Acheron's Ranks

Constants in the Universe

(According to Acheron's most astute member, Lucifer)

Our Universe is vast but not infinite and like an hourglass in shape. The oldest are spherical while younger universes are cigar shaped. A Great Barrier of space which can only be named as nothingness separates each universe and is what lies beyond each universe. No one, Gods included, has ever been known to cross the barrier, although some speculate a huge orb of destruction with intelligence, known as The Abysmal Darkness (it was given the name TAD as an abbreviation), has the capability to cross the barrier. The Abysmal Darkness moves through space like a comet which can change course. It absorbs life, and if given time, it is capable of reducing a life burgeoning planet to a barren rock. It grows larger as it absorbs life. Some believe that it may over time attain such a titanic mass as to devour an entire Universe as new ones are being born.

Lucifer once hypothesized that the core of the abyss might be the dormant offspring of TAD, and when the demon Behemoth asked him what would bring the beast from the womb, he answered that his death or final evolution with Acheron's collapse could potentially awaken its birth as the fires of the lake cooled. He attacked behemoth in a rage as laughter filled the hall, his pride unable to tolerate being demeaned by Behemoth's inferior intellect. He bested Behemoth with magic, inasmuch as Behemoth is physically superior to the Morning Star.

Parallels are planes within a universe within inner-space. They can be worlds or universes. They are either quantum in nature and formed out of psychokinetic processes and phantom energies, or out of temporal fluctuations which become stable or semi-stable. Unstable parallels have a limited life which varies according to how imbalanced they are. Parallels cannot coexist within the same space of the domain they sprung from, but they can overlap or exist adjacent to their equivalent. Time moves in one direction but can refract, creating bends and branches, even infinitely, which result in alternate time lines. These time lines are as infinite as the possibilities which created them. Where branching time lines from the same plane or parallel overlap, a time shift occurs within worlds or other worlds within those bands. This occurs when history is altered in some significant way by time travel or rare anomalies.

Residents and Ranks of Acheron

Infernal Army of Acheron
  • Combined Armed Force: 50 Legions with 50,000 arms, Level 36, HB+4, AR+3
  • 5 Legions: Dice-50 d6 x 36+1800, HP-59,000, HB+4, AR+3
  • 4 Legions: Dice-40 d6 x 36+1440, HP-47,200, HB+4, AR+3
  • 3 Legions: Dice-30 d6 x 36+1080, HP-35,400, HB+4, AR+3
  • 2 Legions: Dice-20 d6 x 36+720, HP-23,600, HB+3, AR+4
  • 1 Legion: Dice 10 d6 x 36+360, HP-11,800, HB+3, AR+4
  • Dragon Army
  • Combined Force: 3400, Level 38, Dice-34 d6 x 38 + 1292, HP-42,160
  • Shadow Divisions: 800, Dice-8 d6 x 38 + 304, HP-9920
  • Gold Divisions: 600, Dice-6 d6 x 38 + 228, HP-7440
  • Black Divisions: 600, Dice-6 d6 x 38 + 228, HP-7440
  • Red Divisions: 500, Dice-5 d6 x 38 + 190, HP-6200
  • Blue Divisions: 500, Dice-5 d6x38+190, HP-6200
  • Green Divisions: 400, Dice-4 d6x38+152, HP-4960
  • One Division: 100, Dice-1 d6 x 38 + 38, HP-1240
  • Combined Army: 53,400

    Acheron Hierarchy Order of Minions

    There are many in Acheron. Not ALL are included, particularly the lower ranking residents. These are the leaders of Acheron and those who are the most dangerous to encounter.

    1st Order - The Sator:
    The Morning Star holds this order alone as the progenitor of all that is Acheron and within Acheron.
  • Acheron, The Morning Star, Lucifer, and Eos, are his deific names, while his terran names are Arasgal, Helel, Killian, Maelmorda and Morbius. HE is God of Chaos, King of the Nine Circles, the Devils and the Fallen.
  • 2nd Order - Acerbus Seraphim:
    Arch Dark Seraphim. The Messengers and First Swords of Lucifer. Once his worst enemies.
  • *Azazel-Also called Azael, Alias Mordreig: Arch Master of Ceremonies, Ruler of the Se'irim (Goat Demons), standard bearer, and leader of the fallen thrones. Lucifer is his master and Hebreon is his faithful servant. Azazel was cast out of Haman when he went to earth to show men how to make and use weapons and armor, and to show women how to make and use jewelry and makeup. He was hunted down and killed for his sins and Yajmha cast him into Acheron's pit. Hebreon was cast out with him for his association with him. This angel has suffered many injustices between Haman, Earth, and Acheron. His forms are a handsome scaled angel with massive bat wings; an attractive human; and a monsterous angel with six wings and seven snakes extending from his shoulders like pauldrons, the seventh at the base of his neck, with a scaled human body and head with long flowing hair which can assume any face he chooses.
  • *Malkaom, Malcomb: an angel turned devil by the fall and his master Mernaph's demon blood, The voice of Lucifer. He led the final rebellion against Haman which resulted in the remainder of the 1st Pentacle Angels being cast out of Haman and being replaced with the Alamascan who became enemies of the fallen. He has a handsomely youthful human form, a youthfully attractive dark angel form, and a shadow-flame devil form

    This race is odd in that their Order is Held very high, while they are servents to their Masters as long as they live, held under them in hierarchy, while they are held above all others beneath them BY their Maker and Lord in respect and devotion. Lucifer alone is held above the chosen of a master, if Lucifer is not already their master.
    ALL are 1st Gen.
  • 3rd Order - The Dark Fallen:
    The Order of Angels who were cast down with the Morning Star. Acheron's Nine Arch Overlords:
  • Belial: The angel of deception, the antithesis of Belorian, Belial is the Infernal Anduain. He is uncommonly attractive and seductively deceptive and tempts others to deceive one another and even themselves. When riding into battle he drives a chariot pulled by two Hell Raptor dragons. One of his aspirations is to bring about the fall of Belorian and the Arcanon into Acheron. Belial served Lucifer in Haman, posing as an angel of swords and was cast down with him during the first rebellion. He chose thereafter to serve always in Acheron under Lucifer.
  • Azule: The angel of treachery, this clever and charming dark fallen will tempt others to betray those they are loyal to and their faith in order to test them and claim their souls, whereof he judges their souls in Acheron
  • Seth: Siaph; Sarku; Fallen Order of Dominations, Guardian of Lucifer. This scaled or sienna skinned angel will never trust Sammael for opposing Lucifer's rebellion and despises him for taking Lucifer's throne. His sole ambition is to protect The Morning Star, as do most of the dark fallen. He is a powerful shapeshifter and elementalist and is The Angel of Architecture.
  • Memnoch: Albino dark fallen who became a devil. In a transient death he was reborn as a devil to a pair of true born twins, Tiber and Rhiannon Decasey and matured quickly to reclaim his power and status. The Author of Desire, Memnoch as a deific devil can fulfill a subject's greatest desires or as easily crush them. Some call him the trickster of Hell. Some mistake him for 'the' devil.
  • Malkor: The angel of trickery, this angel secretly works as an agent for Sammael believing that Lucifer is too 'good' to rule Acheron. He excells at riddles, playing devious tricks on humans, and wins others over with his humor, wit, and charms
  • Amaymyon:
  • King of the City of Angels and the Fifth Circle.
  • Abdiel: among angels he was the most vindicative in opposing the Rebels which Sammael lead against Haman. Abdiel is a Malduzar, or angel of the pit.
  • Marchocias: a winged wolf with a serpent tail, or darkly attractive angel. He rules 30 legions of spirits. He was cast through the Eternal Flame and reborn as a mortal who was sired by Aurelious as a Deluvian
  • Argenta: the angel of corruption, he judges the corrupt and corrupts them to bring them into Acheron.

  • ALL are 1st Gen.
    Each of these overlords rules over one of the Lower Kingdom's Nine Para-dimensions.

    4th Order - Fallen Horsemen:
    Fallen Angels of Death, angels of ascension and pale riders of the apocolypse.
    ALL are 1st Gen.
  • Azriel: Raif, fallen seraphim and Arch-Death Angel (war).
  • Cahor (poverty)
  • Gabrian: (famine)
  • Ebriel (pestilance)
  • 5th Order - The Fallen:
    Fallen angels of the second rebellion which did not fall with Lucifer. All are male.
  • Sammael: Ruling Prince of Demons and the 8th Circle. Fallen angel of thrones, also known as Satan and Desert Wind, He lead the second rebellion after opposing Lucifer's insurrection against Haman for centuries, ultimately deciding that it was better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven, Lucifer had offered him the throne of demons if he joined him in Acheron. Satus
  • Raziel: Dwyer; this handsome angel is as fearless as he is very wise and does well to instill courage in others. Fallen Principalities.
  • *Maladin: son of the Anduain Belorian.
  • Andras: fallen swords and god of quarrels.
  • Hebreon: fallen powers, servant of Azazel, and watcher of the realms, he has a partially scaled human form and a scaled angel form with massive bat wings. He was cast out of Haman with Azazel for his loyalty and friendship to Azazel.
  • Ariel: Prince of Water
  • Cassiel: (Lavoy) A handsome winged devil with a goatee. He is the archer and captain of acheron's dragon riders. Fallen order of Virtues. Cast out of Acheron by Sammael for being too ethical, after he dared to lecture Satan on the virtues of forgiveness, he was reborn as a human in France as Lavoy and was sired as a Black Lion Vampire.
  • Furfur: air and storm elementalist, a handsome angel that can take the form of stag with a flaming tail. Earle of the City of Angels
  • Paimon: An effeminately handsome angel with powerful crafts. Master of Infernal Ceremonies, elementalist, domination and bonding powers
  • Pursan: Fallen virtues, this angel can take the shape of a man with a lion head. He rides a bear and carries a viper with him wherever he goes, even when he takes a human form. He is a visionary, a creationist, a treasure hunter, and a summoner of familiars. King of the 2nd Circle.
  • Stolas: Fallen Virtues, this angel can take the form of a raven or an owl. He is the Prime Minister of the City of Angels and rules 26 legions. He is an astronomer, herbalist, and mineralogist, and a master of air elements.
  • *Sytri: This fallen angel has the head of a leopard, can take a winged leopard form, or an extremely handsome human guise. He is the demon of seduction and his power as a seducer is incredible. He can also cause strong attraction between others.
  • 6th Order - Angels of the Pit:
    Fallen Angels of the Forsaken Orders.
  • Abraxas: Casavant Desormeaux. the Angel of Despair, guardian of Acheron's Antechamber.
  • Dominiam
  • Gabriel-Brehethran
  • Agiel:
  • has powerful necromancy and warding against the dead.

    7th Order - Arch-Devils: Born of the Abyss. All are Overlords:
  • Ahriman:
  • a deity whose sin is evil. This devil is as intelligent as he is evil and a master of wooing others to sin or commit evil acts.
  • Amon: rules 40 legions of devils
  • Astaroth: The Goddess/God of Lust. This devil can take male or female form; is the Prince of the Eighth Orders, and Acheron's treasurer.
  • Amy
  • Barbatos
  • *Caine
  • Belais
  • Iuvart
  • Armaros
  • *Mascen: son of Lucifer out of Selena.
  • Sia
  • Byleth: or Beleth, A bad tempered devil and arch sorcerer, necromancer, and spectremancer
  • Eurynome: Prince of Death and the Sixth Circle, overlord and judge of souls
  • Volac: This devil is a child with angel wings in form which controls snakes and aids in finding hidden treasures.
  • Zaxien: or Xaxien (pronounced zaks-ee-en, also called Zaks by his comrades; call him Zak and he may well vaporize you, and if lucky, resurrect you after and explain why he disintegrated you) A powerful arch devil and Hierphant of the Path of Chaos, resides in the Shrine of Chaos in Acheron's pit, 8th level. Dictator of the Future, he is a master of the arcane pentacle, chronomancy, and divination.

  • ALL are 1st Gen.

    The Beqidum: The Formless Ones
    All of the Beqidum have powerful possession abilities.
  • Androalphus: The most powerful of the Beqidum, this grand arch devil of the elements is a fallen seraphim who commands 8 Chaos Aspected paths. He also has Dead Realms Magic and Spectremancy and commands 26 legions of spirits. This powerful being can transform mortals into birds, and is the only Beqidum which has a form. He can take a peacock form to enter the material planes. He has a keen intellect and is accomplished in matters of law, math, astronomy, and even astrology. If this Beqidum leaves Acheron, a major event is underway.
  • Lucifuges: Arch devil of Ether, he commands air and shadow elements. Light repulses him and his form is the spirit of night. Like all formless he has no form but spirit. This angel is extremely vindictive and can cause death with his touch or breath. Like the rest of his kind he can also possess the living.
  • Tephros: This spirit can bring darkness and fire and can assume those ethereal forms. He is also an air elementalist
  • Phaux: the trickster. Through his ages in the pit he developed a strange sense of humor and became a master of tricks, jinxes, witty curses, and pranks. Arch master of conjuration, the illusory and phantasms
  • Mog: pure evil, he enjoys possessing people just to corrupt them and then abandons their coils to observe the results from the body of another person, cat, dog, or bird. Time weaver, enchanter, sorcerer. Demigod of corruption.
  • Haashi: Perhaps the most moral among the Beqidum, his ethics sometimes conflict with his duties.
  • Ikael: It depresses Ikael that he has no form of his own and so he seeks unique and beautiful specimens to possess. He seeks to steal the forms and lives of rich young noblemen to live through them as long as he can
  • Odri: this spirit is cynical and often expresses sarcasm through his wit. He commands the shadow path and curses, using curses to pass judgment and test character
  • Semyaza, Semmet: This beqidum is very curious and will attempt to possess almost anything to unearth its secrets. He is the wisest of his order and his advice is often sought by them. He can also read the mind of anything without his presence being felt. He is a powerful telepath and telekinetic
  • Enkur: This powerful spirit is a master of earth, shadow, and abyss elements. This formless one deceives to discover and is a hard judge of character who is prone to devour the souls of those he possesses if they fail his judgment.

  • Aakmhar the Overseer: not a Beqidum, but an elusive devil who acts as an enforcer to the Beqidum, and as a counter balance. His judgment rarely calls him to interfere in the affairs of the Beqidum, but he has the tools to track, identify and capture Beqidum without harming them. Aakmhar makes sure the Beqidum are fed, all accounted for, and their whereabouts known for no one else's benefit but his own duties. Very little is known about Aakmhar which either makes him very dangerous, or far too mysterious to trust. Arch Devil of Empathy. Omnipotent mental commands.

  • Arcanon or Dark Star:
    These immortals are archetypes, and Bel is the Anduain, the archetype of all angels, the first Dark Star to be created. The Arcanon are the archetypes of Sephiroth and Argenien was the first Arcanon created. Not all have fallen into Acheron, and most of them have ties to Annwn. These angels are powerful shapeshifters, all assume human forms, but only the Anduain and Mogduain have winged variations of their human form, while all of them have spirit forms as well.
  • Bel: Belorian, Eoghan; the archetype of all angels, the Anduain, God of Order through Chaos.
  • Belial: The angel of deception, the antithesis of Belorian, Belial is the Infernal Anduain known as Mogduain. Also occurs under the Dark Fallen.
  • Argenien: O'Braugh, Wrotszgar, Overlord of Annwn's Nether Marches, oversired as Wrotszgar a shadow demon out of Daath, Arcanon of the Spirit
  • Odphen: Aodfin, second arcanon, watcher of Annwn. He is free of Acheron, Arcanon of Fate.
  • Nystori: Aeros, Niall; the spy of Lucifer, he spies on the Arcanon, Anduain, and others for Lucifer. If other Arcanon or the Anduain abuse their power he either kills them or captures them as the Morning Star commands. He also lends them support. He is a master shapeshifter. His presence and mind are immune to trespass and probes, Arcanon of the Arcane.
  • Mormael: Bran the Raven, guardian of Kar Dur, Lucifer's forest haven in Annwn, keeper of the dreamland shrine and its false paradise. He is a powerful healer who can grant life as adeptly as he can take it away, Arcanon of Life
  • Agreph: Anwnn, Prince of the Sidhe, an arch shapeshifter and lord of Annwn, Arcanon of the Mind.
  • Majin: Ju Tansei; the wanderer, a powerful man and shapeshifter who observes the elemental pentacle devoutly. He is a guardian of nature. Arcanon of the Elements
  • 8th Order - Satus Demons and Infernal Demons:
    The Satus are demons Born of the Lake of Fire or the Abyss or angels that fell into the lake or abyss to become demons. The Infernal are demon angels and the Antitheses of the First Pentacle Angels created of the darkness split from the angels
  • Behemoth:
  • 2nd Prince of Demons Satus
  • Beelzebub: 3rd Prince of Demons, lord of the dung, lord of flies, bringer of pestilence. This demon specializes in diseases and is the Prince of Demons under Sammael and Behemoth. Satus
  • Mammon: 4th Prince of Demons, the demon of wealth and avarice. Mammon has no tolerance for torn loyalties and fence striding. Ruler of the Spirits and the 6th Circle. Infernal
  • *Lilith: Matriarch of Demons. This woman was transformed into a demon when she was condemned to Hell for seducing Adam. Her loyalty and promises cannot be trusted. She serves her own agendas above all else. She is Acheron's supreme witch, an incubus and temptress, can dominate by touch, shapeshift and morph her body at will, and always takes incredibly beautiful forms. Satus.
  • Mastema: This seductively deceptive demon tempts people to sin and then judges them for those sins as they die. Infernal
  • Baphomet: Goat of Mendes, deific goat demon and rulder of the goat demons. Satus
  • Abbadon:
  • The Destroyer, Ruler of the insect demons, legendary elementalist. Satus
  • *Azaize: Satus Goat Demon
  • Daath: Infernal Shadow Demon
  • Marbas: A powerful lion that spits and breathes fire. He can also shapeshift and take human forms. He has the power to cure and inflict diseases and can change the shape of others. Satus
  • *Mernaph: Infernal Shadowflame Demon/Balrog
  • Egion: Infernal who seeks to the bring all of the Tsetar into Acheron
  • Ohazia: Infernal who brought many angels out of Haman into Acheron. He is another angel of corruption
  • *Mekkor: 1st born Abyss Demon, Alias Morneau Desormeaux, created by Adramelech. Satus
  • Abigor: This demon takes the form of either a male or female. He (or she) is very pleasant natured and a master fortune teller. Few would ever expect Abigor to be a demon to meet him, yet he is a very able leader who commands sixty legions of his own. Infernal
  • Alocer: This demon has the head of a lion with flaming red eyes and he is as legendary as a warrior as he is a horseman. He has a stable of his own horses, a breed which resembles clydesdales in impressive colors. Satus
  • Mordenta: General of Lucifer's Armies. Satus
  • Asmodeus: a dragon rider with a monsterous demon form. He is vassal to Amaymyon and rules half of his army. He tempts women and men alike to sin through their desires whether for wealth or flesh. Satus
  • Baal: also called Bael, this demon was a Caanan God and is the General of the Infernal Army. Infernal
  • Bifrons: This demon has two hideous faces and is altogether monstrous in appearance, but is a helpful creature. He is a teacher and necromancer who only uses his power to aid others. Infernal
  • Buer: takes the shape of a lion with five hooved legs, a giant starfish, and a centaur. A teacher whose knowledge of plants is extensive, he is a philosopher, and mentors others in the wisdom of ethics. Satus
  • Naga: King of the Snake Demons. Satus
  • Nagina: Queen of the Snake Demons. Satus
  • Leonard: God of Sorcery and Powerful earth elemental. He has a giant black goat and menacing black goat demon form. This demon is an extraordinary physician and healer as well. Infernal
  • Malphas: appears in the shape of a crow and a man with a hoarse, cracked voice of the crow. He used earth elements to raise towers, fortresses, and build structures. Infernal
  • Oze: this demon has the form of a dire leopard wearing a jeweled crown of platinum. He can reshape the form of mortals and is powerful in the arts of dementia, phantasms,and illusory paths. Satus
  • Pazuzu: Demon of pestilence and the desert. In shape he has a man's body with a lion's head and limbs. His ability to cause disease aside, he has the power to possess and exorcise spirits and demons from others. Infernal
  • Ronwe: the demon of knowledge. This demon can speak in any language of the middle kingdom and can bestow immediate knowledge of anything. He is so wise however that he takes care in what knowledge he does bestow. He demands a reward for knowledge from those who invoke him. Ronwe always carries a staff in his hand and is a monster with the appearance of various beasts fused together; an insect, a mammel, a fish, a reptile, and a bird. Infernal
  • Sabnac: Also called Salmac, this demon appears as a warrior with the head of a lion. He rides a horse which he summons from the spectral realm. He is an earth elementalist who has the power to raise great fortresses and citadels, and can be invoked to inflict wounds which cause death in thirty days. Satus
  • Satanachia: This demon can take any natural form other than animal, with exception of his odd humanoid form, and through those forms sooth pain and bring release from anguish and despair. He can also invoke the spirits of nature. A cresent moon is his symbol. He is Prince of the Lost Caverns and the Barren Lands. Infernal

  • Scox: King of Thieves. This demon is a rogue extraordinare with 30 legions under his command. He can be called upon by his superiors to steal anything at any given time. He can also be invoked to steal items. He can also find all things hidden and summon excellent familiars to others. Satus
  • Urobach: This demon is a great black horse or a black centaur which has the ability to see into the past, present, and future. Despite his equine form; he is wise and skilled in the arts of reconcilliation between friends and foes alike and is Acheron's Ceremonial Master of Honors and Dignities. Satus
  • Vepar: God and Goddess of water, commands storm and water elements. Vepar can also inflict wounds which cause death in thirty days. Vepar is a siren which can take male or female form. Satus
  • Zagan: Demon of forgery. This demon has a bulls head and man's body with wings and can also take a winged bull form. He is King of the 9th Circle, of the abyss, and if he forbids a soul to be cast there his command cannot he denied. He can transmute liquids and has a witty sense of humor, along with the ability to bring mirth to those who are deprived of humor. Infernal
  • Zepar: God of war in the shape of a mighty, dark warrior. He can incite or curtail war, change the shape of people, seduce, or make women infertile. Infernal
  • Anwarr: Marsol; This infernal angel is the antithesis of Cirgoth and the king of the desert of fire in An Morendor. He has a red dragon, human, and a scaled infernal angel form. His sins against Haman were so great that he was stripped of his wings when he was cast out of Haman during the second rebellion Sammael lead. He fell onto Morashtar and years after he had established himself as a chieftain, Lucifer persuaded him to relent his soul to him, and in Anwarr's dark fall he was plunged into the lake of fire and reborn as a dragon shapeshifer. Through his Hell Raptor form Lucifer had given wings and flight back to him. In the years that followed he became Lord of the Hell Raptors.

  • Naberus: a monsterous bird-man demon with three bird heads. He is a teacher of logic, persuasion, and reclaimin honor, and instructs others in how to gain privileges in Acheron
  • Orias: a shapeshifter whose true form is a lion-headed man with a serpent tail. He teaches the art of shapeshifting and is a powerful dominator. He carries vipers with him at all times and has a demon horse familiar
  • Sallos: A demon with a human form who is a master of potions and a water elementalist. He is an expert in the field of love between men and women and is invoked to cast love spells and grant carnal knowledge.
  • ALL are first gen.

    9th Order - Deluvian Demigods and Deities:
    These are first generation immortals, which have been so genetically mutated through oversiring and or recreation, as to make them ascend into a powerful devil of mixed genome with vampiric habits
  • Arioch: fallen angel of revenge. This deluvian was a fallen angel which became a vampiric shapeshifter who was oversired by a demon and ascended to a devil. He is Duke of the sprawl.
  • *Aurelius: Noct'maire vampire, Dragon Shapeshifter, Morgrue, King of Northern An Morendor and Knight Captain of Acheron
  • Balam:
  • Fallen order of Dominions who was reborn of the abyss as a great goat demon which underwent mutations as a three headed monster and devil in the ages which followed. His familiar is a mighty demonic bear which he rides, and he wears a horned crown that covers his actual flared horns to gild them in gold. He can also take a three headed form. He is king of the Second Circle. His goat demon form has a long tapering beard and long hair spills from his goat ears. Balam's greatest testiment to his greed is his great wealth.
  • Dagon: (dA-gahn) God of the tempest, of oceans and vegetation. He resides as a guardian over An Morendor under command of Lucifer. He can take the form of a man, merman, mermaid, a thorn dragon, or a titan sea monster.
  • 10th Order - Sephiroth Angels:
    These are angels that are created in Acheron out of the Abyss (Infernal) or the Eternal Flame (White).
  • Adramelech: This infernal angel is by far the most ancient of the Sephiroth. He is an angel of the abyss, a Balrog, and a devil rolled into one. He is the progenitor of the Abyss Demons. This Sephiroth never acts on emotion, only logic, and so rarely expresses any emotion that most believe he has none, for he is hard to please. From the waste down he is copper scaled, and from the waste up his flesh is earth brown, his hair and wings are black. He also takes the form of a mule, balrog, goat demon, or peacock and variations of all five forms combined. He would not lower himself to take a human form.
  • Belphegor: The angel of genius and invention. Belphegor is curious about many things and repulsed by intimacy, content in discovery and invention. He constructed the androids and machine beasts in the Corridor of Elements. He can assume many shapes, can even possess the body parts of people, and occasionally poses as a beautiful young girl to observe humans. This sephiroth is rarely anything but beneficial. Though his anger is not easy to arouse, when he is pushed to uncage his fury he can be coldly dangerous.
  • Af: This scaled angel's anger is easily aroused and he has a talent for arousing the ire of others as well.
  • Mashith: elusive, little is known about him
  • Ema: she is the infernal Sephiroth of Mysteries and can be found in many forms.
  • Ipes: This darkly handsome angel has a great lion form and is Prince of the City of Angels with his brother Gaap. He was created by Amymyon out of the abyss. His presence is powerful and he is a master diviner. He uses his presence to improve the morale and humor of Acheron's own, the angels in particular.
  • Moloch: His forms include a bull headed colossus (like Menotaur) a crocodile, and a scaled angel with crocodilian eyes and tail
  • *Elah: female white Sephiroth who serves Byron Decasey as a ranger. Secretive about her capabilities. Appears human.
  • *Selena: white Sephiroth of human origins.
  • 11th Order - Satus Demonic Dragons:
    Equal in Hierarchy to the Demons
  • *Magnus McKane: 1st Gen. Doom Dragon, Demonic Dragon Shapeshifter, with an alter Id the War Hammer of Wrath known as Xenos, the Warrior of Doom.
  • *Azwroth
  • Serpetor
  • Leviathan: Also called Rahab, this titan sea-dragon is an arch water elemental and is feared even among the Gods. He devours the souls of those who drown or die at sea
  • Ismeth
  • Mephistopheles: Mephisto shifts shape between dragons, various animals, a young nobleman with a longsword, and chosen human forms. He is a teacher of the arcane and sometimes mentors to mortals in exchange for making a soul pact with Lucifer. Mephisto is the King of the 4th Circle and Temple of Dragons
  • *Traerson: the ONLY other abyss dragon other than his maker, the Morning Star, he is a Sephorai Abyss Draek

  • ALL are 1st Gen.

    12th Order - The Infernals:
    Demons, devils, or liches ascended from vampires
  • *Beornagh: Chronomoarte Vampire Devil
  • Valis Urik: Astraeus Vampire Demon
  • Rafael Hadrian: Vampiric Arch Lich and Blood Mage
  • Cassarus Dumaeor: Duminor Devil, Angelic Father of the Duminor vampires, believed by his descendants to be deceased (S)
  • Azturel: Astraeus devil born vampire

  • ALL are first Gen.

    13th Order - Omega Devils: These are sired or born devils
  • Botis: This devil takes the form of an insightly snake or a man with long sharp teeth and horns carrying a sword with snakes entwining the cross bar and pommel. He reconciles quarrels and is a master of familiars. Despite his appearance, Botis is a moral demon
  • Lamah
  • Mahzian
  • Mikail
  • Naamah
  • Shamadan
  • Barbatos: this devil is a satyr who understand the voice of all beasts and men. He can locate treasures concealed by enchantments is an oracle who knows all things past, and to come. A master diplomat with a powerful presence and wisdom, he is able to bring reconciliation to friends and kings alike.
  • Camio: Caym. This devil has a bird-man form and can also take the form of a man. He always carries his sword. He is an air and water elemental which can commune with animals and help others to understand nature
  • Gaap: Prince of the Fifth circle and Nephalim son of Amaymyon. His form is that of a horned, winged giant. On his shoulder he carries a young man named Cass who he slave sired as his servant to save him from the wrath of Azriel, whose wife seduced him. Gaap influences emotions and mental perception.
  • Gamygyn: He takes the form of a white donkey, horse, or centaur. He is a powerful spectremancer, invoker of spirits and a master of the sciences
  • Glasyalabolas: a great winged dog with strong precognative and telepathic abilities
  • Gremory: She is the Duchess of the city of angels, despite be being born human. She was sired by Amaymyon as a devil
  • Faust: this devil was a human who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for Mephisto's favors and the power he learned from him.

  • ALL are 2nd Gen.

    14th Order- Primogen Vampires:
    Overlords: Born of the Blood of Lucifer (L), Sammael (S), Anubus (A), and born of the Abyss
  • *Archaenous: Arcanus (L)
  • Iahhel: Arcanus (L)
  • Kimos: Arcanus (L)
  • Ismah: Arcanus (L)
  • Morlan: Arcanus (L)
  • Osireanis: Dark Star(L)
  • *Aurelius: Thinnease Noct'maire (L)
  • *Valis: Astraeus Vampire (L)
  • *Feoda Corca: Byron Decasey, Astraeus (L)
  • *Cain: Father of the Caanan Vampires (L)
  • Sive: Shiv Morta (L)
  • Userkaf: Father of the Anubian Vampires (A)
  • Traisiried Edanaid: Father of the Pentacles Vampires (S)
  • Duellyn Edanaid: Mother of the Pentacles vampires, wife of Traisiried (S)
  • Cassarus Dumaeor: Father of the Duminor vampires, believed by his descendants to be deceased (S)
  • Kael Mephisto: Father of the Mephais Vampires (S)

  • ALL are 1st Gen.

    15th Order - The Djinn:
  • Asmodous: Djinn of Astral
  • Hashmal: Ifrit. Djinn of Fire
  • Jesodoth: Shaitan, Djinn of Air
  • Mahariel: Jann, Djinn of Earth
  • Sedekaih: Ghul, Djinn of Life
  • Uzza: Marid, Djinn of Water
  • ALL are first gen.

    16th Order - Morgrue Demon Acolytes:
  • Traylock: 2nd Gen.
  • Aurelius: Ascended 2nd-1st paradox Gen.
  • Kent Cavannagh: 2nd Gen.
  • Mickey Muldoon: 2nd Gen.
  • Marianna Draguta: 2nd Gen.

    17th Order - Esteemed Acolytes:
    Dragons, 'Little Brothers,' Sired, and True Born Demons
  • Agaliarept
  • *Safkas: Scream Hammer, out of Azaize.
  • *Roary: True Born Demon Vampire
  • Usiel
  • Vassago
  • Zikil
  • Yeshamiel: out of Mahzian
  • Beroth: 2nd gen Abyss Clan Demon out of Adramelech, Prince of the Adramelech Clan.
  • Berith: Twin brother of Beroth. He favors the color red and was a soldier in life that was sired by the demon Baal. If summoned; he will place himself at the disposal of the invoker until terms are met, and after twenty years he collects his reward for services rendered. This demon is tricky and cannot be trusted to speak the truth
  • Felix Lamoreu: 2nd gen. Abyss Demon out of Mekkor.
  • Flauros: 2nd gen. Fire elemental demon who can take the form of a leopard or a muscular man with flaming eyes, sired by Sammael
  • Forcas: Son of Flauros, Plant, Protection, and Mineral aspects, heroic build like his father but far more logical and less temperamental than his father, sired by Lucifer
  • Gusoyn: This demon has a head like a camel with dog-like features. He is a powerful diviner of past and future events, and grants favors in return for vows of peace. If crossed he claims the souls of those who broke their end of the bargain
  • Morax: sired by Mephisto as a bull headed demon man. He invokes spirits and has extensive knowledge of plants, minerals, and gems
  • Uval: This demon can take the form of a camel or a well built man. He was sired by Urobach who chose what forms he could take. Like his sire he is a visionary and a master in the arts of love and friendship.
  • Esteemed Dragons:
    These are dragons, weredragons, and dragon shapeshifters with generations of two or higher. They are in the same order as esteemed acolytes and there are many of them
  • Agmemmon: Shadow Dragon
  • Rithsvah: Hell Raptor
  • Se'irim - Goat Demons:
    These demons are never sired; they are created, and are completely loyal to their maker with only a 5% chance of turning against them if they are severely abused or exploited. They are guards and guardians, but can be as intelligent as any other sentient being.
  • Saphkar: The oldest of the abyss goat demons
  • Eogreph: the oldest of the red goat demons

    18th Order - Acolyte Minions:
    These ranks are demons sired out of immortal sentients
  • Saeed Kassim - advocate of Sammael, King of Inaaksu
  • *Kano Mortara: Out of Scream Hammer, 3rd Gen. Demonic Werewolf
  • *Celeste: 3rd Gen Demon Vampire out of Tiber and Scream Hammer.
  • *Dennis Fearam: Alias Snake, 2nd gen. shadowflame demon sired out of a lycanthrope tiger
  • 19th Order - The Semet:
    These are a mixed race of demonic, vampiric and fallen blood that may ascend into Deluvians in the course of time
  • Twins Aiden and Fiona: daughters of Mascen and Celeste
  • 20th Order - Clanless Acolytes:
    Clanless Demons are those who have clan status while Gen. and race is unclear.
  • Mortiara

    21st Order - Born Djinn:
    Generations are under the parent of highest gen.
  • Yabbashael-2nd Gen.

    22nd Order - True Born Vampires:
  • *Rhiannon Decasey: 2nd Gen. Astraeus born of Byron and Lena.
  • *Tiberious Decasey: Dervish Astraeus Vampire and Overlord of the True Born Vampires and their Sired Generations.
  • Amelia: Chronomoarte 2nd gen., born of Beornagh and Selena
  • Navarra: Romani/Avari true born-2nd Gen. born of Raif
  • Cavan: Shiv Morta 2nd Gen. born of Siv and Senen
  • Demascus: Romani/Astraeus/Angel Abominate
  • Djivan and Ansted: twins, 2nd gen. true born Astraeus out of Valis and Maria
  • Twins Aiden and Fiona: Dervish Vampires, 3rd Gen. Astraeus out of Mascen and Celeste.
  • *Ramses: 3rd Gen. Nephremkhet Anubian
  • *Terrence/Kassal/Rommuri: 7th Gen.out of Namwroth (Leon) Userkaf Anubian
  • The Mog Trueborn of Byron: Azturel, Fioren, Aari, Morgriff, Urruti, Logaire, Serxal, Saashira (NPC)
  • The Trueborn of Saffiel: Victor (Mog), Samal and Kiiamisu (Byron)

  • Note: Ascension of Generation over one parent occurs if Born out of Primogen Blood. True Born always born under Gen. of Highest Generation Parent.

    23rd Order - The Warlords:
    Monsters and Creatures within Acheron Army
  • *Trent Doom'knight: Dragonian First Knight of Acheron's Armies.
  • *Mordenta: 1st Gen. Morgrue and General of Acheron's army
  • Traylock: 2nd Gen. Morgrue, captain of Acheron's Demon Army.
  • 24th Order - Sired Vampires:
    Acheron Clan Vampires In order of Generation the vampiric dynasty born out of Lucifer.
  • *Vaeren: 2nd Gen. Elwion Astraeus, sired of Valis.
  • *Victor Greed: 2nd Gen. Astraeus out of Valis.
  • Visceral Greed: 3rd Gen. Astraeus out of Victor
  • *Maria: 2nd Gen. Astraeus out of Valis
  • *Robert Lyons: 3rd Gen. Astraeus Rhia
  • *Octavian Caerellius: Seth, Marcus, 2nd gen. Astraeus.
  • *Maximus: 2nd Gen Thinnease Noct'maire sired of Aurelius
  • *Matthew Marcus: 3rd gen Noct'maire sired of Maximus
  • *Kelly O'Brian: 4th gen Noctmaire, sired of Matthew
  • *Senen MacKennagh: 2nd Gen. Shive Morta, sired of Siv
  • *Celeste Kilcanoragh: First Split occurs here-3rd Gen. Astraeus, sired of Tiber
  • *Lavoy Garceaux: Black Lion Vampire
  • *Servius Memmius Faustus: Faust, Black Lion

  • Anubian Clan Vampires: In order of Generation. The vampiric dynasties of Userkaf born out of Anubus. See Anubian Page for key Generations and years Sired.
  • *Namwroth: Leon, 4th Gen. Kentkaus
  • *Kassal: Terrence, Rommuri, 5th gen Kentkaus
  • *Dal Mensha: 5th gen. kentkaus
  • *Enya: 6th Gen. Kentkaus
  • *Denoir: 4tg Gen. Mondego
  • *Liam: 5th Gen. Mondego
  • Mia: 5th Gen. Mondego
  • *Valaeros: 3rd Gen Vulcan
  • *Vassel: 4th gen. Vulcan
  • *Louis Marselle: 4th Gen. Vulcan
  • *Valiant: 4th Gen. Vulcan
  • Golgarn: 4th Gen. Vulcan
  • *Rzhar: 3rd Gen. Vulcan
  • Loreth: 4th Gen. Vulcan
  • Morlinette Deleroche: 5th gen. Marseilles

  • Note: Clan Rogues are those who have no clan connections or gen.

    25th Order - Clan:
    This includes all living and undead Lucifer creates without rank to Acheron but who hold order through loyalty. Including The Dark Star Clans. Some attain high status of protection and respect in Acheron equal to the Satus Elites.
  • *Mascen: Dark Star Angelican- 2nd gen. born of Lucifer's Blood, Shapeshifter, High Status clan member in this order.
  • Selena: Sephiroth Angel, Good Status
  • Mellisseant: Dark Star Elven Angelican, Dragonian, 2nd Gen.
  • Rafael Hadrian: Fallen Angel, Vitaen Lich, High Standing
  • 26th Order - High Spirits:
    Powerful spirits, including wraiths, phantoms, and elemental spirits which the elites of Acheron can call on at will.
  • Gothhelm: powerful wraith residing over a tomb in the Lonely Mountains Caverns
  • Ishkmhar: lord and most powerful of the lonely ones, arch spirit of loneliless. Lonely Ones, or Arishmahar are the spirits of the miserably lonely. These spirits can be very bitter, envious and vindictive, or intensely empathetic, even dangerously so. These spirits infest a body in a sort of parasitic possession, sharing control of the body with their host. They tend to choose hosts who are in love or surrounded by friends and family, often because they want their host to feel as lonely and miserable as they do. Or...more rarely, they wish to shed the terrible loneliness in themselves by experiencing love and friendship through another. Sadly their own will takes over eventually and they fill their host, no matter how loved, with the most miserable sense of loneliness, no matter how many people they are surrounded. Arishmahar cannot be sensed, but they leave a small mark (a rose shaped nevus like a birthmark) somewhere inconspicuous on their host.
  • Sayagu: (sie-ah-goo) one of the Arishmahar, its name means bitter spirit.
  • Emmemek: a powerful morgul phantom that can take the form of any four-legged animal, an immense (sentient) mammoth in viable form. God of Emynsayun, the Kingdom of Beasts in the spectral realm.
  • Dorumeg: Morgul queen of Nazadun, the dark forest kingdom which borders the deal realm and the shadow realm.
  • 27th Order - Allies of Acheron:
  • Guardian Knights: Leader Beorn Haelord
  • Fellowship of the Unicorn: Leader O'Braugh Connemara.
  • Dragon Knights: Leader Aurelius Ambrosious.
  • Knights of the Phoenix: Leader Mascen
  • Hadrian's Knights: Leader Rafael Hadrian.
  • *Solbaid, Eremon: Black Horn Lich-Demon, a fomor demon of Annwn
  • 28th Order - The Underlings:
    Monsters, Spirits, and Creatures within Acheron's Army under the Warlords and other servents and Familiars of Acheron created for Lucifer's purposes.
  • MANY
  • None Played
  • 29th Order - Majestic Slaves:
    These slaves are treated with Clan respect and earned title and freewalking with loyal service.
  • *Sapphire Amaragh
  • *Joshua Nordantor
  • *Eshion TarAndor
  • 30th Order - Rogues:
    Rogues are demons, devils, angels, or vampires who broke ties with Acheron without consent. They have no rank in Acheron and are often hunted by other members of Acheron.
  • Levae
  • 31st Order - Prisoners of the Inferno:
    Anyone worth keeping prisoner is shown respect (when not being tortured) and considered for being claimed. Acheron keeps no prisoners unless they have potential.

    32nd Order - Honored Slaves:
  • Topaz Rashar
  • Onyx Milano
  • Moira
  • Ruby
  • *Solstice.
  • 33rd Order - Respected Slaves:
  • Michaerone
  • Eve
  • Lana
  • *Rachael.
  • 34th Order - Menial Slaves:
  • Countless
  • None Played
  • 35th Order - Followers:
    Adherents to Lucifer often targeted for soul Collection and Induction into Acheron's Clan on or before their deaths, including members of the Church of Lucifer, Disciples of Chaos, Blood Mage Order of Kahir, Pentacle of Thrones.

    36th Order - The Purgators:
    Spirits (or rarely the living) condemned to eternal purgatory in The Wastes or cavern of souls in Acheron. Those few living who find themselves in these places waste away and die as do their spirits over time.

    Played Characters are marked by asterisks. All others are NPCs that are available to be picked up on request as PCs, with GM approval, after a trial period.