Aari Xevalea

General Information
Name: Aari (sehr-zahl) Xevalea (zeh-vahl-yay)
Race: 2nd Gen Halfborn Vampiric Sephiroth, Astraeus Clan.
Parents: Byron Decasey and Yvalia Talsharr.
Foster Parent: Mendos (possessed)
Age: 3 years; Appearance: 17
Class: Assassin
Location: Castle Urik, Castle of the Redmoon in Seumir (Chateau Roucge DeLune)
Birthplace: Desolated Shrine, the Lair of Yvalia, Greywood Forest, West of Dusky Swamp
Demeanor: strange, detached, watchful, self-possessed, anti-social
Caste: scion of the Talsharr, the Assassins of Iniquity
Appearance: large, dark blue-green eyes, almost black; fair, ivory-smooth, hairless skin, platinum blonde hair, full lips, fairly wide nose, lean build, 5'9 stature, and extremely beautiful.
Courting: Lord Valis Urik, King of the mountain kingdom of Urik.
Companion: (?), summoned at will, teaches her things, will fight with her side by side, and is just good company for her. Retreats into the ether from whence (he/she) came when dismissed.



Hand to Hand Combat: 14
Melee: 12
Archery: 16
Survivor: 8
Arcane Talent: 8
Assassin: 14
Oblivion: 11
Arcane Physics: 6
Harnessed Powers: (each power has its own level)
Inborn Abilities: 7



Hand to Hand
Elven Martial Combat: +1 HB, add strength damage to all attacks.
Unbalance: for -1 AR, -1 per ace.
Trip: for -1 AR, -1 per ace; or -1 turn, -1 AR per ace, with normal damage on a crit.
Punch: +1 damage
Kick: +3 damage
Spinkick: +5 damage, hit +1 target
Roundhouse Kick: +5 damage, hit +1 target, +1 per ace.
Elbow Punch: +4 damage
Elbow Face Punch: +4 damage and stuns.
Feint: cause enemy to miss on success as action misleads direction and intention, to gain a reposition advantage or +1 AR counter attack.
Headbutt: +10 damage, stuns -1 AR, -1 per ace, +2 damage to attacker
Combo: combine any attacks at extra cost of -1 AR each, combine damage of each attack.
Counterattack: normal damage on successful defense.
Pressurepoint: cause fainting (-1 turn, -1 per ace), dizziness (-1 AR, -1 per ace), or extreme pain (staggers -1 HB, -1 per ace, and -1 willpower, -1 per ace) as called.
Whirlwind Attack: all around attack hitting +1 multiple enemies, +1 per ace with one attack.
Windpipe Crush: +5 damage per level per AR, deadly on a crit to all breathing creatures
Windpipe Stab: +3 damage, staggers for -1 HB, -1 per ace.

Duel Edged Weapons
Riposte: normal damage to attackers on successful blocks.
Dodge: +1 dex
Improved Blocking:+1 HB, +1 d6
Summon Weapon Fleshrune: summon any weapon owned into hand at will

Ranged Weapons
Ranged Precision: +1 HB ranged
Thrown Weapons: knives, axes, light spears.
Improved Evade: +1 dex vs. missiles
Archer's Foray: use bow to block and to strike with, Strength +5 = Damage
Multishot: shoot +1 arrow per five levels in a single action.
Summon Weapon Fleshrune: summon any weapon owned into hand at will

Throwing Daggers: +10, +1 HB balance, quiver of 6
Duel Swords: +28, +1 HB balance, double edged straight blades.
Elven Compound Short Bow: +51, Draw Weight 42 pounds, range is strength roll +1 yard per success +20 yards.



Escape Artist: ability to avoid detection, to liberate self from, bonds, prisons, and confinement, to move unseen and unheard, +1 stealth, +1 dexterity and +1 movement per ace vs. perception, dexterity and movement of those threatening. +2 Save vs. Capture during escape. Level vs. LoD of Bonds and or Prison.
Feline Balance: +1 dexterity per ace vs. trips and being unbalanced.
Hide in Shadows: +2 stealth, +1 stealth per ace in shadows
Light Sleeper: take perception while asleep.
Perfect Balance: +2 dexterity, +1 per ace vs. trips and unbalancing.
Find Fresh Blood: know where to find blood even under difficult circumstances, get blood from animals and people. Ace required to find blood, +1 stamina's worth of blood found, +1 per ace. Roll up to 3 times a day.
Find Safe Shelter: find safe places to sleep or squat and to get out of the sun. +5% chance per level.
Ambidexterity: take no penalty when using either hand.
Quick Escape: jump fences, walls, etc. and know what alleys and woodlands to use to make a quick getaway, +1 mvm, +1 dexterity per ace.
Internal Compass: know which direction is being traveled, Level vs. LoD of terraine, conditions, and climate.
Traps and Hidden Doors: Detect traps, snares and find hidden doors. Level vs. level of trap or door.
Direction Sense: know what direction is being traveled, reduces chances of getting lost immensely, +5% chance of finding way per level up to 85%, or Level vs. LoD of challenge.

Magic : Arcane Talent
Seal: makes powers permanent and protects against counter measures.
Proof: make a power 'dispell-proof, anti-magic-proof, resistant-proof', etc. as called.
Factor: improve a spell by a called effect.
Expand Power: power affects up to +1 target, +1 per ace, and up to +1 per success with critical power, also increases radius by +1 yard, +1 per ace.
Targeting Adeptness: +1 HB on all missiled powers.
Signature: marks of power which lets weilder sense their power and know when it weakens and to trace their power.
Mark of the Damned: a single called affect occurs when mark is tampered with or shattered.
Penetrate Unknown - affect unknown and unidentifiable powers
Layered Power: formulate or cast combination spells with +1 AR per ace.
Energy Loop - Loop power to make it difficult to negate. Disjoin only.
Sentience: give intelligence to enchantments, powers, artifacts, and enchanted items. This is an ability that must be practiced with care.
Boost Feat: +1 d6 per ace.
Combine Power: boost the power of another by power of roll at double stamina cost. Power used must not oppose power it is boosting or backlash of double damage occurs.
Contingency: call a contigency and its catalysts.
Seal of the Damned: a seal which must be broken before a spell can be disarmed, damages when tampered with or broken, makes a power permanent.
Artifact Creation: as called with available power.
Creationism: use powers to create monsters and creatures as called at up to +1 level per success.
Negation: reduce power of opposing spells or elements by power of roll.

Quietude: +1 stealth while moving or standing.
Ranged Dagger Adeptness: +1 HB thrown dagger, +1 yard, +1 per success w/strength.
True Aim: +2 HB ranged shots (double cost)
Backstab: +2 HB if stealth is successful, death or paralized as called on a crit.
Light Blade Adeptness: +1 HB on light swords and blades.
Knife Adeptness: +1 HB knife use
Intelligence: gather +1 detail related to target per success intelligence, also gain +1 init on any +1 roll per ace, and +1 d6 advantage on all non-combat rolls.
Ambush: +1 init
Fatal Blow: +2 HB on called death attack, -5 stamina.
Make Poisons: one dose with damage of up to +1 per success, times ten on a crit, or progressive on a crit until cured. All do aggravated damage for +1 day, +1 per ace, or +1 turn, +1 per ace on a crit. Each does lasts duration of one day (or encounter) before it spoils, unless properly sealed (taken from a poison list made by player). Poison has called effects.
Blend In: +1 stealth blending into a crowd.
Quick Reflexes: +1 dex.
Disappear in Crowd: +1 stealth to escape into a crowd.
Hide in Shadows: +1 stealth
Superior Stealth: +1 stealth per level, includes appearance, silent movement, and all round quietude.
Detect Traps: +1 alertness vs. level of trap.
Quick Escape: escape quickly if spotted with +2 on any physical roll.
Subterfuge: +1 charisma deception vs. intelligence. Used to get close to targets.
Persuasion: +1 charisma vs. intelligence.
Scale Walls and Buildings: +1 dexterity vs. LoD of falling.
Perfect Balance: +1 dexterity and reflexes vs. being tripped or falling.
Snap Neck: +1 HB and +1 stealth sneak up behind a target and snap their neck, fails without a crit, death on a crit.
Find and Identify Poisonous Plants and Animals

Languages: (1) Esurian and English
Lay Low: make self inconspicuous by not drawing attention to self, even to the point that you can be forgotten if you choose to.
Pending: she was not taught many common skills so must pick them up along the way.


Physical Checks

Strength: 20, 14 (if low health), 30 (during Battle Rage)
Stamina: 44, 38 (if low health), 54 (during Blood Rage)
Stealth: 14/22 (if scent is dampened)
Dexterity: 16
Movement: 15


Mental Checks

Willpower: 16
Intelligence: 26
Charisma: 16, 12 during combat
Perception: 27


Vital Stats

Health Points {HP}: 880, 532 low health, 1620 during Blood Rage
Action Rate {AR}: 3, +1, +1 per ace with haste
Regeneration Level {RL}: 33
Fortitude Level {FL}: 20, 30 during Battle Rage
Resurrection Difficulty {RD}: 0



Swift Movement: +5 mvm.
Incredible Stamina: +10 stamina
Agility: +2 Dexterity
Keen Perception: +3
Genius: +5 intelligence
Extraordinary Quietude: +5 stealth
Incredible Scent: +4 charisma



Socially Inept: -5 charisma around strangers
Battle Rage: +2 HB attacks, 0 defense, +10 strength and stamina, +100 Health, +10 Fortitude, ends when all enemies have been dispatched or if HP falls to 5.
Detached: has little empathy for others with few exceptions, -2 willpower.
Blood Lust: has a taste for blood and actually enjoys killing, -5 charisma, +5 willpower during combat.
Increased Blood Loss: Light torpor achieved when HP is at 10, cold torpor at 0, hard torpor at -20, and petrification at -50 HP, -6 strength and stamina when health is below 200.
Incredible Scent: attracts predators, -4 repell evil and stealth (unless dampened)
Androgynous: attracts deviant predators and slavers, some people also may view her differently if bigender state is discovered, -4 charisma in some cases.
Uneducated: Aari is just beginning to receive an education from Valis Urik.



Oblivion Traveller:
Oblivion Phase; 2% chance per level. While phased into Oblivion, she cannot be sensed, seen, or detected, and is not even remembered until she phases out of oblivion. While in oblivion, she can see through its veil to the otherside, but cannot interact with anything unless she phases back out. Oblivion looks like a grey landscape of emptiness, the ground level and covered with a fine dust, while the sky is a uniform gradient of grey.
Multi-Phase: bring others into oblivion who are linked by contact to the traveller to make them also cease to exist to the worlds beyond until phased back in.
Pathway to Armegal: the city of the forgotten, the only inhabited place in Oblivion and the only place with features and structures. Also called the grey city. Surrounded by a forest of grey trees this city lies at the very center of the forest called the Warden. If the only pathway to the city is strayed from, the forest is very dangerous, filled with hostile beasts and creatures of all kinds.
Innate Feat: levels cost 500 XP x Level.

Arcane Physics:
Quantum Improvisation: create on the fly powers which if successful are mastered (added each power to spell book at level 1). Purchase additional levels for each power.
Innate Feat: levels cost 500 XP x Level.



Arcane Physics Powers
Innate Power: levels cost 500 XP x Level each, all free at level 1.
Reflect Power: (2) reflects targeted powers back on attacker for half damage if it hits.
Bolt of Agony: (2) damages and causes extreme pain, -1 will and physical checks, -1 per ace until pain fades, lasts +1 turn, +1 per ace, doubled on a crit.


Astraeus Traits

No Undead Blood: Acheron Astraeus cannot drink the blood of other vampires or of the dead unless they are blood kindred to them. Their own blood is poisonous. They will purge any intake of "tainted" blood with a 45% chance of going into torpor.
Heart Beat: these vampires are living creatures, whereby they have a pulse and heart beat, thus heart wounds cause critical blood loss and can result in torpor.
Breath: because Astraeus are living creatures, they also need to breathe, although they can hold their breath for very long periods of time (up to ten minutes per level). When they take shadow, wraith, or vapor form, then they no longer rely on breathing. Because they can hold their breath for so long, or need no breath at all in ether forms, it is widely and inaccurately believed as a myth that they do not need to breathe at all.
Warmth: as living creatures Astraeus have warm bodies, unless they go too long without feeding or have lost blood, in which case their body temperature drops and their flesh grows cold. When chilled they can feel it.

Immunities: Primogens and Arch Elders 1-4th gen. who have faced the ordeals of Acheron to attain their immunties are immune to sunlight and fire. Crosses, garlic, silver, wooden stakes, other holy artifacts and holy water have no effect on Astraeus UNLESS they are religious. The primogen vampires of faith are immune to holy attacks either way, and their progeny of faith are resistant. Their immunities weaken by 10% per subsequent gen reborn of their blood line from 2nd gen. on down. Their souls cannot be taken. Their Souls are marked and are taken by The Morning Star as they die. Two of the Living Primogens, Byron and Valis, cannot be decapitated or dismembered. Though these two first born may seem invincible they are not invulnerable, just hard to kill.

Special Advantage: w/Acheron GM only. Some have certain rights of command in Acheron granted by The Morning Star himself, including passage, residence in Arcador, the city of vampires, and the use of power within Acheron.


Astraeus Inborn Abilities

Trait Abilities

Siring and Bondage
Progeny: See vampire information.
Blood Thralls: See vampire information.
Slave Bondage: Similair to Blood Thrall but more blood is drained from victim and half a pint of blood imbues the subject as vampire performs 'Rites of Domination' over subject as his blood is consumed (by force, will or domination) by the intended slave. Commands are imbedded in the slave during this rite by vocal designation. Blood Slaves are utterly obediant to their vampiric masters for their will is no longer their own.
Blood Purification: Permits vampire to purify blood so it is not poisonous to those they sire, bond thrall, or to progeny when bonding them.

Charm by Gaze: Success dependent on whether intended victim meets their gaze when they apply this power, and whether the vampire's willpower and power in this combined can overcome the will of the one subject to this power.

Form Shift

Shadow Tiger:
Stats: Strength-22, Stamina-16, Mvm-17, Dex-15, Leap-6 d6 feet, Claws+14, Bite+16. HP: Same as Aari's.
Information: Very large black tiger with even blacker stripes, with ice-blue eyes or shadow form.

Flock of Crows:
HP: Aari's HP split between crows with 40 HP each (divide Aari's HP by 40 for number of crows).
Level: same as vampire's for flight and combat and any skills a crow CAN share, including speech.
Enemy Eye HP: (for blinding attacks) small (10), medium (15) large (20) giant (25) titan (30)
Peck: (+5)
Strength: 12
Stamina: 25, -1 stamina per mile traveled in flight, -1 stamina per action on ground.
Movement (on ground): 8
Movement 22 when traveling, or 16
Stealth: 15
Dexterity: 17
Mental Checks: same as Aari's
Lifespan same as Aari's.
Special Abilities (SA):
Eyes of Many: know what each crow sees
Split HP: lose HP equal to each crow that is killed or injured, HP remaining when vampires shifts back is equal to number of crows remaining x 40.

Information Large solid black crows.

Vaporous Form: Chilling mist with dread presence
Shadow Form: Shadowy Form that drains life and chills on contact
Swarm of Bats or Rats: HP divided by 40 (each bat), or 20 (each rat) = Number of bats or rats. Rodents have 40, or 20 HP each. Each rodent has +10 d6 attack. Valis Clan bats have Acid Saliva. Acid resists Immunities and Neutralizing 80% and does aggressive acid damage for +1 turn per success. If even one rat or bat survives an attack, the vampire can shift back into another form with remaining HP of; number of bats or rats x 20 or 40 = HP. Bats or rats also cause combined Distraction of +3 d6 each, vs. Focus (perception), and have +3 flight save vs. death or capture.

Physical Traits

Senses of the Beast: Preturnatural Perception +5, +1 per five levels.

Vampiric Prowess: Supernatural;
Strength: +5, and +1 per level.
Stamina: +5, +2 per level
Dexterity: +3
Stealth: +5
Regeneration: Level 30, +1 per level.
Fortitude: +20.
Supernatural Haste: see inborn powers.
Devour Life: (Valis clan only) drain -1 stamina per 5 levels, and -1 called level


Temple of the Blood Sephiroth

1-[1-3] Fangs:  +1 damage per 100 years of age with max damage of +5. Cannot retract.
2-[4-6] Claws:  +2 damage per 100 years of age with max damage of +8, or +15 with large claws and hands and huge vampire form.
3-[7-9] Wings:  If Winged; Massive, black, feathered wings, with grey bands on underside, retractable, can shield from attacks but ability to fly is compromised if wings are badly damaged. Flight must be learned and perfected. Flight Level = Vampiric Temple Level. Wing Fortitude is same as physical fortitude.
3-[7-9] Improved Prowess:  +2 Fort, Strength and Regen, take with or without wings.
4-[10-12] Partial Shifts: Fangs, Claws, Wings, half animal form, and Height.
5-[13-15] Animal Form: Immortal, large predator - Cannot speak in animal shift.
6-[16-18] Bestial Vampiric Form: Stature and muscular increase in complete shift of Fangs, Half Animal form, Height, Claws, while Fortitude and Strength: +6, and Stamina is enhanced x 2 with tough flesh, and quicker regeneration +6. Height up to +3 feet, with +1 HB range bonus per foot height increase.
7-[19-21] Vampiric Menace:  Shadows spread around vampire and presence emits an aura of terror in full form shift. Level = # d6 +7 vs. Constitution.
8-[22-24] Physical Majesty:  Vampire can use vampiric temple with supernatural haste in combat combinations for +1 HB or AR per ace, or haste winged flight. All physical checks increased by +8, Stamina enhanced by  x 2 + 10.
9-[25-27] Arcane Prowess:  Vampire can imbue their claws and fangs with their blood to inflict a gift effect on a victim, and have great command of presence, their inborn gifts of haste are at the highest level, their strength phenominal with +2 d6 bonus on all PA or MA rolls and all other gains of majesty.
10-[28-30] Godly Presence:  Vampire can enhance in height and increase presence dramatically, their shadow spreading to eclipse an area up to 50 yards in perimeter, while their presence radiates their chosen state of mind so potently that the will and mind of those who fall under their shadow crumbles, -10 d6+10 to Subject's Willpower and Constitution.

Inborn Powers
Telepathy: Inborn powers
Presence: Inborn powers
Vampiric Haste: Inborn powers
Phantasmancy: full path, innate.

Arcane Paths: Any but Light and Wizardry
1st gens - 6 paths
True Borns - 5 paths
2nd-3rd gens - 4 paths
4th-5th gens - 3 paths
6th + gens - 2 paths







.... Strength:
.... Dexterity:
.... Stealth:
.... Movement:
.... Stamina:
.... Intelligence:
.... Perception:
.... Willpower: