Michael Delaighny

Player Information

Screen Name: NPC 
Player Name: JD
Date of Character Creation: August 2nd 2098
RPG: The Middle Kingdom and TBV  

General Information

Character Name: Michael Delaighny
Race: Nostraeus Vampire Subrace: Human
Clan: Astraeus
Generation: 1st
Maker: Byron Decasey
Date Created: 2010 ET
Years Lived: 1523
Age By Appearance: 25
Maximum Age: none, immortal
Gender: Male
Occupation or Rank: Clan Vassal and Promethius
Demeanor: somewhat shy but friendly
Nature: good heart, protective of clan, discreet about clan matters, compassionate, loyal
Aligment: Chaotic Good
Base Level: 21 (good for all rolls)

He has wings like an owls in shape and softness, while beautifully banded with soft brown and cream colours. Each hand and foot has three thick fingers or toes armed with heavy curved claws which can be partially retracted. His fangs are larger than most vampires and not retractable. Crowning his head are a pair of thick flared horns which sweep back over a dense mane of curling brown hair then curve upward in sharp spikes from the skull. He has a handsome young man's face but batish ears, a lion's nose, and large amber coloured bird's eyes. He also has a tail that is like a snake's in shape and flexibility only it is covered with a soft, thin pelt of fur. He has no human shift, only this vampiric form. If he sires another, they attain the ability to shift between their subrace form and a form similair to this as their vampiric embodiment.

Resources and Property
Clan Haven: Kingdom of Seumir, Castle DeCasey and Redmoon Inn
Wards and Security: Castle Warded,  Redmoon Warded
Wealth: Wealthy


Michael was a blood thrall for 1502 years. To insure that Michael would not perish should he go missing, Byron provided Michael with a flask which filled with Byron's blood once a week. This flask preserved this blood and even kept it warm as though it was fresh from his veins. Owed to having been a thrall for so many years, Michael does not have the same blood of the dead detriment the Astraeus has. Michael can drink any kind of blood, though like anyone else, he has to beware bonding properties of some kinds of blood. Indeed he is more susceptible to bonding because of his centuries of blood dependancy (-8 willpower vs. blood bonding). Michael is tightly bonded to his sire and still craves his blood. Indeed, Byron returned the blood flask to him which Mog had taken from him. Michael experienced intense horror and agony when he was destroyed and remade into an Astraamus by his prince, Byron DeCasey while possessed by a Beqidum devil named Mog. Despite all the abuse and pain his sire put him through while possessed by Mog, Michael has remained and always shall be loyal to his sire. Michael has been with Byron for over fifteen-hundred years. He met Byron in 860-ET in Gaul when he was 18 years old and unemployed. He never knew that Byron had lived in that age over and again, traveling back to the time he most loved from more modern eras, until he met Lena. Byon hired him to work at his Inn, an Inn he built up over the ages to become the Inn it is today, a property he and others working together shifted through the shadow planes to Morashtar. Byron counts Michael as a son and Michael is grateful for that fact. Byron really had been the father he had always wished for, his own father shiftless, cruel and selfish.

Michael is of a Gaelic French heritage and can speak various languages of both Earth and Morashtar. He has a very good heart and though he can fight adeptly he will avoid killing anyone if at all possible, doing his best to wound or incapacitate without killing. He has seen quite a few battles nevertheless and has learned not to let it rattle him. If forced to kill anyone it bothers him deeply, however. Michael is very friendly to most everyone though he keeps clan matters strictly to himself, but since he was recreated by his sire as a beastial branch of Astraeus vampire he has become far more shy of people and retiring because of the way they react to his appearance.

Michael's Siring: Byron's thirst for blood was Mog's thirst, and the sight of Safiel feasting on that rare elf's blood had inflamed his own blood famish. Michael got up from his bed in the King's Watchtower where he slept, his room next to Byron's room in that tower, and he carried himself below to his master's suite where he bowed to Byron. Byron had called to him and he had answered as the obdient comrade he was. The Lion of Scotland, now the Lion of Demon Horn said nothing but stalked over to his soon to be progeny and stood him up by pushing him evenly until he had risen by a single hand grappling his shoulder. Michael gasped and cried out quietly as Byron then lifted him off his feet and sank his fangs violently into his throat, whereof he fed from him with a brutal hunger. Both hands gripped him now by his shoulders, and claws imbedded in his meat. With their shadows over Valkar where he lay on the sofa; the air around Byron began to crackle with power, hence a surge of dark energy traveled from that aura into his claws. Michael's voice strangled with agony and crushed breaths as he felt the horrible burn of that power inside of himself, through himself, as his entire body was consumed by that necromantic force. Byron had a name already for the Dark Creation he was engendering of Michael...A vampire, yes, but one that was also a demon, changed by the very forces from which demons and devils were born; simply put, darkness...or more precisely, dark matter. Michael was being taken apart and put back together again cell by cell, his death more painful than any agony that death could invent. His most loyal student and advocate, who had been with him centuries before he had ever met Lena, and he repaid him with horror and cruelty. Michael had never imagined agony to such extremes as ripped at his mind and body could exist..That the body could even register that amount of pain without being seized first by numbing shock or unconciousness. Gashes opened in Byron's wrists and blood flowed upward his arms in rivulets to bleed into the wounds which drew that fiendish energy and his blood into Michael. The wounds opening Byron's flesh then sealed and Michael blackened, as if blanching into cinders, hence he turned to ash in Byron's hands.

The vampire Lord brushed his hands off to watch the grey particles float to the floor joining the rest of Michael's remains. Byron knelt by the scattered mound of ash and began to chant quietly and there was something of beauty in the rich, resonant quality of his soft spoken voice, despite the malevolence of his deed. His long locks of platinum blonde hair brushed against the ashes as he spoke and spilled more blood from his arm, waving his wrist over the ash to sprinkle his life's blood upon the topmost layer. The ash absorbed a quart of his blood, weakening him, before the cuts closed again, whereof Byron remained kneeled, waiting. Anon an hour the ash began to transmogrify into something not quite human anymore. Bones formed first, with it arms appeared where they aught not, only the fingers lengthened and the arms turned out to take the shape of wings. Fingernails lengthened into long curved claws, and fangs larger than most vampires manifested with a skull which gathered out of the ash to harden into bone, before tendons and muscle began to cover over the skeleton. Horns appeared to sweep back the curve upward in sharp spikes from that skull before the face began to define itself, a face that was Michael's but for the batish ears, lion's nose, and large pair of amber bird's eyes. After the bony appendages of the wings were bound together by sinew feathers began to form...soft like an owl's feathers and as beautifully banded with soft brown and cream colours. The spine grew extraneous as well as a tail emerged, a snake's tail in shape and flexibility only it was covered with a soft, thin pelt of fur. Not even his hands and feet were normal. Intead of five toes and fingers he had three large digets on each extremity, each armed with a long, curved claw which could be retracted. There were no fingernails, only the claws which slid back inside of his fingers and toes.

Byron had entreated the forces he had invoked to imbue Michael's form with the very essence of the Astraeus Clan's blood, which gave their clan the ability to shift into various animals with one primary form which defined their vampiric form. Michael was a culmination of all these possibilities, if not in his new appearance than in his own untaught ability to shapeshift. That was his greatest gift. Mog named him Astraamus (ah-strAH-moos) which meant Astraeus vampire demon born of treachery, for what if not treachery, was siring someone so loyal, as something so hellish, without so much as warning them? Also, Michael would be capable of wild deception in his ability to alter his form in almost any way he could imagine. For this he gave up all other paths...For in his rebirth he became immune to the arcane, thus unable to tap it. There was one element he would excell in however...The path of Shadows. Michael was Byron's creation, for Byron had conceived of creating this genus of progeny by combining his blood and the necromantic power of Dark Creation. Mog had simply initiated the act against Byron's most faithful comrade and servant. Mog saw it as a double edged gift to Michael and Byron alike. Michael would either betray Byron in the worst way, and be well equipped to do so, or Michael would be proven truly loyal, as Byron had proved himself to Lucifer, through ordeal.

As soon as Michael became aware, which came even before his body was fully restored, he cried out, his agony and fear battling to dominate his voice. Wings flopped against the floor as feathers still sprouted and lengthened with the locks of brown hair which began to cover his skullcap. Parts of him were still raw. The entire process would take two hours, he still had another hour to go. His hands grabbed Byron's arms and he shook him with the strength of his pain, jostling the stronger vampire. "What...hah-h-ah-have y-y-you d-done, to m-m-me?" he stammered.

Byron smiled down at him, his dark eyes smoldering on his half-baked progeny and his own hands gripped Michael's arms. "I have given you the greatest gift I could give another...I have made you in our clan's image...A childgod of our clan. You have the chance to prove to this clan what loyalty and honor truly is, to prove what it is a progeny is meant to be. There is none other I would have done this for...I was saving it for you." That much was true...Byron had intended Michael to be the recipient of that form, but he had intended also to prepare him for it, to take the pain away, and to give him a choice in the matter.

"Wh-hat of the l-l-loy-yal-ty of...of ch-ch-choice?" Byron had always been a huge believer in choice. In fact, clan law as ordained by him forbade forced siring under the strictest penalty of death with very well defined exceptions, and even the exceptions were punished. Byron did not know about Dimitrie yet, and he would be counted among those exceptions, but Valis told Byron nothing anymore. He no longer trusted his judgment, so Valis carried whatever transgressions he discovered on his own authority.

Byron, or rather Mog, had a technicality for a defense. "Michael, you consented to be sired. I realize the method may not be what you expected..."

Michael cut in. "B-But this? This p-pain? This...oh gods...What AM I?"

Byron pursed his lips, his expression grave. "I see that you are in a panic. What you are is magnificent Michael. You are Astraamus. You will adapt to the changes, the gods know I did. As for the pain...Life IS pain, Michael. After this...all other pain shall pale. I want you prepared."

"Y-you sss-s-sound like Valis."

Byron laughed vibrantly. "Do I now?"

Michael stared at him. "There was a time s-saying that w-would've ins-s-sulted you."

Byron frowned. "If you dare leap on the horse Shaithis is riding...I swear," and there was a definate warning in his voice.

"N-no, My Lord. I shall al-ways r-ride the s-same side of the fence as you. Come this hell or another worse one..."

Mog gazed at Michael through Byron's wrought iron eyes. He might have underestimated Michael's staying power. "Good, for soon I will be sending you away, on a mission, an important one. Valkar will be going with you."

"Wh-what?" Michael was obviously shocked. Byron never sent newbloods into the world. Never!

Byron patted him. "You heard me." The possessed vampire then gathered Michael in his arms, chucked him over his left shoulder, and left the chamber with him entow. After escorting Michael to his room and bidding him to remain in his bed until it was over, then to rest when the pain passed, Byron returned to the corridor below.



  • Hand to Hand Combat: 30, +2 HB martial discipline, +2 HB defensive and immobilizing
  • Swordsmanship: 31, +2 HB martial discipline, Duel Weild
  • Weapon Specialization: +2 HB sword use
  • HB: +7 HB, +9 HB mounted, disarming and unhorse
  • AR: 4 sword, +1 per ace haste
  • Sword Damage: samurai style elven swords +28 damage each
  • Mounted Combat: +2 HB mounted
  • Disarm: +2 HB
  • Unhorse: +2 HB
  • Inborn Powers

  • Presence: 18
  • Vampiric Haste: 18
  • Telepathy: 18
  • Telekinesis: 18
  • Phantasmancy: 18
  • Vampiric Traits: 3
  • Paths of Power

  • Dark Lore: 30
  • Necromancy: 15
  • Wizardry: 15
  • Elemental Command: 15
  • Spectremancy: 1
  • Vocomancy: 1 (unique path of summoning)  
  • Combat

  • Hand to Hand Combat: 30, +2 HB martial discipline, +2 HB defensive and immobilizing
  • Swordsmanship: 31, +2 HB martial discipline, Duel Weild
  • Weapon Specialization: +2 HB sword use
  • HB: +7 HB, +9 HB mounted, disarming and unhorse
  • AR: 4 sword, +1 per ace haste
  • Sword Damage: samurai style elven swords +28 damage each
  • Mounted Combat: +2 HB mounted
  • Disarm: +2 HB
  • Unhorse: +2 HB
  • Survival Skills:

  • Direction Sense: 18
  • Land Marks: 18, find direction by remembering landmarks
  • Build Fire: 21
  • Hunt and Track: 22
  • Build Shelter and Make Tent: 24
  • Detect Traps: 17
  • Find Healing Herbs and Springs: 15
  • Common Skills

  • Business Management: 30
  • Restaurant and Hotel Management: 30
  • Bartending: 30
  • Culinary: 21
  • Psychology: 18
  • Languages: French, English, Some Gaelic, Cenys and Esurian
  • Swimming: 20, -10 wings
  • Winged Propulsion Underwater: 1
  • History: French and European 22, Morashtaran 16
  • Occult: 27 (demonology and vampiric)
  • Demolitions: 22 (build medieval bombs, make gunpowder, dynamite and stable nitroglycerine)
  • Pyrotechnics: controlled fires, fire bombs, and fireworks
  • Traits

    Warm Blooded Animal: he has a pulse and heartbeat, breathes and is warm. He is not undead but reliant on blood to live.

    Immunities: blood pathogens, blood venoms, disease, classic vampire banes (garlic, stakes, silver, religious relics and holy water) have no effect, death by dismemberment or decapitation, sunlight, fire and ice.

    Special Advantage: passage to and residence in Arcador, the city of vampires, and use of power within Acheron.

    Siring and Bondage

    Sire Progeny: See vampire information.
    Blood Thralls: See vampire information.
    Slave Bondage: Similair to Blood Thrall but more blood is drained from victim and half a pint of blood imbues the subject as vampire performs 'Rites of Domination' over subject as his blood is consumed (by force, will or domination) by the intended slave. Commands are imbedded in the slave during this rite by vocal designation. Blood Slaves are utterly obediant to their vampiric masters for their will is no longer their own.

    Vampiric Abilities and Traits

    Charm by Voice: Success dependent on whether vampire's willpower and power can overcome the will of the one subject to this power.

    Vampire Form
    Claws: +40 damage, +5 damage per level up to +35 for progeny.
    Wings: +5 flail, flight at SA level, +2 shield added fortitude vs. damage, wings are feathered
    Tail of the Beast: strength damage, trip, whip, coil and constrict.
    Horns: +30 damage, or +2 damage per level up to +25 for progeny.
    Bat Ears: +10 hearing, -1 per generation progeny to +2
    Eyes of the Owl: +10 keen vision and night vision:, -1 per generation progeny to +2, see as well in dark as in daylight unless there is zero light
    Nose of the Lion: +10 keen sense of smell, -1 per generation progeny to +2

    Physical Prowess
    Bestial Might: +10 strength, +1 per level, -1 per generation to +5.
    Feral Vigor: +20 stamina, +1 per level, -2 per generation to +10.
    Tough Flesh: +20 fortitude, +1 per level, -2 per generation to +8
    Supernatural Haste: +1 AR per ace, +1 mvm per success (see haste for more).
    Regeneration: Level 40, +1 per level, -1 per generation progeny to +20.
    Invulnerable Skeleton: hard to kill, resist beheading and dismemberment by 200%, 100% progeny, -10% per generation to +50%.

    Vampiric Majesty
    (progeny -- vampiric form only)
    Vampiric Menace:  Shadows spread around vampire and presence emits an aura of terror. Fear (retreat) and petrify on crit (-1 AR, -1 per ace) vs. Constitution.
    Physical Majesty:  Vampire can use supernatural haste in combat combinations for +1 HB or AR, +1 per ace, or haste winged flight. All physical checks increased by +8, Stamina enhanced by x 2 + 10.
    Arcane Prowess:  Vampire can imbue their claws and fangs with power to inflict it on a victim, and have great command of presence, their inborn gifts of haste are at the highest level, their strength phenominal with +2 d6 bonus on all PA or MA rolls and all other gains of majesty.
    Godly Presence:  Vampire can enhance in height and increase presence dramatically, their shadow spreading to eclipse an area up to +10 yards, +10 per ace in perimeter, while their presence radiates their chosen state of mind so potently that the will and mind of those who fall under their shadow crumbles, -1 d6+1 per stamina spent to Subject's Willpower and Constitution.

    Subrace Shift: progeny only: Nostraeus progeny can shift into their subrace form but they get no partial shifts, not even fangs. They do have *physical prowess of vampire form however. Full shift to vampiric form only.

    Magic Skills

  • Arcane Cryptology: 31, knowledge of magic runes, glyphs, hieroglyphs, and their meanings.
  • Cryptanalysis: 30, decipher runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals etc.
  • Use Magic Items: 30, use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects, roll of an ace required to use.
  • Silent Casting: 22, cast spells without speaking
  • Arcane and Elemental Fork: 32, hit multiple targets of up to +1 per ace, +1 per success on a crit.
  • Loop Power: 32, proofs against dispell and disrupt but no shatter.
  • Layer Power: 27, create multi-effect powers by layering various energies, up to +1 power, +1 per ace.
  • Magic Damper: 18, dampen levels of a magic by -1 damage or power per success.
  • Smart Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do, without a will own its own. Spell can also 'learn'. Intelligence of 17 + required to use. Intelligence = to caster's.
  • Character Checks

    Rate Chart for Checks: 1-50
    1-9 is pathetic to poor rating
    10-13 is average to decent rating
    14-17 is good to impressive rating
    18-21 is incredible rating
    22-25 is amazing to fantastic rating
    26-30 is phenomenal to supernatural rating
    31-40-incredible supernatural rating
    41-50-Godly or Titan rating.
    51-200-Godly or Titan rating (strength only)

    Physical Checks
    Strength: 31
    Stamina:  48
    Movement: 16
    Stealth: 21
    Dexterity: 18
    Reflexes: 22
    Fortitude: 40

    Sensory Checks
    Vision: 28
    Night Vision: 28
    Olfactory: 24
    Hearing: 25
    Taste: 20
    Touch: 15
    Sixth Sense:  15

    Mental Checks
    Willpower: 29 (-8 blood bonding)
    Intelligence:  22
    Constitution:  31
    Wisdom: 25
    Charisma: 14
    Instincts:  19
    Logic: 18


    HP: 1488
    Regeneration: 43


  • No Human Shift: Michael is what he is.
  • Susceptible to Blood Bonding: -8 willpower vs. blood bonding.
  • Bonded and Marked: by his sire, cannot resist his maker's will if he imposes a command on him, although he is also protected by the mark and bond.
  • Requires Custom Made Outfits: cannot wear normal clothing, gloves, footwear or armour. This also applies to progeny of his line when in vampiric form.
  • Experience Points (XP)

    XP Earned: NA, NPC stat purchases
    XP Spent:
    XP Remaining:

    Inborn Powers


  • {1-3} Infatuation - Subject becomes intrigued with the enchanter and desires them.
  • {4-6} Induce Fear - Subject fears mage and compelled to retreat from enchanter's presence.
  • {7-9} Respect - Subject is awed with the enchanter and trusts what the enchanter says to them.
  • {10-12}) Euphoria - Enchanter can induce others to feel excessive euphoria with a loss of mental faculties -1 all mental check, -1 per ace.
  • {13-15} Berserk - Subject goes berserk and will attack anyone in sight but the enchanter and anyone enchanter blinds from the subject’s sight, and gets +2 HB, +4 damage, +2 on all rolls, but -4 HB and -4 on all defenses.
  • {16-18} Induce sleep - Enchanter charms subject into a deep, restful sleep. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
  • {19-21} Subdue the Will - Enchanter's presence overpowers the will of another and brings their will under their command for up to +1 days per success as called.
  • {22-24} Command the Will - Used with Subdue the Will, the subject is under absolute command of enchanter until subject can overcome the LoD of the power over them, each attempt to break free exhausts -8 stamina for 12 hours. Stamina loss accumulates over a 1 day period. Lasts as called unless subject breaks free of power.
  • {25-27} Enslave the Will - The subject's will is enslaved to enchanter until the enchanter releases them. Lasts as called unless subject is freed of total power by a higher roll.
  • {28-30} Master of the Horde - Induce multiple targets within an area of a city with any emotion and influence that emotion towards an end. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
  • {31-35} Master of Presence – improvise powers of presence, imbue items, walls or the atmosphere of an area with presence to create wards, create charmed artifacts, create phylacteries to protect the souls and powers of subjects, make a power permanent, improve power of presence.
  • {36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.
  • Supernatural Haste

  • 1-{1-3} Superhuman Movement - Two times faster than a human sprinter.
  • 2-{4-6} Blurring Movement - Phasing speed which makes subject blur from vision.
  • 3-{7-9} Phasing Movement - Surpasses tangible and material objects.
  • 4-{10-12} Phasing Gate - Phase out of one place and into another.
  • 5-{13-15} Twain Haste - Ability to haste another with self, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
  • 6-{16-18} Ultimate Phase - Phase past anything.
  • 7-{19-21} Twain Phasing Gate - Phase past anything with another, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
  • 8-{22-24} Active Applications - Hasted actions, weapons and combat. +1 AR per Ace, -1 stamina per +1 bonus AR used. Hasted movement still applies if movement vs. movement.
  • 9-{25-27} Shared Haste - Haste another by power of roll by channeling the ability to another.
  • 10-{28-30} Blind Eye Movement - Quicker than the eye.
  • 11-{31-35} Formulation of Commands - in creating improvised haste effects, blending haste with other gifts, creating haste imbued artifacts and items at level used.
  • 12-{36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.
  • Telepathy

  • {1-3} Touching subject.
  • {4-6} Within 30 feet of subject.
  • {7-9} Within visual range of subject.
  • {10-12} Within same city/borough as subject.
  • {13-15} In same state/providence as subject.
  • {16-18} In same country as subject.
  • {19-21} In same world as subject.
  • {22-24} Able to contact various subjects at same time anywhere in the world.
  • {25-27} Able to contact subjects anywhere and at any distance.
  • {28-30} Able to create mind gates to see, hear, and influence subject through a telepathic connection.
  • {31-35} Telepathic Visionary - connect to someone met before telepathically and see them as well as hear them and their thoughts within their surroundings. See and hear those around them as well. Area of vision is +1 yard per success radius around target.
  • {36-40} Formulation of Commands - Formulate and Improvise telepathic effects and powers, and make telepathic items, wards, or artifacts.
  • Telekinesis

    take one chosen telekinetic feat per 3 levels gained. All stat numbers x 10 on a crit if called.

  • Arrest Movement: catch someone or something mid-air to hold it suspension or let it down as called, up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace
  • Bend: up to +1 strength per success, +5 strength per ace, vs. strength of object.
  • Lift: up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
  • Push: up to +1 strength per success, +5 strength per ace.
  • Throw: up to +1 foot per success, +5 feet per ace, damage=distance thrown, up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
  • Smite: strike a target as called, +1 damage per success, +5 damage per ace. Damage=strength.
  • Grapple: up to +1 strength per success, +5 strength per ace. Holds without damage.
  • Crush: includes death grips, choke holds, body crushes, and crush items. Up to +1 strength and damage per success, +5 strength and damage per ace.
  • Levitation: lift self or someone else up to +1 foot per success, +5 feet per ace. Includes descent as called. Up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
  • Shield of Negation: negates weapons and magic damage by power of shield, +5% chance per ace that shield will deflect weapon or power back on attackers for normal damage. Shield lasts until recalled or broken. One shielded can take action while shielded.
  • Transference: carry a called object to self or another, up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
  • Multiple Targets: affect multiple targets with any called feat next turn, up to +1 target per success or ace.
  • Shockwave: affects a potentially large area with a damaging and stunning wave of telekinetic energy in a radius of up to +10 yards per success, -1 AR per ace to anyone affected, +1 damage per success, +5 damage per ace.
  • Telekinetic Formulation: level 36-40 only, formulate feats as called.
  • Physical Distortion - Distort the shape of an object or living thing as called by up to +1 distortion per success. Lasts up to +1 hour per success, +1 day per ace. Duration x ten on a crit, or permanent if called.
  • Sculpt the Physical - Reshape an object or living thing as called by up to +1 feature per success. Lasts up to +1 hour per success, +1 day per ace. Duration x ten on a crit, or permanent if called.
  • Phantasmancy

  • 1-{1-3} Illusion - Mage creates a minor illusion.
  • 2-{4-6} Visual Projection - Subject sees glimpses of things that are not there which mage projects from his mind.
  • 3-{7-9} Sensory Illusion - Mage causes another to smell, feel, hear or sense things that are not there.
  • 4-{10-12} Deluded Perception - Subject's perception is deluded by FALSE visions, scents, sounds, and touch.
  • 5-{13-15} Phantasm - Mage creates a livid illusion which seems very real.
  • 6-{16-18} Livid Reality - Subject perceives of whatever sense of reality mage creates while blinding subject's perception to their presence.
  • 7-{19-21} Dreamscape - Mage traps subject in a dream world.
  • 8-{22-24} Nightmare Reality - Victim lives a nightmare of their worst fears and is unaware it is all a delusional manifestation of their deepest dread.
  • 9-{25-27} Architect of Reality - Mage invents subjects sense of reality, dictating every aspect of their mental, physical and emotional perception.
  • 10-{28-30} Formulation of Commands - Use phantasmancy with other gifts, improvise spells, create artifacts, phantoms, creatures, and items with phantasmal effects, and use phantasms for wards.
  • 11- {31-35} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.
  • 12- {36-37} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.