Standards and Practices of Acheron

Standards of Acheron

As Written in the Book of the Six Seals

Current Monarch
Lucifer, aka The Morning Star, aka Eos, aka Morbius... ...

1. Law of Clan
Whomsoever holds the highest rank over their clan, be it a patriarch, matriarch, prince, princess, elder or regent, has full authority over their clan, by birthright and by blood.  Those sired become clan by blood whereof birthright no longer holds sway.  He or she with clan authority has the right to govern their clan as they see fit, with full entitlement to all clan members.

2. Law of the Mark
Any whom are unmarked by their sire or a Lord of Acheron are counted as free men and women.  Those who accept and receive the mark of bondage and possession become the sole ward and possession of the mark's creator, and none other can lay claim to those marked so long as they live.  None who are not willingly bonded can receive this mark of possession, the mark of flesh, blood, soul and mind, for the mark of possession shall not manifest within or upon unwilling parties.

3. Law of the Seal
This law refers to the 'Seal of Acheron' which is Acheron, aka, the Morning Star's mark of possession. All whom have accepted this mark are bound for eternity to the Morning Star and to Acheron, and are under his protection and authority. All bound by his mark can be located by HIM at all times and cannot refuse HIS will if HE compells HIS will be done. If Unbound from HIS mark by death, the Morning Star has the right to reclaim all who embraced this mark under the 'Law of Pacts' as cited in 'Standards; paragraph 11. The one unbound can refuse being 're-marked', however, the Morning Star maintains the authority at his discretion to punish the unbonded for the breaking of a pact. Once one has consented to be marked by the Morning Star, their consent cannot be wavered and they SHALL be marked. Once sealed with his mark, one cannot change their minds. This mark remains until the one marked, body, mind, spirit, memory and heart, no longer IS.

4. Law of Blood
Those whom are sired cease to be clan by birthright and adapt the heritage and clanship of their sire.  Sires have full authority and claim over those whom they sire, and must adhere to the heirarchy of their clan to obey the eldest generation of their clan.

5. Law of Freewill
Any Acheronian whom accepts and receives the Mark of Free Will from Acheron's ruling Monarch cannot be claimed by another, and has the right to choose their own paths, under their own authority, so long as they live or as long as the mark of freewill remains.  Only the Monarch of Acheron can BESTOW or REMOVE this mark, which releases the subject from all ties with Acheron, its residents, and its lords until the mark of freewill is destroyed to restore the former mark of Acheron and all its ties.

Anyone born of a hellion who has NOT been sired or marked is free to choose their own paths, under their own authority, so long as they are not sired, enslaved or marked. This does NOT include 'rebirths'.

No one who does not freely give themselves to Acheron can be claimed by Acheron or marked by Acheron's Monarch as a ward of Acheron. Once consent IS given however, there is no going back.

6. Law of Domain
Any whom go willingly to the estate or territory of another falls under the jurisdiction, laws, and edicts of the highest authority of that territory. One whom trespasses upon a territory gives up all liberties and is subject to the laws of the territory they are in.  Any whom are invited into a territory must be treated as guests and not as an enemy or captive.  Any whom enter a lair or haven without invitation place themselves completely at the mercy of the Lord whose property they have trespassed upon.

7. Law of Authority
Birthright over acquaintence, Blood over Birthright, Domain over Blood,  Mark over Domain, Mark of Free Will over Mark of Possession, Monarch of Acheron over all else.

8. Law of the Throne
So long as the Monarch of Acheron is fit to rule in mind, so shall he or she rule until final death.  If, howsoever, Acheron's Monarch is absent from Acheron with no Steward, for a duration of one hundred years, shall they be supplanted with a Monarch chosen by his peers, the high senate of Acheron.  Furthermore; If Acheron's Monarch is absent from Acheron for a duration three-thousand years, despite leaving a Steward to rule in their place, shall they be supplanted with a Monarch chosen by his peers, the high senate of Acheron.

If the throne is challenged, the Monarch must either give up the throne to a new Monarch, chosen by the senate, or face all contenders to the throne in a public contest of skill, wits, and strength. The throne can only be challenged once under one Monarch.

9. Law of Monarchy
The Monarch of Acheron is the law, but must never stand above the Standards of Acheron as set down by the Morning Star, for to do so is to lose the respect of one's peers and risk dissension.  These principles have made Acheron strong and kept order for ages beyond measure.  The Monarch and the Standards of Acheron must be obeyed and honored by all residents and lords of Acheron.

10. Law of Heirachy

  • All residents of Acheron, Lord and vassal alike, must adhere to and respect Acheron's heirarchal rule and Social Ranks.
  • Each Prince rules over an Order and one or more Overlords in Acheron under the laws and principles of Acheron's Standards and Practices (SaP).
  • Each Overlord rules over a domain within Acheron under its laws and Acheron's SaP. All whom reside in an Overlord's region are answerable to their Overlord.
  • Every vassal serves an Overlord or Prince of Acheron under their laws and Acheron's SaP. 
  • All boundaries must be respected, and all Lords are answerable to the Monarch of Acheron.
  • There are 36 orders in Acheron.
  • All Princes are answerable to the Monarch and to the Princes of the orders above them, unless a Social Rank ordained by the Monarch decrees otherwise.
  • All Social Ranks must be observed as independant of heirarchal orders.  If one of a lower order becomes Prince of a higher, or lower order, that Social rank stands as granted by the Monarch.  This ensures an equal opportunity for power, respect and standing in Acheron.
  • Each vassal, slave or subject serving an Overlord is answerable to their Overlord.
  • Each vassal, slave or subject serving a Prince is answerable to their Prince
  • All Princes, Overlords, Vassals, Slaves and Subjects are answerable to Acheron's Monarch.

  • 11. Law of Pacts
    All pacts and oaths must be honored as agreed upon.  To break a pact or oath is the highest dishonor and can result in a penalty of death.

    12. Law of Treason
    Treason, as defined by any betrayal being perpetrated against Acheron's monarch or a Lord of Acheron, via an oath of loyalty, trust or alliance being shattered by mark of treachery, betrayal, conspiracy, or attack, will in no way be tolerated in Acheron and shall be repaid with pain and death of the highest degree.  Only if a trust is first betrayed by a Monarch or Lord, may the offender be pardoned for acts of treason.

    13. Immaculate Law of Souls
    None who does not offer their soul to Acheron can be held in Acheron against their will for longer than a duration of one year, Acheron time. Only those who have acted in a hostile or blatently disrespectful manner towards an elite or sovereign of Acheron can be forceably placed in Acheron or one of its prisons.

    14. Statute of Purgatory
    No being, which does not offer their soul freely to Acheron, or by mark of their mortal sins condemn themselves to Acheron, as judged by the Prince and those he assigns as Judges, can be held in Acheron as Purgators for longer than one Acheron year.  Any who offer their soul to Acheron, or unto the ruling Prince of Acheron, or unto an Overlord of Acheron, becomes a subject of Acheron and is thereby subject to being named a Purgator as Acheron's prince rules. All souls offered unto Acheron or its Prince or its Overlords, become Purgators when the soul leaves the body.  

    15. Conflicts of Interest
    Acheron's Monarch, or any Judge he assigns, shall resolve all conflicts not declared under the statutes of Acheron's SaP which are brought to their attention or which draws their attention, whereby those involved must obey the Monarch and or his Judge's determinations.  All sides shall be heard and no bias or favoritism shall be shown.  All decisions made to resolve all conflicts of interest shall be made based on what is best for Acheron, its residents, and all persons involved in said Conflict.

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  • Practices of Acheron

    As Written in the Book of the Six Seals

    1. Addressing the Monarch:  Refer to Acheron's supreme ruler as Monarch, your Sovereign, Imperator, Emperor, your Leige, Heir Provus, Mordanta, Domeyl or when addressing the Morning Star, Eos.

    2. Mark of Souls: Any soul bearing this mark belongs to the Prince of Acheron, and is thereby protected against destruction else the Prince of Acheron remove this mark and destroy the soul which was divested of this mark.  Any soul bearing this mark, and the creature it inhabits cannot be concealed from the Prince of Acheron, and cannot defy the will of Acheron's Prince if the Prince's will is imposed upon the marked soul and the body it inhabits. Any soul bearing this mark can be summoned at any time by the Prince of Acheron.

    3. Right of Access:  Certain areas in Acheron may only be accessed if granted Right of Access, such as Lairs, Palaces, Shrines, Temples, Private Chambers, and Keeps.  Right of Access to important and restricted areas are accompanied either by small brands or flesh carved marks on the shoulders, arms, and back. Without these marks, anyone entering any of these areas is at risk of immediate disposal.  Some marks permit unrestricted access to all areas.

    4. Right of Passage:  Some Lords and servants of Acheron are granted Right of Passage from the Monarch of Acheron, and thus may come and go from Acheron, from any area they have been granted right of access to.  None can enter Acheron, or come and go from Acheron, who does not have right of passage, as granted by Acheron's Monarch or Princes. Acheron's wards prevent it.

    5. Purgators: All souls, creatures, and beings immured in Acheron as captives are purgators.  None who are a purgator, i.e. captive subject, of Acheron can leave Acheron else they are granted right of passage by Acheron's Prince, or unless Acheron has no claim to their soul.  The wards prevent Acheron's Purgators from ever leaving Acheron unless Right of Passage, freedom, or a Mark of Free Will is granted to the Purgator by Acheron's ruling Prince.

    6. Mark of Free Will:  this mark grants the one marked freedom from all ties from Acheron by the grace of Acheron's Prince.  This mark can only be received from Acheron's prince and be removed by Acheron's Prince.  One bearing this mark can only enter Acheron if granted Right of Passage by the Prince.

    7. Right of Admittance: all who are embraced by Acheron as anything other than a purgator, and whom embrace Acheron, must undergo a trial to prove their strength and ability to withstand their duties.

    8. Right of Social Rank: all in Acheron must earn all Social Ranks which separate them from the general ranks of order.  Like right of admittance, all candidates who aspire to gain rank in Acheron must undergo anonymous trials designated by the Monarch which prove a candidate well prepared to assume a rank.

    9. Show Respect

  • Always kneel and bow to your Monarch, Princes and your betters. Remain kneeled until told to stand at ease.

  • Never speak familiar to your betters unless they insist upon it.  Always refer to your betters by their proper title.  If their title is unknown to you, ask what it is.

  • Always obey your Prince and Overlord or suffer the consequences of defiance.

  • Never enter a lair or haven unless invited or given leave to enter.

  • If uncertain of another's title, bow respectfully, introduce yourself, and ask for their title.  If their rank is lower than your own, you may then stand and expect them to bow to you.

  • Emotion is not always a weakness, but displaying it publically or before your peers is.  Maintain discretion with your emotions at all times or risk losing the respect of your peers, and risk demotion.

  • If in doubt about something, ask, do not assume.

  • 10. Rites of Summoning: In order for a demon, devil or spirit of Acheron to be summoned, six things are required: Summoner must;

    1-  know the demon's seal (a seal drawn on the floor or ground to which the demon is summoned)
    2-  know the demon's true name and summon the demon to its seal by that name as the ritual is performed.
    3-  know the correct ritual for summoming (what elements are used, how to place them, or sacrifices if any are required as part of that ritual)
    4-  offer the correct tribute
    5-  speak clearly when summoning a demon and making requests
    6-  ask for nothing which cannot be granted; No invoker can request the death of a demon and ANY demand which requires a time limit must be established within a duration not exceeding one thousand years.
  • Summoned Demons are at full power when summoned.
  • No seal, not even the six seals of Acheron, or a magical barrier can hold a summoned demon in or block them while they are answering a summons and undertaking a summoner's demand.
  • The only protection against a summoned demon is an unbroken salt barrier, or to capture a demon in a banishment or entrapping seal, which the demon must step into.
  • Summoned Demons waste no time in obeying the demands of the summoner.
  • If a Demon is incorrectly summoned, the demon is unleashed and will harm, curse, torture or kill the summoner, unless it accepts a request for its own agendas.
  • If a Demon is incorrectly summoned with no part of rites done correctly, the demon is not even aware it was summoned. Nothing happens.
  • Summoned Demons return to the place they were summoned from once their deed is done
  • Summoned Demons cannot attack an invoker for the act of summoning them, UNLESS:
    ..... the ritual was done incorrectly
    ..... the same demon is summoned more than twice.
    ..... if summoned three or more times, a demon must fullfil the request if ritual was done correctly, but once that task is done, the demon can attack the invoker if they choose to. Some demons resent being summoned.

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  • Practices of the Morning Star

    As Written in the Book of Eos

    1. Chief Law of Acheron:  all whom rule in Acheron must never  violate these creeds, or shall pay the ultimate price of their act against universal balance.

    2. The Six Seals of Acheron:

    The Monarch of Acheron and the Highest of Haman beneath Yajmha, alone may lock and unlock these seals.  The 1st Seal of Acheron must always remain locked, as is the judgment of Yajmha as agreed upon by The Morning Star.  To unlock the first seal is to unleash Hell.  The Monarch of Acheron may at discretion of his own judgment, recall any or all whom are tied to Acheron, and lock any one or all of the six great seals of Acheron to shut in Acheron's residents, high and low, whereby none can leave Acheron, else the fifth seal, the spirit seal, which is the seal of soul, has not been shut, whereby one may come and go by the spirit, and then only if the Spirit Seal is not locked.

    Power of each Seal: 80 d6

    The Six Keys of Acheron:  Each key is summoned by a word of power and used with a specific rite which activates each seal and locks it, and in reverse unlocks it.

    1st Seal: Sanctuary Seal: when this seal is locked, none who are not of Acheron may enter into Acheron, and none may come and go from Acheron who have not the right of passage marked upon their person.  This lock prevents purgators from ever leaving Acheron.  When this seal is unlocked, all, including the purgators, may come and go from Acheron as they please. Rite of the five prime elements: earth, fire, water, air, and shadow protect us; key must make contact with each natural element.
    2nd Seal: The Seal of Power: when this seal is locked, all whom are of great power, all purgators, and all power within Acheron, or of Acheron, is contained within Acheron. One subject at a time can however be released through this seal with a word of power which Acheron's prince alone should know. The Prince can alter this word at any time. Rite of the Eternal Flame: the flame of chaos protect us; key must make contact with the eternal flame.
    3rd Seal: Seal of Judges: when locked, this seal prevents anyone from physically leaving Acheron. Any spirit, soul or projection which passes beyond Acheron while this seal is locked can only assume the strengths and vitality of the creature they possess, or remain as a spirit.  All physical prowess is restored if and when spirit returns to its body. Rite of Flesh: blood, bone, and flesh protect us; key must be rubbed with blood, bone powder, and be wrapped in flesh.
    4th Seal:  Seal of the Mind:  when sealed, this lock prevents mental projection in or out of Acheron, thus halting telepathic communcation and remote mental projection between Acheron and other kingdoms and vice versa. Rite of Intellect: acumen, imagination and wisdom protect us.  Key must be rubbed with brains.
    5th Seal:  Spirit Seal: when locked, this seal prevents Acheron's residents from leaving Acheron by spirit.  None shall spirit away from Acheron so long as this seal remains locked. Rite of the Spirit: the heart and spirit guide my hand; key must be touched by a spirit.
    6th Seal: Infernal Seal:  None within Acheron can leave by any means when this seal with all other seals is locked.  None outside of Acheron can enter it by any means when this seal with all other seals is locked.  This seal blocks Acheron from all other planes, times, and dimensions.  Rite of Sequestration: isolation, separatism and independance protect us all; key must be removed from the key ring of the six keys and locked in a box where it must remain unseen and untouched for thirty hours before it can be used to unlock the seal.  If this key has been seen or touched in that thirty hours and then used to unlock the seal, there is a chance (50%) all seals will be unlocked.  This seal must then be locked properly before any other seal can be locked again.

    3. Judgment of the Flame:  All whom have achieved Right of Passage, whom demand release to an upper plane, during an interim in which Acheron's seal is locked, must be granted the option to face the Judgment of the Flame as a means of release, whereby the flame shall alter plaintiff according to its judgment (as GM calls).

    4. Temple of the Flame:  None but the Monarch, his Arch Master of Ceremonies, and those escorted by them to the temple, may enter the temple of the Eternal Flame and tap the flame's powers.  All others risk vaporization by the flame.  The flame is a vast sentient power formed of all known and unknown elements throughout the multiverse which when combined form a massive star.  The light and power of this star have been captured (via a mutual allience) and focused in the alter of the flame, where it burns as an omnipotent, everlasting blue flame.  Its key element is chaos.  Its power of creation, destruction, quantum energy, and transformation is great, and its will, judgment and intelligence is an extension of the Morning Star.  The Eternal Flame powers Acheron's wards.  If the flame is touched and survived, it may impart special powers, including the Dark Flame, which is a flame through which elements and forces of chaos can be focused and channeled.  If abused, this power can devour the one who exploits it unwisely.

    5. The Inner Circle: the Inner Circle is a circle of trust in Acheron, which is entered through trial, ordeal, undivided loyalty, and service to Acheron's Monarch.  One may gain privileges by being accepted into this circle of trust, including ascension into higher forms, unique powers and feats,and greater liberties, including the Mark of Free Will.  Trust is the key word here.  Worthiness is also a factor.  Those who become part of Acheron's inner circle, are given the knowledge to command Acheron's Inner Sanctum, a path of great responsibility which it is an honor to control if one is not born to this path as the Khorumal bearing Lucifer's mark are.

    6. Sundering the Mark: Three are the ways to break all bond with Acheron. Once a soul has given itself unto Acheron, never but by one of these three extraordinary means can one free themselves of Acheron's mark and be free of all ties to Acheron.

  • One; Destroy Acheron, NOT a good option, unless you wanted to see everything IN Acheron unleashed on the inhabited worlds.
  • Two; Ascend INTO Haman, which required a LOT of virtue and TONS of good deed doing, would break all bonds to Acheron.
  • Three; convince Acheron itself, not its proxies, to cut all bonds with it. Much as almost no one even KNEW what Acheron actually was or so much as knew what it looked like or had ever even SEEN it, or even knew how to contact it other than going through the Morning Star, this was incredibly unlikely to take place.

  • 7. Pending: