Chateau Rouge DeLune


Owners and Proprietors

The perfect host and hostess unless crossed

Count Byron Decasey and his wife Saffiel Decasey, Proprietors/Owners. (Saffiel is currently amiss)



The people who serve the Inn's patrons

Inn Staff
The Commons Room -
Waiters: Cole, Jeremy, Halbrid, Ichai, Ezsra
Waitresses: Kanya, Abigail, Bethany, Ephraem
Master Chef: Demaris
Assistant Chefs: Curclen, Ennish, Heurides
Food Preps: Immanuel, Jahsau, Kenan, Maesai
Hostess: Denai, Herodian

The Desk

Managers: Haazael, Raamis


Best Maids: Devai, Belles, Caamis, Bardella. (this Inn employs over 50 maids)
Master Groom: Velios
Grooms: Deks, Eava, Maes, Mykgelu, Yvunae
Grounds: Wyven (Ven), Sorz, Haadu
Maintenance: Saleur, Nemrek, Lijior

No attacks on NPCs unless room owner is in the chat. Each mun controls the service of these NPCs, but keep in mind they are professionals and very adept at their jobs. Keep mistakes made on their part to a minimun out of respect to their efficiancy as characters. NPC random guests are always at the Inn. Player can make up guests and interact with them as they please, but all IC rules of the Inn still apply.


Inn Wards

Raised by Byron

Powerful Wards will engage to remove fights, and weapons drawn in conflict from the Inn, and strip power from patrons who use it to harm. Sanctuary wards are VERY powerful, and by entering a KNOWN haven, one surrenders any counters to these wards.

If A fight breaks out in the bar, or a guest is being unduly hostile or destructive, the Inn Wards take effect and teleport the offenders OUTSIDE of the Inn to the Chateau Courtyard's Western open greensward. Wards STRIP patrons of magic if magic is used in Hostile manner INSIDE the Inn.

If the offender tries to enter and stir trouble again, the Inn Wards Teleport them outside of the property and Bar them from re-entry.

The Inn's wards restore damage to the Inn and grounds themselves and prevent trouble makers from entering again once they have been barred, unless the barring is lifted. (any barred character that enters the chat will be ejected).

The Wards stop forced entry into any of the Inns locked corridors, areas or rooms.

Only the owner and those few trusted employees who have the master keys can enter those areas that are locked.

The renters, of course, can enter their rooms with the keys provided to them.

Byron Decasey, Byron's Lord Maelmorda, and Armand Decasey alone can command some of the Inn's more specialized Wards and Defenses.
The wards in the clan (private) areas respond to a set of commands from the ward commanders. They will seize and relocate those selected, disallow entry by anyone not selected to enter private areas, and create dead auras around those selected to prevent them from using magic anywhere in the private areas of the Inn. The wards do not otherwise interfere with affairs in those parts of the Inn reserved for Byron, his clan, and his most trusted.



Climate is tropical

The Inn is in central An Morendor (the Shadowlands). It is located on the east side of the Lonely Cavern Mountains, half a mile east of Hunter's Forest South. The climate is tropical and the rainforests surrounding the Inn's property and vinyards are ancient.

The Inn faces East. West beyond the grounds is a 1000 acre forest land known as Hunter's Forest. To the east and west are gently rolling meadows, and further west, well in sight of the Chateau, are the Lonely Cavern Mountains' High Peaks. To the North is an orchard, and to the south vinyards stretch for miles from Hunter's Forest to the Great Eastern River where it flows out of Demon Horn Lake. All as far as the eye can see is part of the Inn's property and the district of Traegellen which Byron owns and rules over as Count.


The Entrance

Who would guess a vampiric Inn could be so welcoming?

The elegant Chateau's arched entry opens into a large foyer that acts as a Lobby. To the left, against the wall is a row of coffer style lockers. To the right is the Front Desk. Across the lobby from the entry is a wide, spiraling Staircase. Those entering see a sign that reads; "Keep Weapons concealed at all times within the Inn, Or Please Stow Weapons in a Lobby Locker before entering Bar Area!" The Lockers are Oak with steel cores, each fitted with a brass pull ring which a key is clipped to with a diamthrill steel latch and keyhole below it. What can not be seen by the eye is that very powerful magic wards add even further security to the lockers as well as the entire Inn.

Past the Lockers are wide sliding doors which open up into the bar. The floor is tiled with gleaming azure blue marble streaked with red and black swirls. The bar is a deep hue of blue and black marble, while the tables are a gleaming black glassy marble. The chairs and bar stools alike are brass framed with luxerious leather cushions. The windows are hung with heavy deep blue drapes . Each Table is covered with a black linen cloth covered by a red lace table cloth, a group of 3 pillar candles on each table.

Right of the bar is another set of coffer style sliding doors which open into a lounge, where a sofa, arm chairs and large hearth, offer a relaxing place to socialize or meditate. To Stir the fire is a set of handsome, Brass, griffon headed fireplace tools in a wraught Iron stand on the corner of the Stone Ash Guard.

Behind the Inns Indigo blue drapes, the windows are Heavily barred and shuttered. The Inn's light artificial. coming from oil lamps, gas chandaliers and candles, all casting the bar area is a soft glow.

Map of the Inn's 1st Floor


The Commons Room

Here is where all the fun begins

The Bar and restaurant is a ballroom that was converted to a Pub. As one enters they pass beneath two towering marble columns where stone Griffons and Dragons adorn the trestles bracing the vaulted ceiling's arching beams. The ceiling itself is vaulted, the entire surface painted with renaissance style angels, spirits and demons. The angels reach with outstretched hands from sunlit clouds, trying to touch the demons, while below the demons reach with hands extended, muscles straining to the angels from a lake of fire, neither able to touch the other. Phantoms and Ghosts aloof and watching.

As one enters this spacious Pub they will see the bar opposite of the entryway. To the right of the bar are two doorways, the 1st door opens to the restroom's corridor, the 2nd wide open doorway opens to the lounge. Against the bar's front wall, left of the door as patrons enter, is a stage set within an alcove center of the left wall.

Left of the stage; a door opens into a large Game Room. It provides two superb billiards tables, a rack of cues, a dart board with excellent darts, two card tables, chess boards with obsidian and quartz playing peices, and plenty of room to play. In the back of the game room is a couch and arm chairs with tables for drinks that make up a small observation area within sight but out of the way of the playing areas. A large hearth will be found there as well.

The open central area of the commons room is set with some 30, round, brass and marble tables. Against the eastern and southern walls are 10 very cozy booths.

A locked door leading off the south western corner of the commons room opens into a long, straight corridor which accesses Byron's office, a den, Byron's apartment, two private guest rooms, and doors which lead to the rest of the first floor. Almost midway down the corridor a door opens into a corridor which leads to the King's Watchtower and its first floor garden room. This is the highest tower in the Inn. Across from the south tower's entrance is a door that exits into the western gardens at the back of the Inn. A coach house can be seen across the lawn from the back door. Solstice, an Elwion blood retainer, stays in an apartment in the coach house when residing at the Inn. The stables are next to the coach house. The stables are huge and accomodate not only Byron's prize Andalusians and Storm Cloud Horses, but the guests animals as well. (Stables cannot be seen on Inn Layout Map)

Red Moon Inn is a place where Vampires and other immortals gather, and it is not always wise for mortals to enter this beautiful but dangerous place unless they have their wits about them. Byron Decasey does not condone his patrons being bothered or threatened, but if a mortal does anything overly foolish, it is not always in his hands to protect them, if indeed he wishes to defend someone who has no sense.


The Grounds

The scent of roses fills the air

Outside; a tall stone security wall, covered completely with a dense growth of rose vines, closes in the Chateau's some 50 acre perimeters, the wall topped with a wraught iron picket fence. A massive Iron gate opens to the circular coach drive that leads to the Inn's east facing entrance.

Red Moon's eastern lawn is wide and open. The northern courtyard is a beautiful garden where flower beds and lush cultivated islands hem in and divide the meandering stone paths that lead one through this garden. The gardens feel like a floral paradise that is all a world of its own.

In the western courtyard is a rose hedge maze where a shadow gate to Byron's planar shadow kingdom Seumires, a mirror kingdom of Seumir. It is where his ethereal embodiment resides and rules as a solitary entity and shall continue to until his wife Saffiel returns if that time should ever come.
The Inn faces east, its back to the west, and west beyond the grounds is a great forest land known as Stalking Beast forest to some, and Hunter's Forest to the rest, which borders and sweeps up the eastern slopes of the lonely cavern mountains. The forest opens to a road which cuts through a gap from east to west through the central part of the mountains. To the east of the Inn are gentlly rolling meadows. To the North is an orchard, and to the south vinyards stretch for miles to the Great Eastern river and Demon Horn Lake. All as far as the eye can see is part of the Inn's property.



Elegance and comfort

Rooms: There are 56 Rooms on the second floor. Each room sleeps 1-4 people comfortably and rents for 10 Gold Marks a night per person, or 60 Gold Marks a week per person. Fees include room and board, but alchoholic beverages are separate. The house wine is free to Inn guests who pay for rooms or suites as long as supplies last. Rooms are numbered 1-56, not named, unlike the suites.

Suites: There are 28 Suites and they are on the third floor, with exception of two suites in the north tower. Each costs 30 Gold Marks a night, or 100 gold marks a week. Payment includes food and non-alchoholic drinks. Monthly rentals of 200 gold marks which include room and board are considered. The Suites are very large, immacuately kept, with two exquisite bed rooms, a parlor and an elegant bathroom. The suites in the large towers have dens as well. Each Suite is named.

The Wings There are four wings; the Northeast Wing, the Southeast Wing, the Northwest Wing, and the Southwest Wing. Each wing is between two of the four main towers and includes the bay towers.

Cleaning Services: The rooms and suites are cleaned every morning at 10:30 - 11:00 AM. If a guest does not want to be bothered they can hang the brass 'Do not disturb' sign, provided with their room on the door-handle outside. Guests can also schedual a time for the maids to clean their rooms for an additional fee of 6 gold marks.

Room Rules: As long as guests do not cause any damage to the rooms or the Inn, and any trouble to the other guests or the Owners and employees, Byron will mind his own business.

The rooms are upstairs; A wide, spiraling, red carpeted stairway, with Teak Wood banisters, across from the entrance, will take visitors to the Chateau's second story wings. Each wing has a balcony, and large columns carved with beasts support the Balconies' slate roof tops. All rooms are beautifully furnished with Turn of Century Bed room Suits, drapes and furniure.

Lock Doors for Privacy: Create Private Channels with name of Room

Room Security: Security is very tight, and wards prevent anyone from entering an occupied room unless the door is opened from the INSIDE of the Room. When each guest checks in and signs the Inn ledger, that signature acts as identification to the wards for the number of days they have signed up and paid to stay. Only the guests who signs into a room, and those they allow in as their guests, can enter that room by door or window. Accomodations can only be entered with the key given to the guest; or by Decasey Clan members, the hotel clerks Haazael and Raamis, or the maids. The owners and managers of the Inn will only enter a room if they have reasonable cause to suspect that a guest is in Trouble or Being destructive. Keys are given to each patron when they check in.


The Best Suites

The crown jewels of the Inn; 57-84

57 Rose Garden Suite
58 Crown Emerald Suite
59 White Topaz Suite
60 Blue Diamond Suite
61 Star Sapphire Suite
62 Platinum Cup Suite
63 Amber Table Suite
64 Black Opal Suite
65 Black Satin Suite
66 Golden Chalice Suite
67 Champagne Suite
68 Wild Orchid Suite
69 Blood Ruby Suite
70 Queen's Throne Room: 4th floor north tower
71 King's Watchtower Room: 4th floor north tower


Towers and Turrets

What a view

There are 4 main towers and 4 smaller secondary, or 'wing' towers. The wing towers are between the main towers. Each main tower has a large open turret, and each wing tower a smaller one. The chambers on the fourth floor of the towers are private or commercial, with esception of two suites in the North Tower. The towers contain guest rooms, private apartments, private studios, an art gallery, an apothecary, and a museum. The towers house the Inn's most exceptional suites and rooms. The tower's private rooms are never rented but reserved for guests.

East Entrance Tower:
1st floor; entrance, lobby, and stairs to upper floors
2nd floor; stairway and landings
3rd floor; stairway and landings
4th floor; 11th - 16th century museum. Access to the rock gardens and pools on roof from corridor outside of the museum.

The Museum includes art, antiques, jewels, weapons and impliments of execution and torture from those centuries on earth. Guests are free to visit the museum, the rock gardens, and swim in the pools.

West High Tower:
1st floor; gardener's room, exit to the western gardens, exit to the central private courtyard, stairway to upper stories.
2nd floor; 2 private guest suites.
3rd Floor; 2 private guest suites.
4th Floor; Tiberious and Rhiannon's apartment.
5th Floor; private meeting hall.
6th Floor; Captives' Keep.
7th Floor: Mage's Keep

North Tower:
1st floor; Theater and Concert Hall
2nd story; guest rooms
3rd floor; 2 suites
4th floor; king and queen's suites

South Tower:
1st floor: Prince's Corridor; Inn Offices, Byron's Apartment, 2 guest rooms, Bath house
2nd floor; guest rooms
3rd floor; 2 suites
4th floor; Art Gallery.

Northeast Wing Tower: top floor; apothacary and sanatorium.

Southeast Wing Tower: Turret; warning bell. Private library for clan use only on all 4 floors of tower.