Acheron's 5th Circle

Area Key

NOTE: All circles include The Lost Caverns
1st Circle: The Gauntlet
2nd Circle: Corridors of the Dead, The Warrens
3rd Circle: Path of Souls, Arcador (the city of vampires)
4th Circle: Dreamland Shrine, Temple of Dragons

5th Circle: City of Angels, The Sprawl, Chasm of Judgment
6th Circle: The Stronghold, River of Souls, Pit of Acheron, Cavern of Souls
7th Circle: Capital City, Path of Fire, Oubliette
8th Circle: Shrine of Fire, City of Demons, Shrine of Chaos, Haunted Mine, Lake of Fire
9th Circle: The Deadly Warrens, The Great Abyss

5th Circle

The City of Angels:
This is a city of dark, brooding, and yet elegant fortress towers. Gothic might be the best way to describe the tower keeps the fallen reside in. It is here that most of the fallen angels and devils reside. The fallen death angel Azriel is the ruling regent here. The Beqidum (bA-kE-dUm), better known as the Formless Ones, reside in Acheron's Pit. The Beqidum are angels without physical forms.

The Sprawl:
There are four districts in the Sprawl; The Gangland, Ghetto, Nobles, and Syndicate or Mob districts.

The Sprawl, or Hell's Metropolis is a huge, high rise, high tech, post-modern, but dark, walled in city. The sprawl's perimeter walls are thirty feet high and ten feet deep. The city sits on a plane-like island over the abyss, supported by a massive pillar with only the abyss below the city. The pillar is attached to a stone arch which bridges the abyss. The land mass inside of the sprawl's perimeter wall is 50 miles across give or take in diameter. There is a large lake at the center of the Sprawl called Black Mirror Lake, named after exactly what it looks like. Some areas of the lake are clean enough to swim in but not all. The lake water is filtered and supplies the city with water. The source which replenishes it is unknown. There is no natural light source in the sprawl, only street and fire lights. Special street lamps and lights keep plants, including trees, few though they are, alive. The lights of the city are the only star lights in the sprawl.

The Chasm of Judgment:
This immensely deep chasm retains souls in purgatory until they are judged and sorted.

Lost Caverns of the 5th Circle:
Vast caverns where only monsters, spirits, and solitaries dwell.