Even the strongest may fall

Immortality: does not age, immune to disease and poisons, a puzzle to kill permanently.
Fortitude: makes him tough.
Abidextrous: can use both limbs with equal skill.
Invincibility: he cannot be decapitated or dismembered, a trait granted by ages of Elwion blood consumption and his ascension into godhood, grants him unlimited skeletal fortitude.
Immortal Prowess: improved physical checks
Vampiric Abilities
Cool Demeanor: hard to read
Hard to Kill
Right of Passage and Magic in Acheron
Pantheon: serves his own goals, is his own pantheon though also a loyal ally to Acheron.
Immutable Will: a blessing bestowed to him by the eternal flame when he was depossessed of Mog which reconfigured his DNA to make his will immutable wherefore he is immune to possession, domination (including enslavement) and all manner of charms, while he himself is still capable of these feats. He still feels emotional bonds, but his will cannot be overpowered. His choices determine the direction of his will.



Prone to Blood Frenzy: 0 defense during a frenzy but +4 d6, +1 HB.
Blood Dependant: requires at least one quart of blood every week to maintain proxy health, torpor occurs if no blood for two weeks.
Blood Loss: Light torpor achieved when HP is at 5, cold torpor at -0 HP, hard torpor at -50, and petrification at -100 HP, -10 strength and stamina when health is below 100.
Dangerous Temper: not easy to provoke, but dangerous once provoked
Dark Side: typically very honorable but can be evil when crossed and if he has the incentive to be
Hunted: by an enemy from the past (Ewyn) and by vampire slayers.
Path of Dedication: he will follow this path at any cost to himself or others.
Alcoholism: he has a thirst for liquor (namely Scotch) only second to blood and is not a good drunk. He never drinks while on duty however.
Enemies by Proxy: As an ally of Acheron with close ties there and having become a powerful being, he has drawn the attention of Haman's legions and his deeds are carefully monitored. He could easily be marked as an enemy and be hunted by the Alamascan or other god hunters.