General Information

Character created on Feb. 9th, 1992

Name: Byron Decasey (proxy) Astraeus (deity)
Screen Name: JDwqGM
Age: By Appearance; 32, True Age; 16,673, Possible due to Time Striding and living in each time line for hundreds or thousands of years.
Year Sired: AD 154 ET
Year of Birth: AD 109 ET
Race: Ascended Deific Astraeus Vampire - 1st Generation
Path: Guardian of Powers
Class: (as proxy) Battlemage (as Ethereal) Guardian Overseer
Nature: Best described as a noble savage. Honorable, Proud, Dominant, Great Self-Control (unless drunk), generally very subdued more recently, and neutral minded, his actions swift nevertheless when his wrath is aroused.
Demeanor: Charming, Self-possessed, Charismatic when he wishes to be, Proud. Enigmatic, calm, patient unless angered.
Reknown: Once heroic, he had become more Obscure as a proxy and ethereal much as deityhood is new to him.
Occupation: Vintner, Horse Breeder, Diamond, Gems, Arms and Arcane Items Dealer. Inn, tavern, stable, academy shop Owner.
Kingdoms: Planar Kingdom of Seumires (soo-meer-eez)-- the shadow kingdom of Seumir, the Central Planes Kingdom, of An Morendor which includes the Central Planes, the Drylands west of the Great Eastern River, and Hunters' Forest south to the northern end (called Northbend) of Demon Horn Lake.

Seumires emulates Seumir in every detail but one... it is always night in Seumires.

A gateway leads between this mirror kingdom and its material counterpart, accessible to anyone who discovers its location in the Chateau's rose garden in the western courtyard grounds of both kingdoms.

Another very notable difference in Seumires is how barren of inhabitants it is as a new kingdom. Over time the spirits of dead vampires and other twice lived and died kinds will be drawn to Seumires, and those Byron knows and trusts in Morendor will visit his shadow realm at will. His planeswalker guardian Nicodemus is still ever at his side both proxy and ethereal, having created a planar double of his own to serve Byron Prime who goes now by the name Astraeus.
Resources: Count Decasey is the SOLE owner of Chateau Rouge De Lune-(Red Moon Chateau}, its stables and vinyard, and has been for over 2400 years. (Since 1992 real time). He also owns the Redlion Inn, the Haunted Tavern, the Stables and the three academies in Serhaubren. He owns businesses in Castleguard as well and owns a 30% share in the Lake of Shadows. He recently opened an icecream shop in Hassim which Saeed owns half of. Very Wealthy, the property he purchased from his Lord in An Morendor stretches around his Chateau as far as the eye can see. Though he abdicated his throne to his son Armand, he still owns the chateau and the property that forms the district of Traegellen, and castle Redlion with the property of Southshire in Seumir. It is between the chateau and castle his corporeal proxy resides. He also owns businesses across the map.

Year Wed to Lena: 1160-ET, 3134-Age of the Wauru-MT
Year Arrived in the Shadowlands: 3850-Age of Nasguol-MT
Year Wed to Saffiel: 2064-ET, 652-Age of the Tarnath-MT

Kingdom Maps: Serhaubren and Seumir

Appearance: Human Appearance - Height 6'6. Weight 260. Hair: Flaxen. Eyes: Wraught Iron, a steelish blue green that looks black. Handsome facial features, body well built. His hair is long at times, and at others shoulder length.



Once Faithful Husband to his most beloved Lena, his terrible enemy Mog took his heart and his wife from him, only to give him another, Princess Saffiel of Hassim, whom he married, thinking Lena was dead. Byron and Lena had suffered through many ordeals and remained faithfully devoted to one another, until at last Mog divided them. If ever two immortals had an undying love for one another, it was Byron and Lena, but her death was too real in his heart for him to risk again. Lena was and shall always be his greatest weakness and his greatest strength. Of her he spoke, "She is my only light in the darkness, without her I dwell in the depths of my own Hell." Happily married for 845 years, divorce finally came with her return from death as he and Saffiel had already wed by the will of his enemy, yet Byron had come to love Saffiel deeply, to find in himself a new light despite the terrible darkness which had brought them together. To have lived and loved two women so completely was almost more than his heart could bear. Life should have held NO meaning after Lena was gone, and but for the will of Mog, and the love of Saffiel who he had given him the ability to love, it would not have. Now the beauty, the goodness and the wonder that was Saffiel held his heart and soul delicately in her beating heart.

The first time he thought Lena lost to him he saw to it that in mortus torpor he lie, and did so for ten years, none able to wake him from that sleep of cold death, until Lena returned and with her love and faith woke him. The stars shone brightly in the night sky again through her eyes.

A dark cloud overshadowed the light that was her when the terrible Beqidum Mog possessed him and lay to ruin all which mattered most to him. For a time; He took her hope and faith away, made her believe the demons from his past had awakened in him, and the formless one drove her and the children she graced him with from him. For years he stood alone, a shipwreck on desolate shores which only Saffiel came to brighten.

Now, during the very crucial dawn of his ethereal ascension, Saffiel has vanished from his life. For all his incredible power, his omniscience as a seer, he cannot find her. He cannot sense her but for knowing she was alive, for had she perished he'd have absorbed her and felt it. And was she not powerful like him? Durable? No, she was definitely alive. And so he begins his journey as a Deific entity anguished. infuriated, frustrated and frought with despair. If not for the spark of hope kept alive in him by the knowledge that SHE was alive, he might have sunk into the shadow kingdom of his immortal quickening and never been seen again. But for her and his unwillingness to shame her by selfishly surrendering to his despair, he survives her loss and moves forward. He tries not to hope too hard for her return for he cannot bear the pain of such hope and the disappointment it brings with every passing hour. Yet however bravely he strives to endure; the effects on him as an Astraeus god fresh out of the primordial soup will surely be felt to shape him.

When Byron ascended; his corporeal and ethereal embodiments were split, creating a physical proxy form and ethereal deific form. While the proxy remained in the material plane of the middle kingdom in Seumir, his prime being sank into Seumires, the shadow realm of his deific birth, a dark mirror realm of Seumir.

The two planes and two kingdoms remained connected by a shadow gate in an isolated corner of the chateau's rose garden. The gate was hard to see, hidden away in a corner of the hedge maze garden of roses behind a large, ancient rose hedge. Its location was the same in both realms.

Byron in the physical was at the mercy of his own ethereal embodiment's will, and in time the two could evolve separate ids. Byron by proxy nevertheless would ever be subject to his deific soul. Thus began his new chapter in life as the vampire God of Powers whose continued service to Acheron was given of his own free will. The god Acheron had released him of his mark when he ascended. The lack of its presence was just another adaptation he had to make.


Clan Members

Decasey Astraeus Vampires

    Clan Patriarch and Matriarchs

    Byron Decasey: Primogen Patriarch, 1st Generation, alpha brother of Valis
    Saffiel Kassim: Matriarch, Princess of Hassim, 2nd generation, wife and Progeny of Byron
    Selenia, Lena: Matriarch, 2nd generation, ex-wife and Progeny of Byron
    Morianna Sirsia Corca, Anna: long lost first wife of Byron

    Trueborn of Byron and Anna

    Armand 'the Raven' Decasey: High Prince, 2nd generation, Trueborn son of Byron and Anna, Redlion Knight 4th at Arms and 1st Knight of Arcador.

    Trueborn of Byron and Lena

    Tiberious, Tiber: Prince Regent, 3rd generation Trueborn son of Byron and Lena
    Rhiannon, Rhia Regent, 2nd Generation true born daughter of Byron and Lena
    Shaithis: Marquis, 3rd Generation true born son of Lena, reincarnate of the enemy blood lich Valaeros

    Decasey Clan Progeny

    Celeste: Countess, 3rd Generation progeny of Tiber
    Robert Lions: Count, 3rd Generation progeny of Rhia
    Morrison (Riff) Massie: Clan Brother, 4th Generation progeny of Tiber
    Mark Templeton: Clan Brother, 5th Generation progeny of Massie
    Katherine (Kitty) Maynard: Clan sister, 6th Generation progeny of Mark
    Cole Burger: Clan Brother, 7th Generation progeny of Katherine
    Shane Taylor: Clan Brother, 8th Generation progeny of Cole
    Katalin (Kat) Conta: Clan Sister, 5th generation progeny of Massie
    Terranun Denveth: Clan Sister, 2nd Generation progeny of Byron out of Mog
    Michael Delaighny: 1st Generation, Nostraeus (vampire created of the Astraeus) Promethius of Byron.
    Saffiel Kassim: Clan Sister, 2nd Generation progeny of Byron
    Valkar Kassim: Clan Brother, 2nd Generation progeny of Byron

    The Trueborn of Mog

    Lorella Sovek: deceased daughter Byron (Mog)
    Azturel Tulmeth: 3rd generation Trueborn son Byron (Mog)
    Morgriff: 3rd generation Trueborn son of Byron (Mog)
    Urruti: 3rd generation Trueborn daughter out of Byron (Mog)
    Fioran Denari: 3rd generation Trueborn son out of Byron (Mog)
    Aari: 3rd generation Trueborn daughter out of Byron (Mog)
    Serxal Xevalea: 3rd Generation Trueborn son out of Byron (Mog)
    Saashira Bethamae: 3rd Generation Trueborn daughter out of Byron (Mog)
    Loghaire Tamrisel: 3rd Generation Trueborn son out of Byron (Mog)
    Imaru Tamrisel: 3rd Generation Trueborn son out of Byron (Mog)
    Isaalel Euveth: 3rd Generation Trueborn daughter out of Byron (Mog)
    Victor Kassim DeCasey: Dervish Astraeus trueborn son of Saffiel, 2nd Generation son of Mog
    The Unmet: included are Valkin, Suindrid, Hel, and Wobraed.

    Trueborn of Saffiel and Byron

    Kiiamisu Vhanya Decasey, Kim: 3rd generation Trueborn daughter out of Byron and Saffiel, twin of Samal
    Samal Amadantus Decasey, Sam: 3rd generation Trueborn son out of Byron and Saffiel, twin of Kiiam.
    Maxentius Arghyle Decasey, Max: 3rd generation Trueborn son out of Byron and Saffiel, younger brother of Samal and Kiiam.

*Alpha: 1st generation vampire created out of Acheron
Clan Photo Gallery

Extended Clan

Clanships, Blood Thralls, Servants, Residents, and Slaves

Valis Urik: Primogen Arch Patriarch, 1st Generation, *alpha brother of Byron
Sirrilus Octavian (Seth): Astraeus Prince, 2nd Generation, *beta brother of Byron and Valis
Nina Alvaro: chambermaid and clan ward
Nell McQuire: thrall companion
Delaila (Lilly) Sommerset: vampire servant
Solstice: elwion slave
Braegan Caldis: slave sired menial
Garvos: vampire guard
Dolrometh: vampire guard
Rhasef and Dregard: dragonkin demon brothers, guards


Officers of Seumir

The officers who serve Seumir's King. A king is only as good as those who serve him.

*Played Characters ......The rest are NPCs, pick up on request.

The Red Company

Captain Asaad (Shaamea)
*Traerson Denveth (Sephorai)
*Elah Denveth (Sephiroth)
Morgir (Darkscale, Euryalian dusky weredragon of doom, Prince of Doom, commands the Legion of Doom, still moonlights as a ranger)
Arthilus (namas battlemage)
Eames Beneth
Krynmhar (Vars) (Shadowlands Elf)
Estor (Anua demon kin)
Gaianna (goblin crossbreed - goblin/maelvanor)
Cassien (namas)
Romiru (Ariad Elf werewolf)
Demitri (Shadow Vampire)

The Redlion Knights

Captain: Celembror (netherelf)
1st Knight: Erykel (fomor)
2nd at arms: Keshri (morgul shadow wraith)
3rd at arms: Bizjori (red demon acolyte)
4th at arms: Armand (son of Byron)
5th at arms: Haezien (Astraeus progeny of Armand)
6th at arms: Gaerius (progeny of Keshri)
7th at arms: Rumaeol (sharr nephalim)
8th at arms: Setuwe (son of Rumaeol)
9th at arms: Ishaesa (water and ice elemental)
10th at arms: Affritis (earth and fire elemental)
11th at arms: Solus (shapeshifter)
12th at arms: Aafiz (malduzar)

City and Province Guards

Guards of Keystone, Captain Denessae (demon horn)
Guards of Serhaubren, Captain Vael (eagle's roost north)
Guards of Hartfordshire, Captain Ezhaarai (Ezaar) (central planes south)
Guards of Albiraath, Captain Morgrym (eagle's roost south)
Guards of Albaanshire, Captain Aezien (hunters forest south)
Guards of Talgeard, Captain Auduwer (Aud) (wine country, province of the Inn)
*Master at Arms: Mordechai Sirriliad (resident of Redmoon Inn)

City and Province Mages

Morgrumed, Geth, and Arwelyn of Keystone
Grymvel, Selonia, and Anyella of Serhaubren
Kardek, Semtagua, and Warfel of Hartfordshire
Halfwyd, Skarga, and Benyeth of Albiraath
Ulfwyd, Delgru, and Emuan of Albaanshire
Soleun, Effreketh, Tulvek, and Jaas of Traegellen and Talgeard
Mizeks, Ymadryk, and Elacosa of Southshire

Officers of the Realm

Armand Decasey (Crown Prince of Seumir, played)
Shaithis Decasey (prince regent of Seumir, throne of Serhaubren, played).
Byron Decasey (count of Traegellen, played)
Lady Dynai (countess of Talmidden)
Conleth Adarma (regent of Albaanshire)
Prince Morgriff Xevalea (prince of Keystone)
Commander Peracles Tulmeth (warden commander, Keystone)
Lord Memmon Hadrian (magistrate of Serhaubren)
Knight Captain Seffruel (Citadel Knights of Serhaubren)
Sheriff Fauksen (Keystone and Southshire)
Celandrael (Countess of Southshire)
Dom Emeryss (regent of Hartfordshire, dom of the necropolis pride)
Ardysiuss Eruwyr, Ardys (lord steward of Albaanshire, hunters forest south)
Aras (Royal Advisor of Seumir)