Character Name: Mernaph {Various aliases}
Race: Infernal Shadowflame Demon
Clan: Acheron
Lord: Maelmorda
Bonded Mate: Malcomb.
Age by Appearance: upper 20s
Years Lived: ages beyond memory.
Place of Origin: Acheron
Location: Castle Morash
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Nature: Stern. Indifferent. Unsympathetic to almost all, save for a select few of his choosing. Sickly amused. His sense of humor twisted. His demeanor can change without cause or notice. Upholds the law of his Lord and his duty above ALL else.

Human Appearance: 6'5" in human form, ruggedly handsome, stern features and rigid muscular frame. Long brown hair, goatee and thin mustache, blue eyes. Wears both medevial and modern attire.
Demonic Appearance: His stature is nearly 8 feet of thick, solid muscle radiating with molten fire. He has massive black wings often surrounded by a fiery miasma which gives them the appearance of magma. Curved razor-like claws, rows of jagged teeth, and a serpent-like tail with morphing spikes equip him with natural weapons and defenses alike.