First Pentacle: Tsetar
Order: Angel of Swords
Rank: third hierarchy
Stage: Meledon terrestrial, transient mortal


Order of the Angels of Swords

General Information

Name:  Cirgoth (keer-goth)  Alias:  Aramas Riso
Age:  296 (as fallen)  By Appearance:  22  True Age:  Born in the Age of Water-An Morendor
Race:  Tarseran Fallen Angel - Arch-Angelican Order of Swords - The Ninth Order of Angels.
Levels:  27-Path of Power.  30-Innate Paths.  18-Firearms.  35-Swordsman, Daggers, and Archer.
HB:  Firearms+4, Sword, Dagger and Bow+11, Missled Casting+6, Haste+2
Regeneration Level:  50-Angelic Form, 21-Earthly Form
Fortitude:  33-Angelic Form, 16-Earthly Form
Locations:  London-England and An Morendor.

Residence:  An Morendor:  Small (28 room), rather run down castle in Sanctuary Bay off the Shore.  Built against the Tall Tower Cliffs above the sea.  Accessed by a road which hugs the cliffs, the road partially collapsed in places, and only wide enough for a single horseman to pass.  The castle was abandoned and Cirgoth claimed it as his own as a Haven for he and his brethren.  He has since captured some wild horses, BelgÓr Cavall (snow horses) gentled them and began breeding the animals.   He fell in love with the magnificent animals the moment he laid his eyes on them on the high plateau which looms above the fortress he claimed.   They have very long silky manes, tails and hoof-skirts, and blue eyes ranging from cobalt, pale turquois to ice blue.  The horses are quasi-immortal.  London:  Ruins of a Mansion he owns which was wrecked in the war.  The basement still very well intact. 

Cirgoth is very bitter about being cast out of heaven, and seeks his path of justice with the Alamascen who were created out of the eternal fires to replace the Tarseran.  Only by killing them, protecting his fallen brothers, protecting balance, and finding his own path, does he feel he can avenge he and his brethren being so cruelly cast down, rejected and forsaken.  Where he once loathed his fallen brethren, and called them the enemy of his kind, he now has as great a love for his angelic brothers in hell, as on earth, understanding better now the position his fallen brethren of old were placed in.  Of all, he sees clearly through his own pain, the cruelty inflicted on the innocents who paid for God's wrath, and the injustice of punishing those angels who were cast out of heaven, no matter how faithful and devoted to God, for simply being the children of Lucifer.

He has always been a little on the hot headed side, his hot temper fueled by his passion, and his impetuous nature.  He tends to act before he thinks and brave dangers most would dread the face of.  He is very charismatic and bold, and will back down for nothing short of death if he is determined in a cause.  Only if he respects another might he bow out of a fight.  He has a VERY strong will and is very hard to dominate and enslave.  Cirgoth has high expectations of gathering as many of his fallen brethren as he can to stand against any who would take their will and freedom away.  He will not call himself an enemy of his maker unless he is named an enemy of Hell.  He intends to make a pact with Lucifer to serve him as a hunter of the Alamascan who seek to destroy the fallen, in return for Lucifer's vow not to corrupt those brethren he gathers as clan brothers.  As ambitious as this may appear, his main objective is to protect his brethren, and find them all a place where they can serve with honor and pride.  As with all angels, his need to BE needed and useful, is a powerful aspect of his nature.

  Auburn red hair, Vibrant green eyes, 6'1 in height, Very well built, Five O'clock shadow-An unusual trait for an angel, but not uncommon for Swords, Body otherwise hairless, Battle Scars-caused by enchanted weapons, burns and other wounding scars caused by delay healing enchantments.

Scent:  Botanical-Of spice and herbal fragrances.

Thanias (Alias-Thane), Age:  (18)-45, Level 5,  and Marcania (mar-cane-ee-uh - Alias-Mark), Age:  (21)-87, Level 7.  Both are under Cirgoth's protection and the three look out after each other.

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