General Information

Name: Yorek Sayomen Kassim, Stopped aging at 25, BD, October 31
Father: Saeed Kishesh Kassim, Horned Demon
Mother: Mridaan Sulma Kassim, deceased
Brother: Rafee Hassan Kassim, 21
Brother: Valkar Fayyam Kassim, 14
Sister: Safiel Aril Kassim, 20
Uncle: Nuwyr Kassim, 34, demon sired as a slave
Twin Son: Armen Kassim Kilcanoragh
Armen has curly jet black hair, a handsome golden skin tone, being of a mixed dark skinned and fair skinned heritage, and medium-blue eyes like a storm over the sea.
Twin Son: Archer Kassim Kilcanoragh
Archer has curly blonde hair, a handsome golden skin tone, being of a mixed dark skinned and fair skinned heritage, and medium-blue eyes like a storm over the sea.
Information on the Twins: Meridian Arcador, half nephalim, half wraith. In time, when they matured to adulthood, Yorek and Corwyn would find them to be soul eating planar creatures. Because Yorek was the first of his kind, so were their twins. As babies they required milk, which Sarku's goats provided them, as children they would crave raw foods, and when they were fully mature, they would die as if stricken by some terrible sickness and rise again some days later in full transition of their immortal embodiments, at what time souls alone would sustain them.


Race: Arcador (unique race)
Class: Battle Ranger
Kingdom: Hassim, city of Inaaksu
Appearance: Mid twenties, long, thick, straight, black hair with a widow's peek, indigo-blue eyes, handsomely sculpted facial features with a square jaw, hollowed cheeks and temple, high cheek bones, a prominant nose with an angular bridge bump, full lips, and brown skin like sienna. He wears layered, loose fitting desert garbs and light, Neffari style armor which he wears over long shirts and loose pants of light material.
Title: Prince of Hassim
Horse: Mudngis (amazing animal) Dumorghess stallion
Companion: Lord D'gre, Deluvian Temple Knight
Dragon Mount: Yruwyr, Esgori (sun) Dragon

Arcador Innate Paths


  • Haste: 6
  • Telekinesis: 2
  • Telepathy: 10 (to within same city/borough of subject)
  • Planes Walk: 2
  • Phasing Movement: 3
  • Riposte: 11
  • Ring of Time: 2 Makes him impervious to forced time effects and nulls haste within a 1 d6 foot radius range per level. He cannot remove the ring, which he was given when he was remade by the Morning Star.

  • Advantages

  • RL: 20.
  • Fortitude: Impervious Flesh: unlimited fortitude against non-lead weapons, +18 when reduced to mortal status. He cannot be blood bonded unless reduced to mortal status.
  • MR: 90%.
  • HPB: +100
  • Improved Strength and Stamina: +10
  • Senses: vision, hearing, scent, taste +6 each; night vision
  • Instincts: +5
  • Improved Reflexes: +4.
  • Oracle of Acheron: he receives visions, past, present, and future, vocal whispers, and omens from the Morning Star, Sammael, Mordreig, Azriel, The Angels of Hell, and in time, from Acheron's Corridor of Knowledge.
  • Checks

  • Physical: Strength-28. Stamina-31. Stealth-18. Movement-17+Haste. Dexterity-19. Fortitude-24
  • Mental: Willpower-28. Intelligence-15. Charisma-22. Perception-20.
  • Alignment: {Lawful Good} Good-92%. Evil-8%. Lawful-75%. Chaotic-20%. Neutral-5%.

  • HP: 968

    Combat Skills -- Level 44

  • Duel Wield Swordsmanship: 35, +32 damage each, +7 HB, +1 death blows, +2 blocks, neffari martial swords.
  • Martial Shield and Spear: 30, combat spear +38, shield bash +5 damage and stun -1 AR, -1 per ace.
  • Archery: 30, +60 damage, +7 HB, +1 moving target,
  • Crossbow: 32, +50 damage, +6 HB, +1 moving target
  • Init: +3 (total)
  • Save: +2 (total)

  • War Machines: use, building of, and accuracy with catapults, trebuchets, and slings, seige towers, spear and arrow launchers, and other war machines.
  • Elite Combat Discipline: hard to shake, +6 constitution vs. distraction during battle, +2 HB and +2 d6 on all combat rolls.
  • Battle Strategy: +1 init
  • Ambidexterity, Weapon: (type) No penalty loss using weapon with either hand.
  • Ambush: Stealth and Strategy vs. Alertness for init. +1 on all rolls, +critical damage first attack if init succeeds. Enemy takes -1 on all rolls if init succeeds.
  • Arrow Craft: make arrows at +4 d6 damage, +1 d6 damage per additional level
  • Balance Adeptness: +1 vs. trips, falls, +1 vs. LoD
  • Battle Fury: (leaders only) Attacking leader is so determined that a battle rage takes them. No attack penalties, +1 HB attacks, +3 strength, +5 courage and willpower, +10% MR, -5-HB defense, -5 stamina after fury is spent.
  • Battle Mapping: +1 init
  • Battle Recruitment: +3 charisma, +1 wisdom to recruit 1 unit
  • Battle Strategy: +1 movement
  • Battle Tactics: ground, +1 init
  • Beheading Blow: +1 HB when beheading a target
  • Bow and Fletcher: make bows with 45 lb draw weight, +5 lbs per additional level, make arrows, know what wood to use, how to shape and layer wood, how to make a rudimentary lathe, how to knap arrowheads and make them out of steel, fletch and make well balanced and straight arrows, requires one month to make bow while traveling, two weeks stationary, and one day per arrow. Knowledge of making makeshift bows and arrows on the fly in 1 d6 hours at 0 HB and damage of 3 d6 total.
  • Breaking Sword Blow: a blow which damages or breaks the rival weapon, strength +1 d6 each hit to rival weapon, doubles on a crit. Weapon breaks when strength is at 0 or less.
  • Camouflage: adds stealth +1
  • Charioteer: Level chariot driving during combat or at other times.
  • Combat Discipline: hard to shake during combat, +1 HB or +2 constitution vs. all distractions or effects which might unnerve character during combat.
  • Combat Reflexes: +1 reflexes vs. melee, missiles, thrown, or lunging attacks.
  • Concentration: +1 constitution per success on all rolls requiring concentration.
  • Death Blow: heart thrust +1 HB
  • Death Blow: femoral artery slash +1 HB
  • Dismembering Adeptness: (sword or axe) +1 HB Dismembering Blows
  • Dodge: +1 dexterity and movement.
  • Dragon Rider: +2 HB mounted combat. Combat skilled dragon.
  • Enhanced Block: +1 HB on blocks
  • Enhanced Dodge: +1 dexterity, movement, and reflexes on dodges
  • Enhanced Move: +1 movement
  • Enhanced Parry: +1 HB melee defense
  • Horsemanship, Combat Riding: +2-HB-Mounted
  • Master of Discipline: ignore pain, stay focused, don't get shaken in combat, +5 Willpower, +1 Constitution.
  • Neffari Martial Combat: +1 mental and physical checks
  • Martial Sword: +1 HB sword, +1 d6
  • Mock: Target/s rush to attack mocker, ignoring spells, missile weapons, or strategy to attack physically at +2 HB, with 0 HB defense, -2 mental Checks, Lasts 1d6 rounds.
  • Moving Target Archery Precision: +1-HB-Moving Targets
  • Precision Archery: +1-HB
  • Riposte: +1 damage per success blocking
  • Quick Reflexes: +1 reflexes
  • Saving Throw Bonus: +2
  • Sword Smith: Level +1
  • Tactical Procedures: +1 init, +1 movement
  • War Strategy: +1 movement to an entire force
  • War Tactics: +1 init to an entire force
  • Zero-Sum Defense: attacker takes damage or effect equal to damage or effect they inflict. Defender takes -5 stamina progressively each time this defense is used, range combat only.

  • Ranger Skills -- Level 22

  • Hunting: skill vs. level of quarry.
  • Tracking: skill vs. stealth of one being tracked.
  • Leather Craft: making clothing, blankets, boots, quivers, even armor out of leather. Level of roll determines quality. Leather armor gets +2 AC per ace. Value of items is +1 gold per success, +5 gold per ace for more valuable items.
  • Tanning: making leather and furs out of hides, quality dependant on level of roll. Value of hides is 1 gold per ace rolled.
  • Build Fires: ace required to build a fire, +1 ace required against each obstacle against building a fire.
  • Climbing: skill vs. level of climb.
  • Camouflage: +1 stealth.
  • Set Snares and Traps: skill vs. detection
  • Find and Remove Snares and Traps: skill vs. level of concealment.
  • Rope Use: +10% chance per success of knots holding, Rope Strength = Total Roll. Level of application vs. LoD of obstacle or challenge.

  • 1- Tie Knots: know what knots to use for what purposes.
    2- Rope Throw: throw rope to catch it on a target or to throw rope to someone.
    3- Trip: use rope to trip someone.
    4- Lasso: throw rope's slip knot around a moving target.
    5- Tangling Throw: tangle a target in the rope.
    6- Rope Snare: make a snare out of a rope.
    7- Bind: Bind things together with rope, or bind prisoners.
    8- Hangman's Noose: hide in a tree or at a high vantage and drop rope down over someone's head to catch them in a strangling noose.
    9- Rappel: suspend rope over a river, gorge, or gully and slide across the rope using a heavy loop, hook or ring either held, or attached to a harness around body.
    10- Rope and Pulley: make a simple pulley system with rope to transfer heavy objects or people across a rappel rope.
    11- Intricate Traps: use rope to make intricate domino effect traps, +1 vs. escape.
    12- Improvise: improvise various uses for rope.
  • Move Silently: +1 stealth per ace vs. hearing
  • Hide in Shadows: +2 stealth, +1 stealth per ace in shadows
  • Internal Compass: know which direction is being traveled, Level vs. LoD of terraine, conditions, and climate.
  • Animal Handling: horses, mumaak, and lombra, +1 called action per ace succeeds with animal.
  • Light Sleeper: take alertness while asleep.
  • Ambidexterity: take no penalty when using either hand.
  • Perfect Balance: +2 dexterity, +1 per ace vs. trips and unbalancing.
  • Dogged Tracker: +1 per ace on all tracking skills. Hard to get a dogged tracker off one's trail
  • Vigilant Scout: +1 per ace each on alertness, stealth, movement, select senses, and sixth sense. Sense ground vibrations and ascertain target movement and numbers, read and understand signs, see far, move silently and unseen, cover a lot of ground quickly, comprehend and identify combat formations.
  • Field Apothecary: brew, identify, use poisons and medicines while en-field. Total Roll=Damage of Poison and Curative Affects of Medicines. +1 HB per ace.
  • Long Range Stamina: +2 Stamina per ace.
  • Rope Artistry: adds to rope use: +10% chance per success of knots holding, Rope Strength = Total Roll. Level of application vs. LoD of obstacle or challenge.
    1- Rope Application: using knots and rope accessories.
    2- Rope Climbing: techniques used with understanding of knots, loops, stress and rope dynamics
    3- Rope Traversing: complex climbing techniques using ropes
    4- Rope Rapport: ability to recover and manipulate rope adeptly
    5- Rope Quickness: fast recuperation and application of rope.
    6- Rope Making: with understanding of materials, fibers, weaves, stress, and rope dynamics.
  • Terrain Mapping Sense: +1 alertness and stamina per ace, Keen Sense of direction, tracking, and scouting when traveling by land while following 'signs,' from animal movement, disturbed plants, rocks, even dirt. Track by sound, sight, and smell as well, or lack thereof. Skill vs. stealth of target being tracked, or LoD of environment.
  • Travel Light: +5 mvm. +10 stamina when traveling light.
  • Hunter Adeptness: +1 HB per ace on all hunting skills, stacks with other hunting skills. Hunt, track and field dress game and have it ready for the fire before darkness falls hard.
  • Forage Adeptness: Identify, and correctly harvest, edible plants, mushrooms, nuts, roots, herbs and know how to prepare them. +1 wisdom. +1 edible found per success.
  • Medicinal Adeptness: Identify, and correctly harvest, medical plants, mushrooms, roots, herbs, etc and know how to properly prepare them. Knowledge of treating wounds. +5 HP per success, +10 HP per ace, healing.
  • Desert Survival Skill Adeptness: find water, find shelter, desert tracker and hunter, identify plants, identify animals, detect and avoid desert hazards (sandstorms, flashfloods, lightning and quicksand, extreme heat and cold, dangerous animals and tribes), find oases, desert customs, find caves, make camp, navigation. Apply to wilderness survival where it relates. (1000 XP)
  • Reading Signs: +1 per ace to all tracking and scouting skills.
  • Campfire Chef: ranger is so good at campfire cooking that his/her food is fit for a king. he exceeds just an ordinary cook to be a cullinary field chef!