First Pentacle: Tsetar
Order: Angel of Swords
Rank: third hierarchy
Stage: Malezar terrestrial, immortal


Fallen Angel of Swords

Name:  Thanias (thane-ee-us)  Alias:  Thane Cross.
55 (as fallen)  By Appearance:  18-21
Tsetar Fallen Angel - Order of Swords - The Tenth Order of Angels.
15-Power.  18-Firearms, Swordsman.
USA-Savannah, and London-England.
Cirgoth (Alias-Kirk), Age:  (296)-22, Level 9,  and Marcania (mar-cane-ee-uh - Alias-Mark), Age: (21)-87, Level 7.  Cirgoth is Thane and Mark's protector, and the three look out after each other.
Thane has suffered a great deal since his fall and become rather apathetic towards people in general, and tends to be paranoid and anti-social.  He has seen too much of the bad, selfish, greedy, and inconsiderate side of people to have much faith in people in general.  He has a very friendly, innocent, generous, and caring side to him which those he trusts see.  He loves animals and at times aggravates his comrades bringing stray animals home.  He also gets along well with lycanthropes of honor owed to his animal kinship, and has several lupus and felid friends, including Carius, Tatyania, and Alexander.  When he does commit himself in friendship, he is very affable, kind, generous, loyal and thoughtful.  He trusts his guardian Cirgoth and his friend Marcania completely.  His bond to them is tight.  Their fates are tied together, and whatever effects one of them, results in a consequence with the others.  Captured and enslaved by the Caanan Akkadian clan while out walking in London in March of 2005, his own comrades are destined to cross his master's path as well.
Tall, 6'2, Long Black hair, sometimes braided, sapphire-blue eyes, very attractive, muscular, hairless, creamly smooth skin.  Dresses casually in jeans, tee-shirts, levis, cotton workshirts, tunics and leggings mostly.

Master of the Psychi

Angelic Allure -
Alluring appearance, Scent, Charisma.
Angelic Presence -
1-Calm or Sooth.  2-Intrigue.  3-Awe.  4-Motivate.  5-Majesty.  6-Command.  7-Overpower.   8-Dominate.  (Constitution+5)
Psychic Influence:
  Ability to force visions on a subject's mind even past wards and to speak through those visions to influence subject.  Requires concentration and focus.
Divine Precognition

1-True Sight - See past supernatural deceptions.
2-Dream Envision - Visionary dreams which come to angelican randomly, fortelling of future events.
3-Speak to the Dead - Hear and speak to the dead.
4-Telepathy - Receive mental words and tones directed to them, and channel mental words and tones to others.
5-Premonition - Occasional visions of future events.
6-Divination - Actively seeking visions and knowledge of things past, present and very near future.
7-Truth Sight - They can see past ANY lie, deception or untruth.

Angelic Temple

Healing touch:
Their touch (In Immortal Form) heals the living, can harm OR heal the undead and can kill the raised dead.
Angelic Warmth:  Angels have a very soothing warmth which seeps in deep to bask another with their warmth.

Angelican Fortress:
  Can take GREAT physical dmg unless attacked with Special Weapons Enchantments, energy/magic and PARTICULARLY necromantic attacks. 
Blood Regeneration:
  Their blood regenerates rapidly and they heal rapidly from physical dmg. although the greater the dmg. the more time it takes for them to heal.  No amount of blood loss can kill them.  
Alluring Scent:
  Their scent is extraordinary, and a great allure to predatory types, and is very pleasantly intoxicating. 
Intoxicating Blood:
  Their blood tastes like each individual angelican's scent.
Utopian Temple:
Within each angel is a power which can bathe another with their soul, this power shared when the Angelican's soul flows or even explodes into another to fill them with intense sensations of euphoria, which vary from gentle waves, to explosive riptides of orgasmic rushes.  This power is MOST intense when they are immortal, and if their command over the spheres of power outside of themselves is stripped from them, their energies concentrate WITHIN their temporal, or physical centers, whereby the blissful sensations of their soul is immensly intensified, to mind blitzing degrees.  This power is always shared when they mate with another, on thier release, and can be very addictive.  
Angelic Haste:
Excellerated Motion quicker than the eye, distance dependant of experience, the distance they can cover extends the more they practice this skill.


Angelic Wings

Deflect Weapons
Winged Cocoon-
When embraced within the angel's wings, subject is bathed with their divine powers of presence, can also act as a healing embrace. 
Radiant Light-
Angel can spread his wings and emit a radious of blinding aural light which can bring evil trembling to its knees if within 10 ft radious of them, or repell evil to make a hasty retreat if within sight of Angel.
Quantum Leap-
Angel can leap from location to location, time line to time line, dimension to dimension, and travel light years across the Universe, although the more dramatic the distance in space and or time, the more energy the angel is drained of.   When in immortal earthen form, they 'phase' into spirit form to become part of the temporal paradox to lapse through time lines and the dimensional folds to close distances.
Arch Angels are STRONG telepaths and applying their Master of Psychi skill to their mental taps, they can strike subject with anything from mind crushes, to stupor, as well as 'Mind Meld' where they can create a mental projection of themselves to track a subject through their mental paths, and then transport himself INTO his projection to appear where he has located subject.

Martydom - Angels almost always a serve a higher purpose at a high price, and if not, they are hunted for slaves, or destruction by their enemies.  Divine Conflict - The Tarseran Angels and their Dark brethren are hunted by the Alamansen angels, wherefore the Alamascan pit themselves as the enemies of the Tarseran and Dark Angels.  Until the Almascan cease in their ordained crusade, there shall be no peace between them.  Dark Powers - Dark powers do Angels double damage.

WoD-Way of Death
-Utter Destruction and imprisonment with no fresh air or light.  3 resurrections from final death allowed.  All other deaths transient-with free resurrections.  Each resurrection from true way of death becomes more and more difficult.  (same for Marcania)

Holy Items

Thanias Sword of Angels

Bolt of Virtue -
A powerful bolt of very pure energy strikes target with a corruption tear.  The more corrupt target is, the more damage is done.  Double damage to Evil alignments.  No damage to good alignments.  Instead, one who is good receives a blessing of protection through the divine bolt as called.  Soul raised into the light on death, or captured and held in arrest of blade until released. 

Innate Powers
Throne Gifts

1-Capture Path -
For casting Minor spells
2-Summon Weapons -
A called weapon appears in hand.
3-Sleep -
Places subject in restful state of sleep.
4-Holding Force -
No Action can be taken while held.
4-Magic shield -
Protects from magic attacks and curses. 
5-Binding Honor -
An agreement is bound with a called contingency which takes effect if agreement is broken.  The contingency cannot be dismantled once one has agreed to terms.  One has to agree to binding honor for agreement to count.  Beware loopholes.
6-Livid Valor -
An imbue used in other spells, or a powerful influence which causes the target to perceive of right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust lividly.
7-Master of the Weave
- Allows Angelican to weave improvised spells en-field.  An ACE must be rolled to succeed and each 1 rolled, cancels an ACE.

Divine  Command

1-Heal Living -
Heals 1 HP per success.
2-Heal Undead -
Heals 1 HP per success.
3-Infiltrate the Unknown -
Allows Priest to bypass unknown and unidentifiable magics
4-Summon Soul -
Summon the soul of the dead.
5-Soul Arrest -
Arrest soul of the dead.
6-Resurrection -
Includes restore body, Soul Commands, Spirit Joining, Restore Functions, Vital Flame, and Resurrect.  Must roll for each stage.
7-Bolt of Virtue -
A powerful bolt of very pure energy strikes target with a corruption tear.  The more corrupt target is, the more damage is done.  Double damage to Evil alignments.  No damage to good alignments.  Instead, one who is good receives a blessing of protection through the divine bolt as called.


1-Kaleidoscope Vision -
Make someone see through an invisible, arcane, hexahedral, mirrored prism, seeing ten of everything.
2-Jinx -
Causes someone to drop a weapon, fall down, or other minor called effects.
3-Boomarang Effect -
A dagger or sword when thrown hoops rapidly, able to hit a target multiple times, and comes back to weilder.
4-Id Cloak -
Protects against race, power, alignment, and presence being identified, and guards again sight, mental probe, visionary, divination and aural sight powers.
5-Enduring Sleep -
Places target in deep, lasting sleep.



1-Shivering Leaves -
Leaves shiver to make a rustling sound.
2-Hasten Growth -
Make small plants spring up and grow rapidly.
3-Tangling Vines -
Strong vines snake up from the ground to entangle someone until they are completely bound, or vines can snake across a path to trip someone, or even coil down from above to bind, suspend, or even choke someone.
4-Rapid Growth -
Increases grow of a plant so that it grows right before the eyes.
5-Awaken Tree -
A tree is 'awakened' and becomes an animate tree elemental.

1-Rain Drops -
Soothing rain.
2-Cloud Burst -
Sudden, violent down pour of rain that does not last long.
3-Rain Shower -
Gentle rain that can be lasting.
4-Lightning Bolts -
lightning bolts elementalist can control.  1 bolt per success.
5-Thunder Storm - Storm with high winds, down-pours of rain and lightning elementalist orchestrates.

Check Dice

Physical Checks:  Strength: {22}  Stealth: {24}  Movement: {27}  Dexterity: {15}  Stamina: {26}  Fortitude: {19} 
Physical Perception Checks:  Vision: {24}  Olfactory: {23}  Hearing: {21}  Taste: {15}  Touch: {16} 
Mental Checks:  Charisma: {14}  Wisdom: {12}  Intelligence: {12}  Intuition: {14}  Instincts: {16}  Perception: {14}  Willpower: {18}  Constitution: {15}  Confidence: {14}  Logic: {16}  Optimism: {15}  Sixth Sense: {8}  Courage: {15} 
Ethical Checks:  Morality: {22}  Virtue: {19}  Honor: {26}  Loyalty: {29}

HP: {622}

Dice: {15 d6+5-HB-Power.  18 d6+4-HB-Firearms, Swordsman, +2-HB-AR-Haste.}

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