Wyrvaust Amed'Dumhal Aalamea

The Desert Raven

Race:   Adramelech Abyss Clan Demon (3rd gen)
Subrace: Neffari human
Name: Wyrvaust (respected wiseman) Amed (son of) Aalamea (the sacred people)
Subrace Appearance:   Long, straight, jet black hair, strong nose, dark, mocha colored skin, full lips, tall, 6'3, very handsome, but very odd in his behavior.
Age:   684
Lair:    Warded with Layered Wards.... Wardseal (locks down warded or called area), Wardshield, Abyssal Sphere of Force, Gate Commands, Minion Wall (activated when ward breech is attempted a third time, transforms attackers into Wraith, Black, Undead, Zombie, or Death Knight Minions,), Extend Ward, Amplify Ward (shrinks ward but strengthens), Selection Command, Looping Weave, Ward Mark and Seal, Guardian Eyes (can vaporize single targets at any entryway) . 
Location: South-Central Desert of Fire.  Description: Underground lair, mines and fortress carved of stone combined.  West tunnel entrance from hard to find gully.  East tunnel entrance into smaller garden, oasis gully.  Northeast tunnel branches to a corridor which leads to Marsol's Prison Fortress 30 miles to the north-east.
Demon Clan: Adramelech Clan, Prince Beroth, 2nd gen
Line: Mendorin (2nd gen), Proxy of Mekkor (2nd gen), believed to be out of Muustala, progeny of Beroth (3rd Gen)
Chosen Clan: Marsol, the Hellraptor tribe, and his family
Rank: Ranger - Independent (very rare for Clan Demons)
Wife: Arilwen (stranded bird) Solyima (worshipped), Nephalim (true name Colette)
...... First born Son: Anwaar (named after Marsol) Solami (names means, untamed virtue)

...... Adopted Daughter: Nuni Yslala (names means, tenth child 'of the' marsh folk)

Servants and Companions

Magrymed: black minion;

  • +15 claws, hands and feet (very sharp, feline, curved claws).
  • +10 bite (bigcat sharp teeth and fangs).
  • +20 martial kick.
  • +5 wing flail, distracts, throw up to 1 d6 feet, +1 foot per ace. (massive wings carried him easily in flight).
  • Level 24 Duel Swords, +22 dmg each, +MA.
  • +20 mvm.
  • Level 18 Elemental : command of eight elements; o lightning and air from his wings
    o fire from his hands
    o the void from his mouth
    o the earth from his feet
    o water and ice from his right sword
    o the shadows from his left sword.

    Wyrvaust's Blooded Horses: Inaaqtu and Shivaal


    Physical:  Strength-[26]-[29-DF] Stamina-[48]  Stealth-[18+MA]  Movement-[17]+Haste  Dexterity-[15]
    Mental:  Willpower-[28]-[20-Insanity]   Intelligence-[17]-[9-Insanity]    Charisma-[15]-[8 insanity]    Perception-[26]-[18 insanity]
    Empathy:  [16] [27-Marsol/30-Arilwen]

    Vital Stats

    HP: 933 (with +75 gen bonus)
    Regeneration Level: 40
    Fortitude: 38
    AR: 3 + Haste (PA) 3 (MA)
    STB: +2 on saves (strange luck)

    Class Levels

    Paths:  (5)

  • Path of Chaos (Elementalism and Shamanism) (36)
  • Necromancy (32)
  • Sorcery (31)
  • Clan Path of the Abyss (ice, abyss) (46)
  • Original Path of Shamanism (66)
  • Combat Levels: 21-Melee.  36-Bestial Combat.  43-Daggers (thrown, backstab, precision).

    Inborn Advantages and Special Abilities:

    = Retractable-Claws: +25
    = Fangs and Sharp Teeth: +13
    = Improved Strength: +11
    = Improved Stamina: +15
    = Fortitude: +38 
    = Domination: +4-SA Power vs. Willpower}
    = Possession: They possess by overcoming the willpower of another. Power Bonus + WP vs. WP.
    = Immunities: Fire and Ice.
    = Demon Form:
    o Tough black flesh, +6 additional Fortitude
    o Leathery Webbed Wings, Flight, AC-16, Winged Flail+16 with wing talons.
    o Claws, +30, Bite, +23.
    = Siring: Sire by Blood out of death with Rituals to make Demonic Acolytes out of Humans/Elves, etc. turned Demon.
    o Slave Siring: Sired slaves out of live or freshly dead victims, using smaller amounts of blood creates Clan Slaves.
    o Shaman Priest of Chaos: Path of Shamanism, path bonus [learn all spells in any path taken] +15 stamina (10 classes and 5 pentacles mastered in Path of Chaos]

    Magic Items:

    Abysmal Ring of Warding:  LoD, Strength, and Power of 391.  Allows ring bearer to use magic within a dead magic zone, and also wards against stamina drains, level drains, and abysmal powers. Half the stamina cost on spells while wearing ring.

    Ring Roll: 6, 6, 4, 6, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6, 4, 5, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 6, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 6, 3, 6, 5, 4, 6, 5, 5. Total: 91. GREAT ROLL!
    Hit Roll: 19. Hits As called. Crits if called! X2 Damage! Level X10+ Successes Spell Power! on a crit!

    Magic Skills :: Mage Class

  • Arcane Biology: knowledge of what plant materials and creatures can retain magic and which do not.
  • Arcane Cryptology: knowledge of magic runes, glyphs, hieroglyphs, and their meanings.
  • Arcane Knowledge: knowledge of magic and the history of magic, +1 MA-Level high level knowledge of magic, only one level allowed
  • Arcane Mineralogy: knowledge of what minerals retain magic and which do not
  • Arcane Sanctuary: mage can fuse the walls of a chamber, tower, or building with powers of protection and defensive effects which are factored against anti-factors
  • Arcane Tactics, +1 on all spell check rolls
  • Arcanology: study of the history of magic +1 success when learning spells
  • Chaos Lore: Understanding of chaos and how it relates and interacts with all things. Understanding how to tap and apply the power of chaos.
  • Combination: combine up to +1 powers per AR spent in one turn into a single multi-effect power or spell, stamina cost of single spell.
  • Conceal Power: hides marks, seals, signatures, and all traces of power by power (LoD) of roll vs. detection and identification powers.
  • Create Arcane Runes: creation of runic languages.
  • Cryptanalysis: decipher runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals etc.
  • Cryptography: writing, reading, and creation of runes, seals, hieroglyphs, and symbols
  • Cryptology: study of runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals, etc.
  • Demon Seal: gain +1 demon seal and its knowledge to summon +1 select demon type per level. Demon will obey any single command within reason. Demon will appear and attack if summoning fails. Total number of successes rolled with Magic Class Level determines combat level of demon summoned. Set checks as they are needed with combat roll. Roll Magic Class Level again for any magic levels needed.
  • Dismantle: effective against woven and layered spells.
  • Disrupt: damages loops so they can be dispelled.
  • Enchanter: enchant items with learned or 'borrowed' magic and seal to make enchantments last (must take Insolvent Channeling, Mark, Seal, and Signature with this skill), transient enchantments which are not sealed in an item only last for one encounter.
  • Factor: factor a spell with any +1 extra called effect within your spells books or magic skill set, -1 AR and any stamina used per factor.
  • Hidden Lore: (type) gain little known knowledge of a creature type or culture, skill vs. LoD of knowledge.
  • Inborn Power: character can learn all inborn powers (limited paths) at the cost of one level, leveling up all inborn powers at the same time.
  • Innate Magic: character can learn limited magic at 50% XP cost, or +1 spell per level at 50% XP cost.
  • Insolvent Channeling: channel the magic of others to combine, layer and weave spells and enchantments created by multiple magic users, +1 spell from another per AR spent.
  • Layer Magic: layer up to +1 powers per AR spent in one turn to create a multi-effect power which has to be torn down layer by layer, stamina cost of single spell +1 per additional AR used (each layer after the first costs -1 stamina).
  • Loop Power: power forms a self-perpetuating loop which makes it impervious to dispelling and tears. Loops can only be shattered or disrupted (once disrupted they can be dispelled).
  • Magical Aptitude: +1 on magic related rolls.
  • Magic Adjustment: +10% adjust a spell to get past defenses or attacks while casting by adjusting power to an alternate channel of energy
  • Magic Damper: dampen levels of a magic by -1 damage or power per success.
  • Magic Enhancer: +1 d6 power
  • Magic Modifier: +10%, modify power to counter magic adjustment and anti-factors
  • Magic Targeting: for use with missile and thrown spells, +1 HB.
  • Magic Tear: rips apart normal, layer and weave spells.
  • Magnetic Sense: +1 instincts, character can sense the presence of magic and those who wield it.
  • Mark: marks a sealed spell with a glyph unique to each magic user to allow them to trace, easily identify, and sense their power. Set LoD of mark by total roll.
  • Occultism: Demonology, gain +1 defense or attack against demons or devils.
  • Omen Reading: read signs to predict omens
  • Power Investiture: character can create wards with any power they possess.
  • Priesthood: (chaosian priest) if a magic using priesthood, take 3 paths of limited magic or number of paths race is allowed.
  • Proof Power: protects a spell, magic item, or select object against specified effects or threats. Roll for each Proof cast. Total Roll = Power (LoD) of Proof.
  • Quick Casting: +1 mvm spells
  • Read Runes: (type) read runes of one race or culture per level.
  • Research: +10 XP towards field of study when roll succeeds against research LoD
  • Reasoning Expertise: +1 Mental Checks.
  • Rites: (shaman)
  • Rituals: (shaman)
  • Rune Lore: history and knowledge of runes, +1 intelligence to roll vs. LoD of runes.
  • Saving Throw Bonus, +1
  • Seal: makes a power permanent and protects a spell until seal is broken. Roll Total = LoD of Seal.
  • Shatter: use against normal spells, seals, and destroys loops.
  • Signature - infuses a spell with a specific signature which identifies a spell or enchanted item as the creation of the mage who 'signed it'. Mages can trace their signatures at will.
  • Signature Spells: Take only one per arcane path. Cast at +1 level, or +1 AR, or +1 HB, or foes get -1 save. 0-Stamina to cast.
  • Silent Casting: cast spells without speaking
  • Soothsayer; Arcane: read enchanted, cauldrons, bones, etc. or dreams, the stars, etc to make predictions.
  • Use Magic Items: use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects, roll of an ace required to use.
  • Weave Power: weave up to +1 power together per AR spent. Even single powers are woven to create a stable power. Powers that are woven together can only be dismantled and are impervious to dispell. Normal stamina cost +1 stamina per AR used.
  • Smart Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do, without a will own its own. Spell can also 'learn'. Intelligence of 17 + required to use. Intelligence = to caster's.
  • Artifact Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do. Spell can also 'learn'. Gives a spell a will of its own. If spell does not like their caster, it could backlash on caster. If spell likes who it is targeted for, it may skip a target and hit someone else. Intelligence of 25+ required to use. Mental Checks = to caster's.
  • Background

    What was it he smelled? A scavenger of sorts did indeed lurk nearby. A handsome but verily odd kind of scavenging predator. Sweet this thing was that captured his olfactory senses, a soft scent like a feather which tickled the nose. It was repulsive and wonderful...an angel, but not the one which tormented and mocked his master's wits, no. Wyrvaust slid off of his grey desert steed's back and flipped a hand at him to shoo it away. The animal tossed up its head and bolted, to run off eastward, and there halt on the shoulder of the horizon. The demon, meanwhile, prowled towards the delicious smelling thing, the leathery soles of his bare feet not making a sound. He crept more slowly as the dried grasses and waxy leafed shrubs gave way to the creature lying on the ground, and as his gaze settled on her, an arched brow of ebony cocked with that curious cant of his head. A girly-bird...how unusual...A Nephalim it had to be, for no other sweet meet was inhabited by an altogether feminine mystique. It was a pretty birdie it was, though somewhat baked and reddened by the beating rays of the sun. He stalked closer, his posture lowering towards the ground as the gap of ground between them narrowed to nothing. His lips nearly brushed her cheek as he inhaled her scent deeply, and the notion of feasting on her where she lie tempted the beast in him. But no...this was his only master's kingdom...and such a rare orchid, as this being born of mortal and divine intercourse, was not his to devour. Claim it he would, as a guest in his lair, until Marsol could fetch himself to its company, and decide what to do with this third trespasser to have wandered haphazardly into his domain. Lithe but strong arms coiled beneath and around her, and he lifted her to cradle her in his arms against his chest. Lips pressed against her throat to taste the sublime temptation of her flesh, and as he walked eastward, razored teeth sliced into her flesh to draw blood. His saliva numbed the wound quickly as he nursed only on her blood, when he might as easily have feasted on her flesh. He savored the intoxicating attributes of her nectar as he strode across the rippled waves of the sand. When he reached his horse, lips puckered to beckon the steed with soft kisses, as the desert cracked open to a shadowy veil which the clan demon carried the beautiful female through, his horse entering astride him. It was within the lodgings he had made of a long forgotten gem mine that he emerged with the Nephalim, the chamber's stone ceiling low and supported by heavy rafters. There was a couch of sorts, a strong wooden frame covered with a leather matress filled with sawdust, and covered with three layers of sable, black, and brendle furs, a table, and some oil lamps in the chamber. It was there on the soft furs that he lay the female, still suckling on her blood, and for awhile longer he fed on her delectable liquid, and then licked the wounds to quicken their healing. Hence he withdrew and went to kindle the hearth with a fire, put a stew on over the flames, and fetch her some water. Meanwhile, his mind whispered to Marsol. "Where is the great chieftain of the dunes? Wyrvaust has snaired something in his master's western garden. It smells good like the warrior who seized your obsession, but a fem-swan it is, who was baking beneath the sun. So poorly prepared these precious beasties are, for the challenges of our beautiful terrain. Why come they here, these three, my lord? What tricks are the fates playing? Shall I eat it and be done with it, or save it for your eyes?" The water was tipped to her lips, her head lifted by him, as he mind spoke to Marsol...who was his master by choosing who to serve. He would urge her to drink until she came around on her own, and then go stir the venison stew. If she asked him who he was, his gaze would pin her with a blank stare before lips would part to reply. "I am the eyes and ears of the desert westland. But you may call me Wyrvaust."

    Book of Wyrvaust

    Adramelech Clan Demon (Lethir Morag) Information

    Information: Human in appearance with black, horned and winged, demon form.  They have retractable Wings.  As their name suggests, these demons form a clan under their Elders which include all the kindred of their blood line.  They forbid their acolytes to leave their clans by pain of death unless Acheron's Prince or the arch elder commands otherwise, usually to start a new clan.  These demons choose their acolytes carefully, and kill any which disappoint their expectations.  When the Elder dies, the highest ranking demon takes over.  They are sired out of humans, elves, and angels in transition of a mortal form.   These particular clan demons were spawned out of Adramelech, a first generation Abyss Demon.  They maintain a strict order in their clan.

    Laws of Hierarchy:
    = Always obey your elders and aid your subordinates.
    = If the superior directly above you is destroyed beyond resurrection, you shall take his or her place in the clan hierarchy with exception of Clan Lore Apprentices.  The Lore master alone can choose his or her apprentices.
    = The Arch Elder of the clan must approve of any subjects chosen to be sired as clan demons.  The penalty for siring without consent of the Arch Elder is death.
    = Subjects chosen to be sired must consent to be sired of their own free will.
    = Slaves must be approved by the Arch, Grand, or High Elders of the clan.  Slaves may be taken by force, and be sired as slaves by force.

    Clan slave stats:
    o Regeneration: 5
    o Retractable-Claws: +12
    o Fangs and Sharp Teeth: +8
    o Improved Strength: +3
    o Improved Stamina: +5
    o Fortitude: 6
    o Immunities: Fire and Ice.
    o Quasi-Immortal.
    o No magic or other inborn traits.

    = Sire Demon Kin: demons can mate with mortals and quasi-immortals to create demon kin. See Demon Kin in Bestiary.
    = Path Bonus:  Ice and Abyss spells at X 2 power and damage.  5 free spells in Path of the Abyss.
    = Way of Death (WoD):  Clan demons must be beheaded or physically destroyed, and their souls must be destroyed to kill them.  All other deaths are transient and get a free resurrection.  When killed by way of death, special powers are required to resurrect them.  Their souls must be captured in a time stream.  If their bodies were obliterated they must be recreated, or a new body must host their soul.  A month in time is required for the new body to adjust to the power of the soul.  If their soul is captured in a weapon or item, a resurrection cannot be performed until their soul is liberated from that weapon.  If their soul remains imprisoned for a period of 2 d6 x 100 years, their soul fades into oblivion.

    = Ritual of Honor: the arch elder of a clan can honor a particularly worthy clan member by choosing a higher generation demon to over-sire the subject to improve their generation and power.  The process is difficult as demons are hard to kill without destruction of their bodies, and the body must be intact to over-sire them.  Their regeneration must be dampened, and they must be drained of every drop of blood, which requires a ritual dagger enchanted with unique necromantic powers which vaporizes the blood, hinders regeneration, and imprisons the soul.  Their soul must be captured into this dagger on their transient death, and when their soul passes into the blade, one gallon of the new sire's blood must be forced into their body.  Hence their soul must be returned to the body from the dagger. The subject wakes to suffer the agony of the demonic quickening over a period of 1 d6 days.

    Disadvantages:  They take double dmg on Wizard Spells, Lightning, and spirit attacks.  Resurrections on Way of Death require special powers.

    Arcane Paths:  Path of the Abyss, Necromancy, Elementalism (Terramancy, Umbramancy), Sorcery, Shaamanism.

    Arcane Generation Bonuses:
    = Generations 1-3, 6 paths, +6 physical trait advantages
    = Generations 4-5, 5 paths, +5 ""
    = Generations 6-7, 4 paths, +4 ""
    = Generations 8-9, 3 paths, +3 ""
    = Generations 10-11, 2 paths, +2 ""
    = Generations 12-13, 1 path, +1 ""
    = Generations 14+, 1 path, no other bonuses

    Clan Hierarchy
    = Clan Patron- Mendorin, 2nd Gen Abyss Demon, proxy of Mekkor, a pure blood
    o MA Levels: 34, 38, Inborn Lich or Demon Form.
    o Combat: 32
    o Penalties: -5 on all physical, MA, or Innate levels in Human Form.
    = Arch Elder- acting king or queen of the clan. Beroth
    o MA Levels:  38
    o Grand arch mage of the clan. 
    = Grand Elder- prince or princess of the clan. Muustala
    o MA Levels:  36
    = High Elder- and regent of the clan. Diagas
    o MA Levels: 34
    o arch mage of the clan
    = Grand Mage- arch bishop of the clan.  Ciron
    o MA Levels: 20-36
    o Grand Mage is almost always present on battlefield.
    = High Mage- bishop of the clan.  Solirmae
    o MA Levels 18-36
    o Present on Battlefield.
    = Clan Lore Master- vizier of the clan. Ameshya (f)
    o MA Levels: 18-36
    o Enchanter, Keeper of Lore, and Historian.
    = Knight Captain-captain of the clan demon knights. Mestanyo
    o MA Levels: 24-36
    o Leader of the Clan Knights.
    = Clan Knights-{see Clan Knight Demon Page} 24
    o Defenders and diplomats of the clan and Kingdom
    = Master at Arms- leader of the warriors.  Yanos
    o MA Levels: 18-36
    o Organizes warrior legion and battle tactics.
    = Clan Warriors- Rank according to how long they are assigned. 46 + Ghirshano
    o MA Levels: 1-36
    o On call to fight for the clan.
    = Clan Mages- Rank according to how they are assigned.  16 + Hethva (f)
    o MA Levels: 1 d6 - 6 d6
    o Various tasks, side and rear flanks in battle.
    = Clan Lore Apprentice- Rank according to how they are assigned. 6 + Xavek
    o MA Levels: 1-6 d6
    o Lore Student under Lore Master, MA levels 3-6 d6. 
    = Clan Mates- Rank according to how long they have served. 12 + Anuves (f)
    o MA Levels: 1-6 d6
    o Handle tasks requested of them and often apprentice under one of their superiors.  All are trained in the clan's arcane arts and combat.
    = Clan Slaves- No rank unless sired and moved to clan mate. 31 + Aron
    o No MA
    o PA Levels:  1-3 d6
    o All slaves are bonded, are slaved sired as Quasi-Immortals and have; Regeneration-Level 6, Claws+12, Fangs and Sharp Teeth-{+8}, Improved Strength-{+6}, and Fortitude-{3}-{+1 per level} passed onto them through their masters' blood.  Clan Slaves are very loyal to their clan.

    Forms: Wyrvaust, sporting the body of Naazir, the Shaamea's thoughts and will tucked in the back of his mind, carried the bestial but handsome fellow to his homeland city of Zanthus.   There, in the golden city of clay and sandstone, where the Shaamae ruled and lived, Wyrvaust avoided the palace to explore the streets, markets and Inns until he found a new vessel to inhabit, whereof he spirited from Naazir to possess a Neffari who looked very much like Wyrvaust had when he was younger.  The thief, despite the rags he wore, and how dirty he was, was quite tall, lean but very strong of muscle, with long but thick straight hair of jet black, and even his large, almond eyes were a dark indigo blue.  His facial features were not quite as sharp, having a softness which made him more youthful, and he was smaller boned than Wyrvaust making him a little more fragile and more attractive.  His nose was larger but less wide than Wyrvaust's had been, with an appealing bump on the bridge of his nose, and he had sensually full lips.  Wyrvaust chose the thief because he was the handsomest Neffari he had come across, and he hoped the body would please his wife.  By choosing the thief Wyrvaust believed he had saved him from execution inasmuch as he had stolen him from a prisoner's cage by a gallows. 

    Servants: Wyrvaust did not spare the soul of the thief as he had Naazir's, but plunged that young spirit into the body of a Black Minion which he raised from the abyss, giving the thief a new life and the minion a soul.  The Black Minion he raised was beautiful in its own way but also intimidating.  It was 6'6 in height, two inches taller than Wyrvaust's new form, and though humanoid in shape it was a dark ashen grey and spotted like an ocelot in black and lighter grey, while his head was crowned with black hair all in a mass of long braids, each one secured by an obsidian bead.  His head was very leopard-like and just mannish enough to recognize him as some kind of human, but his facial features were very attractive.  He had chiropteran-like wings which darkened to black, and like his entire body, they were covered with a thin pelt of exceptionally soft fur, which might compare to mole skin-meeting-silk down.  He had thick paw-like fingers and toes, each armed with a very sharp, feline, curved claw.  His mouth was full of a big cat's sharp teeth and fangs.   His long legs were completely bipedal thus shaped like a man's.  His bones though very strong were hollow to make him light, thus his massive wings carried him easily in flight.   He was quick and agile and commanded eight elements; lightning and air from his wings, fire from his hands, the void from his mouth, the earth from his feet, water and ice from his right sword, and the shadows from his left sword.   Wyrvaust named him Magrymed.  Magrymed found himself unable to obey Wyrvaust at first but over time he discovered he no longer wanted to defy him.  He had been given a second chance at life and had been made strong.  The elements which he commanded were a part of him, an extension which he quickly learned to master.  Magrymed followed wherever Wyrvaust rambled which was far and wide.  He followed and was even captured with his master by a rabble of slave raiders. 

    Sapphire Canyon Map

  • Grey Paths: Original Part of Sapphire Lair
  • Turquoise Areas: Hot springs
  • Sky Blue Areas: Spring Water (healing properties)
  • Above Ground: Is above Sapphire Keep/Lair
  • Below Ground: Also Sapphire City, is below Sapphire Keep/Lair
  • Eastern Corridor: Large, level mouth to canyon on northeast side where tribes camp out when gathering near canyon, which is warded and a private sanctuary. Spring fed creeks wander through this area.
  • Western Corridor: same as eastern but on the north east side of canyon. A rock well is here but no creek or springs.
  • Sapphire City Map

    Sapphire Canyon Area Map

  • Green = Gates
  • Pink = Wooden Walls
  • Yellow = Paddocks
  • Blue = Water Resources