General Information

Paths: Path of Chaos
Aspects: Necromancy-18, Shadow Weaver-24, Dark Invocation-15, Morph Elements-21, Acheron's Inner Sanctum-18, Innate Power-30, Inborn Traits-30 Dice: 30 Combat.

Player Screen Name:
Character Name: Malcomb Mandeville
Race: Infernal Seraphim turned devil out of the abyss and his master's blood, his rebirth taking a pver a year.
Master: bonded by Mernaph Morash.
Generation: 1st Generation angel of the pit and devil.
Lord: Mernaph
Age-By Appearance: 18 Years Lived: 640

Places of Origin: Haman; reborn in the fall in LA and relocated to New Orleans. Reborn December 22nd out of a transient death during the Winter Solstice 1362 in Killkenny Ireland, relocated to England.
Location: Resides in Castle Morash, An Morendor. Also owns a house in Hertfordshire England just outside of London. The house is old, made of stone, one sprawling level with three bed-rooms, a dining room, den, kitchen and two baths, and the roof is thatched. The home stands on twenty acres of partially wooded land, with a meadow pasture for his two horses (Mendes and Sephiroth). A small stone barn lies beside the fenced meadow, where he stables his horses. Often he goes to London, and Brighton, retiring to the peace and safety of his home. He and Mernaph stay in this house when visiting Earth.
Alignment: True Chaotic
Nature and Demeanor: Demeanor varies widely from passive to aggressive, bad tempered or hostile. Very devoted and loyal to those he commits to. Aloof of all others. Often silent unless in relation to those he trusts, and he does not trust easily. Wary and anti-social by nature, he must truly be intrigued (or very drunk) to strike up a conversation with anyone who he is unacquainted with.

Appearance: 5'11. Slender build. Russet and Amber brown eyes. Long, dense, black hair. Pale complexion. Age 20 by appearance. True Age: Millenniums. Fallen Age: 707 Wears only black - Canvas Trench Coat, Tee-shirts, jeans, leather pants, leather jackets, bondage outfits, military style combat boots. Black fingernail polish. Black eye liner. He also possesses a Dark Angelican form known as an Acerbus Seraphim in which Glossy, black feathered wings with a 16 foot wing span tear from his shoulders. Black claws shoot from fingertips and incisors protract into saber canines, while his eyes blanch to glow a golden umber. Devil Form has black, dragon-like wings and horns.

Malcomb's Tatoos

Tatoos and Marks:

  • Left Hand: The Mark of Lucifer, a baphomet pentagram
  • Right Hand: the mark of Mernaph, a snake ringed pentagram
  • Chest: a tatoo of a famous old wood cutting of Baphomet
  • Abdomen: Scales of balance entwined by a snake
  • Right Arm: a snake sleeve
  • Left Arm: a dragon sleeve
  • Upper Back: a vague pentagram formed of a crouching horned angel with the feathery wing of an angel forming the upper left point, and the bat-like wing of a devil forming the upper right point, while spread bent legs on either side form the lower points, and arms and hands bracing his stooped position form the lower center point. Two snakes intertwine this paradoxical figure's thighs with their heads suspended above the figure's head. A claw and cloven hoof clutch the tails of the snakes.

  • Information: Malcomb is a Dark Seraphim turned devil by the fall, corruption, and his master Mernaph's demon blood. He is the voice of Lucifer. He led the final rebellion against Haman which resulted in the remainder of the 1st Pentacle Angels being cast out of Haman and being replaced with the Alamascan who became enemies of the fallen. He has a handsomely youthful human form, a youthfully attractive infernal angel form, a shadow-flame devil form, and a shade spirit form. His order is odd in that it is held very high, while he is a servant to his Master as long as he lives, held under him in hierarchy, while respected above all other orders beneath him in respect and devotion by the Morning Star and his Master Mernaph. Lucifer alone is respected and obeyed above the master of a chosen, if Lucifer is not already their master. Malcomb is a soul eater and depends on souls to survive and sustain the integrity of his corporeal body.

    General Advantages

  • Genius: Malcomb is freakishly intelligent, but likewise, insane.
  • Dark Wisdom: though very wise, his wisdom tips on the scales of chaos.
  • Epinephrine Rage: doubles Strength-adrenaline rush which increases his strength and pain tolerance when in a rage or high rush of adrenal hormones. Lasts 2 d6 turns and burns +2 stamina per turn. He takes penalty of 0-HB on defense while he is enraged.
  • Dark Angelican Traits: Immortality-20% per recouperation turn. Marked Soul-Possession of the Morning Star.
  • Quasi-Eidetic Memory: Some loss of retention over time due to stress and insanity factors.

    General Disadvantages

  • Schizophrenia: a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as in hallucinations and delusions), and conduct; called also dementia praecox; Triggered by emotions in association of past memories.
  • Temperamental: he is a passionate creature whose temper can blow hot and cold, violent to apathetic.
  • Antisocial: he dislikes people in general, and remains detached, although he can at times be intrigued by certain people and break out of his shell.
  • Hostile Triggers: Malcomb HATES being touched by anyone he is not close to, and has been known to kill people just for touching him.
  • True Chaotic: as such, he is very unpredictable, and though he has an evil side, he can also be compassionate and kind, depending, he is also often apathic, or passionate. There truly is no predicting his mood and demeanor from one moment to the next. Because of this, people are afraid to trust to him, which makes him even more anti-social.
  • Alchoholism: there is one advantage to others in the fact that he is a lush; Malcomb is less violent and hostile when drunk.
  • Enemies: Slayers of demons, devils, and dark kind, Alamascan Order of Angels, Church of Rome, various Christian Fantatics or supporters.