Serhaubren Map

Serhaubren Citadel Wards

All wards can be countered by higher rolls.

  • City Dome: LoD 417
    (1) Wards against invasion by planar or arcane gate methods of travel
    (2) On command a temporary arcane dead zone is created within the city limits with exception of the Tower of Magisters.
    (2) Also boosts gate commands by city officials with ward rights. (The King, Queen, Regent, Regent's wife, Arch Mages, Knight and Guard commanders, or anyone given temporary rights by these people).
    (3) Can also be set by the King, Queen, Regent or Arch Mage to disallow anyone or everyone as called from leaving the city. Sections of the dome are activated with telekinetic force either as dome perimeters are approached by select individuals, or the entire dome is activated with force when a city-wide containment is called.

  • Prison Wards: LoD 396
    (1) Shadow Void: in all cells and areas beyond guard chambers which draws all arcane and elemental energies into the shadow zone, effectively nullifying powers within the jail and dungeon.
    (2) Disrupt Egression: halts escape or entry into Dungeon or Jail by supernatural means.
    (3) Plasma Cells of Force: outer perimeters severely damage with plasma energy on contact and block entry and exit by anyone other than those selected for bypass, these 'cubes' of power are raised around individual cells with the command 'High Level Security' while locking a door. This command reestablishes the permiters of the shadow void to refit it in sections inside of the cells of plasma force.
  • Arch Mage of the City is Level 36.

    Seumir Map

    The Eight Districts of Seumir

    All districts are named after their most important cities and townships.

  • Red - Traegellen
  • Grey - Serhaubren
  • Teal - Albiraath
  • Green - Talmidden (Midland)
  • Yellow - Hartfordshire
  • Purple - Albaanshire
  • Orange - Cirarweth (Keystone)
  • Blue - Southshire
  • Serhaubren Palace Map

  • This palace is as durable as it is unique and impressive, with four tower keeps and five walled in courtyards enclosed within a high circular rampart wall which connects to a tremendous tower.
  • Each Red X represents 1-2 guards.
  • Tower of Magisters: This massive hexagonal tower stands an imposing 20 stories high. One must pass through this tower by the same corridor which leads to the Hall of Justice to enter the palace. This is the Tower of Magisters, where the courte magic weilders and Serhaubren's Undying Knights reside, practice their disciplines, and teach advanced students out of Seumir's Institute of the Arcane Arts and Academy of Homeland Defense in Serhaubren. The Hall of Justice is where crimes against the throne are judged and is a public courte.
  • Circa Battlement: The circular battlement which surrounds the palace is 28 feet high and fourteen feet thick and always manned, heavily during wartime. The battlements are accessed from the Tower of Magisters' second floor.
  • Inner Walls: The sixteen foot high courtyard walls and the walls of the tower keeps are ten feet thick.

  • Regency Tower: This tower is where city meetings are held and where guests stay.
  • Patronage Tower: The royal guards, courte officers and guests reside in this tower.
  • Residents Keep: This is where permanent residents of the palace other than the royal families reside, including servants. Guests of these residents sometimes stay in this tower as well.
  • North Tower: The Hall of Parlance is a large banquet hall where high officials of Seumir hold talks with allies, neighbors, concerned citizens and enemies alike. This hall is only open to the public when announced.
  • Dungeon: Also accessed from the guard house outside of the Palace, the Palace access leads directly to the deepest level of the dungeon, bypassing the guard chamber. Two steel doors at the beginning and end of the corridor and stairs leading to the private chamber in the dungeon are warded (as is the entire dungeon) and always locked. The King and Steward are the only ones with the enchanted keys which can open these two doors.
  • Serhaubren Palace Map II

  • Tower of Magisters: Resident arch mage Arcenian (Chaosian). Knight Commander Ysiruden Baeu of the Undying Knights. The Undying knights
  • Regency Tower:
  • Patronage Tower:
  • Residents Keep:
  • North Tower: The Steward resides on the 3rd floor of this tower, friends and family on the 2nd floor, while the king and queen when they stay in Serhaubren reside on the 4th and topmost floor. Any family the monarchs send in their place also stay on the top floor.