Lost Arcana

    The All Powers: Byron can call on any path by the runes infusing him to harness any combination of powers. Backlash if botched or if 0 aces are rolled, or if power fails. +3 d6 in proxy form, unlimited stamina in ethereal form. This path replaces all other powers and is much like quantum weaver in that it allows rune master to improvise commands and the powers those commands produce. Spell Books can still be used as Suspended powers.

    Harness Phase: the path or paths rune master harnesses, -1 AR, -1 stamina per path. Complex powers can take several turns to harness.
    Command Phase: the rune master tells the powers harnessed what to do, essentially programming those forces, -1 AR.
    Channel Phase: the rune master unleashes their power, roll dice at level channeled, +3 d6 in proxy form, or unlimited stamina in ethereal form, -1 willpower.
    Suspend: suspend the harnessed power with its commands to cast at a later time. Allows rune master to prepare powers ahead of time (create a spell book of improvised spells with AR cost, spend number of AR required to charge each power, -1 will, and spend stamina at level used to cast.)
    Recall: recall the power cast to reverse any effects. Can only be done during or the turn after the channeling phase. -1 will, -1 AR.
    Rune Scribe: share power or enchant by writing or scoring hard or soft runes on surfaces including but not limited to flesh, stone, metal, sand, soil, snow, paper etc.
    Embed Rune: infuses anything a rune is written on with the sigil and it's power making it irrevocably permanent.

Suspended Spell Books

    Each power in the spell books below come at an additional -1 AR cost per path to charge them. If three paths are harnessed the added cost is -3 AR for example.


Arcane Spell Book

Stamina 1 (1-3)
Cause Fatigue - Causes lapse of extreme fatigue, -1 Stamina per success.
Necromancer's Lock - Locks a chest, door, book with a dark lock which causes extreme pain and damage as long as unauthorized person attempts to open locked object and is within a 10 foot radius of protected item or door.
Deathly Silence - Fill an area with absolute silence.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Conceal Magic - Hides spell from detection.
Healing Grave - Heals serious wounds.
Dampening Shield - Weakens any attack that damages by power of roll.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Invigorate - Returns Stamina and strength to someone who is weak or fatigued, +1 per success.
Vampiric touch - touch causes -3 life.
Necromantic Seal - Seals Necromantic spell against Dispelling, Disenchantments, etc. requires correct spell of higher level mage +2 to break magic Seal.
Mark of Mage - Seals spell against detection and identification with necromancer's mark of power.
Speak to the Dead - speak to souls and spirits.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Contagion - Summon select disease to target
Shatter Weave - Shatters spells, mage's seals and marks.
Soul Beckoning - Summons spirits and souls.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Mortis Decomposer - Inflicts someone with fatal withering disease.
Death Recall - Recalls the death of someone just passed away and restores them with 2 HP.
Enchant weapons and items - With known magic, effects are permanent.
Hold Undead - Holds vampires, zombies, wraiths etc. even in vapor or shadow form.
Dome of Silence - A barrier which allows no one outside of dome to hear what is being said by those the dome surrounds.
Deathly Majesty - Command and summon souls, spirits, wraiths, and the undead at level 13-15 +1 per ace.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Animate Dead - Bring Corpses to life to command at level 16-18, +1 per ace.
Gate commands - Allows for gate creation on the fly or creation of fixed Gates and warding commands over gates.
Black mantle - Cloaking spell which resists TRUE sight or powers that pierce cloaks.
Necromantic Sphere of Force - An orbic shield which drains life from anyone who contacts shield or who attempts to infiltrate it. if someone attempts to infiltrate shield a second time, they are struck with a rapid decomposition infliction, which will decompose them to ash.
Mortus Infliction - Rapid degeneration which results in death if infliction completes.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Cryptic Poison Spell - Antidote, ash of deadly nightshade, the cure itself unpleasant as it causes violent purging. Poison affects those who are immune to poisons, including immortals as poison is necromantic, 20% dmg every a day until Poison is cured by antidote. Caster can also specify antidote as they cast. Antidote can only be discovered by specific detection spells
Arrow Of Bone - Arrow can be fatal and causes extra damage against undead. 20% damage to mortals. 50% damage to undead.
Diabolic Summoning - Powerful creature or demon summoning power that is increased by 3 levels, which allows for command of creature summoned.
Force Shape change - Victim Shape shifts into commanded form
Morbid Tomb - Victim is plunged into a sealed, ancient tomb which infects them with necromantic withering. Victim degenerates over period of three days until death results. Anyone entering tomb is trapped and inflicted with decomposition as well.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Enchant Weapons - Using available power.
Heart Of Stone - Changes selected target's heart to a stone heart, true heart guarded within stone. Caster rendered great defensive abilities but hard to heal at -50% healing.
Protection against the Light - Protects against sunlight, holy powers, or forces being employed by angels or divine beings, +5% resistance per success.
Soul Capture - Captures soul in item or called area. if performed on a living creature a zombie is created.
Resurrection - Knowledge of Soul Beckoning and Capture, Corporeal Restoration restores body. Soul Command, Union of Flesh and Soul, Vital Flame and Raise and Awake the dead to resurrect a person.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Hold of Subservience - Brings target to their knees with head bowed in complete submission.
Life Siphon - Drain Life, Soul, and Essence. Drains -1 level, -1 strength, and -1 Stamina from target, -1 each per ace rolled. safely.
Dark Warding - Necromantic Selection for warding havens, areas, items and buildings.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
Prison of Obsidian - Encases target, or their soul (on death) in obsidian. They are preserved if captured alive.
Spell Reversal - Can alter alignment of spells or reverse them back on caster.
Crack of Doom Spell - Snuffs out the life force of several creatures, +1 target, +1 per ace as called.
Dark Creation - Powers of Necromantic and Dark Temple Spells; Commands; Factors; Improvised Casting (failure with failed chaos roll of 1 d6 roll of 1 fails); Recreation and Creation of Monsters, Flesh Crafting; Artifacts; and items Creation.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Arch Necromancer - Create death spells, curses, artifacts, magic items, improvise dark magic, create wards, monsters and creatures.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
God of the Dark Temple - Ascension into Lich, Demon, Devil, Vampiric Deity, and Angelican vampire only. Holistic creation and command of the Dark Temple's powers. Any Life and Death command can be invoked. Improved Ward Creation, Stable Weaves and unbreakable seals to any not exceeding their power with the knowledge of disabling powers selectively. Failure with more 1s than successes.
Resurrect Army - Does what it says. Massive aural wave blasts over an army like a gust of shadowy wind and restores corpses, then the bodies begin to glow as their souls plunge back into their bodies and vital flames are sparked, and with command, Raise the Fallen, the dead rise fully resurrected with 100 HP each. Caster is KOed for a day and requires a week of recuperation.



Arcane Spell Book

Stamina 1 (1-3)
Arcane Seal - Seals a Spell within an item or subject and protects against dispels, shatters, dissolves, disenchantments, disjoining, and detection, total MA roll = protection.
Feather Fall - catch something falling to let it down softly.
Focus - increases chance of critical hit or success by total roll = % chance of success.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Mental Commands - Spells can be cast w/o speaking.
Jinx - Causes someone to drop a weapon, fall down, or other minor called effects.
Air Hike - Jump 15 feet in the air and remained suspended for 1 turn.
Quicken Blade - One thrust becomes three rapid thrust, One swipe three, etc.
Detect Magic - Detect the presence of Magic.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Arcane Mark - Marks a spell with Magic user's signature to protect against detection and identification.
Arcane Proofing - Protects a spell, magic item, or select object against specified effects or threats. Roll for each Proof cast. Success Roll = Power of Proofing +MA level of caster.
Arcane Quickening - Spells cast faster.
Boomerang Effect - A dagger or sword when thrown hoops rapidly, able to hit a target multiple times, and comes back to wielder, +1 hit, +1 hit per ace, +1 HB per ace.
Guardian Gate - Weaves any gate power with a contingency to seize a person in a gate under called circumstances. User must have pre-existing gate power.
Disenchant - removes enchantments with a higher roll.
Detect Hidden Magic - Detect the presence of concealed Magic.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Soul Net - Captures Soul of the newly dead.
Holding Force - Arrests movement and ALL action.
Channeling Fork - Forks power to hit various called targets.
Resilient Sphere of Arrest - Encase creature/object in a resilient sphere of energy which resists physical and arcane infiltration.
Negation - Negates various powers as called.
Id Cloak - Protects against race, power, alignment, and presence being identified, and guards again sight, mental probe, visionary, divination and aural sight powers.
Shatter Spell - with a higher roll.
Scry Magic - Detect the presence of Magic, concealed magic, evaluate, and identify what kind of power is at work. Up to +1 called information on present magic per ace.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Ultimate Stony Grasp - very powerful and hard to break grasp.
Bypass Wall - Walk through walls
Wall of Force - Invincible wall of force, often used in warding rooms and buildings.
Proofing Factor - Proofs against various effects as called.
Arcane Factor- factor a spell with one called contingency which results when spell is cast.
Enduring sleep - Places target in deep, lasting sleep.
Seizure Gate - Seize someone in an arcane gate and transfer them to called destination.
Binding Contract - A written contract when signed is bound by its signature, and if terms are broken, punishment as called on contract occurs. Proofed against all manners of dispels, disenchantments, shatters, reversals, negations and anti-magic.
Shield of Negation- Any powers that hit shield are lowered by power of shield. Up to 5? radius per success.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Arcane Immunity - Saving throw bonus per success against spells.
Control Weather - Controls natural conditions of weather without extremes.
Transmute Rock To Mud - Happens very rapidly.
Fabricate - Create normal items.
Shatter - Shatters an object.
Shadow Walk - Folds dimensional layers as mage walks through the demi plane of Shadows.
Anti-Factor - Protects a power or target against called power or effects. Must be used prior to any engagements.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Disintegrate - Disintegrates an object or element.
Sequester - Banishes Target through a dimensional gate from a select place to their residence or a called location and prevents their re-entry within a radius of up to 5 miles per success.
Deadly Shocking Grasp - if held for longer that 10 seconds, is deadly, power vs. strength.
Secret Door - A secret door can only be seen, and opens only for caster unless others are selected to enter with him.
Permanence Factor - Makes a power permanent, seals and marks a power.
Soak Power - target soaks power equal to power of spell next turn taking less or no damage, while effects are negated to damage only.
Arcane Prodigy = wizard or sorcerer has innate arcane powers with limited path and can seal, mark, proof, factor, modify, fork, layer, quicken spells, use compound targeting, cast silently, and make spells permanent.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Orb of Arrest - Arrests target in an Orb of holding energy.
Vampires Blood Bane - Spell does 5 dmg per success, each round until 1 LP remains. Spell can be cast 3 times of day. This spell burns a vampires blood, then their bodies from within to without, and hinders regeneration.
Arcane Tendrils Orb - Orb floats around a called area at guard and attacks enemies within a 50 yard radius as long as targets are in range. One or rarely three of the six rays conjured by this orb hits a target, each with a different power: 1 d6, 1-4=1 tendril, 5=2 tendrils, 6=3 tendrils, 1 d6 for each attack effect.
1-Stun: damages, stuns -1 turn, -1 AR per ace, keeps attacking while target is stunned
2-Solidify: damages, -1 movement per success, 0 movement on crit, -1 stamina per success, effects last 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
3-Health Siphon: damages and drains -1 strength per success.
4-Fatigue: -1 stamina, reflexes and dexterity per success.
5-Attack Stream: stream of energy grips target and damages until hold is broken, lasts 1 turn, +1 AR per success or until stream is broken by getting out of range.
6-Jolting Shockwave: damages and throws targets 3 d6 feet with 2% chance per success of targets dropping anything in their hands, blow also staggers -1 AR per success.
Called Powers: Mage can also designate powers of the tendrils with existing spells with stats below.
Orb Stats: Movement: 23, Reflexes and Dexterity: 16+1 per ace.
Level: 8, +1 per success, or level 1-24
Vital Energy: (acts as HP): 640.
Orb cannot be dispelled, disjoined, or shattered. Its energy must be scattered by attacking it with normal weapons until vital energy is at 0 and orb is destroyed.
Trap of Souls - Traps the soul within a photonic sphere. if the soul contacts sphere it would suffer damage, and if the soul should lapse through the sphere, it would destroy it.
Arcane Dead Zone - Creates a dead magic zone up to 100 yard radius, +100 yards per success. No magic can penetrate or be used inside of zone.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Magic Gate - Opens Gate in any solid object and past wards with higher roll.
Succor - A protective contingency placed on another to protect them against certain circumstances.
Imprisonment - Traps victim within a select room or space with warded powers preventing their escape.
Elemental Aura - Protects from attacks of a called element and allows the casting of all spells levels 1-9 in that element.
Compound Targeting - combine with other spells to affect up to 1 target per success.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
Curse of Death - 10% dmg every RP day curse remains. Allows for no healing. Curse can only be dispelled by caster. Curse of death is a contingency spell, contingency terms named by caster. The only way the spell can be removed is for the contingency to be met.
Estate Transference - Move keep to an elemental plane or a called destination.
Sphere Of Ultimate Destruction - Create a temporary Sphere of Annihilation. Lasts +1 turn, +1 turn per ace, and soaks the matter of everything it contacts to damage and disintegrate on a crit. Mage controls movement of sphere.
Sphere of Arrest - Arrests target and will reverse attacks on anyone attacking the sphere for double damage.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Arcane Mastery - Create spells, artifacts, arcane items, powers, wards and commands, animate inanimate objects to create non-living creatures with select capabilities.
Improved Mastery - Cast any spell at these levels as they are gained.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Improved Power  


Limited Path Spell Book

1 (1-3) Conjure Food: 1 food item per success
2 (4-6) Conjure Liquid: called liquid including beverages, up to 1 gallon per success. This spell fails on milk when used by a puka owed to a blood curse.
3 (7-9) Conjure Item: conjure a single called item of a size that can be hand held.
4 (10-12) Conjure Multiple Targets - conjure up to +1 called item, food, or beverage per success.
5 (13-15): Conjure Gate: conjure an elemental gateway which closes distances through the elemental plane called which only those selected to enter can pass through.
6 (16-18): Conjure Beasts: conjure up to +1 creature per success as called.
7 (19-21): Fabricate Item: create a called item out of the elemental planes.
8 (22-24) Fabricate Magic Item: create a called magic item out of the elemental planes with an elemental power.
9 (25-27) Fabricate Multiple Targets: create up to +1 called target per success.
10 (28-30) Arcane Fabrication: create magical items with any power from the arcane spell book.
11 (31-35) Fabricate Haven: fabricate a mansion or fortress as called out of the elemental plane. +1 aspect of the mansion or castle fabricated per success as called. Area of up to 50 square yards per success.
12 (36-40) Fabricate Wilderness: fabricate rocks, trees, plants, soil, watersheds and streams, etc out of the elemental plane. +1 aspect fabricated per success as called. Area of up to 100 square yards per success.



Limited Innate Path Spell Book

1-{1-3} Illusion - Mage creates a minor illusion.
2-{4-6} Visual Projection - Subject sees glimpses of things that are not there which mage projects from his mind.
3-{7-9} Sensory Illusion - Mage causes another to smell, feel, hear or sense things that are not there.
4-{10-12} Deluded Perception - Subject's perception is deluded by FALSE visions, scents, sounds, and touch.
5-{13-15} Phantasm - Mage creates a livid illusion which seems very real.
6-{16-18} Livid Reality - Subject perceives of whatever sense of reality mage creates while blinding subject's perception to their presence.
7-{19-21} Dreamscape - Mage traps subject in a dream world.
8-{22-24} Nightmare Reality - Victim lives a nightmare of their worst fears and is unaware it is all a delusional manifestation of their deepest dread.
9-{25-27} Architect of Reality - Mage invents subjects sense of reality, dictating every aspect of their mental, physical and emotional perception.
10-{28-30} Formulation of Commands - Use phantasmancy with other gifts, improvise spells, create artifacts, phantoms, creatures, and items with phantasmal effects, and use phantasms for wards.
11- {31-35} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.
12- {36-37} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.



Inborn Spell Book

1- {1-3} Influence the Will: Manipulate the will of those who fail check roll with a called influence.
2- {4-6} Dread Presence: -1 courage, -1 willpower per ace to all within sight who fail WP check roll.
3- {7-9} Commanding Presence: Those within sight of dominator show respect and will not oppose them if their willpower fails in dominator?s presence.
4- {10-12} Command the Will: Dominator commands the will of the target that is subject to this power.
5- {13-15} Enslavement - by blood or imbuing subject with carnal essence. Escape is the only defense against this power.
6- {16-18} Blood Domination - permanent domination with blood and commands.
7- {19-21} Dominate the Will: will is dominated for a called duration or until power is broken.
8- {22-24} Dominate the Temple - dominate mind, will and soul for a called duration or until power is broken.
9- {25-27} Guardian Seal - brands or tattoos subject and lays specific commands of protection within subject by imbuing mark with their blood and commands. Protection can include Gate triggers which returns subject to a select location if injured or in peril, or which can protect subject from up to any three specific conditions as ordained by the Master of Domination.
10- {28-30} Master Seal of Enslavement - Burns a powerful blood seal of possession and domination on subject, making their will bend to whosoever the Master of Domination commands. if Slave runs away, or is taken away, they begin to weaken the moment they leave those boundaries set by their master, unless IN their master's company, and within a few hours fall into a death like sleep which only their Master can awaken them from.
11- {31-35} Telepathic Domination ? Dominate with the power of the mind, all mental checks vs. willpower. if dominator is not a telepath, they get telepathy at level 10.
12- {36-40} Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.



Inborn Spell Book

1 {1-3} Infatuation - Subject becomes intrigued with the enchanter and desires them.
2 {4-6} Induce Fear - Subject fears mage and compelled to retreat from enchanter's presence.
3 {7-9} Respect - Subject is awed with the enchanter and trusts what the enchanter says to them.
4 {10-12}) Euphoria - Enchanter can induce others to feel excessive euphoria with a loss of mental faculties, -1 all mental check, -1 per ace.
5 {13-15} Berserk - Subject goes berserk and will attack anyone in sight but the enchanter and anyone enchanter blinds from the subject?s sight, and gets +2 HB, +4 damage, +2 on all rolls, but -4 HB and -4 on all defenses.
6 {16-18} Induce sleep - Enchanter charms subject into a deep, restful sleep. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
7 {19-21} Subdue the Will - Enchanter's presence overpowers the will of another and brings their will under their command for up to +1 days per success as called.
8 {22-24} Command the Will - Used with Subdue the Will, the subject is under absolute command of enchanter until subject can overcome the LoD of the power over them, each attempt to break free exhausts -8 stamina for 12 hours. Stamina loss accumulates over a 1 day period. Lasts as called unless subject breaks free of power.
9 {25-27} Enslave the Will - The subject's will is enslaved to enchanter until the enchanter releases them. Lasts as called unless subject is freed of total power by a higher roll.
10 {28-30} Master of the Horde - Induce multiple targets within an area of a city with any emotion and influence that emotion towards an end. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
11 {31-35} Master of Presence ? improvise powers of presence, imbue items, walls or the atmosphere of an area with presence to create wards, create charmed artifacts, create phylacteries to protect the souls and powers of subjects, make a power permanent, improve power of presence.
12 {36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.


Supernatural Haste

Inborn Spell Book

1-{1-3} Superhuman Movement - Two times faster than a human sprinter.
2-{4-6} Blurring Movement - Phasing speed which makes subject blur from vision.
3-{7-9} Phasing Movement - Surpasses tangible and material objects.
4-{10-12} Phasing Gate - Phase out of one place and into another.
5-{13-15} Twain Haste - Ability to haste another with self, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
6-{16-18} Ultimate Phase - Phase past anything.
7-{19-21} Twain Phasing Gate - Phase past anything with another, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
8-{22-24} Active Applications - Hasted actions, weapons and combat. +1 AR per Ace, -1 stamina per +1 bonus AR used. Hasted movement still applies if movement vs. movement.
9-{25-27} Shared Haste - Haste another by power of roll by channeling the ability to another.
10-{28-30} Blind Eye Movement - Quicker than the eye.
11-{31-35} Formulation of Commands - in creating improvised haste effects, blending haste with other gifts, creating haste imbued artifacts and items at level used.
12-{36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.



Inborn Spell Book

1-{1-3} Up to 1 pound.
2-{4-6} Up to 10 pounds
3-{7-9} Up to 50 pounds.
4-{10-12} Up to 200 pounds.
5-{13-15} Up to 500 pounds.
6-{16-18} Up to 1000 pounds
7-{19-21} Up to a ton.
8-{22-24} Up to five tons.
9-{25-27} Up to 10, 000 tons.
10-{28-30} Formulation of Commands-Blend with other powers, create artifacts, items, wards, etc.
11-{31-35}, 12-{36-40} Improved Power



{1-3} Touching subject.
{4-6} Within 30 feet of subject.
{7-9} Within visual range of subject.
{10-12} Within same city/borough as subject.
{13-15} In same state/providence as subject.
{16-18} In same country as subject.
{19-21} In same world as subject.
{22-24} Able to contact various subjects at same time anywhere in the world.
{25-27} Able to contact subjects anywhere and at any distance.
{28-30} Able to create mind gates to see, hear, and influence subject through a telepathic connection.
{31-35} Telepathic Visionary - connect to someone met before telepathically and see them as well as hear them and their thoughts within their surroundings. See and hear those around them as well. Area of vision is +1 yard per success radius around target.
{36-40} Formulation of Commands - Formulate and Improvise telepathic effects and powers, and make telepathic items, wards, or artifacts.


Elemental Command

Unique Elemental Path

Damage and Power of Effect: power of roll and level of effect determines damage and power of element. Power is determined on called elemental scale of mild (1-9), harsh (10-18), perilous (19-27), or devastating (28-40) rates.
Called Command: Elemental command as called within scale.
Elemental Targeting: for missles and bolts
Elemental Radius: 5 yards, +1 yard per success radius on elements which affect an area

Storm Command
Ice Command
Shadow Command
Fire Command
Time Command


Illusory Shroud

Innate Path Spell Book

1-Alter Reality - create a minor alter reality of one thing as called in an area of up to +1 square foot per success.
2-Bypass Reality - pass in and out of the veil which lies between the Illusory world and the corporal, to conceal self and reappear elsewhere in immediate area.
3-Daydream Weaver - weave waking dreams which others see.
4-Alter Image - alter the image of something seen.
5-Dream Walker - pass through the illusory shroud to cross distances on land, over creeks, rivers, beyond walls, past fences as each stride covers a distance of up to +1 mile per success.
6-Visual Projection - Subject sees what vampire projects from his mind.
7- Sensory Reality - Vampire causes another to smell, feel, hear or sense things vampire creates.
8-Shroud Gate - Vampire can pass through the shroud to cross extreme distances
9-Alter Perception - Subject perceives of visions, scents, sounds, and touch sensations vampire creates.
10-Fractured Reality - Vampire causes another to lose all sense of reality while altering reality as they see it, leaving some elements of reality in the scope.
11-Alter Reality Gate - Vampire can pass through the shroud to journey into Alternate Dimensions.
12-Alter Reality - the curtain between Illusion and Reality is brought down and those who enter an alter reality area cannot decifer between reality and illusion as the illusionist reshapes the surrounding reality as they see fit.
13-Realistic Figures - create realistic living things.
14-Alter-Identity: illusionist creates a new appearance for themself or another as called
15- Livid Reality - Subjects selected perceives of whatever sense of reality illusionist creates while blinding subject's perception to their presence.
16-Dream Weaver - weave the dreams of a subject as called.
17-Reality Fork - Fork illusory power to affect up to +1 subjects per success within visual range.
18-Reality Scope - illusions and alter reality can affect anyone with a range of up to +10 yards per success, or up to +1 miles per success on a crit.
19-Dreamscape Weaver - weave dreams into an alter reality.
20-Illusory Gauntlet - Create a dangrous maze or path in which a subject or subjects encounter a variety of challenges as called, with up to +1 challenges to complete per success.  Damage done seems real, and can injure or kill if logic of one subject to the gauntlet fails against realism of the illusion, but when the illusion is finished, all damage, even deaths reverse themselves as reality returns.
21-Nightshade Entrapment - trap someone in their own dreams or in dreams woven as called.  Person subject to this power lies in a deep sleep while they live out the duration in their dreams.  Person can only be awakened when the dream ends.
22-Alter Reality Contingences:  formulate catalysts and the effects that they trigger using and combining illusory powers.
23-Daydream Walker - cause someone to act out the alter reality of a daydream illusionist controls.
24-Illusory Monster - conjure an illusory monster which becomes quasi-real if enough power pours into its creation (if a crit is rolled).  The monster is controlled by the illusionist of course and any damage it does is real if the monster becomes quasi-real, otherwise any damage it does reverses itself the moment the monster is dispelled.
25-Realistic Scope - weave a called alter-reality landscape.
26-Land of Enchantment - Realistic land where imageries can interact with subject and other aspects within that illusory-reality weave as illusionist directs. Seems as real as life in every aspect as the master illusions makes it.
27-Reality Scope - entrap subject in a precreated alter reality world.
28-Hellish Reality - ensnare victim in a hellish world of the illusionist's creation.
29- Architect of Reality -  creates a permanent zone of alter reality.
30- Master of the Shroud - Formulation of commands. - Use with other powers, improvise effects, create artifacts and items with alter reality effects, and use power for wards.
31-35-Improved Power
36-40-Improved Power
The one weilding these power can only learn them if they truly believe that there is no other reality than what the mind creates and envisions.  They must truly believe that the shroud between the imagination and reality is the only real illusion.

Power boosted by Logic vs. Logic.

On a Failure: illusionist's own illusion becomes their own reality for time=to number of successes. IF manipulation fumbles the illusionist is struck with a terrible backlash which sends them plummeting into a state of utter deluded insanity. Roll for Duration.


Vampiric Abilities

Astraeus gifts and Information

2nd clan of vampires sired by The Morning Star
Levels 3-28

Traits: Acheron Astraeus cannot drink the blood of other vampires or of the dead unless they are blood kindred to them. Their own blood is poisonous. They will purge any intake of "tainted" blood with a 45% chance of going into torpor.

Immunities: Primogens and Arch Elders 1-4th gen. who have faced the ordeals of Acheron to attain their immunties are immune to sunlight, fire, garlic, wooden stakes, holy artifacts and holy water. Crosses have no affect on Astraeus and silver (which is werewolves) never had any effect on Astraeus. Their immunities weaken by 10% per subsequent gen reborn of their blood line from 2nd gen. on down. Their souls cannot be taken. Their Souls are marked and are taken by The Morning Star as they die. Two of the Living Primogens, Byron and Valis, cannot be decapitated or dismembered. Though these two first born may seem invincible they are not invulnerable, just hard to kill.

Special Advantage: w/Acheron GM only. Some have certain rights of command in Acheron granted by The Morning Star himself, including passage, residence in Arcador, the city of vampires, and the use of power within Acheron.

Vampiric Traits

Siring and Bondage
Progeny: See vampire information.
Blood Thralls: See vampire information.
Slave Bondage: Similair to Blood Thrall but more blood is drained from victim and half a pint of blood imbues the subject as vampire performs 'Rites of Domination' over subject as his blood is consumed (by force, will or domination) by the intended slave. Commands are imbedded in the slave during this rite by vocal designation. Blood Slaves are utterly obediant to their vampiric masters for their will is no longer their own.
Blood Purification: Permits vampire to purify blood so it is not poisonous to those they sire, bond thrall, or to progeny when bonding them.

Charm by Gaze: Success dependent on whether intended victim meets their gaze when they apply this power, and whether the vampire's willpower and ppower in this combined can overcome the will of the one subject to this power.

Form Shift:
Animal Form: Lion and Wolf
Vaporous Form: Chilling mist with dread presence
Shadow Form: Shadowy Form that drains life and chills on contact
Swarm of Bats: choice of one or the other, each has 40 HP, subtract damage to each bat from vampire's total HP, number of rats is form shift level x 20. If even one rat or bat survives an attack, the vampire can shift back into another form with 40 HP remaining. HP is otherwise number of rodents x 40 = HP up to total health. Level +3 = Distraction, boosted by intelligence vs. Focus, boosted by constitution to save.

Senses of the Beast: Preturnatural: Hearing, Sense of Smell, Vision, Night Vision, Taste or alertness. All start at +5 and improve by +1 per five levels.

Vampiric Prowess: Supernatural; Strength: +5, +1 per level. Stamina: +5, +2 per level, Dexterity: +3 Stealth: +5 Regeneration: Level 30, +1 per level. Fortitude: +20. Supernatural Haste: see inborn powers.

Vampiric Temple: take from vampire information page with specs listed here at these levels
4-[10-12] Partial Shifts: Fangs, Claws, Wings, half animal form, and Height.
5-[13-15] Animal Form: Immortal, large predator - Cannot speak in animal shift.
6-[16-18] Bestial Vampiric Form: Stature and muscular increase in complete shift of Fangs, Half Animal form, Height, Claws, while Fortitude and Strength: +6, and Stamina is enhanced x 2 with tough flesh, and quicker regeneration +6. Height up to +3 feet, with +1 HB range bonus per foot height increase.


Inborn Powers
Telepathy: Inborn powers
Presence: Inborn powers
Vampiric Haste: Inborn powers
Domination: +2 d6 - 1st-4th gens only, inborn powers
Illusory: arcane, full path, innate
Viable Phantasms: limited paths, innate.
Time Strider: limited paths, innate.