Desiree - Bewitching Beauty

Desiree Fleur Blanchette

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Out of Character Information

Date of Character Creation: November 2004
Fonts: Poor Richard, Harrington
Player: NPC, available to be played on request

General Information

Character Name: Desiree Fleur Blanchette
Character Type: Sharr Nephalim
Age: 59 By Appearance: 24
Place of Origin: Earth, American born, lived in London where she attended high school and college
Occupation: Artist {painter, sculptor, illustration} Merchant {works at Dark Age Gifts in Hawkers' Fort}
Location: Castleguard, Gothtyrdan, Blackstone, An Morendor
Resources and Property: Coach House {behind Dark Age Gifts}, Shop in Blackstone {Traveler's Depot}
Shop Security/Wards: Watchdogs {Mastiffs} and Command Wards {not to mention Marco, her landlord}.
Appearance: Woman of stunning beauty.  She is 5'5 in height, has large, hazel, almond eyes, brunette hair, mid-length, fair skinned, very slender.
Heritage: Born out of a French Woman named Sophia Blanchette, and a dark angel named Azriel.  Two half brothers-Rene, and Azor.
Paths: goto Nephalim Powers and Paths


History: Her mother Sophia woke from her sleep at the touch of a stranger (Azriel) who she was unable to resist, nor did she recall the affair afterwards.  Desiree was the result of that forgotten meeting.  Sophia's husband was overseas when the dark angel came to her bed, and her husband accused her of having an affair when she discovered she was pregnant.  Sophia was the heiress to a fortune and vinyard, and so when she divorced, she did not suffer the struggles of poverty raising her daughter and sons alone.  Desiree attended the best colleges in France and London, but in the year 2006 she met up with several vampires and her life changed forever.  She had not long broken up with her boyfriend John, who was the captain of the London University Soccer Team, when she met Seth.  A week after she began seeing Seth, John broke into her apartment and attempted to rape Desiree, who fought back feircely.  Seth called on her during this incident as well, to find John on top of Desiree, and before the jock could violate the beautiful French girl, Seth took his life.  As time progressed, Desiree fell in love with Seth, only for the vampire to break every promise he made, after claiming her virginity.   Seth angered Desiree even more by tearing his own heart out, and laying himself in torpor, when she told him she never wanted to see him again.  It was a very attractive angel named Sebastion, who served Seth's clan, who helped Desiree through her heartbreak, and in time, he confessed his own feelings for her, and Desiree admitted she loved him as well weeks later.  She and Bastion became very close, despite her friend Marco's advice to steer clear of the angel, and the clan he served altogether.   Desiree had known Marco for years, had taken fencing classes from the same man who instructed Marco, and despite also being in love with her, Marco had never confessed how he felt, until Desiree started seeing Seth.  She rejected Marco's pleas to be his.  She adored and loved Marco as a friend, trusted him as a friend, but he was more like an overprotective brother to her than the sort of man she could ever love.

It was Sebastion who had won her heart and soul.  He was everything she could ever desire, or hope for in a man.  He was kind, generous, handsome, winsome, charming, and brave.  She and Bastion had barely begun to explore their love for one another, when Desiree was kidnapped by a vampire she met in Greenwhich Park.  Terrence was obsessed with her the moment he met her...believing she was his ex-wife reincarnated.   Like his deceased wife, she was an artist, a poet, she was beautiful, fiesty, and spirited.  She had drawn something in her portfolio which made him sure she was his wife Enya reborn.  Vampiric Symbols she was clueless of the meaning of, and yet there they were, illustrated vividly in her sketchbook.  Vulcan clan symbols and glyph seals.  He had traced Azriel's blood in her as well.  Azriel who was his enemy...Surely he had raised her with his seed to torment him.  He was so sure that she was his beloved wife Enya, that he captured her and took her to his manor, and tried to make her remember who she was.  Sebastion tracked Desiree and Terrence down, and remained hidden as he watched over the love of his life.  Desiree remembered none of the things Terrence told her, even showed her, and it was when Terrence snapped and attempted to rape her, thinking that if she could feel him inside of herself again that she would remember him, that Bastion finally showed himself and confronted Terrence.   Bastion convinced Terrence to let her go, making Terrence acknowledge that he was only hurting Desiree, who surely would have known him by now, if she was his wife reborn.  Even as Terrence released her, he made a silent promise to himself to reclaim her, if he ever discovered that she was Enya.  Desiree had not returned home to her apartment for a week, when a world war errupted...A war like no other before, as mortal kind pit themselves against immortal races.  Desiree had fallen asleep with Sebastion in her bed, and not even the bomb sirens woke them, for the sleep which had overtaken them was not natural.


The following day, Desiree woke to find herself in a strange house.  She panicked and cried out for Sebastion as she raced through the two story manor, but it was not Sebastion who caught her in his arms and calmed her down.  It was Marco.  It was his house she had awakened in...He who had embraced her, he who calmed her down.   Marco had never told Desiree what he was, not until that day.  He told her why she was there...He told her that he was an immortal.  When she asked where she was, he told her she was on Morashtar...The planet of gateways inbetween, a very pristine and primal world, in his home, his business, in a city called Hawker's Fort.   When she asked why she was there, he told her that she had been spared by a being of great power, from a terrible catastrophy which had occured...from Armageddon, and sent to this world with others.  Marco offered her a place in his house, and after a month he had fixed up the coach-house, which was behind his house, and made it quite pleasant to live in, with running water and a shower, and even better, an art studio, all for Desiree.  He provided her also with art supplies.  Marco had always been very generous, and had never asked anything in return.  Yes, he begged her every so many years to reconsider him, but he  never pressured her, never expected anything from her.  Marco scared Desiree...Even before she knew what he was.  She had seen him cutting himself...Beating the hell of some guy, barely even leaving him alive, had seen him get so drunk that he could not stand, and laugh himself into a drunken blackout, and he never wanted to talk about it.   He never wanted to share his past or whatever bothered him with her.  He was too dark...Too mysterious, she was afraid of what he hid inside of himself.  She begged Marco to help her find Sebastion, and he had promised to...Had tried {as far as she knew}, but with no success.  She missed Sebastion terribly.  Marco had taken another female border into his house as well.  A girl named Audra Smithe.  She was a lovely girl...Quiet spoken and shy...Very intelligent, and Desiree found herself jealous of the attention Marco showed her on one hand, and grateful on the other.  She hoped Marco would turn his interests on Audra...Would fall in love with her, and yet...It made her insides twist when he did show the girl his rarely bestowed affections.  He was never intimate with her...Had never tried to be as far as Desiree could tell...But with Marco, it was very hard to know if he wanted to.  Desiree finally decided that her jealousy was the kind an older sister felt when a younger sister got all her brother's attention.  Yes, that had to be it, because it was Sebastion she was in love with.  That was an absolute she had never questioned.  She missed him...She missed him so terribly...But was he even alive?  Marco kept her busy when she was not working.  He has been instructing her for nine hours a week in knife fighting, arcane paths, and swordsmanship.

She waited for Sebastion for years, ten in fact, before she finally surrendered to the sad fact that she might never see him again. Immortal or not, she felt and responded like a human. That was the advantage of being a Nephalim...a human-angel-hybrid. They were human in spirit, heart and mind. They truly understood mankind, or at least started out that way. She worked and tried not to ache so much inside because she missed him. But fate decided the paths of she and Seth should continue to intertwine and instead of Bastion walking back into her life, it was Seth...aka Octavian. She was sitting at the bar at the Lake of Shadows Inn when he sat down next to her at the bar. One thing led to another, namely the fact that King Heldras had been imprisoned and his appointed successor Lord Dreward had taken his throne then promptly banished all but a very few immortals from Hawkers' Fort. Desiree was one of the few he had not made a refugee of because he wanted access to the weapons and other valuable items in Marco's shop. Because Seth did not trust the usurper's intentions, he persuaded Desiree to reside at Gothtyrdan, the castle he reigned over Esscha Endor from, at least until Dreward was overthrown and his highly partisan practices had been sanctioned. Desiree insisted that she return to Hawker's Fort and keep tabs on what was going on there, but Seth insisted it was too dangerous for her. She reluctantly yeilded to his persuasion...for the time being. Hawker's Fort had become her home and the shop her life. She felt like she was betraying her own convictions and Marco's trust by not returning there. She was sure of what she would say to those who questioned her long absence...the truth. Friends had tried to convince her that it was too dangerous for her to reside in the city under the present bylaws...but she had decided otherwise.


Desiree had been granted a contract of residence under Westguard's new statutes of citizenship. It read like this; 'No immortal is to reside within Westguard territory but by documented authorization of King Heldras under his terms. If said contract is broken by an immortal citizen, said civilian shall be either arrested or banished forthwith, according to the circumstances.' The terms were simple and broke down to, 'So long as you don't betray your King or country, you are safe here.' Desiree trusted that contract and had no intention of breeching its terms.

Despite her own resolve to return to the citadel, she remained with Seth presently, unsure of what she might decide in the future. As she spent more time with Seth, old feelings haunted her and she began to feel close to him again. About that time; Chaos broke loose when she went exploring the city underground Gothtyrdan with Seth and her new friend Terra. A crazy Lich named Solbaid, who once dwelled in the same cavern the subterraenean city of Gothardda was built it, was visiting his old stomping ground when he saw Desiree. He seized her and took her back to his dimensional keep which he had anchored deep beneath his progeny Saeed's palace in Inaaksu. Despite the barriers Marco had raised to protect her against all manner of mental attacks and control, he overpowered her will by destroying those barriers. He kept her as his mate in that duration, made her believe she was madly in love with him, and she felt it deeply, all the while he treated her very well despite the lustful attentions he drowned her in. Solbaid was desperate for two things...a mate and a child of his dead loins. That of course required additional magic...He dipped into time and his former younger body to perform that most precious of all acts...the creation of life from love, and he did love Desiree, whatever love was for him. His progeny Saeed, King of the eastern desert, made Solbaid give up Desiree however. This did not please the Lich no, it was painful for him, but out of respect and love to Saeed, he obeyed and released Desiree, despite the fact that she carried his child. The Lich intended to collect his son after he was born. Having no idea that she was pregnant, Desiree returned to Gothtyrdan with Seth, but she was not the same. Solbaid had tried to wipe her mind of him but it did not take. Her memory was her own to command. The earth born beauty had no idea what to say to Seth. She did not want to talk about her experiences with Solbaid. She had believed she loved him...DEEPLY, and still felt it...She missed him and knew it was wrong to, knowing what he had done to her now. She was desperate to return to her familiar routine at the store, so the first time she got Seth alone, she declared that she was going back to work.

"I will go to work in the morning and come back here at night after I have closed shop. And don't try to influence me otherwise, Seth. I won't BE disuaded. I NEED this." It was then Seth dropped the bombshell of being determined to mark her as his. She frowned and there was nothing obliging about it. "I just had my love for Solbaid burned out of me. Do you even know what it feels like to be forced to love someone and then have it ripped out of you? I think that if you DID know, you wouldn't be asking me to let you mark me! And don't give me that 'you are only trying to protect me' line. You just want to claim me like John, Terrence, Marco and Solbaid did! Well I am not a piece of god damned meat! I am a person!" Yes, there went that fiery temper of hers. Even if Desiree did agree to being marked, it would fail, because she was already marked, by her very absent father Azriel. He had marked her up down and sideways even before she was born. Solbaid's attempt at marking her had failed too. It was in his ability to finally break down the mental barriers and control her emotions that he had claimed her heart and a piece of her soul. Now all she felt was anger and chaos in her heart and mind. She felt horribly betrayed by her own heart to have felt the things she did for her captor. Seth was smart not to push it, smart to back off. The moment he did she trusted him a little more. Soon, she was leaning against him again, playing with him, laughing with him when she came home from the shop. Desiree had always been attracted to Seth and that part had not changed. But she still felt like she was cheating on Solbaid when she got even innocently cozy with Seth.


She wanted to see Gothardda again, despite her fears, and by Seth's third visit there she was begging him to let her go with him. Sarku had some huge project going on...making elemental bodies for spirits to inhabit. Seth was helping him however he could. Desiree promised not to wander off into the cavern beyond the city again. She let him curl an arm around her as she walked with him in that magnificent fire lit underground. It really was beautiful in a darkish, kind of spooky way. The albino elves who lived there seemed to glow in contrast to their dark surroundings, while the goblins and dragonkin simply complimented their enviroment perfectly. She loved their races...the beauty of their primitive looks and the languages they spoke in. Griddaen, which the dragonkin spoke, reminded her somewhat of Welsh as Esurian did Gaelic. Could those tongues have come from Morashtar, she wondered? Or was language one of the variable constants in the universe? Otso-Gruag, the Goblin tongue was completely unique and much grittier. She wanted to learn their languages..and decided to hire a tutor or two who could teach her. She mentioned this to one of the Goblins who suggested she could attend classes with the children in Gothardda. Desiree loved the idea of going to school with Goblin and Dragonkin children! She could learn so much about them.

Whatever Seth had been up to the week after the first, Desiree greeted him by stalking into his private chamber and flopping down on the couch next to him. Her head came to rest against his chest with a plunk. "You are a sprawler, you know that?" she observed about him. "Man what a day...I have never seen so many warriors in my shop. Something is up and they aren't talking about it." She had tried to get them to talk. Batted her thick eyelashes and even flirted! They were clams, the lot of them. "I am not even sure THEY know what they are up to. I swear, Seth, someone always submits to my shameless come ons. Those guys are either rocks or they are being left out of their own loop." She nodded and sank deeper against him, her fingers playing idly with his shirt. She was exhausted! "They about cleaned me out of weapon stock, those Marco is willing to sell to anybody that is. He won't sell Halen's people anything boss, you know. Some enchanted gear sure, things they could come by anywhere. Single elements mostly. Marco is about the money, just not all about it." Desiree spoke like what she had been ten years ago, a modern earth girl. Morashtar natives tended to look at her funny at times. She sighed and nestled against Seth. "I could fall asleep right here..." She yawned.


Weapons: Rapier-{+26}, Dagger-{+12}, Heritage Dagger-{+50}, Beretta 9mm Pistol-{+35/45}
Armor: Cloak of Fortitude-{AC-45, Dark Blue, velvet cloak, enchanted to repel damage, secured with loops and ivory toggles which run the length of the front seams}  Wings-{AC-15/20-Bestial}
Combat Skills: Fencing-{6}, Knife Fighting-{7}, Hand to Hand Combat-{10}, Precision Marksman-{+2-HB}
Skills and Knowledge: Arts-{oil paints, water colors, egg-tempra, acrylics, sketching, pen, charcol, pastels, and ink mediums, calligraphy, sculpting-in any available mediums, including hardwoods, marble, serpentine, etc.  Still lives, portraits, sceneries, lifestyles, impressionism}   Equestrianship-{12}, Vintner-{skilled in the arts of making wine, growing, harvesting, and fermenting grapes, etc.  This she learned from her mother who was a vintner, their vineyard owned by the same family for twenty generations}.  Linguist-{French, English, Italian, Learning Esurian}, Excellent Cook, Computer Skills

Advantages:  Well educated, Articulate, Intelligent, Beautiful, Charismatic, Good Memory, Quick Learner, Quick, Dexterous, Flexible, Agile, Enchanting Voice, Stealthy, Immune to Forced Memory Alterations and Mental Intrusion or Tampering, Azriel's Seal of Possession, Azriel's Mark of Supremacy
Disadvantages: Petite-{-5 strength}.  Subject of men's Obsessions.  Alluring Scent-{lavender and roses, draws the attention of predators, sexual and otherwise},  Tendency to Trust too Quickly, Jealous Guardian-{Marco}



Physical:   Strength: {15/20-Bestial}  Stealth: {14}  Movement: {23+Haste}  Dexterity: {14}  Stamina: {25/35-Bestial}  Fortitude: {18/23-Bestial}
Senses: Vision: {21}  Olfactory: {24}  Hearing: {19}  Taste: {25}  Touch: {14}
Mental:  Charisma: {18}  Wisdom: {12}  Intelligence: {16}  Intuition: {10}  Instincts: {12/17-Bestial}  Perception: {14}  Willpower: {25}  Confidence: {14}  Logic: {15}  Optimism: {12} Sixth Sense: {10}  Courage: {17}

Alignment: Neutral Good



HP- {400}  Regeneration- {13}
Combat Levels: Fencing-{6}, Knife Fighting-{7}, Hand to Hand Combat-{10}. Firearms-{20}
Combat HB: {Fencing-{+1}, Knife Fighting-{+1}, Hand to Hand Combat-{+2}, Firearms-{+6}
Weapons Damage: Rapier-{+26}, Dagger-{+12}, Heritage Dagger-{+50}, Claws-{+20/35-tear}, Fangs-{+8/16-tear}, Bestial Attacks-{+5}
AC: Cloak of Fortitude-{+45}  Wings-{+15/20-Bestial}
AR: +2, +4-Firearms

Martial Attack Damage

  • (+25 on all to brain, heart, femoral artery, and throat)
  • (+15 broken bones) 
  • (+9 on other vital organs)
  • (+Strength on all attacks)
  • Non-Kill punch+9
  • Non-Kill Kick+18
  • Non-Kill Combinations+18 each action.
  • Critical Combo+45 each action.
  • Death Maneuver+45+Level each action.
  • Impact Bonuses-(+Strength)
  • Stunning Blows-(-1 AR per ace)


    Trait Powers

  • Level: 4
  • Presence:
  • Psychic Influence
  • Divine Visionary
  • Healing Touch: +5-HP per success, +10-HP per ace (6)}
  • Divitalizing Touch: damages, -1 stamina per success}
  • Haste: +1-mvm per success, +1 AR per ace actions}
  • Telekinesis:
  • Shadowy Aura:
  • Resistance: {Wings-Deflect Arcane 75%}
  • Quantum Leap:
  • Telepathy:
  • Innate Power

  • Path of Shadows: {12}
  • Hell's Inner Sanctum: {7}

    Arcane Power

  • Necromancy: {5}
  • Sorcery: {8}
  • Earth Elemental: {7}
  • Electrical Elemental: {7}



  • Artist-19
  • Equestrian-14
  • Homemaker-18 (cooking, cleaning, decorating, etc.)
  • Swimming-16
  • Winged Flight-12
  • Linguist: French-fluent, English-fluent, Cenys-semi-fluent, Mythemyn-semi-fluent, Gruag-learning, Griddaen-learning
  • Climbing-14
  • Jumping-8
  • Camping-10 (make fire, leanto or erect tent, campfire cooking, find and use edible and medicinal herbs, find fresh water)