Acheron's 2nd Circle

Area Key

NOTE: All circles include The Lost Caverns
1st Circle: The Gauntlet
2nd Circle: Corridors of the Dead, The Warrens
3rd Circle: Path of Souls, Arcador (the city of vampires)
4th Circle: Dreamland Shrine, Temple of Dragons

5th Circle: City of Angels, The Sprawl, Chasm of Judgment
6th Circle: The Stronghold, River of Souls, Pit of Acheron, Cavern of Souls
7th Circle: Capital City, Path of Fire, Oubliette
8th Circle: Shrine of Fire, City of Demons, Shrine of Chaos, Haunted Mine, Lake of Fire
9th Circle: The Deadly Warrens, The Great Abyss

2nd Circle

Corridors of the Dead:
A maze of tunnels and caves where the spirits of Acheron (high spirits and underlings alike), zombies, and skeleton monsters dwell and meander. Here; powerful wraiths, phantoms, poltergeists and specters haunt the corridors with lowlier ghosts, spirits, zombies, and animate skeletons. These are spirits and undead which are beneficial to Acheron or to those they summon their aid to, unlike 'the condemned' which remain in eternal purgatory in the Cavern of Souls.

Acheron's Warrens:
The Warren is where the main population of Acheron's monsters and Elites resides. The Elites which dwell in the Warren maintain control over the subordinate creatures which inhabit this level of Acheron.

Lairs of the Devout:

These are the lairs where Acheron's Elite and most loyal inhabitants reside. Acheron has many of these lairs. Some of them are like manors or castles carved out of the stone, while others may be little more than large caves made comfortable, depending on the tastes and preferences of the creature dwelling there.

Lairs of the Guardians:

These are the lairs of those creatures which guard Acheron's upper levels. The corridors which house these lairs are honeycombed with resident caves. Some of them are made very comfortable while others are next to bare as a place for a creature to simply rest when tired.

Lost Caverns of the 2nd Circle:
Vast caverns where only monsters, spirits, and solitaries dwell.