Amon the Griffin


Hextuplet Sets in Order Born

Aurelia (Lia)
Angelica (Angel).
Rahaab (Bob)
Joraabi (Jo-bob)
Gersaksel (Jerry)
Reustomu (Tom)
Denyethur (Denny)
Aalbil (Billy)
Yhajesu (Jesus)
Ephegenia (Genie, Jen)
Maelmadme (Maddy)
Esraless (Ezra)
(This set was named after stars)
Rigel (Rye)
Deneb (Den)
Adhara (Addy)
42 (7 sets) Named
36 (6 sets) Unnamed
Stand in Name for any unnamed Hextuplet - Tuplet #1-36+

Dice and Levels

  • Path of Chaos: 28, +4 HB, +3 AR
  • Arcane Lore: +1 HB
  • Arcane Strategy: +1 init.
  • Inborn: 31 d6, +5 HB, +3 AR
  • Espionage Skills: 32.
  • Melee Combat: 32, +6 HB, +3 AR
  • HP: 1172
  • Regeneration: 38
  • Fortitude: 47
  • Items

  • Ring of Id: always worn by him, this ring protects against race, power, alignment, and presence being identified, and guards again sight, mental probe, visionary, divination and aural sight powers, as long as he is wearing the ring. Ring is also protected against magical damage or destruction with a proof against magic damage. Strength of 65. Amon wears this ring because he does not wish to be judged for what he is, but for his actions.
  • Shield of Affires: +100 damage, +1 ace to stun.
  • God Slayer, Sword of Affires: +200 damage, +1 HB balance, unbreakable.
  • Legend Slayer, Spear of Affires: +150 damage, +1 HB balance, unbreakable.
  • Scales of Affires: scale armor, AC: 100% normal weapon deflection, unbreakable, special weapons required to penetrate armor, critical hit required if find chinks is called.
  • Helm of Affires: griffin helm, AC: 100% normal weapon deflection, unbreakable, special weapons required to penetrate armor, critical hit required if get between face mask or chinks is called. Boost power with the Sacred Flame while helm is worn by +4 d6. Also, gain wisdom of Affires while helm is worn to help make decisions as Affires would. This wisdom is 'impressed' on the helm bearer's inner voice and thoughts, not spoken. Helm can also grant unlimited willpower while carrying out a decision based on Affires' advice.
  • Shrouded Soul Stone: holds 2/3 of his soul and power in arrest and until found, his power cannot be restored. A fist sized, uncut, unpolished, twelve ray star sapphire still partially embedded in Ilmenite and hematite crystals. To the untrained eye it might look like just another rock with some shiny iron and silvery metalic faces surrounding a dark center which peers between the iron and hematite, while if held up to the light is a brilliant deep blue.
  • ... Note about Affires Set: the armour and shield are decorated with golden griffins, which are both Amon and Affires' symbols. The sword has a griffin hilt and the spear has griffins engraved into the handle with a griffin head pommel to crack enemies with. The helm is shaped like a griffin head. Affires is the spirit of the Sacred Flame, or Eternal Flame of Yffirian. All pieces of this set can be summoned at will and were bound to Amon when he was created, a gift from Affires. While whole set is equipped, Amon can summon griffins to his aid, which he can ride, or which will fight at his side.

    Physical Checks

  • Strength: 33
  • Stamina: 34
  • Movement: 19
  • Stealth: 27
  • Dexterity: 25
  • Mental Checks

  • Intelligence: 22
  • Willpower: 30 (-8 during visionary episodes, -50% while will is controlled by Tiber)
  • Charisma: 22
  • Perception: 30
  • Danger Sense: 15
  • Vital Stats

  • HP: 1272
  • Fortitude: 57
  • Regeneration: 41
  • Resurrection Difficulty: 20%
  • Skills and Levels

  • Legendary Weapon Smith: 38, +4 d6 on all rolls.
  • Legendary Armour Smith: 30 +4 d6 on all rolls.
  • Coerce: +1 charisma
  • Persuade: +1 charisma
  • Leadership: +1 charisma
  • Scale Walls: climb walls freehand or using rope and grappling hooks.
  • Detect and Disarm Traps
  • Detect Hidden Doors
  • Superior Reflexes: +2 dex vs. response to moving objects.
  • Feline Balance: +2 dex vs. trips and falls.
  • Pathfinder: +1 perception, detect enemies, dangers, and find best routes
  • Outdoor Survival: all levels.
  • Underground Survival: all levels.
  • Knight Skills: all levels.
  • Espionage Skills: 32
  • Combat Skills:
    ..... battle-sword
    ..... battle-spear
    ..... shield with shield clamor (+1 wp, +1 per ace to allies, causes -1 AR, -1 per ace hesitation to enemies if willpower check fails) and shield bash (stuns and damages)
    ..... combat riposte: normal damage each successful block.
    ..... combat discipline: +1 WP, hard to shake.
    ..... superior combat and battle tactics: +2 init
    ..... dodge
    ..... arcane combat
    ..... improved block: +1 HB on blocks.
    ..... expert missile deflection: +1 HB, use melee weapon or shields to deflect arrows and other missiles.
    ..... demolitions: make and defuse bombs and fire traps.
    ..... regroup: +1 init next turn, fall back and reposition unharmed at distance of mvm roll=max distance.
    ..... retreat: lead a safe retreat at cost of last ally in line taking a single hit, call order of single file retreat.
    ..... ambush: +2 init
    ..... safe camp: chosen camp sight is safe from enemies for up to +1 night, +1 per ace, and always at least one mile away from any danger.
    ..... summon griffins: if wearing full Affires Armor and Weapon Set, by calling its name, Af, named after the Sephiroth Af who is known for his anger.
  • Combat Mount: +2 HB while mounted, griffin mount with combat attacks
    ..... charge; +50
    ..... stomp; +55
    ..... trample; +125
    ..... claw rake with back claws; +60
    ..... pin with talons; -2 actions minimun, strength vs. strength to release
    ..... wing flail; stun -1, -1 per ace, distract -1 AR, -1 per ace, +10 dmg.
    ..... combat flight +2 HB
    ..... bite; +65
    ..... unhorse or unmount; +10% chance, +10% per ace
    ..... talon assault; +70
    ..... superior strength: level x 10.
  • Devil Information

    Stat Bonuses


  • Strength: +8
  • Stamina: +12
  • Fortitude: +16
  • Senses: +12 to split between senses
  • Inborn Powers


    1. Intimidate: -1 willpower, -1 per ace.
    2. Forget: target forgets all about whatever just happened in the last ten minutes. Lasts 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
    3. Mental Command: target obeys a single mental command and sees it through to the end.
    4. Imprint: target feels what the dominator desires them to feel and can direct that feeling towards any chosen target. Lasts as long as target is in sight of dominator.
    5. Hierophant of the Beasts: 'beck' and command a non-sentient animal or creature until it is defeated in battle or dismissed. Beck and Command by voice where magic cannot be used (silence defeats). Beck calls target with the knowledge that their aid has been requested. Those beasts which come do so willingly when called and are therefore not subject to bonds which can be broken or tampered with.
    6. Artifacts of Omnipotence: devil can create artifact items which give devil control of subjects who pick up the items. These artifacts are very magnetic and addictive to whoever handles them. The willpower of the one possessed by the artifact is transferred to the object, and released only when object is destroyed. -1 willpower per 5 successes when touched. -1 willpower per ace per day until willpower is at 5. Will is shared by the artifact with the holder as long as the artifact is in contact with subject. Subject cannot function without the artifact if will falls to 0, and can refuse no request without the artifact when will is low. Subject relies on the artifact once it has soaked up most of their will.
    7. Command: control a target for up to +1 action per ace, +1 turn per ace on a crit.
    8. Domination: dominate and control target for up to +1 turn per ace, or +1 day per ace on a crit.
    9. Smite the Will: a powerful wave of terror, doubt, confusion and anguish floods the target to shatter their will and constitution. -1 willpower per success.
    10. Enslave the Will: a permanent state of domination in which the target esteems and obeys the dominator. Lasts until the slave's will can overpower the bond, or until the bond is broken by the dominator or another.
    11. Multiple Targets: devil can use his powers of domination on multiple targets.
    12. Formulation of Commands: create domination items, powers, artifacts and even wards at these levels as they are reached.

  • Dark Presence: project the will for a desired result, +1 per 5 levels WP boost, WP vs.WP.
  • Dark Allure: Intoxicating scent, Charisma +8
  • Possession: full path
  • Shade Form: drains life or health, meta-haste + 4d6
  • Supernatural Haste: +1 mvm per success, +1 AR per ace.
  • Improved Regeneration: Level +10 Regeneration Level
  • Devil Form: Increases all physical, sense and mental checks by +4, or +8 to one check field.
  • Form Shift: Unlimited forms of up to +1 per level, form selection at level 40
  • Illusory Projection: same as phantasmancy, limited, they can create illusions that can be felt, smelled, and touched
  • Metaphysical Bonding: they can sense the vibes of, and locate anyone bound to them at will
  • Divine Fortitude: base Level +10
  • True Visionary: (31+10 = 41%) significant visions or glimpses of things to come, which may come to pass, are in progress, or which have already come to pass. Event is spastic and cannot be controlled. 1% chance per level of called vision per day (purchase extra levels). -1 constition per 5 levels. At 100% visionary achieves absolute knowledge and MUST isolate themselves, high chance of irrecoverable insanity if constitution falls below 15. Once a vision occurs, it can repeat itself until it meets the solution which triggered the vision.
  • Divine Strength: +12 when devil form is tapped
  • Divine Stamina: +15 when devil form is tapped
  • Bestial Senses: +1 per level, adds to normal senses.
  • Arcane Paths: Path of Chaos, Chaos Aspected, double stamina cost on light elements.

    Information Sephrades are angels of the second and third hierarchies whom fell into Acheron during the rebellions to become Devils. To name a few are Balam, Marchocias (played), Marbas, Abaddon, Azien, Malkor, Mendes, Memnoch, Solarious, Raziel, Amon and Buerom. Sephariz is a lose term for devils as a race.

    Basic Information:

    Path of Chaos

  • Conjure Plant Aspects: conjure poisons and potions (sleep, healing, hallucinogenic, stupifying, etc), from plants.
  • Mineral Morph: morph target into a called mineral for a called duration. if a living being is morphed their life is preserved within called mineral and will return to their original form when morph is undone, be it a thousand years from the hour they were morphed.
  • Runes: carve runes into metal, stone, or gems to imbed a willed power into target mineral. Makes a power permanent and impervious to disenchantment or dispelling.
  • Tap Electricity: tap and channel electricity to create lightning bolts, ball lightning, electrical auras, etc.
  • Flames of War: harness powerful fireballs, quick-fire, and firestorms to direct at target area which will do serious harm to anyone within range. Radius or range of up to Stamina Level=feet per success. Quick fire range is contained only by walls and strong doors unless outdoors.
  • Shadow Strider: weave shadow effects, sink into the shadow plane to close distances or to walk on the edge of the shadow veil within visual range of the upper planes, create or summon creatures from the shadow plane that will protect or support the shadow weaver. Each creature commands up to 5 shadow powers. Levels are +1 per success, +2 per ace. Roll for each skill or for level as a shadow weaver.
  • Water Weaver: tap and channel water to create water spells as called.
  • Air Traps: create air traps such as bridges, stairways, and doors that only those selected can cross or pass through.
  • Spectral Majesty: summon and command spirits and creatures at level of up to +1 per success from the spectral realm, and invoke spectral conduits to travel between the spectral and middle kingdom realms.
  • Spirit Weaver: create artifacts, items of power, runes, and wards by binding spirits to called objects or areas to give them a life and sentient power all their own.
  • Commune with Spirits: to ask favors or discover information.
  • Time Shield: protects from all time alterations or effects including haste in an area of up +1 yard per success, area doubles on a crit.
  • Bestial Allies: summons up to +1 lycanthrope, shapeshifters, bestial abominations, and or therianthrope per success as called. Level of each is up to +1 per success as their character type allows. These allies will remain with chaosmancer as loyal allies until they perish. This power cannot be used again unless all Bestial Allies perish.

  • Level 26 roll: (2 years past)
    Your Roll: 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 5, 1, 5, 3, 1, 2, 5, 2. Total: 18 Low roll...
    18 Allies he calls 'The Campfire Pack'. He can call on them at will from the forest they live in together near Gothtyrdan.

  • Telekinesis: control telekinetic aspects in an area of up to power rolled=cubic feet per success, x ten on a crit.
  • Oracle: chaosmancer can invoke visions of the past, present, or future by tapping the time stream or creating visual conduits, but is wise enough to know that future events are never stable or certain so is careful in divulging future events.
  • Dark Matter Weaver: tap and channel dark matter to weave gravitational effects, abysmal voids and vacuums which can soak up energy.
  • Animate: create life out of an inanimate object of up to +10 pounds per success, x ten on a crit.
  • Disease Resistance: grants up to +10% resistance per success, duration of +1 day per success, or as called on a crit.
  • Enchant: enchant weapons, items, and targets as called with applied power.
  • Reality Weaver – Create something out of the universal fabric by bringing the reality of what is conceived out of the universal weave in an area of up to +1 cubic feet per success.
  • Force Reality: make something unreal real as called. This power must be greater than that of the illusion to succeed.
  • Life Tap: tap and channel life aspects to enhance, deplete, or alter physical or mental aspects (checks) as called by +1, +1 per ace, or -1, -1 per ace. On depletions, life taken can be converted by chaosmancer to boost the health, stamina, strength, willpower, or fortitude of another or themself as called.
  • Dead Magic Weaver: creates a dead magic zone in any single called enclosed area, or in an area of up to +1 cubic yards per success, x ten on a crit as called. Called duration, but if left for too long (over 7 days), area begins to damage all who enter it by +1 per success per turn, at what time plants will whither and die, and animals will leave the area.
  • Undead Perception: sense and identify undead such as vampires, zombies, living dead, and raised dead
  • Scrying Eye: Ability to spy on someone at a distance.
  • Seal of Power: seal an area of up to +1 cubic yard per success, x 10 on a crit, as called, from anyone entering or exiting by physical or supernatural means.
  • Antifactor Discharge: this crackling cloud of energy breaks down all the factors in a power so that all that is left is energy without effect. Damage still occurs, (if a damaging power) but nothing else. This power is static which means it succeeds unless spell check roll or hit dice fail. Covers an area of up to +1 cubic yard per success and lasts up to +1 turn, +1 turn per ace. Both double on a crit.
  • Arcane Proofing: Protects a spell, magic item, or select object against specified conditions, effects or threats. Roll for each Proof cast. Success Roll = Power of Proofing +MA level of caster.
  • Id Cloak: Protects against race, power, alignment, and presence being identified, and guards again sight, mental probe, visionary, divination and aural sight powers.
  • Netherworld Arcanum: Create a circle of protection with pure, white chalk, and summon by its true name any denizen from the underworld, an otherworld, the Spectral Realm, or an elemental plane to command of it any one favor which the power of the spell obliges it to obey. If creature’s power is greater than the power used to summon it and keep it within the protective circle; it might escape into the world it is summoned into and wreak havoc, or even kill its summoner. If it escapes there is a 60% chance that it will attack the chaosmancer who summoned it. Level of creature is +1 per success, +5 per ace. Check Bonuses: Strength +8, WP +10, Intelligence +3, Wisdom +10, and Ethics -8 each. If the creature refuses (5% chance) to obey the command; it is destroyed by powers unleashed by the circle of protection. If this happens, there is a 20% chance that an associate of the destroyed creature might hunt the chaosmancer down and attempt to destroy them.
  • Elementalist: tap up to +1 called elemental path per ace to weave an elemental spell as called. Low-range (levels 1-14) power = Stamina 1-4 cost, Mid-range (levels 14-24) power = stamina 5-8 cost, Arch-range (levels 27-44) power = stamina 9-15 cost. Paths and their (special effects) include; air (ethereality), earth (strength), water (suffocation), fire (aggravated damage), ice (freeze and slow movement), electrical (stun), plant (choking and tangling) and shadow (stealth and ethereality).
  • Purify: purifes the target of poisons, foreign matter, or corruption as called to restore target to its purest state. If a living thing is purified, its spirit too is purified. Chaosmancer takes full damage of their roll to cast this spell (if it succeeds), as they are bombarded by the impurities of what or whoever they are purifying.
  • Arcane Expedience: with this power chaosmancer can fork power to hit up to +1 additional target per ace, while power is hastened to give it movement of +1 per success, while also chasing a target for distance of up to +1 yard per success while hastened.
  • Arcane Seal - Seals a Spell within an item or subject and protects against dispels, shatters, dissolves, disenchantments, disjoining, and detection, total MA roll = protection.
  • Arcane Mark - Marks a spell with Magic user's signature to protect against detection and identification.
  • Smite: death blow or destroy on a crit of 20+ as called, otherwise does aggravated damage and is reduced to a 'wounding strike'.
  • Cripple: cripples target as called on a crit, cripples target as they call on a normal hit. Crippling lasts +1 turn per ace, which doubles on a crit. For Cripping Damage, cripple must be combined with a damaging power.
  • Restore: on a success, this restores a target to its prime state. If this power restores the dead, the chaosmancer's HP drops by 50%. This power otherwise uses normal stamina and does +1 damage per success to chaosmancer. This power uses a lot of energy which is why it damages, taking energy from health rather than more stamina.
  • Probe: probe the body, mind, spirit or mass of a target to gain +1 knowlege of target per ace. Specify type of knowledge on a crit.