Castle Wards

There is no place like home

Powerful wards prevent forced entry into Castle Decasey, and any who enter the castle are at the mercy of wards which can gate anyone either outside the estate or into the Dungeon. Wards Counter anti magic defenses by disjoining anti magic as wards engage. The castle is located on a small island in a cove on the north-side of Demon Horn Lake, South-Morendor, and the water is teaming with monster guardians.


Castle Layout

"It is easy to lose yourself in the fortress. Be careful where you wander, and take care not to try and unlock any sealed doors."

Each floor has many corridors, halls, rooms, and access to towers. There are few guards as this clan values its privacy, but enough servants to keep the place tidy and clean, and their masters well looked after. Most of the rooms are exquisite with exception of seldom visited areas where the dust gathers. Private or forbidden areas and their vault are kept locked, often with necromantic protection. Byron alone can enter the dungeon. Byron's chambers are on the third floor in the center of the main keep. Sunlight does not penetrate his quarters, nor the quarters reserved for their clan members and vampiric guests with sun bane. Blood serfs, including an Elwion named Solstice, are kept on hand. Tiber and Rhia share a large suite on the second floor when staying at the castle, and Shaithis resides on the same floor in an apartment across the hall from his parents when he is at the haven. The servents live in small houses on the northwest side of the grounds and the village on the small island the castle is on. Solstice resides in a room adjacent to Byron when at the castle, and in an apartment above the coach house at the Red Moon Chataeu.


Castle Guards

Blood Thralls, Servants, Residents, and Slaves

Levels -- magic/combat
Argdemaen: morsefus, level 25, Master at Arms
Morsefus Guards: Level 15
Duradhen: immaculate grand zombie elf, level 28
Summoned Great Zombies: Levels 10-30
Vaukhelden: death wraith guardian, level 33
Summoned Death Wraiths: Levels 15-32
Nicodemus: level 28/30, planar vampire, king's guard
Braegan Caldis: level 36/5, slave sired astraeus, menial and guard
Malfezor: netherelf shadow-pendraek, level 24
Emynru: demonspawn goblin, grounds guard, level 27/19 lore
Soldiers of Demon Horn: levels 7 d6, 6-30, vampires, gothelves, namas, goblins (true and spawn), dragonkin, tu'mae, ssetis, neffari, shaamea


Legion of Doom

What's dead should stay with the dead

    This Legion of doom zombies is controlled by their zombie prince Morgir, a Redlion Ranger who was in the thick of a pestilent doom cloud when it fell over Keystone. He with many others were infected with virulent microorganisms of demonic origin which killed them horribly then returned them as living dead doom zombies and carriers of the doom plague. Where most succumbed and merely perished or returned as mindless zombies, there were those which retained their wits and even their memories to realize with horror what they had become. Such a creature was Morgir and with the fullness of his mental falculties and his necromantic practices Morgir drew to him others of his kind, the dull as well as the sharp, to form a community and army of living dead. Morgir, with his unearthly voice and grisly guise of blackened gray withered flesh and cloudy white eyes, contacted Byron who met with him in seclusion for a long, long talk. After proving the zombie horde he led was completely loyal to him, and himself still loyal to Byron, Byron offered he and his legion of dead a place in the world as soldiers and residents of Redlion castle and isle. Byron has not lived to regret the alliance as yet. The legion resides at Redlion Castle in the dungeon and the 15 acre walled in northern grounds which access the dungeon from the outside. Within those walls and grounds is also a menagerie where the doom animals are sheltered. AoM had scaled the courtyard walls and killed all the animals there during the war of man but came no closer to breeching the castle walls. The wall surrounding the northern grounds is high, the doom legion and doom zoo well out of sight of casual visitors. Two large gates in the courtyard north and east access the capacious northern grounds from without and are kept locked and are guarded from the inside by doom guards.
    Among this legion are doom people and beasts of all kinds; elves, namas, humans, euryalian, leonese, dragon kin, goblins, horses, dragons, dogs, gaero, lombra, dramadi and large Wildcats among them, all equally obedient to Morgir and his second and third in command, Den'athen and Erithor who assumed aliases to better match their horrid states and make it harder for those they left behind to find them. Morgir on the other hand wanted to be found by his comrades.
    Morgir is able to dampen the contagious organisms in himself and other doom zombies through powerful necromantic and Achonian practices he commands, and through trial and error using himself and wild animals as guinea pigs; he developed ways to contain the plague and control the 'DZ' as he calls them. For whatever reason the DZ are instinctively drawn to Morgir and one other named Mendes who serves Esscha Endor s king. Among his new kind Morgir is called by them the Prince of Doom, perhaps because they are drawn to him. His army is not contagious by contact or airborne spores because he makes it so. Their bite and their breath within close proximity however is highly contagious if not lethal. It's unwise to get too close to a harbringer of doom.
    Morgir (Legion Prince, dusky weyrdragon of doom)
    Den'athen, Alias Gorgumir (2nd in command, Namas doom zombie)
    Erithor, Alias Maalgemor (3rd in command, elven doom zombie)
    Doom Airborne (dragons, great eagles, people with flight)
    Doom cavalry
    Doom warriors
    Doom soldiers
    Doom guards
    Doom Minions
    Doom Beasts

Doom Zombies

    Race: Doom Zombie (DZ) or Doom Harbringer
    Types: dull (mindless, 50% chance, Intel of 5), sharp (full faculties, 10% chance), common (no memory of life before with -10% intelligence loss, 20% chance), final death (20% chance, soul plunges into Acheron to be judged or recreated)
    Spore Contact: spores are what experts call the microorganisms shed by the DZ skin or Doom clouds after they settle on surfaces as a fine, black dust. Normal contact results in 65% chance of contracting the contagion. Light contact results in 40% chance and heavy contact results in 95% chance. (Contained in Legion)
    Bite: results in 95% chance of contracting the contagion.
    Breath: results in 95% chance within 2 feet of DZ, 75% within 4 feet, 55% within 6 feet, 0% within 8 feet.
    Doom Cloud: area of up to +10 yards, +10 per ace, doubles or triples with crits, results in 100% chance near center, 85% in outter ring, 65% just outside cloud, 25% within 8 feet of cloud, 10% within 100 yards of cloud. This is a DZ's doom breath. (Contained in Legion)
    Scratch or Maul: results in 35% chance of contracting the contagion at an agonizingly slower rate, -10% HP per day, but 100% chance of rising in 3-7 days.
    Effects: -30% HP per day, as body degenerates rapidly. At 10% HP the progress is uncurable. The infected die at the cusp of the 4th day and reaninate within the next hour if sharp, or within the next few days if dull or common.
    Info: These virulent zombies were created by a doom plague cloud in Keystone, south Seumir, or potentially in other areas where Astraeus shadow dragons release doom clouds. This isolated dragon breed has been contained in Acheron since discovering how monstrous their doom clouds are. The doom plague is a highly contagious pestilence that is curable by a rare and difficult to procure antidote (spirit water) out of Acheron's River of Souls. Posters all over Seumir instruct people to go immediately to a local quarantine yard in any city or village if they've been exposed where they can receive proper treatment for the plague, and to report any sightings to any local authority. The doom plague causes agonizing pain and sickness resulting in death and reanimation as living dead doom harbringers. The cure is disgusting, tasting like rotten corpse tea and hard to keep down so is forced down the patients throat.