General Information

Name: Corwyn Kicaloragh, Stopped aging at 26
Father: Maelmorda Kilcanoragh, aka The Morning Star
Mother: Galaxy Kilcanoragh
Brother: Rainier Forrest
Brother: Keir Gascon
Brother: Arasgal, half brother out of Sammael and Mael
Twin Son: Armen Kassim Kilcanoragh
Armen has curly jet black hair, a handsome golden skin tone, being of a mixed dark skinned and fair skinned heritage, and medium-blue eyes like a storm over the sea.
Twin Son: Archer Kassim Kilcanoragh
Archer has curly blonde hair, a handsome golden skin tone, being of a mixed dark skinned and fair skinned heritage, and medium-blue eyes like a storm over the sea.
Information on the Twins: Meridian Arcador, half nephalim, half wraith. In time, when they matured to adulthood, Yorek and Corwyn would find them to be soul eating planar creatures. Because Yorek was the first of his kind, so were their twins. As babies they required milk, which Sarku's goats provided them, as children they would crave raw foods, and when they were fully mature, they would die as if stricken by some terrible sickness and rise again some days later in full transition of their immortal embodiments, at what time souls alone would sustain them.


Race: Astraeus Angel, born of his Nephalim Mother Galaxy and the Morning Star
Kingdom: Acheron
Appearance: Mid twenties, medium length blonde hair, sea-blue eyes, fair skinned,hairless body, extremely fit and handsome.
Title: N/A

Weapons and Armour

  • Broad Sword: +35, +18 Lightning
  • Short Sword: +25, -1 stamina per hit.
  • Jeweled Dagger: +14, +20 d6 petrification damage.Flesh to Stone on a crit, a gift from his father on his 22nd birthday.
  • Long Bow: +40, quiver of 30 arrows
  • Plate Armor: +65 AC, -5-Dexterity, -4 mvm
  • Diamthrill Scale Mail: +75 AC, -1-Dexterity Combat Skills
  • Swordsman: Level 15, +3-HB
  • Dagger: Level 17, +3 HB
  • Archery: Level 19, +5 HB, with Archery Precision
  • Mounted Combat: +2 HB


  • Inborn Power: Level 16
  • Wizardry: Level 16, sorcery and path of healing and protection
  • Elemental: Level 13, Light, Earth and Electrical Elements
  • Quantum Projection: Level 12

  • Checks


    Physical Checks
  • Strength: 19
  • Stamina: 26
  • Dexterity: 15
  • Movement: 21 +Haste
  • Stealth: 16
    Sensory Checks
  • N/A
    Mental Checks
  • Willpower: 28
  • Constitution: 24
  • Logic: 21
    Ethical Checks
  • N/A

    HP: 544

    Inborn Powers


    Master of the Psychi

    Immortal form ONLY and at Levels Angelican possesses.

    Angelic Presence
  • 1-[1-3] Influence - Calm, anger, sooth, influence emotions.
  • 2-[4-6] Intrigue - Angel can cause another to be intrigued with them. This can lead to obsession with a critical success.
  • 3-[7-9] Awe - Angel can hold others in awe.
  • 4-[10-12] Motivate - Angel can motivate another to have confidence, courage, willpower, etc., or motivate someone to do something with an improved state of mind (+1 per success select mental check).
  • 5-[13-15] Majesty - Angel not only intrigues and awes others, but attains their respect and admiration.
  • 6-[16-18] Command - Angel can command someone to obey a single command.
  • 7-[19-21] Overpower - Angel can overpower the will and influence another's actions.
  • 8-[22-24] Dominate - Angel can dominate the will and control dominated party.
  • 9-[25-27] Invigorate - Angel's presence can boost stamina (+1 per success).
  • 10-[28-30] Angelic Benefaction - Angel can boost the power of others (+1 per success).
  • 11-[31-35] Magnificence - Angel can project their presence to anyone within a certain radius of himself (1 foot radius per success).
  • 12-[36-40] Improved Presence - Any power of presence can be projected at these levels as gained.

    Psychic Influence: Ability to force visions on a subject's mind even past wards and to speak through those visions to influence subject. requires concentration and focus.

    Divine Visionary
  • 1-[1-3] TRUE Sight - See past supernatural deceptions.
  • 2-[2-6] Dream Envision - Visionary dreams which come to angelican randomly, fortelling of future events.
  • 3-[7-9] Speak to the Dead - Hear and speak to the dead.
  • 4-[10-12] Telepathy - Receive mental words and tones directed to them, and channel mental words and tones to others.
  • 5-[13-15] Precognition - Angel can follow something which happens to another through dreams or visions.
  • 6-[16-18] Divination - Actively seeking visions and knowledge of things past, present and very near future.
  • 7-[19-21] Truth Sight - They can see past ANY lie, deception or untruth.
  • 8-[22-24] Mind Reading - Angel can hear thoughts of others.
  • 9-[25-27] Visionary Sending - Angel can project something seen or known, or visions to others.
  • 10-[28-30] Postcognition - Angel can summon detailed visions of things from the past.
  • 11-[31-35] Probe - Angel can detect and identify presence of power, energy, disease, and other conditions within select target.
  • 12-[36-40] Sublime Visionary - Angel can use any visionary power at these levels as gained.

    Paranormal Sight: Only Angelicans of the 1st-5th orders possess this Trait Ability of seeing auralscope of others and energies.

    Auralscope: Reads; Soul, Emotion, Mood, Alignment, and Energy Levels. Most living things have all colors but violet which is very rare. The color which predominates is what determines the mood, nature of a creature. Fluxuation signifies color scope is in transition of a mood or energy. if ALL color scopes are even, or almost even, subject is a TRUE Chaotic.

    Color Mood----Alignment----Energy----Scope
  • White: Generous, Compassionate - Pure Soul, Good, of the Light - Holy, Divine or Pure Light Energies
  • Rose: Suffering, Sorrow, Withdrawal, Antisocial - Chaotic - Weakening Field of Energy
  • Red: Anger, Violence - Chaotic - Destructive Energies
  • Orange: Suspicious, Wary, Antisocial - Chaotic - Reversal of Energies
  • Yellow: Fear, Faint Hearted, Cowardice - Neutral - Energy Failure
  • Green: Happy, Good-spirited - Good - Healing and Beneficial Energies
  • Pale Blue: Shy, Aloof, Passive - Chaotic Good - Dormant Energies
  • Deep Blue: Tranquil, Peaceful, Calm - Lawful - Tranquilizing Energies
  • Violet: Part of all Spheres of Magic, VERY RARE - Chaotic - Powerful Quantum Energies
  • Dark Plum: Part of Negative Sphere of Magic - Chaotic Evil - Powerful Negative and Chaotic Energies-(Most Likely a Lich or Undead Mage.)
  • Black: Wicked Intentions, Corrupted - Evil - Pure Negative and Dark Energies
  • Brown: Envious, Jealous, Covetous, Greedy - Chaotic - Chaotic Energies


    Angelic Temple

    Healing touch: Their touch (In Immortal Form) heals the living, can harm or heal the undead and can kill the raised dead. Heals +5-per success, +10-per Ace (6).

    Angelic Warmth: Angels have a very soothing warmth which seeps in deep to bask another with their heat.

    Angelican Fortress: Can take great physical dmg unless attacked with special weapons, enchantments, energy/magic and particularly necromantic power (× 2 damage). See Angelic Fortitude on Check Page, and Angel Regeneration on Regeneration page.

    Form Shift: Human form. Angelic Form-{Inborn Power Level 30. This form is quasi-etheral and cannot be damaged by normal weapons}.

    Blood Regeneration: Their blood regenerates rapidly and they heal rapidly from physical dmg. although the greater the dmg. the more time it takes for them to heal. No amount of blood loss can kill them.

    Alluring Scent: Their scent is extraordinary, and a great allure to predatory types, and is very pleasantly intoxicating.

    Intoxicating Blood: Their blood tastes like each individual angelican's scent.

    Utopian Temple: Within each angel is a power which can bathe another with their soul, this power shared when the Angelican's soul flows or even explodes into another to fill them with intense sensations of euphoria, which vary from gentle waves, to explosive riptides of orgasmic rushes. This power is most intense when they are immortal, and if their command over the spheres of power outside of themselves is stripped from them, their energies concentrate within their temporal, or physical centers, whereby the blissful sensations of their soul is immensly intensified, to mind blitzing degrees. This power is always shared when they mate with another, on thier release, and can be very addictive.

    Angelic Haste: See Inborn Powers Page. Excellerated Motion quicker than the eye, distance dependant on experience. The distance they can cover extends the more they practice this skill.

    Telekinesis: See Inborn Power Page.

    Angelic Wings
  • Retractable
  • Flight.
  • Deflect Weapons-(+15-AC)
  • Winged Cocoon: When embraced within the angel's wings, subject is bathed with their divine powers of presence, can also act as a healing embrace. Presence+4 d6. +1-HB per success, +5-HP per ace (6), +4 d6.
  • Radiant Light: Angel can spread his wings and emit a radious of blinding aural light which can bring evil trembling to its knees if within 10 ft radious of them, or repell evil to make a hasty retreat if within sight of Angel.

    Quantum Leap: Angel can leap from location to location, time line to time line, dimension to dimension, and travel light years across the Universe, although the more dramatic the distance in space and or time, the more energy the angel is drained of. When in immortal earthen form, they 'phase' into spirit form to become part of the temporal paradox to lapse through time lines and the dimensional folds to close distances.

    Telepathy: See Inborn Power Page. Arch Angels are strong telepaths and applying their Master of Psychi skill to their mental taps, they can strike subject with anything from mind crushes, to stupor, as well as 'Mind Meld' where they can create a mental projection of themselves to track a subject through their mental paths, and then transport himself into his projection to appear where he has located subject.



    Martydom: Angels almost always a serve a higher purpose at a high price, and if not, they are hunted for slaves, or destruction by their enemies. Divine Conflict - The Tarseran Angels and their Dark brethren are hunted by the Alamansen angels, wherefore the Alamascan pit themselves as the enemies of the Tarseran and Dark Angels. Until the Almascan cease in their ordained crusade, there shall be no peace between them. Dark Powers - Dark powers do Angels double damage.

    WoD - Way of Death: Choose 1-3 Ways of Death, all other deaths transient. 3 resurrections from final death allowed. All other deaths transient-with free resurrections. each resurrection from TRUE way of death becomes more and more difficult. (+10% chance of failure each).

    Innate Powers

    Throne Gifts

  • 1-[1-3] Capture Path - for casting Minor spells
  • 2-[4-6] Summon Weapons - A called weapon appears in hand.
  • 3-[7-9] sleep - Places subject in restful state of sleep.
  • 4-[10-12] Holding Force - No Action can be taken while held.
  • 5-[10-12] Magic shield - Protects from magic attacks and curses.
  • 6-[13-15] Conjuration - A type of gate summoning spell.
  • 7-[13-15] Binding Honor - An agreement is bound with a called contingency which takes effect if agreement is broken. The contingency cannot be dismantled once one has agreed to terms. One has to agree to binding honor for agreement to count. Beware loopholes.
  • 8-[16-18] Livid Valor - An imbue used in other spells, or a powerful influence which causes the target to perceive of right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust lividly.
  • 9-[19-21] Master of the Weave - Allows Angelican to weave improvised spells en-field. An ACE must be rolled to succeed and each 1 rolled, cancels an ACE.
  • 10-[22-24] Summoner of Souls - Holy Guardian Command which summons a soul from its vessel and casts it into the Angelican's Holy Sword.
  • 11-[25-27] Lance of Thrones - A light lance of holy power which destroys target's darkness utterly through holy purification to cleanse the soul while erasing ALL past memory and memory echos.
  • 12-[28-30] Invulnerable Orb of Arrest - requires higher power to shatter arresting shield-factored against dispell, disenchant, disjoin and shatter. Protects target held from magic and physical attacks.

    Divine Command

  • 1-[1-3] Heal Living - Heals 1 HP per success.
  • 2-[4-6] Heal Undead - Heals 1 HP per success.
  • 3-[7-9] Infiltrate the Unknown - Allows Priest to bypass unknown and unidentifiable magics
  • 4-[10-12] Summon Soul - Summon the soul of the dead.
  • 5-[13-15] Soul Arrest - Arrest soul of the dead.
  • 6-[16-18] Resurrection - Includes restore body, Soul Commands, Spirit Joining, Restore Functions, Vital Flame, and Resurrect. Must roll for each stage.
  • 7-[19-21] Bolt of Virtue - A powerful bolt of very pure energy strikes target with a corruption tear. The more corrupt target is, the more damage is done. Double damage to Evil alignments. No damage to good alignments. Instead, one who is good receives a blessing of protection through the divine bolt as called.
  • 8-[22-24] Holy Purgatory - Raises evil into a holy tower of power which send continuous streams of holy energy through subject until they are cleansed of all evil and dark traits.
  • 9-[25-27] Ascension of the Damned - Raises the soul of target into ascension of the light, destroys the body, preserves and purifies the spirit.

  • 10-[28-30] Command the Paths - Allow Angel to formulate Gifts of their own out of their Alingments.

  • 11-[31-35] Formulation of Command: called effects; spell, artifact, and item creation; warding and set power by roll

  • 12-[36-40] Improved Power: use powers at these levels as gained

    Divine Items

    Heritage Katars

    • Bonded Items of Power: both Katars are bound to Corwyn and allow him to summon them to his hand or their sheaths at will. If handled by anyone but Corwyn, or if dismissed by him, Katars sink into the ether and remanifest in a small cavity within solid stone in Acheron, from whence they can be summoned. Level of Items is Corwyn's Inborn Level +4. Strength of Items is 223 vs. destruction and breaking.

    • Trust: Dual Blade Katar, +1 HB balance precision, +50 damage (with enhancer).
    • Negation Bypass Field: cancels magic, wards and arcane fields in a radius of 1 yard, +1 yard per ace, around Corwyn.
    • Enduring Sleep: causes a deep, lasting sleep if it wounds someone solidly (on a crit). Sleep lasts up to 1 hour, +1 hour per ace, or up to 1 day, +1 day per ace on a crit, as called.

    • Friendship: Tri-blade Katar, wounding blades (aggravated damage), +65 damage (with enhancer).
    • Defender: stuns and drains stamina (-1 AR and Stamina, -1 each per ace), weakens and stalls enemies if one of the blades so much as scratches them (with a hit).
    • Union of Blood: allows bearer of the Katar to locate anyone the blade has harmed (hit as called or crit) and to locate and contact anyone telepathically who willingly allowed the blade to draw blood from them.
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