Shaithis Ethan Decasey

Shaithis Ethan Decasey

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General Information

Clan: Clan Decasey Nosferatu
Race: True born vampire with Bleeding Terror Lich Dormancy
Age: Years Lived: 406 Age by Appearance: Late teens to early 20s.
Appearance:  Very handsome, rather fem facial features, Black hair, Stormy gray eyes, Six feet tall in stature, Slender, but muscular build, youthful appearance.
Nature:  He was quite irrascible and mischievous as a young child, but as he aged, his mother's influence had a calming affect on the darker side of his nature, and he developed into a very obediant, attentive, considerate and loving son to both his mother and father.  He is also respectful and considerate of his siblings and nephew, Memnoch.  He is very polite with a keen sense of etiquette, and was well brought up, although he was obliged to suffer physical pain to prepare him for the worst if it came.  He is very aware of Acheron's hierarchy, and is well disciplined in the politics of Acheron and many of the kingdoms of Morashtar.  He does have a temper, but it rarely betrays itself unless he is provoked to the breaking point of his patience, or if pain and blood loss triggers his tendency towards a blood rage.  Typically he is very self-possessed and in control of his emotions, nevertheless, he has livid nightmares which shake his mettle and even cause him to be withdrawn at times.  Unless socializing, he is the quiet, watchful sort, who prefers observation to mingling, but when he is social, he is well spoken, articulate, and amiable.
Caste:   Priest of Chaos
Progeny:   Millie (female)
Servants:   Morvan (male) and Bethannan (female).
Horses:   Mako (stormcloud horse), Eagaoth (nightwind, shadow horse), Trivae (phantom, snow horse), Soru (quickhoof, stormcloud-shadow horse mix),  Frost (snow horse/stormcloud mix), Pippin (shadow horse-stormcloud mix).
Dogs:   Poe (Masked Shepard.  These shepards are large dogs, with long bodies, tall perk ears, wolfish eyes and muzzles. They are black and gray with white and tan faces and undersides, and their eyes are blue. Their tails are bushy and tipped with black. Bite-16, Claws-4, Mvm-16. Quasi-Immortal Demonic.)

Background:  Born the son of Prince Byron Decasey and Selenia Decasey in the year 1622 earth time, Shaithis was a wild and willful boy who often challenged his father.  He was innately jealous of the attentions his father showed his mother, but by 15 months (15 years growth) in age, he began to warm to his father and show him the respect he had earned, with the patient guidance of his mother Lena.  Shaithis was unaware that he was not a child of Byron's loins for well over four-hundred years, but that he was in his past life a notorius and very powerful Bleeding Terror Lich out of a 3rd generation Vulcan vampire.  When it came that the enemies of Valaeros had gathered arms to come for him, he implanted his dormant seed in the womb of his slave Lena, who he had taken from Byron, and on his death his soul would be transfered to the child he conceived with her, his dormant seed triggered to impregnate her when Byron took her again, whereof he would be born under the guise of Byron's son.  Valaeros was reborn and named Shaithis Ethan Decasey by his father and mother, not five weeks after Lena and Byron had reunited.  He was raised for the first 350 years in Romania, and later journeyed with his clan to Morashtar where Byron had shifted his chateau from the Midi Pyrenees in France, and his Romanian castle from the Carpathians, to the southern territory of An Morendor.  Shaithis was very well brought up and disciplined by his vampiric parents.  Byron always suspected that his Lord Maelmorda arranged his son's birth, but discovered later that the Morning Star had nothing to do with the birth of Shaithis.  It was impossible for true born vampires to be born without specific powers taking place over a union.  Shaithis had no memories of his past life as Valaeros, but when they made the move to An Morendor, he began having nightmares which were actual glimpses of his past.  They were few and far between, and rather vague until his 405th birthday, at what time the nightmares began to manifest in his dreams as vividly as though he lived the visions, which in fact he had in the past.  He had no understanding of where these dark, sinister dreams came from, and they left him shaken for hours after waking.  He had not long settled in Hawker's Fort, in a manor his father had provided for him, when he decided he must confide in his mother concerning the dreadful dreams.  It was his hope, that she could help him eliminate the dreams.  He had no wish to bother his father with his burden, convincing himself that nightmares were a trivial matter his father need not be bothered with.  It was his way of protecting himself, without even knowing it.  Shaithis loves his father, mother, and siblings very deeply, would risk himself to protect them without thinking twice about it, and the discovery of who he truly was at one time, the deeds he had commited, gave rise to extreme bouts of despair and tremendous inner conflict. Having been drawn to Mephais by the cauldron which was once the greatest source of his power as Valaeros, Shaithis faced the demons of who he once was and resisted the seductive allure of the cauldron on his first encounter with it. The cauldron tugs at him still and shall always until he surrenders to its call to awaken the power and the Lich which sleeps within..







Check Dice

Physical Checks:   Strength: {22} Stealth: {23} Movement: {15+Haste} Dexterity: {18} Stamina: {30} Fortitude: {22}
Mental Checks:   Willpower: {22} Intelligence: {17} Charisma: {23} Perception: {19} Sixth Sense: {15}
Alignment:   Chaotic Good

Vital Stats


Magic - Page I


Astraeus Vampiric Information

2nd clan of vampires sired by The Morning Star
Levels 3-28

Traits: Acheron Astraeus cannot drink the blood of other vampires or of the dead unless they are blood kindred to them. Their own blood is poisonous. They will purge any intake of "tainted" blood with a 45% chance of going into torpor.

Immunities: Primogens and Arch Elders 1-4th gen. who have faced the ordeals of Acheron to attain their immunties are immune to sunlight, fire, garlic, wooden stakes, holy artifacts and holy water. Crosses have no affect on Astraeus and silver (which is werewolves) never had any effect on Astraeus. Their immunities weaken by 10% per subsequent gen reborn of their blood line from 2nd gen. on down. Their souls cannot be taken. Their Souls are marked and are taken by The Morning Star as they die. Two of the Living Primogens, Byron and Valis, cannot be decapitated or dismembered. Though these two first born may seem invincible they are not invulnerable, just hard to kill.

Special Advantage: with consent of Acheron GM only. Some have certain rights of command in Acheron granted by The Morning Star himself, including passage, residence in Arcador, the city of vampires, and the use of power within Acheron.

Vampiric Traits

Siring and Bondage
Progeny: See vampire information.
Blood Thralls: See vampire information.
Slave Bondage: Similair to Blood Thrall but more blood is drained from victim and half a pint of blood imbues the subject as vampire performs 'Rites of Domination' over subject as his blood is consumed (by force, will or domination) by the intended slave. Commands are imbedded in the slave during this rite by vocal designation. Blood Slaves are utterly obediant to their vampiric masters for their will is no longer their own.
Blood Purification: Permits vampire to purify blood so it is not poisonous to those they sire, bond thrall, or to progeny when bonding them.

Charm by Gaze: Success dependent on whether intended victim meets their gaze when they apply this power, and whether the vampire's willpower and ppower in this combined can overcome the will of the one subject to this power.

Form Shift:
Animal Form: +2 called large predatory forms which can also manifest as half animal forms. Valis Clan also has bat form with partial shift.
Vaporous Form: Chilling mist with dread presence
Shadow Form: Shadowy Form that drains life and chills on contact
Swarm of Bats: HP divided by 40, or 20 = Number of bats. Rodents have 40, or 20 HP each. Each rodent has +10 d6 attack. If even one bat survives an attack, the vampire can shift back into another form with remaining HP of; number of bats x 20 or 40 = HP. Bats also cause combined Distraction of +3 d6 each, vs. Focus (constitution), and have +3 flight save vs.death or capture.

Senses of the Beast: Preturnatural: Hearing, Sense of Smell, Vision, Night Vision, Taste or alertness. All start at +5 and improve by +1 per five levels.

Vampiric Prowess

Strength: +5, and +1 per level.
Stamina: +5, +2 per level, Dexterity: +3
Stealth: +5
Regeneration: Level 30, +1 per level.
Fortitude: +20.
Supernatural Haste: see inborn powers.
Devour Life: (Valis clan only) drain -1 stamina per 5 levels, and -1 called level

Vampiric Temple (VT)

Inborn Powers
Telepathy: Inborn powers
Presence: Inborn powers
Vampiric Haste: Inborn powers
Domination: +2 d6 - 1st-4th gens only, inborn powers
Phantasmancy: full path, innate.
Domination: Valis Clan only

Arcane Paths: Any but Light and Wizardry
1st gens - 6 paths
True Borns - 5 paths
2nd-3rd gens - 4 paths
4th-5th gens - 3 paths
6th + gens - 2 paths


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