Armand Wilholm De'Casey

General Information

Character created on Oct. 4th, 2004

Name: Armand Wilholm De'Casey the Wolf
Age: By Appearance: 26, Actual: 960
Race: Halfborn Vampire - 2nd Gen Astraeus. Prince of Arcador and Seumir
Father: Feodha Corca, aka Byron Decasey
Mother: Anna Degracea (Darkstar Sephiroth, believed deceased)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190
Hair: Long, Dense, Straight, Black.
Eyes: very dark umber brown, appear black.
Build: Exceptionally Handsome and well built
Demeanor: Seldom given to mirth. Very serious but he has a mischievous streak in him.
Class: Temple Knight

Personal Quotes
"Love me, and I will embrace you, your breath I shall take, Cross me and you shall beg me for mercy's sake, Fear me and you shall have opened the door on wisdom's grace, For this Prince must suffer his Father's eternal disgrace."
A Quote he inherited from his father: "The night is my kingdom, she holds me in her graces, sings to me of her temporal tributes. I am her giver and taker."



Armand's father Byron broke from battle as he felt his wife's fear and her pain...and he drove his horse to the ground riding home, leaving the battle on the borderlands between Caldonia and Albion behind him. His castle was only a few leagues away, those borderlands, his lands. He found his castle, crops, orchards and vineyards burned, and his wife dead. He had not arrived in time to save her... Someone had cut open her body and removed Armand, his son. Byron assumed that it was his enemy and wasted no time. Driven by his rage and grief; he took his wrath and armies on the land, and slew first the Clan Mc'Kewen down to the last man, woman and child, but his fury did not stop with them, no. He became known as the Red Death of Caldonia, a plague that bathed in the blood of thousands of Caldonians and Albions on the battlefield. He was hunted day and night, his knights and soldiers growing fearful, some turning assassin to attempt to slay their good Lord gone mad. When a day came that Byron could trust no one, not even his own knights, he went abroad of Caldonia.

Armand was found on the steps of a monastery in Gaul where the priests there took him in and cared for him. His growth rate was the same as a human's, Armand was unaware that he was not human. He was not however well treated by his caretakers. Armand was fed their scraps, beaten if they were displeased with his work, the dogs of the soldiers got more of their leftovers than he did, and at the age of six one of the Roman guards posted there set his eye on the beautiful orphan boy and made him his catamite. One man alone was kind to him, a young soldier there, who told Armand the name of his father. When Armand asked about Feodha Corca, the soldier told him what most men believed, that he was a notorious Celtic barbarian and tyrant who had usurped a Kingdom in Gaul and assumed the name Byron Decasey. For ten years Armand suffered the older soldier's depraved appetite until at last he got up the courage to murder the heartless man in his sleep. Hence he fled into the countryside.

Half sephiroth as he was, Armand was unaware of the vampire blood sleeping dormant within him, and that his first brush with death would awaken the beast in him. Armand went in search of his father, who believed him dead, and as he made his way across Gaul, he was set upon by Roman soldiers who he was wanted by for murder. No justice was shown him; he was killed in the streets of the small village he was found in, and buried in a shallow open grave beside hundreds of plague victims and destitute dead. Armand woke three days later strangling on the stench of disease and decay and the absence of oxygen. He ripped open the sack cloth he had been shrouded in then clawed his way out of the earth and rot then crawled across the ground where he collapsed against a sad looking knotted oak tree. There he caught his breath as his senses wrestled with the fact that he had just crawled out of his wretched grave. He labored also under the violent influence of a blood thirst he could not yet identify. He felt empty... such hunger and thirst as he had never experienced before, and he had gone hungry many times.

Armand traveled to the Kingdom his father was rumored to rule over but Byron was not there. A handsome young Greek fellow named Nicodemus was ruling in Byron's absence. The Greek who had been made steward of his throne would not tell Armand where Byron had gone any more than Armand would tell him that he was Byron's son. Nicodemus was not even sure Byron was still alive, reporting to the young man seeking an audience with him that he had embarked over two years ago.

Armand left Gaul and traveled back to Caldonia, the homeland of his birth, where he uncovered a great deal of information about his father, much of it disturbing. Rumors carried Armand later to Romania, where he met his first vampire, a man named Constantin, who for awhile became Armand's companion and lover. It turned out Constantin was also an Astraeus and as such, he taught the far younger Armand how to master himself as an Astraeus as they traveled together between Gaul, Scotland and Romania in search of Armand's father. His relationship with Constantin in the meantime was turbulent, his lover abusive, often cruel, and self driven. The primogen vampire also preyed on Armand's sense of gratitude towards him and low self-esteem.

Armand began to doubt that it was even wise to seek his father. All rumors and records of Feodha Corca painted him as a horrifying man, a ruthless butcher and horrible fiend, practically mythic as a monster. Many claimed he was a demon straight out of Hell, Tartarus, Annwn or whatever underworld their superstition made them believe in. Armand continued to seek his father regardless of these doubts, but it seemed he was only being led a merry chase to no place in his search. After one-hundred years of searching for his elusive father, Armand gave up and lived for almost two centuries with Constantin, who enslaved him when he tried to leave, then after a messy ending to their relationship, over Constantin's appetite for multiple lovers which he forced on Armand, treating Armand like a catamite, Armand found a way to escape him and resumed his search for Byron. It was in the year 1507 that he was told by a handsome stranger to seek his father in the chateau Rogue DeLune in France where Armand at last found his father. Armand heard someone in the Inn's commons speak the name Byron, then approached him to ask him who he was, and if he had a son. Byron had looked sad for a moment then shook his head, saying he was Byron DeCasey and that he had no son. "Are you so certain?" Armand asked him, and Byron looked to the striking young man who gazed at him so intently. He felt something in himself stir, saw a familiar face in the youthful features which stared back at him. "I almost had a son once," he admitted. Armand then told Byron that he was his son, that priests had raised him as an orphan under Roman supervision, and that when he had turned eighteen he had gone in search of his father, and until now, had searched in vain. Armand neglected to tell Byron of the abuses he had suffered in his youth and all the years after which had poisoned his mind and body for an eternity.

It was much later that Byron came to learn that it had not been his enemies who had taken his son but Lucifer, who had placed him on the doorstep of that monastery in Gaul. Caldonia had long become Scotland and Gaul had long become France before Byron had reunited with his son Armand. Why, Byron wondered, had Lucifer waited so long to unite father and son? Armand was embraced fully by his father who he quickly found to be a noble and honorable man, nothing like the despot he had been told so many horror stories about. Armand came later to discover by Byron's own admission that he had once been all those dreadful things people accused him of being, but that he had changed... for sake of redeeming himself for all his past sins, for the memory of Armand's mother, and for the love of a woman he had come to fall in love with, he had changed. Armand met Lena and found her to be everything Byron had claimed she was. Armand was happy to see his father married to such a fine lady. Five years after his father had joined hands with the Spanish beauty Lena, Armand himself fell in love with a woman, the first woman he had ever been with, and it pleased Byron very much to see Armand with a female instead of the males he so often kept company with. Armand found his father to be very uncomfortable with his homosexuality. Owed to a deep need to be accepted by his father, Armand often flaunted his male lovers publicly and in Byron's presence. Armand had found himself in love with a woman though, and planned to marry her, but she broke his heart when she discovered what he was. She called him a monster, a demon, and wanted nothing more to do with him. Armand was forced to kill her so she would not reveal his secret to humans.

Despite his father's displeasure at him being chiefly a homosexual, Byron treated Armand very well, hid nothing from him, taught him all he knew, loved him as a father should love his son, and protected him fiercely. In time Armand became his knight and accompanied him to Arcador in Acheron where Armand learned to be a leader of vampires and men. Armand had been miserable all his life, but his father gave his heart back to him, showed Armand what happiness and contentment was; taught him to believe in himself. Being Byron's son made Armand content. His past had shaped him into a strange fellow, an oftentimes angry fellow, and a dangerous vampire, but he was also a champion to the poor, a knight of decency and honor, a feral passionate and skilled lover, and a threat to all who endangered his clan or friends. To vampire slayers he was a deadly and fearless force to be reckoned with.


Knight Class Abilities

Dodge: +1 dex and movement per ace vs. attack roll.
Evade: +1 dex per ace vs. level of missiled weapons.
Heart Feast: Take 10 turns to prepare and eat the heart of recently slain foe; Heals by Level of Foe=# d6, +5 HP per success, +10 HP per ace, +1 drained level per ace, and restores 5 stamina per ace.
Battle Command: Command gives all allies (self not included) in 25 foot radius +2 damage per ace, +2 HB for 2 turns.
Battle Roar: Foes in radius of 2 yards, +1 yard per success, must save vs. fear or be paralyzed with fear -1 AR per ace, and suffer shock damage. Cost of -1 stamina per 3 levels to use.
Mock: Target/s rush to attack mocker, ignoring spells, missile weapons, or strategy to attack physically at -2 HB, and -2 Checks. +1 AR per ace, +10 damage. Lasts 1d6 turns. Skill and charisma vs. willpower check.
Combat Derision (war): Enemies rush to attack the mocker, ignoring spells, missile weapons, or strategy to attack physically at -2 HB, -4 AC, and -2 on all checks. Lasts 1d6, +1 AR per ace, +10 damage. Skill and charisma vs. willpower.
War Cry: +2 HB and damage to party for the next three attacks. Use once a day.
Cyclone Attack: +1 AR, +1 AR per ace present turn, a fierce all around attack when surrounded.
Blood Rage: (vampire knights only) when character's HP falls below 100; he or she goes berserk, and gets +4 HB, +1 AR, inflicts Double Damage, with +10 Fortitude and +50 HP. Character cannot defend and takes all successful hits. Allies who try to deter character suffer an attack from berserker each time they try to interfere and risk (30% chance of) being attacked for blood. Berserk doesn't end until all present foes are slain. When it ends, bonuses cease and character has 0 HB and must rest for 5 turns.
Leaping Attack: Leap 2 d6 feet with running start, or 1 d6 feet from standing start. +1 HB per ace, and +1 additional damage per success.
Bulwark: Willpower and Ability check negates fear and disease. This power is constant when taken.
Charge: +3 hit and damage when charging, -2 HB defense penalty though.
Knight's Feat: Heals +5 HP per success, +10 HP per ace, restores +2 drained levels and 50% stamina.
Smite: Bash foe with shield for Level=Damage, and stun +1 AR, +1 per ace.
Zeal: Fill self with confident zeal, +3 HB, +3 d6 stamina, +4 d6 damage, cannot flee when in zeal.
Regroup: Party gets 2 turns to regroup if battle comes to a pause. +1 init when battle recommences, +2 HB and +2 init if attacked while regrouping. Once a day unless GM calls otherwise. Allows party to reposition to gain an advantage.
Elemental Resistance: 5% resistance per level vs. elemental attacks, normal damage suffered if resistance fails.
Mastery: Use once a day per level. Roll any knight ability twice, taking best roll.
Mental Tower: +1 all mental rolls per ace until end of encounter.
Bone Armor: Can use bones of dead to make armor, takes 1 day and two skeletons. AC=Level+9.
Night Eyes: Night-vision up to +10 foot radious per ace for 6 hours.
Poison Adeptness: Brew poisons and identify poisons. Created poison causes +2 damage per success. Takes 1 day to gather ingredients and brew. Max of one dose per level may be mixed at once.
Company Valor: Each party member (up to 6 members, + 1 per ace) gets +1 HB, +1-PCD, +1 per ace, and 10% MR, +10% per ace rolled, next turn, stamina cost is 6 to use.
Courage: Increases party members' constitution and willpower by +1 per ace.
Clamor of Disruption: Knight beats his shield with weapon and roars. Any magic cast by opposition is disrupted if roll defeats MA roll. Double stamina cost.
Bard Song: Knight lifts his voice up in the middle of a battle to sing a fearless battle song of his people's victories, shaking the opposition, -2 willpower per ace, -1 d6 PA or MA, -1 d6 per ace to rivals, +1 charisma per ace vs. willpower
Giest Tribute: Knight has the favor of a god or goddess, and has been blessed by his patron pantheon with a giest, or way of death. To kill the knight, he must have one foot in water, and the other on land, or he will suffer no death blows or mortal wounds. If disabled or KOd he is somehow miraculously ignored, or overlooked. Giest can vary with GM discretion and GM can refuse to allow a character to take this tribute. Giest can only be discovered if the knight tells someone, if that information got around, or by specialized spells.
Weapon Specialization: Specialize in a chosen weapon at +2 HB and +2 d6 damage.
Defense Bonus: +2 HB when unarmored and unencumbered.
Faithful Mount: Around 10th level, the knight has a chance to acquire a bonded mount. This mount is very loyal, and has combat attacks. It also gets resurrections.
Poison Resistance: +5% resistance to poisons per level.


Magic Class Abilities

Alchemy: use of chemistry with enchantment to alter one form or mineral into another, create life lengthening elixirs, and make potions to cure diseases, curses, and poisons.
Arcane Biology: knowledge of what plant materials and creatures can retain magic and which do not.
Arcane Cryptology: knowledge of magic runes, glyphs, hieroglyphs, and their meanings.
Arcane Knowledge: knowledge of magic and the history of magic, +1 MA-Level high level knowledge of magic, only one level allowed
Arcane Mineralogy: knowledge of what minerals retain magic and which do not
Arcane Sanctuary: mage can fuse the walls of a chamber, tower, or building with powers of protection and defensive effects which are factored against anti-factors
Arcane Tactics, +1 on all spell check rolls
Arcanology: study of the history of magic +1 success when learning spells
Augury: divination of present incidents
Saving Throw Bonus, +1
Bard Lore - knowledge, understanding, and application of correct utterance
Chaos Lore: Understanding of chaos and how it relates and interacts with all things. Understanding how to tap and apply the power of chaos.
Create Arcane Runes: creation of runic languages.
Cryptanalysis: decipher runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals etc.
Cryptography: writing, reading, and creation of runes, seals, hieroglyphs, and symbols
Cryptology: study of runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals, etc.
Hidden Lore: (type) gain little known knowledge of a creature type or culture, skill vs. LoD of knowledge.
Inborn Power: character can learn all inborn powers (limited paths) at the cost of one level, leveling up all inborn powers at the same time.
Innate Magic: character can learn limited magic at 50% XP cost, or +1 spell per level at 50% XP cost.
Lore Aspected Power: Gain path of Lore, see Limited Magic spell book.
Magic Adjustment: +10% adjust a spell to get past defenses or attacks while casting by adjusting power to an alternate channel of energy
Magic Damper: dampen levels of a magic by -1 damage or power per success.
Magic Enhancer: +1
Magic Modifier: +10%, modify power to counter magic adjustment and anti-factors
Magic Targeting: for use with missile and thrown spells, +1 HB.
Magic Class: Bard, Chaosmancer, Conjurer, Chronomancer, Elemental (type), Enchanter, Lore Master, Necromancer, Occultist (dark and blood magic), Projectionist (see Quantum Wizard, Shadowmancer, Sorcerer, Warlock, Witch, Wizard,
Occultism: Magic (path) +1 Level in paths occult knowledge applies to
Occultism: Demonology +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
Occultism: Vampire +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
Occultism: Witchcraft +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
Omen Reading: read signs to predict omens
Power Investiture: character can create wards with any power they possess.
Priesthood: (type) if a magic using priesthood, take 3 paths of limited magic or number of paths race is allowed.
Quick Casting: +1 mvm spells
Read Runes: (type) read runes of one race or culture per level.
Research: +10 XP towards field of study when roll succeeds against research LoD
Reasoning Expertise: +1 Mental Checks.
Read Bones: ancient art of making predictions by throwing bones, Wisdom vs. LoD of knowledge.
Rites: (type)
Rituals: (type)
Ritual Paths: (type)
Ritual Magic: (type)
Rituals, Voodoo:
Rituals and Ceremonies: (type)
Rune Lore: history and knowledge of runes, +1 wisdom vs. LoD of runes.
Signature Spells: Take one per arcane path. Cast at +1 level, or +1 AR, or +1 HB, or foes get -1 save. 0-Stamina first cast once a day
Silent Casting: cast spells without speaking
Arcane Soothsayer: read enchanted, cauldrons, bones, etc. or dreams, the stars, etc to make predictions.
Thaumaturgy: knowledge of magic applications and disciplines, +1 Ace to all magic rolls.
Undead Lore: aids in understanding the undead, wisdom vs. key level of undead creature to discover creature's secrets.
Use Magic Items: use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects, roll of an ace required to use.
Quantum Projection: Channel power through the mind, learn spells in any order from any path and cast them at present level, take Quantum Wizard Magic Class. Take no additional paths but add spells as they are learned to spell book up to 5 spells per level. At level 30 gain Project Self free and project living image of character and their powers anywhere in the world or any place character has been at -3 MA levels with no physical levels. character Projection takes no physical damage either, but does take Magic damage.
Zephryn (SA): innate ability to control the wind.
Zepto-feat (MA-SA): achieve any feat instantaneously at 50% damage or power, stamina cost triples.
Zero-Gravity Feat (MA-SA): ability to achieve weightlessness at will.
Zero-Gravity, Permanent: to be born and live as weightless creature.
Zero-Gravity Command (SA): ability to command weightlessness in self, others and other things.
Smart Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do, without a will own its own. Spell can also 'learn'. Intelligence of 17 + required to use. Intelligence = to caster's.
Artifact Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do. Spell can also 'learn'. Gives a spell a will of its own. If spell does not like their caster, it could backlash on caster. If spell likes who it is targeted for, it may skip a target and hit someone else. Intelligence of 19 + and Wisdom of 25 + required to use. Mental Checks = to caster's.  


    Melee: level 42, +7 HB
    Thrown: level 40, +6 HB
    Martial: level 39, +5 HB
    Bestial: level 41, +7 HB
    Archery: level 38, +5 HB
    Crossbow: level 40, +6 HB
    Whip: level 21, +3 HB
    Firearms: level 30, +4 HB
    Armour: AC 80


Holy water and Relics
Silver (which is werewolves you idiot slayers!)
His soul cannot be taken. Soul is marked and is Lucifer's upon death.



Improved Stealth: +2
Rapid Self Healing (can only heal himself, otherwise healing powers (but not first aid or surgery) damages him.
Resiliant MR: 85% unless magic is used, MR depleted for one day if magic is used.
Rights of Passage in Acheron
Rights of Magic in Arcador and Acheron: as granted to him by Lucifer himself.
Vampiric Advantages: trait abilities and improved checks.



Homosexual (or at least he was until he met Siena, so maybe now he is sexually confounded? That or devils don't count!)
Cold Hearted: towards strangers and people he shares no bond with.
Enemy Magnet: because of royal ties and being the heir apparent of two kingdoms.
Bound Eternally to Acheron and the Morning Star
Prone to Melancholy: he can get really low if exposed to a lot of hardship, horror, or cruelty.
Vampiric Penalties: blood dependence, sun weakens, inescapable clan bond, born marked by Acheron.



    Inborn Abilities: 40
    Combat: 55, Duel Edged Weapons, Specialization +2 HB,
    Tempest Sword: +100 damage, +1 HB balance, Solar Flare, Roiling White Mana (damages and depletes white magic abilities by -1 per success, -2 per ace), Roiling Black Mana (damages and depletes dark magic abilities by -1 per success, -2 per ace), Soul Arrest.
    Total XP Earns: 160,650,525


    Dark Invocation (Curses): 34
    Quantum Physiomancy: 25
    Necromancy: 30
    Sorcery: 30
    Conjuration: 36
    Phantasmancy: 40
    Domination: 40
    Presence: 40
    Haste: 38
    Telekinesis: 36
    Mental Tower: 52
    Elemental Command: 31 (Umbramancy, Storm, Plants)
    Illusory Shround: 40

Vital Stats

    HP: 1075 / 3200
    Regeneration: 62
    Fortitude: 25
    Resurrection Difficulty: 1, 10%
    AR: 4, +1 per ace with haste.

Check Dice

    Strength: 30 (67 with vampiric taps)
    Stamina: 35 (80 with vampiric taps)
    Movement: 21 (+1 per success haste)
    Dexterity: 19
    Stealth: 21

    Willpower: 28
    Intelligence: 19
    Charisma: 25
    Perception: 60

First Path

Mental Tower

1-{1-3} Stupefy - Mage scrambles subject's senses making them dazed and confused, -1 AR, -1 AR per ace.
2-{4-6} Reveal Reality - Subject sees, feels, and senses things as they really are.
3-{7-9} Mental Sanctuary – Subject is protected against attacks against the will or mind, and mental trespasses.
4-{10-12} Persuasion – Subject is swayed to see or believe things as the mage dictates.
5-{13-15} Mental Bequest – Mage bequeaths a mental advantage to subject, or enchants an item which improves a mental check. +1 called mental check, +1 per ace as called.
6-{16-18} Embed Memory – Mage implants 1 memory in subject’s mind that the target believes to be true.
7-{19-21} Dementia – Subject’s mental faculties are shattered, -1 all mental checks per success, or cause insanity with a permanent psychosis, the mage determining what triggers it and the effects of that trigger.
8-{22-24} Purify the Mind – Subject’s mind is healed of any damage caused by past emotional or physical traumas, while thoughts become clear and untainted by negativity. Also cleanses mind of any mental tampering.
9-{25-27} Restructure Memory – Part or all of a subject’s memories are wiped clean and replaced with new memories of the Mage’s invention.
10-{28-30} Immunity to Mental Tampering - Mages can make a subject immune to any kind of mental tampering, or all mental tampering.
11- {31-35} Smite the Mind – Lowers all mental checks to -1 per success (to as low as 2) permanently or temporarily as called, crit required to succeed.
12- {36-40} Arch Tower of the Mind – Improvise and create mental commands, applications, and spells as called. Level=Magic Level Used. LoD=Total MA roll. Examples:
o Mental Asphyxiation-Gradual loss of mental faculties, -1, -1 per ace per turn, lasts 1 turn per success.
o Memory Displacement Ward-Anyone entering warded area will forget they were there when they leave warded area, +1 yard per success ward area.



Lake of Shadows Inn

Lake of Shadows Inn Chat

Description:You enter an elegant Stone Tavern to step into a large bar room. Left and behind the bar are sliding glass doors that open onto a stone cobbled patio that meets a pristine glassy lake. The floorinside is tiled with gleaming azure blue marble streaked with red and black swirls. The bar is a deep hue of blue and black marble, while the tables are a gleaming black glassy marble. The chairs and bar stools alike are brass framed with luxerious leather cushions , the windows hung with heavy deep blue drapes . Each Table is covered with a black linen cloth covered by a red lace table cloth, a group of 3 candles on each table. Right of the bar, a set of coffer style sliding doors opens into a lounge, where a sofa, arm chairs and large hearth, with a set of Goat head fireplace tools on the ember stone, offer a relaxing place to socialize or meditate. Behind the blue drapes, the windows are Heavily barred and shuttered.

The Grounds: A 700 acrea lake fills an ancient volcanic crator, its waters deep and pristine. Many beautiful crystals and minerals can be found on the lakes sandy shores. The lake is surround by 1000 acreas of primal forest land. There are some 100 campgrounds around the lake, but one must get permission to camp on these clan lands, or risk trouble for trespasing. The forest and lake alike are teaming with wildlife of all varieties.

Forest: Demon Wolves 1 d20+65 AC-5 and Zzar Clan Eagles 1 d30+75 AC-3 guard the forest.
Lake: Azgarth the Lake Dragon, a 100 foot long, dark green Dragon is the lake guardian. 2 d20+35PA+50Bite+80Dead Frontiers Magic AC-6

WARDS: If A fight breaks out in the Inn, or a guest is being unduly hostile or destructive, the Inn Wards take effect and teleport the offenders OUTSIDE the bar and off the Lake Property bounderies. If the offender tries to enter and stir trouble again, the Inn Wards Teleport them into limbo and bar them from re-entry.
The Inn has powerful wards that restore damage to the Inn and grounds themselves and which prevent trouble makers from entering again once they have been barred unless the barring is lifted. The Wards also stop forced entry into the bar if locked. Only the owner and those few trusted employees who have the master keys can enter the bar when locked. Clan Kilcanoragh and Connemara alone can command some of the Territory and Inn's more specialized Wards and Defenses.

INN RULES: Keep ALL Weapons concealed while in the Commons Area. Powerful Wards will be triggered to remove fights and weapons from the bar. No fighting inside the Inn. TAKE FIGHTS OUTSIDE.
OOC RULES: NO DICE in ROOM! Quest Dice ONLY. No moding (eject!) Experienced RP ONLY!! Do NOT enter to play if you don't know how to RP. Observe and learn if newbie then play once you understand how basic play goes.. NO OOC in this chat please, take it to IMs thanks. **Wizard Quest Dice Only.


Castle Decasey

Wards: Powerful wards prevent forced entry into Castle Decasey, and any whom enter the castle are at the mercy of wards which can gate anyone either outside the estate or into the Dungeon. Wards Counter anti magic defenses by disjoining anti magic as wards engage. Moat is teaming with monster guardians.

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