Kingdom of Esscha Endor

Esscha Endor Map

Lords of Esscha Endor

King of Overland:  Marcus Sirrilus Octavian (Seth) - Astraeus Vampire
Ruling House: Gothtyrdan (darkworld fortress)
House City: Blackstone, commanded by Overlord Mendes and the campfire pack.

King of Landunder:  Solbaid (Eremon) - Fomor Horned Demon
Ruling House: Blackhorn Palace
House City: Gothardda (dark world city--a hidden and once forgotten city beneath Gothtyrdan), commanded by Ellastar Caldrus, King of Landunder Maelvannor and his family

Capital City: Blackstone

Commander:  Mendes of the Campfire Pack

Ruling House: Blackstone Keep

Knights of Blackstone: Pending, NPCs in development

The Warlords: Pending, NPCs in development

Oldest Town: Lakeshore

Regent:  Pending, NPC standin Jammison

Ruling House: Lakeshore Keep

Gothtyrdan Wards:

   All wards are level 40 and were raised by Maelmorda, aka The Morning Star. 

  • Haven Shadow Wards: displace and can harm, LoD see below.
  • Ward Commanders: Octavian, Sarku, and any officers as called by Octavian.
  • Shadow catalyst: LoD 450, channel called shadow commands through wards, including but not limited to shadow gate seizure and transfer, blinding shadows, intercept path and misdirect path

    Counter Void: LoD 460, snuffs power by drawing it into a shadow void

    Conquer and divide trap: LoD 444; a shadow tear that can be deadly, or dismember

    Permanency factor: LoD 442, stable lasting power

    Warding Factor: LoD 453, boosts any lesser LoD to 453

    Area Protected

  • The entire fortress, its ramparts, its dungeon, its floors, and the area between all of its walls, is warded by haven wards. Inside; the Ward Commander can vanquish anyone from the fortress at will.
  • There is one weak area in the wards.  GM knowledge.
  • Residents

    Overlords of Esscha Endor

  • King Marcus Octavian Sirrillus Astraeus Vampire, also goes by Seth, white hair, pale skin, green eyes, lean build, 6'1 in height.
  • High King Artorius comes and goes, a friend of Seth's he sometimes stays as a guest.
  • Maelmorda He and his proxies come and go, leaving Seth and his underlings to rule Esscha Endor in his absence.
  • Knights of Esscha Endor

  • Aeros Nystori: He is a master shapeshifter. His presence and mind are immune to trespass and probes, Arcanon of the Arcane. Morning Star Knight. Dispatched by Maelmorda to serve Esscha Endor as first knight.
  • Mortiara: clanless demon
  • Devyn: namas
  • Hadroth: namas
  • Orcrioth: nether elf
  • Seress: nether elf.
  • Siaph or Sarku: dark fallen shapeshifter, animist and elementalist, guardian of Gothardda, its fortress, and Esscha Endor.
  • Servants

  • Corso - werelion
  • Kaelyn - Demon Kin
  • Valira - half-elf child (sienna brown skin, violet eyes, silver hair, age: 14)
  • Ygretta - Namas lady in waiting, in house caretaker and nanny.
  • Other NPC as played
  • Noble Residents and Guests

  • Desiree Queen of Esscha Endor
  • Corwyn
  • Yorek
  • Armen and Archer Kassim (twin meridian arcador, or wraith devils)
  • Keir and Rainier (twin dreamlanders)
  • Shaithis Decasey (Astraeus vampire, priest of chaos and chaosmancer)
  • Residents and Guests

  • Demitrie
  • Millie
  • Other NPC as Played
  • Officials of Esscha Endor

  • Pending PC Assignment, NPC Standin: Duke and Govenor of Esscha Endor and Lakeshore Village, Paradise Lake
  • The Warriors of Lakeshore: Braam, Khorev, Denneth (rezzed), Rorc (rezzed), Hessel, Illiath, Morwin (raised by Acheron secretly as an Abyss Draconian, reads as Eschion in human form)

    Nobles: Tremuss (richest farmer)

    Mages: Kaeor (sorcerer), Gorgedd (elemental (plant and water), Kemish (healer)
    Chaosian Priests: Order of Thettius (Thettius (sidhe Black Shapeshifter), Kriomren (Namas), Nepterian (Namas), Graeol (werewolf), Elesanthra (Shadowlands Elf), Pruoll (Redwood Elf Weyr-Specter, lunarmancy), Maugthres (Vampire of Shapes), Criaph (Ssetis draconian), Setsunaini (Inisai Namas), Losjori (fomor shapeshifter), and various novices including Beon, progeny of Thres) in order of rank.) Residence is Orchard Creek Shrine


  • Amon: fallen angel and arch devil, rules 40 legions of devils (which he cannot call to Morashtar unless the seal between worlds is broken); very arabic looking angel with curling, jet black hair, medium brown skin, and pale grey eyes  Married to Elizabeth, his acolyte, with whom he has many children.
  • The Shadow Legion
  • Blackstone Specifics

  • Blackstone and all of the buildings it protects are made of black marble and obsidian while its ramparts are black basalt.
  • The Gatetowers' main gate faces south with Gothtyrdan to the west. The gates and towers are heavily fortified.
  • North through the gate is the main plaza and Blackstone Keep. A large trebuchet stands center of the plaza in front of the keep.
  • Blackstone Keep is where the king, his family and escort reside when staying in Blackstone.
  • East from the gate are stone homes and under the southeast wall a gate to the Lake District, where all of the commanding officers of Blackstone are housed in fine homes around a small, pristine, quarry lake.
  • The large tower on the northeast corner of the Lake District is the Command Tower, where from the windows and turret the lands to the east are watched and within war plans are laid.
  • The Southeast Tower above the Lake District houses the guards of Blackstone. The tower it connects to by a bridge is the south watchtower.
  • The Southwest Tower houses two manors which Blackstone's mages occupy.
  • Surrounding the Plaza are businesses and on either side of the keep are fine apartments called Black Square.
  • The City Stables connect to the Black Square from the south where they are near the gate
  • Both central Towers east and west will house the Blackstone Wardens
  • North Beyond the keep is the Falls District, were waterfalls tumble down the walls of the many homes east and west to fill reflecting pools all over this area, and center of this district is another trebuchet.
  • In the east and western corners of the Falls District are manor houses which the country's most welcomed and honored residents reside in.
  • Through the northwest gate is a walled in manor which the king's most honored of all guests reside in when staying in Blackstone.
  • Housed within the north wall is the Warlord's Hold, where the realm's most loyal warriors, their armory, and mounts are housed in apartments ten levels high. The rooves and ramparts of this hold are spacious enough to accomodate a number of dragon mounts (anywhere from 4-20 depending on their size). There are two trebuchets on the turret's east and west walls.
  • The North Towers house battlemages and their servants.
  • Beneath Blackstone is a large dungeon filled with many cells and chambers of many sizes, the entrance to this area is well hidden.
  • The Campfire Pack Retainers

  • Mendes: Commander of Blackstone, Lycanthrope; 25 (MA) 22 (PA)
    Strength-[19], Stamina-[24], Movement-[20], Stealth-[22], Willpower-[23], Constitution-[20], Alertness-[19]

  • Arvalen: (f), Therianthrope; 18 (MA) 15 (PA)
    Strength-[21], Stamina-[18], Movement-[16], Stealth-[14], Willpower-[27], Constitution-[23], Alertness-[18]

  • Odao: Shapeshifter; 24 (MA) 21 (PA)
    Strength-[21], Stamina-[24], Movement-[21], Stealth-[23], Willpower-[22], Constitution-[18], Alertness-[19]

  • Wogheti: (Wog or Wolf for short), Bestial Abominations; 23 (PA) 20 (SA)
    Strength-[31], Stamina-[28], Movement-[24], Stealth-[26], Willpower-[27], Constitution-[20], Alertness-[21]

    Gothtyrdan Castle Specifics

    Basic Description: Above the castle is a wide swathe of rich, flat land with scattered trees and orchards which meets a very high seaside cliff. A road winds down the cliiffside into the deep precipice to the fortress's drawbridge and main gate. All of the walls, the rampart and keep walls alike, are solid stone, carved from the cliffs, as are the supporting pillars. The cliffs themselves curve around the fortress to form massive walls north and south. The stone is a smooth dark grey basalt which looks jet black and like obsidian when wet. This fortress bores deep into the cliff it was chiseled from and is enormous. As such the immense cliffs themselves act a secondary wall. The entire place and the city beneath it was raised by Sarku over a hundred year period. Maelmorda shall always consider the place Sarku's until the animist dies a final death, but Maelmorda does not always let Sarku know this.

    Above the Cliffs:  There is a guard house here, large enough to house five guards with a large dining area and medium sized kitchen. The guard house stands on open grassland between Gothtyrdan and Blackstone (below). Another guard house like it stands east of Blackstone on a savannah with scattered trees,  copses and some orchards scattered throughout and around it.

    Gates and Gate Towers

  • There are four gate towers, two west and two south.
  • The south gate meets the road by the draw bridge.
  • The west gate opens from a terraced garden to steps which descend to the beach. 
  • The massive northwest gate breeches the paddock and arboratum rampart and opens to the pasture which meets the shore.
  • The massive southwest gate breeches the southern courtyard rampart and opens to the pasture which meets the shore.
  • The gates are made of 6x6 well seasoned, weather resistant planks of strong-wood reinforced with steel bands (strength of 246).  Each gate is also protected by a black diamthrill portcullis (strength 298).
  • Floors: there are six floors and a dungeon.  The 4th - 6th floors are called The Maze, and can only be accessed by 'the spiral' a centrally located staircase.  It is off-limits to all but Maelmorda and Sarku, and a few others, who know who they are.

    The Spiral: a spiral stairway which looked as if it was designed after the heart of conch shell.  These stairs lead to the central towers, the maze and turret, bypassing the floors in between. Rising up through six stories, the spiral is quite a climb.

    Towers: the towers have anywhere from seven to ten floors from foundation to turret. 

  • There are six great towers, two on each corner west and east.
  • The west towers loom high and overlook the ocean.
  • The eastern towers are against the cliff, and from them doors access tunnels and chambers carved into the cliffs. The east towers are so high that they overlook the land above the cliffs.
  • The last two towers rise up from the castle center, and are joined by an arching bridge. Running horses are carved into the length of the bridge on both sides.   The chambers in these two towers house the resident realm knights and the Morning Star knights when they sojourn. 
  • The Keep 1st Floor

  • Entrance Hall: southside central of the main floor.
  • Main Hall: goes straight north then splits off to form a square around the banquest hall.
  • Banquet Hall: down the main hall from the entrance hall.
  • Kitchen: off a short corridor east from the banquet hall.
  • Social Chamber: a room made for gatherings, north and then east.
  • House Library: centrally located down from the social chamber.
  • Combat Hall: used for training, northwest corner of main floor.
  • The Keep 2nd and 3rd Floors

  • Bed Chambers: all the bedchambers for guests and residents are on these floors.  The only exception are the apartments and chambers reserved for Maelmorda and his special guests on the 4th-6th floors.
  • Bath Houses: the bath houses are centrally located on both floors and are roman style bath houses with large bathing pools and saunas.
  • The Keep 4th-6th Floors

  • The Maze: includes the 4th - 6th floors, and can only be accessed by 'the spiral' a centrally located staircase.  It is off-limits to all but Maelmorda and Sarku, and a few others, who know who they are. If any unauthorized person enters this maze they will become quite lost, unable to find their way out or to any resident chambers. One might find their way to an empty or unused chamber, but if they leave they will not be able to find their way back to it. Chance of accidentally finding way to a staricase; 15%. Chance of accidentally finding way to a master chamber; 5%. Roll once a day.
  • Master Apartment: four rooms and a bath which are the residence of Maelmorda and his wife.
  • Guest Chambers: there are five on each floor, and they are almost always empty. Two connected chambers adjacent to Maelmorda's apartment is the chamber of Keir and Rain, Maelmorda and Galaxy's sons.
  • (Further Details and Map Pending)

    The Turret

    The Dungeon:  Two sprawling levels deep inside of the cliffs off the eastern side of the castle. It contains many cells, pits, large open cells, corridors and tunnels.  During the rainy season parts of it flood but drain off into conduits which dump into the castle culvert.

    The Culvert: a dungeon in and itself; The culvert below the castle is quite as large as the castle's main floor.  The waste and grey water from the castle enters this channel from conduits.  The culvert water itself dumps into an aggressive, underground algea pool, where light filters in from vents. The algea uses the waste as food and filters out the waste before it enters a spillway that pours the clean filtered water into the sea.

    Plumbing: the castle has plumbing; and the water for washing and bathing comes from large, black, soapstone cisterns on the turret.  This water is almost always hot from solar heating.  Drinking water is tapped from any small, marble sink in the castle and comes from very clean, cold springs in the cliff table.  The water pressure is always very good because of small pipes and the water sources being above the pipes.

    Stone Guardians:  The animals and creatures which lurk in all corners of the castle, on the columns and trestles, the lintels and arches, the pedestals and crowns, the molding and doors, the tables and chairs, well, all around, are many and splendid, sometimes terrible.  Moreover these statues can come to life, even the dragons, the kelpie and the re’em, if Sarku calls them into this life, whereby they shall attack enemy invaders!

    Sea Cave: This cave's pool is large and deep enough to shelter six large ships and can be reached from the northern stretch of beach.  There is no other protection for ships, no cove or bay. An enormous Kardan Dragon lives in the back of this cave, sleeping on the sandy rock bank which is level and deep with a wide path to the sea past the pool. The dragon's name is Svaugren

    The Shore: Gothtyrdan is above the flood plane and on a rocky hill which slopes down to the beach. The West Gate exits from a terraced garden onto stone steps which descends to and meets the path to the beach. The sand is fine and of white colour, the water almost a turquiose hue, like Carribean waters. The water is shallow for quite some meters before gradually deepening, though northward the bottom drops off steeply where a deep channel leads into the sea cave. The fishing is very good because of that deep channel and cave, which means sharks can be a problem for swimmers. They have to keep alert for sharks and other predatory sea life. Further north and further south the cliffs thrust up from the sea itself in deep waters, so the beach just ends at these cliff walls. This makes Gothtyrdan very secluded and well enclosed, with only the one road leading to the castle.


    Lords of Gothardda

    All are NPC, available to be picked up by players

  • High King Solbaid, aka Eremon - Fomor Blackhorn
  • King Ellastar Caldrus - Maelvanor, sumarhess mount (when mounted)
  • Princess Oezera Caldrus - Maelvanor, cave dragon (when mounted)
  • Prince Ceylus Caldrus - Maelvanor ranger, sumarhess mount (when mounted)
  • General Ardos Lioran - Maelvanor, cave dragon (when mounted)
  • King Ygraedwn Yttak - Goblin, lombra mount (when mounted)
  • Prince Draegen Yttak - Goblin ranger, lombra mount (when mounted)
  • Lieutenant Maligar Imruendor - Maelvanor, cave dragon mount (when mounted)
  • Lord Ssen Venacran - Maelvanor ranger, sumarhess mount (when mounted)
  • Ryao - (row) intrepid Neffari historian, who is getting up in age who has lived in Gothardda most of his life simply to write about his experiencs there
  • Allies of Gothardda

    All are NPC, available to be picked up by players

  • The Shadow Legion
  • The Morning Star Knights

    (dispatched as allies to Seth when Mael sees fit, unless Acheron is sealed)

  • Azriel: fallen seraphim and Arch-Death Angel.
  • Memnoch: albino dark fallen who became a devil.
  • Abdiel: among angels he was the most vindictive in opposing the Rebels which Sammael lead against Haman. Abdiel is a Malduzar, or angel of the pit. Sammael loaths this dark fallen angel.
  • Agiel: fallen angel of the pit, has powerful necromancy and warding against the dead.
  • Aeros Nystori: the spy of Lucifer, he spies on other Arcanon, the Anduain, and others for Lucifer. If other Arcanon or the Anduain abuse their power he either kills them or captures them as the Morning Star commands. He also lends them support. He is a master shapeshifter. His presence and mind are immune to trespass and probes, Arcanon of the Arcane
  • Botis: This devil takes the form of an unsightly snake or a man with long sharp teeth and horns carrying a sword with snakes entwining the cross bar and pommel. He reconciles quarrels and is a master of familiars. Despite his appearance, Botis is a moral demon
  • Camio: Caym. This devil has a bird-man form and can also take the form of a man. He always carries his sword. He is an air and water elemental which can commune with animals and help others to understand nature
  • Mashith: sephiroth
  • Some History on Gothardda