"Many are my treasures, some of which are extremely dangerous to handle"

Arcane Collection: many magic items and artifacts are at his disposal, many of them found by him during campaigns, most of them made by him, some of them gifts from his ruling Lord. Some are protective while others are combative. Such items must be called and described for them to come into play. Included are:
Rings of Warding: makes bearer immune to holding, transfer or hostile aspects of wards so long as the bearer does not attack anyone within a warded area.
Map and Gate items: Relocater Maps, Refuge and Gate Rings with various protective transfer effects.
Crystals of Holding: hold captured spirits and energies as called
Rings of Power: rings which improve strength, stamina, willpower, health, and resistance
Talismans: talismans which increase luck (on *chance or *save rolls), courage, willpower and confidence (*inititative)
Pendants of Power: pendants which grant the bearer a specific power which must be actived by a word of power or by using a device built into the pendant.
Artifacts: these items grant a passive power or ability but have a negative consequence for their use.
Weapons of Power: these weapons do added damage or have an added elemental or arcane effect.
Juju Items: these bags, runes, or items curse or protect the ones they are used on in various ways.
Map of the Intrepid: Byron's most valuable map item, this vellum gate map has three functions; it is a locator, a gate map, and a visual map. It manifests as an accurate handsome hand drawn map whose alternating field of vision ends at a decorative rope-knot edge. The map scope has a zoom point of view which goes from a world map, to a continental map, to an area map in size with any desired increment in between when the map bearer speaks the words 'home in', or 'home out' with smart commands such as 'home in a little, home in a lot, home out a lot', etc. This map allows the bearer to locate any one or any place the map bearer knows by name. The target shows up on the map as a small ring of light (blue light for living targets, red for place targets) around the location point. Map tracks the bearer's movement on the map with a compass and a green arrow. Map also acts as a gate item, gating the bearer to the highlighted location when the words 'relocate now' are spoken. This map will show any area named on the worlds of Morashtar, Acheron, Cirsuil Ardda, Anwnn, Darkstar or Earth. Byron keeps this map very secret inasmuch as it is valuable enough that those who desire it might be willing to kill or go to war to possess it. This map's gate power cannot bypass wards.
Scepter of Arasgal: a very powerful and much sought after artifact in the form of a puzzle with four main pieces and 50 moveable activation tiles.
Runes of Pente: a very powerful and much sought after set of arcanum in the form of runes, each having unlocked an arcanon power of chaos which he can use in combination to achieve various affects. These Runes are written in his soul and flesh and appear on his flesh when their power is harnessed. The brighter they are and the more of them appear the more power he is drawing. Let it be a warning.