Lavoy Garceaux :: Black Lion Clan Prince

General Information

Lavoy Desmond Garceaux

Player Screen Name: {itacksforsnacksi}
Date of Character Creation: November 2nd 2004
Heritage: Sired in 1487 out of Artorius Xavier Caerellius, Artorius sired out of Arcadius Caerellius in the year 30 BC. This vampire clan passes on their Sir name to their childer as was the wish of Aurelius Falco Caerellius. Family Emblem and Clan Epithet: Black Lion. True Name: Cassiel, First Angel of the Order of Virtues. His heritage as an angel was forgotten by when he fell and was reborn, but in time his past memories may return to him.
Time Line: Modern and Medieval.
Race: Angelican-Black Lion Caanan Vampire
Clan Rank: Clan Prince - 5th Generation
Age: Years Lived: 537-As of the Year 2005. Age by Appearance: 18. Date of Birth:June 11th 1469 in France.
Nature: Very pleasant, well mannered, easy going until angered. Very Passionate. Carnally motivated around his Sire. Fiery temper when angered. Moody but typically poised in public and passive to passionate around his Sire. Protective-Of his Sire, and can be so overzealous in his protection of him that he is suspicious of anyone whose trust has not been WELL established with, and CAN come off as hostile if his distrust is strong.
Pursuits: Supporter and Student of The Path of Chaos. Artist and Poet.
Haven: Black Lion Estate, Eternal Wilderlands, An Morendor
Estate Shadow Wards: all hostiles, and unwelcomed trespassers phase through the manor and its outer security walls, emerging just above the middle of the Silverload River, just south of the estate, whereof they plunge into a very deep channel in the river.
Horses: Breeding Stock of An Morendor Storm Cloud horses. Very valuable animals, native to An Morendor. Description: These horses are rather large like warm bloods with heavy draft horse blood, feathered fetlocks, very long wavy manes and tails, beautiful Andalusian-like faces, grey in color with silvery dappling, black and dark grey manes and tails, varying between shades of these colors, sometimes with silvery manes and dark grey dappled bodies. They are quasi-immortal and can learn to understand languages. The Black Lion stock can understand English and Esurian.
Share in Clan Land and Property: Black Lion Estate -- 20 miles east of Hawker's Fort. 500 Acres of Land, includes vinyards and orchards, a winery, pastures, riverland and forest.
Share in Clan Treasury: Platinum: 32,000 Gold: 11,525 Jewels: 6,500 Cash: 0
Retainers:(NPC): Personal Attendent-Roary Kief. Servents: Dominic Lamess, Morlinette Brodeur, Shaemous (Jamus) Kerinson. Gueneve Mineauette, Jorden Haffteh
Thralls: Sebastion Devereaux.
Progeny: Servius Faust Memius, Sired-Dec. 1st AD 2004.
Clan: Kael McBane. Progeny of Artorius, sired AD 7, faithful servant and personal guard to Lavoy,
Appearance: 6' feet in height. Jade green eyes. Very long, blonde, curly hair. Slender, firm build. Extremely handsome and youthful in his appearance. Looks human, his skin slightly tan, having a 'glow of health', his flesh even faintly warm to the touch as long as he is not blood deprived. Grows pale when blood deprived.

General Information

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