Tiberious DeCasey

Name: Tiberious Corca DeCasey
Age: By Appearance: 21 True Age: 840 Date Born: 1998 ET
Race: Dervish Astraeus Blood Sorcerer
Subrace: Trueborn Dervish Astraeus
Clan: Decasey Astraeus
Parents: Byron Decasey and Selennia Decasey - True Born
Twin Sister: (and life mate) Rhiannon Decasey.
Other Siblings: Shaithis, Lorella, Azturel
Children: True Born Child Memnoch (Devil), Elizabeth (vampiric devil sired by her husband Amon)
Grandchildren: sextuplets out of Liz and Amon; Morpheus, Hector, Phrixus, Evander, Aurelia (Lia), and Angelica (Angel). Clanmates: Robert Lyons MacKensey-Progeny of Rhia. Katherine Maynard-24-Progeny of Rhia. Cole Burger-22-Progeny of Rhia.  Saffiel, Valkar, Terra
Progeny: Celeste Kilcanoragh- Band Members of Forsaken Tribute: Morrison Massie-23. Mark Templeton-25. Shane Taylor-21. All Forsaken Tribute were Sired on New Years Eve. 2004.
Location: Club Elysium New Orleans, Castle of Five Kings - West Shore Isles, Shadowlands
Nature: Twisted
Demeanor: Whatever he wants to present himself as-Chameleon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


  • Brevar: Fionar House servant
  • Seffrin: Inisai gardener (brother of Uldesaul)
  • Uldesaul: Inisai chef and gardener
  • Merowyn: (f) Tempest Draek (Nephalim) lady in waiting and blood serf (Rhia)
  • Lirewe: (f) Ssetis half devil lady in waiting (guests)
  • Selanua: (f) Ssetis half devil lady in waiting (sister of Lirewe, guests)
  • Erdufel: elven house servant
  • Arukhet: Lycanthrope Trecouri groom
  • Ferakai: Nephalim (Neffari) groom and blood serf
  • Guards

  • Taluss: Ymlohept Bhassir warrior
  • Arbir: Spectral Temple Knight
  • Denwaur: Deadrealms Noseru battlemage (tiger)
  • Marcella: Inisai warrior
  • Wenauru: (f) Elven battlemage
  • Vortivaus: Trueborn rogue battlemage
  • Wyrvengo: Bhassir Lycanthrope warrior
  • Dice


  • Sharpshooter: 27, +2 HB, +50 damage (Desert Eagles)
  • Swordsmanship: 15
  • Martial Combat: 22
  • Bestial Combat: 26

  • Inborn: 32
  • Clan Paths: 28
  • Path of Blood: 25
  • Quantum Sorcery Check: 2 d6, snake eyes botch power, drain -5 stamina and result in normal damage, doubles add +1 HB and +1 d6.

  • Street Smarts: 25
  • Escape Artist: 26
  • Quick Thinker: 22
  • Persuasive: +1 logic and charisma
  • Climb Walls: 18
  • Rock Climbing: 12
  • Feline Balance: 18
  • Quick Talker: +1 logic and charisma
  • Charismatic: +1 charisma
  • Charming: +1 charisma
  • Hunting and Tracking: 29
  • Direction Sense: 21
  • Improved Stealth: +2
  • Pick Locks: 20
  • Hide: +1 stealth
  • Find Traps: 21
  • Detect Traps: 21
  • Breaking and Entering: 19
  • Security Systems: 19
  • QPRS: 15
  • Set Traps and Snares: 20

    Common Skills
  • Business Management: 25
  • Book Keeping: 26
  • Accounting: 21
  • Computer Science and Technology: 22
  • Bartender: 18
  • Interrogation: 27
  • Intimidation: 26
  • Reconnaissance: 19
  • Linguistics: French-27, English-32, Romanian-22, Gaelic-14, Esurian-14, Cenys-17

    Vital Stats
  • Health Points: 1130
  • Heart of Fire: phylactery
  • Layers of Life: 2500 HP
  • Regeneration: 62
  • Fortitude: 44

    Physical Checks
  • Strength: 28 / VF-68 / VT-76
  • Stamina: 35 / VF-72 / VT-154
  • Movement: 20
  • Stealth: 26
  • Dexterity: 28

    Mental Checks
  • Willpower: 32
  • Intelligence: 35
  • Charisma: 24
  • Perception: 20

  • Good: 7
  • Evil: 12
  • Neutral: 8
  • Chaotic: 14
  • Lawful: 8
  • True Born Astraeus

    Astraeus Devil: This race of Vampire was engendered by Lucifer, who created 4 First Born Astraeus out of Humans who made a pact with the devil for Immortality. The Devil's Astraeus are marked with the Morning Star's mark of souls which is passed down from the First Born to each generation Sired after. All four Primogen are still live. Tiber is the True Born of one of these Primogen, Feoda Corca, alias, Byron Decasey, and his wife/progeny Selenia Decasey. Tiber made a transition into a devil, what in hell is called a Vampiric Dervish, a year after he came of age, which is a very rare occurance.

    Dervish Vampiric Abbilities:

  • Extreme Physical Strength, +8, +1 per level.
  • Astraeus Clan Abilities and Powers
  • Vampirc Temple
  • Vampiric Forms: Wings/Claws/Fangs, flight, bite and claw
  • Regeneration: +30, +1 per level
  • Vampiric Charms: Charm by Gaze, Dominate Will, Phantasms, Mind Control, Phantasmal Domination, Viable Phantasms.
  • Vampiric Haste: +1 mvm per success, +1 AR per ace.
  • Drain Energy by touch
  • Siring and Bonding: by blood sharing and giving, slave bonding, blood siring and bond of the sire.
  • Blood to Soul Bonding.
  • Shape Shifting: Shadow, Vapors or Animal, Shift into Animal Form or Storm of Bats, or Rats (have acid saliva.)
  • Tiber's Animal Forms: Panther, Tiger, other big cats and cats.
  • 85% MR
  • Venomous Blood.
  • Special Abilities: Purify Blood, Transcendent Fertility.

  • Paths: Necromancy, Curses, Quantum Sorcery (unique path), Phantasms, Command of the Elements, Path of Blood

    Resistance: 85% vs. sunlight and fire. Classic vampire banes have no effect on Astraeus. Souls cannot be taken. His souls is marked and will be taken by Lucifer as he dies, or if wrong death occurs he is raised by his Heart of Fire. Immunities and resistance lowers by half when vampire is in or near torpor (HP of 50 or less).

    Special Advantage:
    Rights of command in Hell granted by Lucifer himself, including passage and use of magic within Hell. Fertile: Able to engender children by mating without use of enchantments (VERY rare, Vampiric Devils and Userkaf Vampires ONLY in fact.)

    True Borns: True borns are very rare and can ONLY occur with very specific enchantments. A True Born is a vampire that was created by conception and carried in the mother's womb rather than being Sired. Hell's True Born can not be conceived AT all, unless the Lord of Hell or a Hell's Vampire Elder given rights to the enchantments, casts a specific fertility spell on the mated couple, using triggers and contingencies to specify time of conception. True Borns can not be born by natural labor, for this causes an exchange of blood that will Kill the child, which in effect either kills the mother or damages her severely due to the presence of a dead child in her body, which pollutes her immediately. They must be delivered before the child enters the birth canal by a Womb Gate spell which aids also in healing the mother of her changes to accomodate the child, also cleansing the baby as it is delivered by this magical birth. True borns are VERY powerful, and most Sired Vampires despise them out of fear. They are HIGHLY intelligent, learn their powers at an amazingly increased rate, and have a natural knack for teaching themselves to Master their Born With Powers, and they inherit BOTH parents Born With Abilities and Magic Traits. They ARE to be feared. They tend to be "carefully" brought up, which if REAL care is not taken, can result in Vampire Brats with exceptional skills, some might refer to as Elite Snobs. Due to their Genius True Born are prone to being schemers. They are never ashamed of taking evasive action in their strategy, or attacking indirectly, for logic dictates a fool would go in with guns blazing when they could use covert operations. By the time they mature to adult-hood, their power often exceeds their parents. Their aging is hasted, they age at one year for every month and their aging Halts anywhere between 16 and 27 years of age tops. These Vampire are beautiful in their human appearance, male or female, which adds to their charms. Even the most arrogant of the True Born have charms that are seldom rivaled. True born are always born one generation below the Lowest {Elder} Generation of their parents.

    Blood Mage Priest

    Rank: High Priest of the Secret Order of Kahir, Under the priesthood of the Arch Blood Mage, Rafael Hadrian.

    Blood Mage Retinue

    There are Never More than 30 within a Blood Mage Order. Tiber is a member of the Order of Kahir, with Rafael Hadrian as acting Vitaen Lich, Arch Regent.

  • Apprentice (gray-Levels 1-6) 6
  • Priest (brown-Levels 10-15) 9
  • Blood Templar (white-Levels 16-20) 5
  • High Priest (indigo-Levels 21-25) 6
  • Bishop (red-Levels 26-30) 1
  • Arch Regent (black-Levels 31-40+) 1
  • Tiberious Corca Decasey Profile

    Info: 3rd Generation Astraeus, born of Byron and Selenia Decasey. Matured to age 25 when aging and growth halted. One of the True Born Kings on the Pentacle of Thrones

    The True Born Astraeus was content with the curse he had placed on his father, and had managed to escape any recourse for his actions against the First born Elder. His sister had not yet discovered that it was HE who had cursed Byron, but Tiberious resolved to tell her himself. He felt justified, and he had not killed him after all, had he? Tiber had both his parent's looks. His father's Scottish, iron wraught eyes, and his mother's shiny, black spanish hair and darker skin. He was as beautiful in his body and features as the two of his parents combined, but his soul was purely wicked and cunning. He was a plotter and an Elite snob. He couldn't give a damn about anybody but his Sister, his Mother and the VERY few friends he had, Celeste among those he called friends. Her fiancee Mascen did not like Tiber the least little bit and the feeling was mutual, but Tiber was amiable enough to the Prince, in his own dry, detached way. There WAS one he DID fear, The Morning Star, and Tiber was no fool to make an enemy of the Lord of Chaos's son. No Sir ee. Besides, if he were rude to Mascen, that would displease Celeste now wouldn't it?

    Pentacle of Kings

    Lucifer HAD approached Tiber, and oddly enough, handed him a large enchanted skeleton Key, the turnkey was actually a skull, and the devil told him it was the Key to the Castle of the Five Kings, and instructed Tiberious to enter there and claim one of the thrones on the Pentacle of Thrones for himself with a Word of Power the Devil passed onto him. This Word of Power when spoken by Lucifer, literally burned into Tiber's soul, and when Tiber would claim one of the Five thrones, none but he would be able to seat the throne until he met with final death. The Castle was to be the Haven of the Hell's true Born, and Five of the second born would claim a throne by the same power as was passed onto Tiber by the Devil, and each would have a like Key which would open and lock any door in the castle, and when the word of power was spoke, the Key would open a Master Gate (A planes travel gate that acted on commands given by the holder of the key.) The key also had the power to create wards when used with all five keys in unison, for the Five True Born Kings must decide upon and set the Haven's wards together. Tiber did not hesitate at this offer of power, and went straight after El Diablos left him to journey to the Castle of Five Kings at the edge of the City of Vampires on the Shadowlands West Shore Islands of Morashtar. Lucifer had also told him that the five Kings would be as equals in counsel, and would rule over the Clan they would spawn with their blood, and had spoken to Tiber three Clan laws which MUST be obeyed by the Elders and Progeny alike, for to disobey these laws meant death or slavery to the Second Born Elders. One Law was that no Progeny could be Sired against their will. Another law was that no progeny could Sire without their Sire's approval. The last was the Law of the Pentacle. It was similair to a bond the Arcanus Vampires observed, though in the case of the Five Kings Clan, it would be a law and not a bond. The Law of the pentacle read as such; "No Elder is a law unto their own but of five within their Elder Circle and it is forbidden to Slay one within that Circle, and there is to be no more than Five Male Progeny born into each Generation's circle thereafter, and it is forbidden for one to Slay another of their Generation.

    It was several Nights after Tiber sought his Twin Sister out and told her what had happened and of his inheritance of Power by the Father of their blood, the Morning Star. He asked her if she would act as a counselor to the Kings. He trusted his sister, and loved her, and felt in his cold dark heart, that she would do well to act as a mediator when any conflicts arose between the Five Kings or those who stood before their judgement and counsel. If Rhiannon accepted, he would speak to the others when they did at last all meet, about naming her the High Visor to the Five True Born Kings. After he had spoken to her of this opportunity he had accepted from the Great Lord, and the position he offered to her, he proceeded to make his confession of the curse he had laid on Byron to her. He explained how he had wanted to kill him, but instead resolved to curse him until he proved himself loyal and devoted to his immediate clan. He told Rhiannon he would not remove the curse from Byron until he confessed all to their mother, and stayed by her side if she would still have him.

    As time walked on, Tiber poured his energies into his magic studies, and into writing Laws to bring before the others for approval or dismissal. Tiber was very intelligent, and though his soul was black as pitch, he was very reasonable and diligent where ambitions were involved. The Laws he wrote to be presented to the remaining four Kings were simple and rigid. They were scribed on vellum parchment in a bold hand of calligraphy and numbered.

    Westshore Map and Information

    The Pentacle Laws were set down before the pentacle of Kings and became the laws which all agreed upon. It came as time passed that Tiber, Demascus Mordante, Ivan Urik, Merduchai, and Valarian Devlin became the Five True Born Kings of the Pentacle of Thrones. Rhiannon Decasey, Tiber's twin sister, was soon after named the Visor to the thrones. Merduchai was recently killed and he has yet to be replaced. He would be missed. New kings were chosen from the nation by vote. All living Carthenian had to be heard from before a King could be placed on the throne.

    By and by Tiber did confront his father with his reasons for cursing him, and it was by his mother Selenia's hand that he was punished for his deeds. He was bound and lashed, and his father forgave him when it was done, for indeed he had left Tiber too long without his guidance, and took some of the blame on himself. After nearly losing his mother and father to an enemy, Tiber carried no more resentment for Byron, but instead came to respect and admire him for his strength and the wisdom he had been denied for too long. Byron was too noble to hate.

    Tiber and Lyons

    Lyons set the guitar down, and walked off the stage like a zombee. The applause was not even heard by him. Two hours later he fell off the bar stool by the stage, passed out drunk after consuming enough liquor to kill a bull. Two weeks later he was playing with the band again, and two months after their contract with archain records had been renewed, and they were schedualed to do their first US tour in two weeks. It was a year long tour. They cut their fourth record after the tour, and six months later released their fifth, and what would be their last record, When Stars Blink Out. Two weeks after, they were flying to Tokyo for their first concert in the two year long world tour.

    What had induced Rob to leave his hotel in London and trek through the shadows folds? A death wish maybe. A death wish which had delivered him to cemetary by happenstance. Lyons had a subconscious death wish.... and had hoped to chance into some dangerous situation.. But no, he had found a lonely demoness in a graveyard. Riff's death had been attributed to a drug overdose.. Tiber had seen to that, and it had pi*sed Rob off. He did not want Morrison Massie remembered as just another rock star claimed by drug abuse. How about.... 'Riff Massie's friend and band mate Lyons had finally consented to Sire Morrison as a vampire and had f*cked it up somehow and killed him?' THAT was the story Rob had been about to take to Rolling Stone and Guitar World when Tiber had shown up in his hotel room after 'taking care of matters' in London. Lyons had been on his way out of his hotel room when Tiber spirited himself into his suite like a phantom.

    The handsome devil caught Lyons by the scruff of his leather jacket and jerked him back through the door, which slammed shut and sealed with a necromancer's lock. Tiber wasted no time scanning Lyons' thoughts to discover his intentions of breaking masque in the biggest way. "You have lost your mind, Lyons. You have GOT to get a grip on yourself, man."

    Rob's cheeks winced, his eyes lancing Tiber's abysmally black eyes with a feral burn. "Why? WHY should I hold anything back? I f*cking KILLED my BEST friend." He jerked his frame with a quick twist which tore his jacket free of Tiber's grip, stagger stepping back several paces away from Tiber.

    Tiber watched him with a dagger eye, a pause before his melofluously silky toned voice spilled past those seductive lips to counsel the grief stricken vampire, only hours returned from Morrison's funeral. "It happens sometimes.... that the siring process kills the chosen. Rhia tells me you yourself came close to dying when she sired you. Not ALL survive it, Lyons. Maybe he was not strong enough, or maybe the fates deemed he was just not MEANT to be one of us. It is hard to say just why he died really. I may be able to discover the reason, the forces of chaos allowing, if you truly wish to know the cause. Whatever happened... it was through no fault of your own however. This you MUST believe. You loved him.. wanted him as your progeny as much as he wanted you for his Sire. You were only honoring the bond of love and friendship you share. Your guilt is unfounded. Do not loath yourself and hold yourself in disgrace for something you had no control over."

    Lyons' cheeks tightened and tears swelled in his eyes. "How can I make you understand, Tibehr. Everyone I eveuhr loved has been taken away.... Shall Rhia be next? You? No one blames me.... but it was my blood tha' doomed him. I feel like I am chokin'.. stranglin' on my own breath and existance. Maybe I was meant teh die.. and cheated MY fate by allowin' Rhia teh Sire me. Maybe I am death's herald.. maybe I have always been, and anyone who loves me shall die for knowin' me." The tears tumbled and he hung his head low, whisps of auburn sweeping across his face in a viel. "I can'nuh take it any more."

    Tiber scowled darkly. "That is such bullsh*t, Lyons. Since when were you so f*cking superstitious and foolish? You have sh*tty luck. You are not the first to suffer losing those you loved. You think you are some kind of walking curse? Think of who has lived instead of who has died, and I will have you know, Rhiannon and I are going NO WHERE. You want to know what is wrong with you? You feel things too damn deep. THAT is your curse. When you give your heart to someone, you don't hold back, so when someone you love dies, you are crushed, left feeling dead inside. But life always returns to that resilient heart of yours doesn't it? You will NOT do anything stupid to endanger your life, Lyons, you hear me? I will warn you ONCE, that if you try anything stupid, I WILL act as your judge and jury. You have known only my kindness and love, but endanger yourself, and I will show you such cruelty as will make what those CIA bastards did to you look like a stroll in the park in comparison. I will be watching you like a hawk, Robert. Now you go to that press conferance, and tell them what a loss Massie's death was, and that his overdose was an accident, and then you tell them the concert has been cancelled, seeing how you told your manager and producers to f*ck themselves at the funeral. Let them TRY suing you and the band. The band includes Riff, and you are right, the band does not exist anymore without him. They do not have a case. Now go.. you are late." The door opened to Rob as Tiber released the necromantic lock and swung the door open by channeling the telekenetic energies in the door and knob to his mental commands.

    Lyons stared at Tiber dead pan a silent duration then with a slow nod, he vacated the room and went to the press conferance in the Garden room on the hotel's main floor. The grief straining his voice as he answered their questions was real.. the story he gave them a mixture of truths and deceptions which burned in his throat. This would be the LAST time he lied to ANYONE for ANY god damn reason.

    One of the beautiful things about being a vampire. Distance was of no relevance whatsoever for a clan who could close distances in moments. It's a small world after all.. Gag, yes, but it was particulary true with vampires and other creatures who had shadow walking to other 'gate' abilities. Rhia and Tiber never left Rob alone for very long. The 'distractions' the three engaged each other in was.. nothing short of mind blowing. Their bonds were riveted, glued, fused and welded by their carnal acts of love and possession. Possessive, yes, Tiber and Rhia were extraordinarily possessive and protective of their insane but oh so sexy and dangerous creole. Rob's jealousy of Tiber eventually melted away to those intense pleasures he induced when they joined. There were times when it was Rob and Rhia, Tiber and Rhia, Lyons and Tiber... but for the most part, it was the three of them, Massie invited to join them several occassions. The first time.. oh yeah, the beautiful youth had been reluctant, nervous, but that did not last long. He proved an able lover, his sense of humor and spirit delightful, his very company a pleasure in or out of sexual relations. It was clear who Massie favored above all others and else.. Lyons. Lyons was not the ONLY one who took Massie's death hard, real hard, regardless.

    Tiber went back to the graveyard after dominating a young man about Massie's weight and height, the night after his remains had been laid to rest, and he and Lyons had parted ways in his hotel room after their little 'talk.' He brought his subject of possession with him, and together, the two dug up the grave. Tiber then pulled the handsome young man in his company into his embrace, and peirced his throat with those razor curved fangs to drain the youth of his blood with sensual finess. He never felt a thing. Massie's body was then removed from the coffin, and gated back to the attic of his manor in New Orleans. After restoring the body with necromancy and imbuing the corpse with molecular energies which would revitalize Massie's body, Tiber went to work recalling his soul back to his temporal body. Tiber's ambition to resurrect Massie proved a long and arduous but successful ordeal. His soul was joined with his body and his body's vital flame ignited to restore body function. Massie was one confused fellow when he awoke. The musician would soon be revealed as a little gift for he and Rhia's depressed lover. His identity would not have to be changed. They could chalk it all up to a publicity stunt. The body had never been examined or officially registered AS a corpse. The funeral had been a private and secret affair between the band and Massie's closest friends. He had not told Rhia and Lyons of his plans, had not wanted get their hopes up, when it had been possible he might not succeed. It had proven difficult for Tiber to bring Morrison's soul within his grasp... He had very nearly passed beyond Tiber's reach. With the return of Massie, the band was touring again a year later, and in 2028, cut their sixth Record, Darkness Dominates.

    Kahiran Blood Magic

    Practices -- Path of Blood

    Spell Book of 120 Spells.
    Blood Mages are the only creatures which command this spell book. Blood mages are members of a priesthood whose magic draws from the power of blood. The most powerful among them in a Blood Lich which rules over his retinue. They are worshippers of the Blood God Kahiran.

    Note: Blood Mages can learn these powers in any order unless levels are stated, and cast any of them at current level or lower.

    Kahiran Blood Sorcery

  • Hold Spells: Hold – Stop Action (as called) Stop all Action - Freeze Motion: These spells Inhibit Motion and Action.
  • Dimensional Crystal Globe - Casts mage into multi-verse dimension or Traps target into multi-verse dimension.
  • Orb of Reversal - Orb reverses magic and attacks back on attacker
  • Permanent MR Orison - Grants target permanent MR at +1% per Success.
  • Remove Curse – with higher roll.
  • Ultimate Curse Removal: 1 ace per 5 dice rolled required to succeed. Will remove ANY curse on success!!
  • Ring of Rune Stones: Rune Stones appear to circle party, absorbing all magic and energies cast on party. Cannot be dispelled unless caster dispels it. Ward will self-dispel if any party members attack or step outside of ring.
  • Distortion Disjoin - scatters a spell or volley of missiles disjoining them
  • time Walk: Ability allows a mage to walk from one time plane into another.
  • Shadow Walk - Folds dimensional layers as mage walks through the demi-plane of Shadows to close distance or walk on the edge of a material plane without being seen.
  • Teleport - Transports Subject from one place to another using quantum wormholes in the multi-layers of space.
  • Open Dimensional Gate - Opens a dimension portal from one dimension into another.
  • Dimensional Shift - Shifts target / object from one dimension into another.
  • Phantasm - Creates a realistic illusion.
  • TRUE Phantasm - Creates a realistic illusion that can be felt, tasted and touched.
  • Fabricate – A called item.
  • Planar Enchantment – Enchant an item or object to contain a planar pocket or gateway, and create sentient artifacts by trapping the will of a called specter in an object or item and implanting commands and power in artifact as well.
  • Create Arcane Items and Weapons – as called with learned powers at power of roll.
  • Create Artifact – as called with learned powers at power of roll. All artifacts must have a set penalty with a contingency which triggers the consequence. Artifacts have a will of their own that may be a reflection of the caster’s will or the will of another being invoked by the caster.
  • Neutralize Poisons – power vs.LoD of poison’s resistance to being neutralized, otherwise poison is neutralized with a successful roll.
  • Enduring sleep – Lasts until dispelled by caster on a natural crit, or up to +1 day per success.
  • Wraith Blood Arrow - Create a Bane Wraith or Bane Wraith Warrior by striking any humanoid target with this black and red bolt of necromantic energy which is infused with blood from their retinue's Lake of Blood, the mage's blood, and the ashes of a necromancer's corpose. Bolt shall change any living being into one of these powerful bane wraiths. (see bestiary)
  • Shields

  • Shield from Magic: shields from magic up to +1 turn per ace or until a spell is cast by one shielded.
  • Shield against Missiles: shields against magic and normal missiles.
  • Fire Shield – fire shields one protected and back-flashes on attacker that come within range of +1 foot per ace.
  • Reverse Polarity Shield - reverses spells on attacker.
  • Shield of Invulnerability: shields against all attacks as long as no attacks are initiated.
  • Prismatic Sphere of Arrest – sphere arrests target within its globe and any attempts to damage Sphere Backlash at power of sphere.
  • Elemental Shield – shields against elemental attacks.
  • Shield of Endurance – Stamina will not drop below 5 until shield is dispelled or the one protected uses magic.
  • Blood Shield – shields from all attacks on the blood and from blood loss.
    Shields last +1 turn per ace or until dispelled.
  • Arcane Architect

  • Layer – create combo spells and complex wards by layering powers.
  • Loop – Loop powers to make them resist counters as power continues to loop, perpetuating its own energy.
  • Stream – stream power to make it last long (aggravated damage and lasts +1 turn per ace).
  • Animate – Animate a power to keep it on the move. Makes it hard to hit with a counter spell. Negates magic HB to 0.
  • Weave – weave magic to make it resist all counters but disjoin, dismantle, and arcane tears.
  • Fold – Fold magic to make it hard to detect or identify while making it impervious to spells which attack concealment.
  • Shatter – Shatter spells that cannot be dispelled, disjoined, or dismantled.
  • Dismantle – Dismantle layered spells.
  • Disrupt – Disrupts and interrupts powers and continuous powers long enough (1 turn) to tear them down or counter streams and loops.
  • Disjoin – Disjoins power from its source.
  • Arcane Signature - identify who cast a spell by special signatures that are unique to each mage.
  • Detect Signature – with higher roll
  • Conceal Signature – with higher roll
  • Arcane Agent – detect and identify spells, the presence of power, signatures, marks, and seals.
  • Mage’s Mark - Seals Spell, Magic Item or Glyph with Mage's mark to aid against dispels. Mark must be broken before spell can be dispelled.
  • Dispel magic, Undo Last Action, Undo Effect (as called).
  • Negate – Lowers the Power of a spell by roll of Negation.
  • Factor - Factors a power with a called effect to enhance it by +1 success per factor.
  • Proofing Spell - Proofs against dispels, enchantments, curses, dismantles, etc as called. Can be placed on Spells, Wards and Items. +1 success per proof.
  • Arcane Endurance: A power imbedded with this effect lasts until it is dismantled. A natural crit and higher roll is required to shatter Arcane Endurance and the endurance must be shattered first.
  • Projection
    [2] 1-6: Projection: Projects Image or Images of caster into another place or even dimension at high levels. Control projections through mental projection or command.
    [4] 7-12: Many Faces of Self: up to +1 self Projections per ace
    [6] 13-18: Project Party: of up to +1 members per ace.
    [8] 19-24: Allied Arms: Project Party up to +1 times per ace.
    [10] 25-30: Livid Projection: make a projection or projections quasi-real at levels +1 per ace each in magic or combat.
    [12] 31-40: Authentic Projection: Projection becomes real and has all the same levels and abilities.

    Kahiran Blood Magic

    Levels 20+ only

  • Authentic Illusion: Much like TRUE Phantasm only this is a more powerful version. Illusion becomes authentic through quantum projection.
  • Tower of Will - Impenetrable Tower of Id, +1 Willpower per Ace.
  • Crack Tower of Will - Shatter Willpower, -1 per ace.
  • Scatter Arcane Weave: Target's power will be very unstable at 50% chance of failure for +1 turn per ace. Not effective against invocations but effective against arcane, wards, and area spells.
  • Destroy Arcane Weave: Opposing Spell fails if used to counter a spell, or destroy a target’s ability to use magic for up to +1 day per success, also destroys wards and area spells. Creates an Arcane Dead Zone if used on an area that is not affected by magic.
  • Quantum Tear - Quantum abilities or powers are damaged and quantum mages or power suffers -1 Level per ace penalty when hit with this power, -1 level per success on a crit for +1 day per ace, +1 day per success on a crit.
  • Arcane Adaptation – Imbed with spells to make power adapt to called conditions via a contingency which triggers the adaptation.
  • absolute Command over the Mind

  • Erase Memory - Specific memories can be chosen for erasure.
  • Erase Past - With erasure, erased memories leave an "echo" behind, therefore memories can be returned with correct counter.
  • Obliterate Memory - Specific memories can be permanently destroyed.
  • Obliterate Past Memories - Memories of past and their "Echo" is destroyed. Permanent condition.
  • Implant Permanent Memories - Implant selective memories.
  • Implant Permanent Past Memories - Invoker can implant an invented past in subject.
  • Mental Adjustment – Boost, recover, or reduce any called mental trait (CD) but intelligence by +1 or -1 per ace rolled.
  • Spirit Command

  • Soul Transfer - Casts or Captures Soul into a place or a planar object.
  • Soul Shred - Shreds weave of soul doing severe damage to soul. A shredded soul can not be summoned to a resurrection until it had been mended.
  • Obliterate Soul - This spell destroys soul utterly.
  • Vaporize Soul - Same as above but also erases Soul's Echo.
  • Immure Soul - Captures and holds soul in a Sphere.
  • Kahir's Abomination - Soul and mind are struck with horror fest of realistic phantasms, the target seeing themselves as though their skin is melting, and falling from their form, feeling their skin tear away and fall in shreds on the floor, while demons appear to surround the victom. Abomination can vary as Caster induces.
  • Essence of Life
    20- Remove Essence - extract Essence
    21- Absorb Essence +1 permanent Life Point per success.
    22- Drain Essence -1 Life Point per ace permanently.
    23- Cast Essence - Imbues target with essence at +1 Life permanently.
    24- Convey Essence - Transfers essence from one target to another at +1 Life permanently to receiver and -1 Life to donor.
    25- Destroy essence - Death Blow on success, destroys a target’s essence and makes a zombie of them, as life but not body is destroyed.

    Kahiran Purification

    Ritual: Taps Required for all Kahiran Purification Spells. Using all these powers combined on a subject is known as Kahiran Purification.
    Levels 21+ only

    These Spells are Painful to subject (success=Damage) and do damage to caster (-5 HP to Cast + Successes=Damage} These Abilities purify target to their original state as they were born in this life at their present age. It can remove Vampirism, Lycanthropy, and Demonism in those who were sired. Blood Mages and Liches are Immune to being subject of these powers. Other spells must be infused with these spells, such as Blood Shield. Mind Shield. Temporal Shield. Soul Shield. Capture Memories. Restore Memories.
  • Purification of Blood - Purifies blood of all taints, poisons (even those with anti-neutralizing) or alterations.
  • Purification of Body - Purifies the body of all unnatural states and toxins.
  • Ultimate Mind Purification - Purifies the mind of all unnatural states.
  • Purification of the Soul - Purifies the soul completely.
  • Morph Blood

  • Blood to Energy - target affected gets +1 level and strength per ace on next 2 turns.
  • Blood to Raw Power - Spend +1 stamina and cast blood spell for high damage.
  • Blood Burn – damages, lowers strength and stamina -1 per ace.
  • Blood to Magma – Deadly on crit.
  • Blood to Lightning – Deadly on crit.
  • Blood to Deadly Venom – Deadly on crit if target’s blood is morphed, and does indirect damage +1 per success if morphed blood is used on weapons.
  • Blood morph successes must exceed Blood Mage's Level.

    Blood of Life

  • Blood Summoning – Select creature’s blood materializes in a called container. Creature can then be summoned to their blood.
  • Fuse Blood - Fuse blood of one creature with another to create unique creatures.
  • Unfailing Blood Transfer – Safe Blood transfusion from one creature to another or fabricate blood and transfer to a target.
  • Blood Healing – Blood radiates a power that allows mage to heal others, +5 HP per success, +10 HP per ace.
  • Heal all wounds – same as blood healing but all wounds are healed.
  • Restore Health – same as healing but HP, strength, stamina, and lost levels are restored.
  • Corporeal Recovery: regenerates a called body part.
  • Vital Essence: restores vitality and warmth.
  • Restore Blood: Heals by total Power of Roll, and restores stamina and strength by up to +1 per success.
  • Resurrect: +10 per success, +50 per Ace, per AR until full HP is restored.
  • Restore Form: A damaged corpse is mended to condition prior to death or to a flawless state as called.
  • Recover Body: A body that has been obliterated is recreated from life impressions left on the weave of the universe at the moment of death.
  • Preserve Body: Preserve a corpse for a called duration.
  • Summon Soul: A called soul is summoned.
  • Mend Arcane Weave: Mend a damaged or destroyed arcane weave in a target or area.
  • Dream Walk

    This is a Special Ability very few races posses. Arcanus Vampires, Blood Mages, Blood Liches, and Demigods of Blood only! This ability allows the mage to Walk into the dreams of others and control, not only their dreams, but at high levels, allows Mage to capture the target using a Mind Gate.

  • 1-[1-3] Window of the Mind: mind walker sees what target mind visualizes.
  • 2-[4-6] Project Thoughts: mind walker projects their thoughts visually into another mind.
  • 3-[7-9] Mental Imagery: mind walker formulates what they see, or what another sees by projecting harnessed thoughts as images.
  • 4-[10-12] Projection: mind walker projects an exact image of their embodiment to a called destination.
  • 5-[13-15] Incarnate Projection: mind walker projects a corporal phantom of their embodiment to a called destination and can project powers through that projection as well.
  • 6-[16-18] Living Phantasms: mind walker can create corporeal phantasms as called that can not only be seen, but touched, heard, smelled, and even tasted.
  • 7-[19-21] Mind Walk: mind walker can project their embodiment into a victim’s mind and make the illusions they conjure within the mind a reality.
  • 8-[22-24] Dream Walk: mind walker can walk into a target’s dream to control what is seen within the dream, placing their own projection there as they weave an alternate reality out of the dream they are taking command of. What happens to target in their dream happens to them in reality.
  • 9-[25-27] Mind Gate: mind walker can convey their TRUE form into the mind or dreams of a target as they weave their reality, and can also gate their victim to a called destination through this gateway between the mind, dreams, and reality.
  • 10-[28-30] Dream Weaver: mind walker can weave an entire world or plane out of corporeal phantasms, formulating every detail as called and either lead their target into this world, or mind gate them to the alter-reality world they created.
  • 11-[31-35] Arch Mind Weaver: formulation of commands, create magic items, artifacts, effects, spells, and wards from mind walker powers. Project multiple projections, up to +1, +1 per ace.
  • 12-[36-40] Improved Power
  • Blood Mages

    Levels: 1-12 d6, 4-7 d6 checks

    Somewhere in a castle, cavern, or fortress, an arch Vitaen Lich keeps a retinue which they instruct in their magic through rites and rituals which are often painful and test the strengths of their retinue. The members of this retinue are Blood Mages.  Over time, they go through changes, which result in corruption of their bodies, through their strict, ritual practices.  At first, they grow pale, and later have the appearance of gaunt humans or elves (their race).  Through this metamorphasis, they become a unique kind of vampire, which have none of a vampire's weaknesses, and only a very few of their inborn advantages.  The sun does not harm them, they can still eat food, they attain haste, and Kahiran Presence.   They do not decline any further than the gaunt stage.  These Mages have ranks, and each rank is identified by the robes which they wear.  They have a strict limit to how many members can join their order and fill a rank, and like it or not, they remain at that rank of power until a brother in the next rank needs to be replaced, usually because they are slain, or leave the order (in what case their memory is altered and all secrets of their society are erased from their knowledge).

    Rank | Robes | Number of Disciples
    Apprentice (gray-Levels 1-6) 6
    Priest (brown-Levels 7-13) 9
    Blood Templar (white-Levels 14-19) 5
    High Priest (indigo-Levels 20-26) 6
    Bishop (red-Levels 27-32) 1
    Arch Regent (black-Levels 33-38) 1
    Arch Lich (red and black 39-40) 1

    These mages practice a great deal of their magic in a temple called Tirhas Sûil (shrine of blood), which is usually a great tower or keep, and below this shrine, is a large pool of blood.  This blood remains fresh by ancient powers which flow through the lake's deep basin of rock and the shrine above it.  These lakes are many thousands of years old, and are filled with the blood of countless thousands of enemies (and sometimes unfortunate curiosity seekers) who were sacrificed over the ages to their God, Kahir.  This pool is called Anûn Morsûil (lake of life), and is used for many of their most pivotal and life altering rituals, and they are made immortal through these rites of passage, while their physical forms become a sort of vessel for power.

    The source of their power and life comes from the pool and empowers them with a vital flame phylactory they all share in common, their 'Heart of Fire,' which is well protected by layered shields called layers of life (1 shield per level, 100-HP per layer).  These mages are difficult to kill, and if someone attempts to slay them, and succeeds in the wrong way, the mage is reborn through their heart, and are more powerful when they remanifest than before they were killed.  An added 'layer of life' forms around their phylactory heart, and they gain power (+1 level), and a more normal appearance (less gaunt or pale).  There are four Blood Mage orders, each with an Arch Regent Lich.  The order of Kahir (by far the oldest) led by Rafael Hadrian, The order of Doom Mages (the second oldest) led by Agminon Torll, the order of Lasmoas, led by Diegva Lasmoas, and the order of Vahseva (the only female order) led by Moraela Velgosa.  If these mages attempt suicide, or arrange their own death in an attempt to gain more power, the power of the Anûn Morsûil soaks all of their power, and their heart is left protected by only one layer of life.  The mage's order may then decide to sacrifice the power grubber to Kahir.

    Ritual of Ascension: At level 25. all Blood Mages who wish to remain with their order undergo a ritual which changes them into a Kahiran Vampire, at what time they become a Malfezian (Blood Sorcerer) as a race. These sorcerers are vampiric but unique as vampires in that they can have children, eat normal foods and do not suffer torpor effects. If deprived of blood they simply lose the ability to command their paths by -1 stamina per day without blood until they pass out with exhaustion. They can be revived with only two pints of blood and regain stamina by +1 per pint of blood consumed. Blood Sorcerers can also gorge on blood to build up their stamina above its normal range by +1 stamina per pint. Mages are bled out as they are gradually submersed in the Lake of Blood until a complete blood transfusion occurs and the lake's blood infuses them with its power and raises them as a Malfezian. This process is extremely painful. This change only works on Blood Mages because they have been sacrificing their blood to the lake, and drawing power from the lake, since the beginning of their apprenticeship.

    Disadvantage: destruction of their vital flame destroys them.  A specific rite must be performed to snuff the Heart of Fire.  A weapon must be dipped in the Anûn Morsûil of the mage's order, and the command, "Sacrifice of the many fell the one," must be spoken while the wielder adds his own blood to the weapon by cutting their palm.  The shields protecting the heart must then be broken down until none remain, and the blood imbued part of the weapon must be thrust into the mage's heart.  Unearthing this secret is difficult in and of itself.

  • Transient Death Advancement: +1 level, +1 layer of life, become less gaunt or pale.
  • Temporary Immunity: spells which hit them affect them once, but if cast again will have no affect for 1 day.
  • Layer of Life: 100-HP per layer, gain +1 layer per invalid death. Start with 1 layer. Protects their phylactory heart.
  • Phylactory: Level x 30-HP.
  • Health Points: Level x 30.
  • Fortitude: +1 per level. 
  • Supernatural Haste: +1 movement per success, +1 AR per ace.
  • Kahiran Presence: see below.

  • Kahiran Presence
  • 1-Shake Courage: -1 courage per success.
  • 2-Stupify: subject is stupified for +1 turn per ace.  No defense while stupified.
  • 3-Entrance: subject is mesmerized and susceptible to mental suggestion, for +1 turn per ace.  No defense while mesmerized.
  • 4-Mind over Body: By overtaking the will, force subject's physical or emotional actions for +1 turn per ace.
  • 5-Chaotic Mind: breaks concentration, -1 HB per ace, -1 d6 AD per ace.
  • 6-Astral Projection: project self up to +1 times per ace.
    Range; at up to +1 mile per ace, anywhere on same land mass with a crit, or called range with 5+ aces.
  • 7-Petrify: -1 HB per ace, -1 AR per ace, -1 courage and willpower per success, lasts 1 AR per ace
  • 8-Dupe: Fool the senses or mind into believing something, even the unbelievable
  • 9-Hypnotic Dominance: Hypnotize someone and imbed commands in their mind which are triggered by called catalists.
  • 10-Superior State of Mind: +1-HB per ace, +1 focus per success, +1 mental checks per success, +1 stamina per success as mage boosts all of subject's mental falculties to a state of perfection which overcomes flaws.  Lasts 1 AR per success
  • 11-Immobilize: Overcome the body through the mind to cause muscles to fail or lock up implicitly as called, lasts 1 turn per success or as called on a crit
  • 12-Master of Presence: mage applies his presence to attain a called effect over the mind, spirit, or will.  Create Presence Artifacts which contain the will of the maker.  Enhance other powers of presence, call effects

    Path of Blood (often using a blood staff)