General Information

Screen Name: xreapertakemex
RPG: The Middle Kingdom
Character Name: Marcus Sirrilus Octavian Aliases: Seth Danson, Seth Danson-Caerellius, Octavian Seius-Caerellius, or Octavian Caerellius.
Race: Diablo Vampire
Generation: (2nd Gen)
Sire: Arcadius
Clan: Black Lion Clan (Caerellius)/Diablos Nosferatu
Character Rank: Clan Regent(Black Lion)
Gender: Male
Age: True Age: [2,480] Age by Appearance: 27
Birthdate: 475 B.C.
Occupation: Warrior, Chemist
Demeanor: Calm, calculating, friendly to few, and antisocial to most.
Nature: Compassionate, aggressive, dominate, and cruel to his enemies.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faction Alignment: Vampire Nation
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 LBS.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair: Magically altered white hair. Natural color is brunette.
Build: Lean-muscular
Nationality: Roman
Outstanding Features: Clan Mark-Lion head in center of a pentagram, on left shoulder blade. Mark of Lucifer-Pentagram encircled by a snake, on right shoulder blade.
Resources/Property: One fifth of Clan Holdings.
Progeny: Geni Johnston Caerellius (Sired Jan, 10. 2005)


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