Loghaire Tamrisel

  Player Information
Login Name: JD
Player Name: JD
Date of Character Creation: August 1st, 2011
RPG: The Middle Kingdom
General Information
Character Name: Loghaire Tamrisel
Race: Astraeus Trueborn Subrace: Deep Elf/celt
Clan: Redlion Astraeus
Generation: 3rd
Sire: Byron
Twin Brother: Imaru (twinstar ranger)
Years Lived: 5
Age: 5 Age By Appearance: 21
Maximum Age: none
Gender: Male
Class: Overlord Rank: Dedicated
Demeanor: Stoic with hot temper if angered
Nature: Logical, passionate, plotter
Creed: Order of Morgellyn
Aligment: lawful neutral
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190
Eye Color: sky-blue with green flecks
Hair Style: medium long, and dense with loose curls
Hair Color: platinum blonde
Build: lean with hard muscles
Skin Color: extremely fair
Outstanding Features: very handsome, strong, wide nose, high cheek bones, wide jaw, whip scars on his back, scar on his cheek and another under his eye on his upper cheek. He has an indigo blue, elvish flesh rune tatoo on his face around his eyes and on his cheeks with an upside-down teardrop on his chin (curving line over eyebrows, curls down towards bridge of nose where it curls in above brow, archs up above each eye with three curved thorns, then curves down to meet lid and eyeliner with cat-eye line extending outside corner of eyes, and below eyes is a curved radial of thorns extending down on upper cheeks with inside line extending all the way to lower cheek and curling up into a fine lined spiral), on cheeks (fine lined spiral) and chin (upside down tear-drop). Tatoo around his eyes gives him a fierce look while framing his sky-blue eyes to dramatically intensify them, while the spiral on his cheek can enhance his smile.
Resources and Property
Haven: Regents Mansion
Location: Halseng, Eternal Wilderlands east by the great river
Wards and Security: Beastkin, Deep'elf, and Vampire guards
Wealth: Halseng treasury
Businesses: Eastwood Herbary and Apothacary, South Gate Inn  
Comrades, Allies and Servants
Aramantes: (Aram) friend and captain of the guard, welkyn (Deep Elven vampiric weretiger)
Taranis Dermot: (Taran) closest friend, confidant, and personal guard, dunedag demon
Estate Guards: lead by Aram
Jass: ex-slave he freed who serves as his manservant now
Kelsi: healer who loves tending bar, also an ex-slave he freed.

Character History

Loghaire, who was lean in build but hard of muscle stood as he was ordered. "I am Imaru Tamrisel and I was told that my mother's name was Elsling Tamrisel, I am of elven and unknown heritage. I was born in Halseng. I never knew the name or genus of my father other than he was a vampire as my own heritage proves. The courte claims Byron Decasey as my father, whom until this day I have never laid eyes on."

"To clarify for the court, why were you told what your mother's name was, who named you, and where is Halseng located?" Wythwyr appealed.

"My mother died giving birth to me," he answered. "I named myself, taking my mother's last name out of respect to her, and Halseng is the eastern region of the Eternal Wilderlands."

"How old were you when you named yourself?" Wythwyr asked.

Byron spoke up at that time. "What has that to with anything?" he sought, and as he looked towards his son, Loghaire's eyes turned on him for the first time to hold his gaze an interval before averting his focus instead on Wythwyr as he answered his king. Byron could tell Loghaire felt the connection to him, he just did not seem shaken or surprised by it which meant the trueborn had a tight rein on his demeanor.

"I was four days old when I took my name."

"How is that possible?" Agmendus asked.

"I was born understanding Esurian, Cenys and English. My elven mother spoke to me when she carried me. After awhile I began to understand her. I can still hear her voice sometimes singing to me. I remember her crying as well. I... felt what she felt... She spoke to me in the languages she had learned, and she told me of her brother, my uncle Imaru, of how clever he was, what a fine hunter and artisan he was, and how she missed him. He had died defending her when slavers took her. It is his name I took. I heard also the voice of a man who lived with her... it was he I learned English from. He was cruel to her... beat her... I experienced pain for the first time in the womb. I loved my mother... but I killed her by the very act of my birth. As my mother had been that man's slave, he expected me to replace her. He put me on a dog's teat to feed me, worked my fingers to the bone and beat me regularly, for it did not take long for him to realize I was something more than just an elf. I suppose the first clue was the rate at which I aged. I was only a week old when I first talked back when he called me the spawn of a lazy and worthless bitch. He knew it upset and angered me to insult my mother, but he did not fear me enough. When I was fifteen months old he whipped me, laughing all the while that I was as worthless as my mother... and I attacked him. I latched onto his throat and my claws dug into his wrists and I did not let go until he was dead. He was human, this man. I hated half the village for knowing how he treated my mother and later me and DOING nothing. For letting him drag my mother's body off into the woods for the scavengers to dispose of, for ignoring my screams as he beat me until my ears bled. The other half of the village I held suspect, for ignorance typically stands on the doorstep of apathy. For killing that man I was called murderer, and a killer I became, of all who plotted to slay me as I slept or to ambush me, for to them I was nothing more than a monster. I killed my would be slayers and when no one was left who had the courage to attack me, I seized control of Halseng. Yes, I terrorized them, as they deserved to BE terrorized, and one by one I got to know them, to learn whom among them should be banished, slain, or spared. I am sure some of you are asking me what gave me the right to choose who should live and die, and I will tell you that it was the people of Halseng who GAVE me that right. I admit to no wrong and my only regret was in being born."

Byron's cheeks clenched as Loghaire concluded his chronicle. He was sure now that Mog had placed the children he had in abject circumstances purposefully to make them dangerous and cold. "Imaru," he addressed his son who met his gaze with piercing cold eyes of sky blue. "I am your father, but you were conceived through the influence of an ancient and poweful devil who sought to ruin me. Though I have no proof of it, I suspect that he placed you along with most of your brothers and sisters in terrible situations perhaps in hopes OF making monsters of you. I on the otherhand believe that whatever hardships you have suffered, you are all capable of rising above what HE intended for you. Your minds and hearts are your own. Any one of us here may have done as you did had we been in your place. Perhaps you sought justice in the wrong way, perhaps you only did what you had to. I must ask you; If you were freed today, would you agree to embrace your clan?"

Loghaire gazed at Byron expressionlessly for awhile then shook his head. "No, for I do not know you. I would choose to return to the village I made my own and make something better of it."

"Better how?" Byron asked.

"I had a school built for one, chose two teachers, one elven the other Namas, from the Halseng folk. Ignorance breeds stupidity. Also, in a town that was practically lawless, I instituted and imposed laws which I would continue to enforce, none of them unreasonable."

"What are they?" Byron asked.

"Theft, harm, destruction and violence against another is unlawful albeit violence as a means of self-preservation is every individual's right. Slavery, Murder, and the abuse of children is punishable by death. All prisoners are held in roofed, bamboo cages outdoors, which are open to the public, each cage enforced and empowered to prevent escape. All who intend to be married must first drink jujonco together one week before they wed. If they still wish to be married afterwards, they have the blessing of their regent and the village priests."

Jujonco was a strong, narcotic liquor made of the tropical fruit jujo which let the imbiber see into the minds and hearts of those they drank with once they reached an extreme state of intoxication. The fruit itself was not narcotic but in the distillation process with certain spices its sugars not only altered into liquor but acquired narcotic qualities as well. The liquor was distilled by Deep Elves and was a well kept secret which their priests guarded. It was only truly harmful if used in excess which its guarded supplies prevented. Halseng was the bailiwick of one such priesthood, the order of Morgellyn, Goddess of the Night, who represented the cycles of chaos and nature.

"Half of all crops and vital resources goes into community storage and the rest is sold at markets by the individuals who harvest them. We must all of us also obey the resource laws of An Morendor."

Rhisu Osirean, whose hair was black as his skin was ivory pale now lifted his voice to point something out. "Your laws seem very personal."

Loghaire scoffed a single breath. "Laws should be personal or they should not be made." Was his opinion of that.

"I would not count on your freedom... Your crimes..." Wythwyr began only for Loghaire to cut him off as an edge sharpened his voice for the first time since he had been arrested.

"MY crimes? What of THEIR crimes? The land there is wild and as lawless as any unclaimed territory in Morendor. I did what I could to SET those people STRAIGHT, and yes, to put fear in the hearts of those who NEEDED to be afraid, long enough to hold still and see what that vile man had mistreated, to see what it was they DID fear. Shall this tribunal make the SAME mistake and judge me, judge US with YOUR FEARS? Shall YOU be the next to try and make monsters of us BECAUSE of your fears?" Loghaire addressed them with such beautiful venom and truth in his voice that not a vampire there went without feeling at least somewhat convinced by his argument. "This assembly clearly endeavors not to be hated and hunted by humans and other people. Do you think we desire less because we are born vampires? If this court stands for justice, you would not even consider holding us suspect as a danger to OUR nation based solely on our birthright. Or is it YOUR nation because you have decided to set us apart?"

Loghaire was prepared to continue but Byron shook his head very discreetly at him when he glanced his way and Loghaire ceased with his lecture. "I have heard enough," Byron said. "Clearly I cannot make a verdict in this matter much as this assembly shall count any ruling I make as prejudiced. I can only say with an honest heart that I see no wrong in what he did IF the circumstances are what he claims."

After more debate on the subject of 'Imaru's' crimes, Loghaire was ultimately aquitted of any wrong doing by the conclave under the acts of self-defense. Perhaps lying about his name had not been wise after all, but Loghaire had not trusted the vampires who had come to seize him so violently from his hunt during the waning hours of the night.



Type and Style: Two Handed Slashing Melee, aggravated damage on crit, normal damage continues for +1 turn, +1 AR per ace
Weapon: Quality Light Twinblade: Elven craft, tempered steel, Duel wield blades in single weapon. Damage x2, +1HB and dex, quick action axle grip with razor sharp, 20 inch leaf-blades on each end
Damage: +40, 2 d20 to hit, +80 if both blades hit.
Weight: 1
Strength: 76
Augments: 0
Penalties: 0
Maximum Value: 80,000
Resale Value: 8000
for total damage available; weapon + character strength + class skill level = total damage

Armour Set
Armour Pieces: Elven Form Fitted Ornate Suit with bronze dipped, horned, Demon skull Helmet (-4 willpower to enemies)
Buckler and Vambrace: +16 damage, AC: 75, spiked buckler with bladed edges is attached to his left arm by the vambrace.
Type: Quality Composite
Weight: 26
AC: 67
Penalties: -1 physical checks, -2 perception (helm)
Augments: 0
Maximum Value: 66,000
Resale Value: 6000
Subtract AC of armour from damage

Type: Amulet of the Safe Traveler, level 36
Use: gate power & transfers to Redmoon if HP falls below 50
Bonuses: +5 HB
Penalties: 0
Max Value: 36,000
Resale Value: 3600
A gift from his father Byron

Type: Deepelf Caravan, pulled by 4 lombra
Use: covered camp (sleeps 6) and merchant wagon with provisions used whenever traveling any distance; rope, shovel, torches, camp cook and flat ware, booze, camp food, matches, flint & steel kits, pickaxe, armory chests, herbary & apothocary chests, compact still, telescope, blankets, wool cloaks, furs, bandages, and feed & groom kits for cart lombras and stag mounts. Furnished with a table & two benches, two bunks with 3 hammocks each, and one very comfortable sofa with a ready table.
Bonuses: level 25 glyph of protection prevents theft or entry by non-selects, and level 20 dimensional storage allow wagon unlimited weight past 250.
Penalties: weight 250 lbs, cannot navigate real rough ground.
Max Value: NA
Resale Value: NA
Confiscated from the master he killed as a child while the provisions come from various places, mostly through trade or collection.



Diplomat, Archery and Martial Skill Sets
Persuasion: +1 charisma and intelligence vs. intelligence.
Combat Expertise: +1 HB, +1 AR
Ranged Expertise: +1 HB, +1 AR
Bonuses: Stamina +4, Stealth +3, Movement +3


Overlord Class Skills

Persuasion: +1 charisma and intelligence vs. intelligence.
Leadership: instill courage and faith, +1 will, +1 per ace, +1 persuasion.
Threaten: -1 to mental checks, -1 per ace, causes targets to take pause or back away as long as their will is overwhelmed.
Terrorize: causes those who are critically affected to either flee or kneel in submission, and anyone affected backs away and takes pause.
Facade of Stone: imperturbable demeanor can be achieved under high stress, +1 will, +1 per ace.
Danger Perception: Perception +3, Sixth Sense+1. Can sense imposing danger, or if someone is watching them.
Covert Operations: +1 stealth, +1 movement, +1 mental checks to party while being led by someone with this skill.

Martial Melee Skills
Duel Wield and Buckler Specialization: character uses only this specified weapon set, receives +2 HB, +3 d6, +1 AR, +2 movement, and +1 dexterity specialization on all rolls with weapon and buckler of choice. 'Less is more'.
Battle Zephyr: this special ability allows expertise with duel weapons and bucklers. Doubles weapon damage, shield damage, and defense bonuses but uses twice the stamina and a minimum of -4 AR for each attack, with 2 blows, and 2 blocks, or 2 blows, and 2 shield bashes, or 2 effaces, and 2 smites, or any combinations of. More AR can be used. Smite knocks enemy down for 1 turn; Efface is a death blow; Shield Bash stuns -1 AR, -1 per ace and damages, only all these stats are doubled with this skill.
Martial Twinblade Expertise: Gain +1 HB precision, +2 HB blocking defense with duel sword riposte damage. Spin Blade attacks receive +1 AR, +1 per ace extra attacks, +2 HB against blocks. Flanking and rear attacks get -1 HB, -1 per ace against this weapon. Weapon does +1 extra damage per level, and +2% added chance to crit per level on any hit with this skill.
Shield Expertise: shield bash to stun and damage; Hammerfoe at level 10 to knockback and stun, with knockdown on a crit to multiple enemy press, Shield Battery at level 20 to stun and wound for sustained internal damage until healed.
Spin Blade: +1 AR, +1 HB vs blocks with swords, used all AR in combination attack of quick slices.
Deadly Focus: critical hits for +1 turn, +1 pa, at -1 stamina per 3 levels used.
Whirlwind Attack: attack all enemies within 6 foot radius in one turn. Uses entire AR pool.

Martial Hand to Hand Skills
Crazy Monkey Defense: +1 AR, +1 per ace defense, rapid succession of blocks vs. blows, even melee blows as arms block arms, legs block or trip, body pivots with arm thrusts, ducks with arm and leg snaps, etc. to block and evade with speed. Movement acts as AR as it blends simultaneously with actions during this defense, but actions run out when opponant runs out of attacks. Uses -1 stamina per movement or action.
Calm Heart Defense: +1 mental checks, this special discipline grants the warrior such extreme calm that everyone around him or her is affected and refuses to attack one who is so eerily at peace amidst battle that they are impressed to the point of fearful respect. Lasts until warrior takes another action, getting +2 AR and init.
Echo Snap Block: riposte damage, progressively focused repeating snap kick blocks which improve with each kick by +1 HB.
Leaping Tiger: Knee Slam with Chopping Snap jabs to windpipe and knuckle punches to chest, with hand for hand blocking technique +27
Howling Monkey: swing kick off of a branch, rope, or pole, strength + movement = damage.

Archery Skills
Armour Piercing Shot: +2% chance of piercing armor per level, max of 80%.
Arrow Craft: make arrows and crossbow bolts at +4 d6 damage, +1 d6 damage per additional level
Arrow Flurry: Attack all nearby with arrow volley, -1 HB penalty, a 1-2 on hit dice misses and gets no HB, cost of 2 AR. Radius of up to 10 feet, +1 foot per success.
Bow Craft: make bow with up to 45 lb draw weight, +5 lbs per additional level. Takes one day.
Bow and Fletcher: make bows with up to 45 lb draw weight, +5 lbs per additional level, make arrows, know what wood to use, how to shape and layer wood, how to make a rudimentary lathe, how to knap arrowheads and make them out of steel, fletch and make well balanced and straight arrows, requires one month to make bow while traveling, two weeks stationary, and one day per arrow. Knowledge of making makeshift bows and arrows on the fly in 1 d6 hours at 0 HB and damage of 3 d6 total.
Critical Chance: improves chance to make a critical hit by +2% per level, even when hit dice miss. Maxes at 90%. -1 additional stamina to use.
Crossbow Combat: +1 d6 with crossbows
Longshot: range of +10 extra yards per ace.
Mounted Archer: +1 dexterity, use bow while on horseback, dexterity vs. movement check while moving.
Multi Shot: +1 AR, +1 per ace with a bow.
No Obstacle Penalty: can find clear shots around any obstacle (does not include armor)
Open Wound: +2 additional wounding damage per turn for +1 turn, +1 per ace.
Pinning Shot: target cannot move for 3 seconds, +1 second per ace.
Replenishing Quiver: quiver never runs out of arrow type used.
Staggering Shot: normal arrows can stagger for 0 HB, for +1 action, +1 per ace.
Stunning Shot: normal arrows can stun for -1 AR, -1 per ace.
Thrash: +1 strength, use bow as a melee weapon much like a quarter staff to strike opponents, stuns -1 AR, -1 pa, weight of bow + character strength = dmg. (excellent for doyens to take)
True Aim: Never shoot a friend with an arrow, +2 HB.
Whistling Arrow: -1 HB distraction, -1 HB per ace, arrow fletching is cut in just such a way to make arrows whistle. Can also be used to draw attention away from something or someone and towards sound of arrow (arrow is faster than its sound), grants +1 AR, +1 per ace to anyone arrow detracts attention from.
Wicked Spin: +5 damage per ace on arrows when this skill is called.


Common Skills

Musician (elven harp and elven flute)
Economics: +1 d6 on mental rolls concerning economics.
Business: management and finance
Household and Inn Management
Distilling: liquors, liquers, herbal extracts, essential oils, and herbal tinctures
Cooking: open fire and cook stove
Equine and Animal Care and Grooming
Escape Bonds: The ability to escape ropes, shackles, chains, etc.
Traps and Doors: find, detect, disarm, open, set and make
Followers: Adeptness at finding and retaining followers, charisma vs. intelligence
Herding: (various livestock)
Mineralogy: find, identify, and collect valuable gemstones for collection and trade, understanding of geology.
Paraphysics - the study and understanding of the dynamics of paranormal forces, +1 on or vs. any paranormal related roll.
Acting Talent: portray desired demeanor or personas convincingly and excell at story telling. Can double as a great distraction tool.
Smith: repair weapons and armour (between encounters), improve weapons and armour at level 20
Many of his skills he learned as a slave.


Base Abilities

Running: -1 stamina per turn
1-5: +1 mvm per level up to +5, +25% chance of tripping over roots and rocks.
6-10: +1 dex, less likely to trip while running (10%).
11-15: +1 stealth, lightfoot, only slight chance of tripping (5%)
Climbing: +10 feet per level, -1 stamina per turn
1-5: clamber; up and down walls and trees, +1 dex and balance vs. falls per level up to +5.
6-10: scale; buildings, high walls, tall trees
11-15: mountaineer; climb steep slopes
16-20: ascent and descend; cliffs and fortress walls.
Jumping: 1 d6, +1 foot per level, -1 stamina per turn
1-5: Spring: jump onto and over low things like fallen trees and rocks.
6-10: Leap: over and down from fences and walls.
11-15: Long jump: across to clear small ravines and ditches.
Riding: -1 stamina per mile traveled to animal while running.
1-5: Ride Great Stag: gain mvm of animal type.
6-10: Call Mount: mount will come when whistled or called for.
11-15: Jumping: clear fallens trees and normal fences without incident
Swimming: +1 stamina, -50% combat levels while swimming until level 26. -2 stamina per turn underwater, surface when stamina is at 0 to recover stamina. Drowning can occur with a botch or with a 0 success roll.
1-5: Dog Paddle: -50% mvm, -3 stamina per turn w/high chance of drowning.
6-10: Tread Water: -25% mvm, no stamina loss above water anymore and far less chance of drowning.
11-15: Diving: dive into water safely, avoiding rocks and diving shallow as needed.
16-20: Underwater Swimming: for brief periods of time, until stamina gives out.
Flying: winged characters only, -2 stamina per turn, land when stamina is at 0 to recover stamina.
1-5: Glide: short distances up to 15 feet, combat interrupts, cannot swim with wings.
6-10: Take Wing: novice flying using twice the stamina of normal actions.
11-15: Flight: skill has improved and now uses normal stamina.
All characters start with these base abilities. See Class Abilities for all tiers gained with each of these abilities as levels increase.


Special Traits

Claws: +5, +1 per level.
Fangs: +2, +1 per level.
Wings: flight, distract -1 AR, -1 per ace, Flail for strength=dmg and distract for -1 AR, -2 on a crit.
Infectious Charisma: +4 charisma, +1 per level, +1 per success persuasion
Mental Projection: project thoughts, images, emotions or impressions to communicate with or to manipulate others, and at level 20 alter perception and reality through mental imagery. Includes telepathy.
Intuitive Resistance: can react to energies present in the atomosphere around him and resist arcane, mental, and elemental assaults by +2%, +2% per Inborn level.
Engulfing Acumen: +6 intel and perc, gain present, past or future knowledge about any called subject in an instant with vivid clarity. Drains -1 stamina per detail comprehended and causes either stupor (-1 AR, -1 pa) or crushing headaches which last up to half an hour for -1 perception and strength per success until headache passes. Ability can be used at will at levels 10+ but until that time has a 10% random chance of occuring each day. All penalties cease at level 20. Includes mind reading with no penalty unless he gets feedback from target.
Vampiric Prowess: +10 str and dmg, +6 stamina, +20 regen, +16 fortitude, +1 each per level, +3 deterity, +5 stealth
Shade Forms: vampire and lion, take no physical damage, travel through the shadow realm, go unseen.
Haste: +1 mvm per success, +1 AR per ace, all abilities with haste.
Loghaire's mental abilities are rare and unique


Vampiric Temple

1-[1-3] Fangs:  +1 damage per 100 years of age with max damage of +5.
2-[4-6] Claws:  +2 damage per 100 years of age with max damage of +8, or +15 with large claws and hands and huge vampire form.
3-[7-9] Wings:  If Winged; Massive, bat-like wings, light brown in colour, retractable, can shield from attacks but ability to fly is compromised if wings are badly damaged. Flight must be learned and perfected. Flight Level = Vampiric Temple Level. Wing Fortitude is 50% of fortitude.
3-[7-9] Improved Prowess:  +2 Fort, Strength and Regen, take with or without wings.
4-[10-12] Partial Shifts: Fangs, Claws, Wings, vampiric form, and Height.
5-[13-15] Shadow Lion or Vampire: take no physical damage in shadow phase, can also phase into black lion or vampiric form from this form.
6-[16-18] Vampiric Form: Stature and muscular increase in complete shift of Fangs, Wings, Claws, Height, and Musculature, while Fortitude and Strength: +6, and Stamina is enhanced x 2 with tough flesh, and quicker regeneration +6. Height up to +3 feet, with +1 HB range bonus per foot height increase.
7-[19-21] Vampiric Menace:  Shadows spread around vampire and presence emits an aura of terror in full form shift. Level = # d6 +7 vs. Constitution.
8-[22-24] Physical Majesty:  Vampire can use vampiric temple with supernatural haste in combat combinations for +1 HB or AR per ace, or haste winged flight. All physical checks increased by +8, Stamina enhanced by  x 2 + 10.
9-[25-27] Inborn Prowess:  Vampire's mental abilities increase by +4 to give vampire a great command of presence, their inborn gifts and strength is phenominal with +2 d6 bonus on all PA or SA rolls and all other gains of majesty.
10-[28-30] Godly Presence:  Vampire can enhance in height and increase presence dramatically, their shadow spreading to eclipse an area up to 50 yards in perimeter, while their presence radiates their chosen state of mind so potently that the will and mind of those who fall under their shadow crumbles, -10 d6+10 to Subject's Willpower and Constitution.
11-[31-36] Improved Power: all vampiric temple abilities can be used at these levels.
12-[37-40] Unblind Oracle: unlimited paraphysic divination. See any knowledge called with success and an ace.



Extremely Intelligent: +3 intel
Self Control: +1 will
Pragmatist: +1 will and intel
High Pain Threshold: +4 will vs. pain
Guarded: +1 will, few see what he is actually feeling
Strong Sense of Duty: which is self-imposed.
Loyal: to those who gain his trust
Ambidextrous: he uses both hands with equal adeptness.
Flesh Rune Tatoo: protection against; forced gates, drains, domination and possession, +2 charisma, given him by his friend and guardian Taran.
His vampiric state and inborn powers grant him many other advantages.



Empath: he feels emotions strongly in others which can compromise his resolve or shake his self-possession, likewise he knows better how to relate to, see inside of, and diagnose others.
Passionate: though he guards his emotions, he is a actually a very passionate creature, he only strives to restrain his emotions.
Hot Temper: because he is both self-possessed and temperamental, he blows hot and cold when his ire is raised.
Hybrid: because he is half elf, and half celtic out of a vampire heritage, he is treated with suspicion by many people because what he is could only come about by powerful magic. He also favors his elven blood and seeks friendships among the Deep elves and other elven races.
Feared: because he is feared by various people and groups he has to watch his back, much as fear breeds aggression.
Mental Penalties:
(1)- because he is so intensely intelligent and as a result of the psychic abilities he was born with, he can be weakened to a vulnerable state after having a visionary episode. (see; Engulfing Acumen, special traits)
(2)- He is also in danger of falling prey to emotional breakdowns and insanity if his will falls below 11 while under great emotional stress.
(3)- Likewise, because he tends to think too much, he can work himself into a frenzy over affairs which truly vex or matter to him (-10 mental checks if that happens).
Cage of Wrath: holds the offenses of slavery and assault and battery very personal and can explode with rage or himself become dangerously violent when confronted with the injustices of slavery and abuse, especially the abuse of women, slaves, servants, and children.
Deceptive: though honest to those he trusts as friends, he can be extremely deceptive towards enemies, casual acquaintences or strangers, depending on his agenda.
Some disadvantages may offer some advantage, such as empath.



Vital Stats
Health Points (HP): 1123
Regeneration Level: (RL): 31
Fortitude (FT): 27
Action Rate (AR): +2
+1 per 5 successes haste.
Saving Throw Bonus: +0
Resistance: 107% vs. Arcane, 22% VS. Elemental, and Mental.

Action Dice
Class Level (CLS): 11
Class Hit Bonus (HB): +1
+1 per 10 levels
Melee: HB: +3
AR: +3
add AR bonuses to normal AR

Common Level (CL): 12
Common HB: +1
Common AR: +2
+1 per 10 levels

Inborn Level: 15
Inborn HB: +1
+1 per 10 levels
Inborn AR: +2
add AR bonuses to normal AR

Resurrection Stats
Ressurection Difficulty (RD): 0
Death Count: 0
Transient Death Count: 0


Character Checks

Physical Checks
Strength: 33
Stamina: 31
Movement: 12
Stealth: 16
Dexterity: 14

Mental Checks
Willpower: 22
Intelligence: 31
Charisma: 30
Perception: 25
Sixth Sense: 6

Experience Points (XP)
XP Earned: NPC Status
XP Spent: NPC Status



Friend & Captain of the Guard
Name: Aramantes (Aram)
Race: Welkyn (Deep Elven vampiric weretiger)
Age: 58
Class & Level: Doyen Guard Captain
Captain: 5 d6 +5
Guards: (2) 5 d6, (2) 4 d6, (20) 3 d6 (10) 2 d6
Expert Specialization: characters uses only specified weapon sets, all receive +2 HB, +3 d6, +1 AR, +2 movement, and +1 dexterity specialization on all rolls in their class. 'Less is more'.

Defensive Foray: +1 HB, block for +1 target per ace
Stunning Blow: knocks back for -1 action, -1 per ace
Riposte: +1 damage per success with successful blocks.
Shield Expertise: take if specializing in one handed weapons with shield. Two handed with shield can be gained if strength increases to 36. +1 HB. +1 AC and AR defense. Focused Shield Bash to stun, -2 AR, -1 AR per ace, damages +2 per level. Clamour of the Gods, scares enemy off to distance of +1 movement, +1 per ace as shield is banged against weapon to make a sound like thunder claps. Enemies are vulnerable to attack while withdrawing and get 0 bonuses while moving (retreat skill can counter this).
Hasted Attack: +1 AR, +1 per ace
Deft Attack: +1 HB critical
Blind Fighting: no penalty in the dark
Melee Expertise: +1 AR, +2 strength, shattering blow grants +1% chance to damage weapon by strength per level
Twinblade and Duel Melee Expertise: (captain) Gain +1 HB precision, +2 HB blocking defense with duel sword riposte damage. Spin Blade attack receives +1 AR, +1 per ace extra attacks, +2 HB against blocks. Flanking and rear attacks get -1 HB, -1 per ace against this weapon. Weapon does +1 extra damage per level, and +2% added chance to crit per level on any hit with this skill.
Enhanced Dodge: +1 dexterity and movement on dodges
Wound: sustained damage until healed.
Shield Combat: +1 damage per success with shield.
Defend: +1 AR reposition to aid an ally in trouble, +1 HB attack, +2 HB defense, take hits to ally, ally can attack open enemies while defended

Weapons and Armour:
Captain's Weapons: Twinblade (+65, 256 strength) and Buckler (AC: 25, +15 spike-blade dmg),
Captain's Armour: Maelvanor Masterwork Splint Maile (AC: 42), crafted from Black Diamthrill and Cave Dragon Skin
Guards' Weapons:Sword (+30, 90 strength) and Shield (AC: 30, +10 spike dmg) or Duel Melee (+56, 90 strength)
Guards' Armour: Escion Quality Splint Maile (AC: 33), crafted from high tempered steel and leather
Common Level:
Captain: 5 d6 +5
Guards: +3, (2) 5 d6, (2) 4 d6, (20) 3 d6 (10) 2 d6
Key Abilities: (run, climb, swim, ride, jump, fly)
Hunt and Fish
Smith: repair weapons and armour (between encounters), improve weapons and armour at level 20
Make Fire
Herbalism: +1 level towards plant effect per success.
Dragon Rider (we)
Mount (horses, lombras, and stags)
Hidden Traps and Doors (find, remove, set)

Power & Level: Inborn
Quickness: (vmp) haste +1 per success, (wb) +4, (bk) +6
Regeneration: (bk) 9 +1 per level, (vmp) 15 +1 per level, (we) 2, +1 per level
Fortitude: (bk) 20 +1 per level, (vmp) 6 +1 per level, (we) 1, +1 per level
Presence: (bk) +3 will, +1 per level, (vmp) +3 char, +1 per level, (we) +2 char, +1 intel, +1 per level
Hand of Nature: (bk) +1 healing touch and invigorate, +1 per level (we) +3 healing touch and invigorate, +1 per level, healers aura at level 14 restores health and stamina.
Drain Life: (vmp) -1 stamina, -1 per ace, gain stamina drained
Wounding Bite: (vmp) +5, +1 sustained damage ps until healed, (bk) +10, +1 sustained damage ps until healed
Elemental Resistance: (bk) 20% (we) 35%
Arcane Resistance: (all) 75%

Position: Guard Captain and Estate Guards
Basic Information: +5 levels

Most Trusted Friend and Bodyguard
Name: Taran Dermot
Race: Fomor Dunedag
Age: unknown, even to him
Class & Level: 25 Battlemage

Melee Expertise
Duel Wield Adeptness: using one handed weapons, +1 AR, +1 HB, +2 damage and strength.
Two Handed Adeptness: using two handed weapons, +1 AR, +1 HB, +2 damage and strength.
Archery Adeptness: using two handed weapons, +1 AR, +1 HB, +2 damage and dexterity.
True Aim: +2 HB ranged attacks.
Coup de Grace: +1 HB and +10% chance to crit or on death blows.
Battle Synergy: critical hits and reduced damage -1 ps. to allies and self for +1 turn, +1 pa. at -1 stamina per 3 levels used.
Deadly Focus: critical hits for +1 turn, +1 pa, at -1 stamina per 3 levels used.
Whirlwind Attack: attack all enemies within 6 foot radius in one turn. Uses entire AR.

Weapons and Armour: blade staff (+38 slashing dmg or +20 blunt end dmg with 30% chance to stun, +2% per level), Duel Wield Katar's (+27 each) and elvish compound bow (+55), Longcloak of Shadows (shadow walk, shadow phase, shadow veil, shadow sight), Studden Leather and Plate Armour (AC: 54, protection against; forced gates, electricity, domination and possession)
Common Level: 30

Tanning and Leather Craft: make leather and fur clothes, armour and bedding.
Fletcher: make bows and arrows
Hunting: adept at hunting game, tracking, and field dressing game.
Meat Preservation: various methods of curing and preserving meat to make it last.
Underground Survival: avoid and get around dangers found in caves, navigate caves safely.
Traps and Doors: find, detect and disarm traps, detect and open hidden doors.

Power & Level: 25 Innate
..........Innate Powers:
Shapeshift: called known form, his most common an elven form with ivory skin and silvery-blue hair and eyes clad in a leather bodysuit of form fitted armour with ivory horned pauldrons.
Possess by Touch
Quickness: +1 HB, +1 per ace, +1 mvm per level.
Fortitude: 21
Regeneration: 15
WoD: death by electrocution while standing in clear water.

Power & Level: 25 Rune Lore
..........Rune Lore: +1 level per success, or LoD of total roll, called effect, +1 effect per level, specify target type (enemies, strangers, evil, good, all etc.), rune affects object it inscribes or radius of up to +1 feet per success, x 10 on a crit:
Damage: +1 damage per success, x 10 on a crit to all target types who enter rune radius.
Entrap: traps target type who wanders into rune radius of up to +1 feet per success.
Stun: stuns anyone who is struck by an item marked with this rune or who wanders into rune radius
Confuse: like stun but causes confusion in called target types to negate HB with loss of -1 level, -1 per ace to actions.
Hide: area within rune perimeters, hide door, hide item
Protection: keep out enemies and null powers within area protected.
Flesh Rune: allows Runemancer to engrave runes into flesh to protect subject using rune lore power.
Anti-()-Force: protects against a called force powers such as gate seizure, domination, forced shapeshift, etc.

Position: personal guard and emissary
Basic Information:
Immunities: disease, drains, cold and ice.
Weakness: electricity, plunged back into Annwn if beheaded, but spontaniously resurrects in 1 d100 days.
True Form: horns (+16 each), claws (+10), fangs and sharp teeth (+12), tail (+10) and wings (str=dmg, stun, and throw), wing flail (confuses). Demonic face, large pointed ears, large brow horns which flare around head with curling drop horns around ears owed to his age, skin light brown, long curved claws on long but thick fingers, reptile-like tail with ridge spines, skin leathery and bare, head full of thick, rust brown hair which falls to the middle of his back, braided around the temples. His eyes are dark red in this form, almost black as are his claws and horns. He wears a heavy plate pauldon and gaunlets and studded leather pants which are open around his loins and backside with splint maille flaps decorated with celtic runes covering him front and back.
"A truer friend I will never have"... Loghaire