mental weakness comes from his attachments to his immediate family and loved ones who he might blindly risk his life for or lose his everpresent self-possession over. He is also very protective of those who are loyal to him and can be called out if they or his loved ones are threatened
  • The Black Spire of Annwn: The horn of a particular type of creature, acquired by a certain feat, can result in a transient death which forces his rebirth into a mortal form. It can take years for him to reclaim his immortal spirit out of a mortal rebirth. If killed while mortal; his spirit is trapped in Acheron for as long as one hundred years (highest roll out of 3 on a 1 d100). Those who know of the horn invariably believe it is the death of The Morning Star inasmuch as he leaked that it was so to those who knew of the spire
  • WoD: To destroy The Morning Star, one must destroy his spirit, and in order to do that, all of his forms and his proxies and the soul within them each must be destroyed or at least captured (yes, place them all together and see what happens). If all his forms are destroyed, his will breaks, and his quantum being collapses, for in each of these beings he created, whether in himself or a proxy, he put part of himself.

    The angel within him is his will, the devil is his mind (intelligence), the demon is his flesh (fortitude), the vampire is his blood (magic), the dragon is his strength, the God is his wisdom (perception), the beast is his determination (stamina), and his human form is his heart (ethics--alignment).

    Killing any one of these parts of him does him serious damage and trouble, but in time he recovers (40 d6 check recovery per day, +1, +1 per ace). In order to insure that he can never be resurrected, all of his forms and his proxies must be destroyed, for in each of them a part of him lives.

    The only other way to destroy him, is to raise him into the light and trap him there for a lethal duration (-40 d6 HP, -1 d6 Fortitude and Stamina per day) (can be pre-rolled to determine duration.) All other deaths are transient (temporary). If The Morning Star is destroyed all of the power in Acheron is also destroyed, and Acheron affectively dies, leaving only its petrified hull remaining as a cold, desolate cavern world. All the fires and other elements in Acheron cease to burn. Hell endures however under a new Prince, Sammael if he is alive.