Wyrvaust's Spell Book

Abyssmancy Deaden, Drain, Absorb

Innate Clan Path


Powers of the Void

v       (1) 1-Drain Life: damages and depletes -1 called level as knowledge is drawn into the void.

v       (1) 2-Soak Constitution: damages and depletes stamina, strength and willpower -1, -1 per ace, increasing mage’s check levels by amount drained.

v       (1) 3-Darkness of the Void: target is temporarily blinded, lasts 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.

v       (2) 4-Arcane Reaper: drains -1 arcane level, increases mages level until level is spent.  Mage can accumulate levels until another power is used

v       (2) 5-Arcane Siphon: a black void opens beneath target to siphon -1 MA level until level is regained.

v       (2) 6-Abysmal Wall of Force-damages and drains life -1 level in every field per AR contacted.

v       (3) 7-Abysmal Armor-Body generates, black, skeletal armor, AC-7, +1 per success rolled.  Armor soaks energies equal to ma roll, causes 9 damage and drains stamina -1, -1 per ace if contacted.

v       (3) 8-Dismal Void: abysmal void surrounds target to damage and drain strength, stamina, and willpower -1, -1 per ace each turn until void is withdrawn.

v       (3) 9-Vacuous Vapors: abysmal vapors spread over an area of up to 9 foot radius, +1 foot per success.  Vapors drain health, doing aggravated damage as long as targets are exposed to vapors.

v       (4) 10-Vacuous Void: A void cast over an item, cloak, or area which snuffs magic by capturing energies into its vacuum of space.

v       (4) 11-Fingers of the Grim: chilling, black, morose ethereal fingers grip target’s limbs like so many grim hands to drain health, willpower, strength and stamina until victim is released.  When willpower is at 0, these fingers pull victim into the abyss where they are turned into a level 2 d6 wraith (see Bestiary; Wraith).  At level 13, wraith ascends into an Abysmal Wraith and can learn Path of the Abyss and attains a semi-corporeal, viable entity form (see Bestiary).  Wraith can wear armor and wield weapons in Viable Entity form.

v       (4) 12-Wraith Shield:  An abysmal shield forms around party to null damage from wraiths by soaking their power and phasing wraiths into the void when they pass through shield.

v       (5) 13-Fingers of the Abyss: damages and drains -1 stamina, strength, and willpower per success

v       (5) 14-Abyss Gate: gateway into the abyss or shadow realm, does severe damage to anyone not selected to enter by draining health, stamina, strength and willpower -1 per success.

v       (5) 15-Abysmal Phase: phase past weapons and reposition at up to +1 feet shadow step per success, or phase through armor to drain -1 level life as called.

v       (6) 16-Abysmal Freeze: rapid freeze effect which gets into the bone and marrow quickly to take the breath away, Stamina -1 per success, movement -2 per success. Freezes on a crit with 0 movement, stamina -2 per success.  Those immune to ice and cold still take damage from this power as it is not an ice spell.  Does double damage.

v       (6) 17-Arcane Dead Zone: create a dead magic zone in a radius of up to 100 yards, +100 yards per success.  No magic can be used by any party in this zone.  Any plants will whither and die rapidly in this area, and wildlife will retreat from area immediately.

v       (6) 18-Dead Magic Ward:  creates a dead magic zone in any called enclosed area.

v       (7) 19-Abyssal Death Plunge: turns warrior victims into minion morbid knights (see Bestiary; Morbid Knights), and non-warrior victims into Dead Realms Zombie minions (see Dead Realms Zombie in Bestiary) which are loyal to mage.

v       (7) 20-Abysmal Form: take a shadowy, winged form with flight which damages, health, and drains -1 stamina, strength, willpower, and level on touch.  Form takes no damage from normal weapons and most magic, but fire, electricity, spectral ascension, and holy does double damage to mage, and spectral ascension dispels abysmal form. Immune to all mental powers, disease, and necromancy in abysmal form, +1 d6 haste, +1 d6 per ace, haste doubled in flight.

v       (7) 21-Dead Magic Form: is immune to all magic and elements in this form.

v       (8) 22-Black Fusion: fuses a called element or elements with flesh, or elements with other elements, up to 8 layered elements max.

v       (8) 23-Black Elemental Minion: an elemental minion created out of up to 8 combined elements is called from the abyss at level +1 per success.  Minion can have weapons forged of called element, flesh of another element, armor of another, breath of another, etc.  Lasts until killed or returned to the abyss.   HP is level x 20, Unlimited stamina and willpower, strength and movement=level, dexterity and reflexes 10+1 per ace, Intelligence, Logic and Wisdom equal to caster’s.  There is a 10% chance that elemental will turn against invoker if mage attempts to send them back to the abyss.

v       (8) 24-Abysmal Sequester: plunge target into the abyss, does critical damage each turn, and drains levels, stamina, strength, willpower, -1, -1 per ace each turn trapped to mortal and quasi-immortal beings. Traps immortals and drains their levels, willpower, strength, and stamina -1, -1 per ace each turn.  Does no damage to dark angels, demons, or creatures with path of the abyss, it simply traps them.

v       (9) 25-Black Sleep: plunges victim into a deep sleep which drains stamina, strength, and willpower -1, -1 per ace per turn.

v       (9) 26-Life Tap: damages and drains all levels -1 permanently, mage gains +1 wisdom and arcane level permanently as they assimilate knowledge into their own embodiment.

v       (9) 27-Wrath Plunge-Turns victim into a Wrath Demon.

Ø       Wrath Demon - Morgehtí

·          Levels:  4 d6 (4-24)

·          Information: These jet black Demons are human in form, but of strapping muscle and never shorter in stature than 6 feet. They have silky looking, leathery skin, black hair, and black eyes which turn electric blue when they are harnessing power. They also have sharp, dagger-like claws, sharp fangs and retractable webbed wings. The females are slimmer, but still tall. They are accomplished in Bestial Combat and flight.

·          Stats:

o         Immune to Fire and Ice

o         Claws and Bite, +15

o         Deadly Possession: +5 SA, Demon destroys the will of its victim then possesses them and devours their soul to create a Zombie Minion of them. MA vs. Willpower

o         Holy powers hurt these demons x 2 damage.

o         Hell Fire: Claws, Bite and Inflict Command to Imbue, +25% HP dmg per day. Antidote Specific.

o         Each Wrath Demon starts out with 5 free spell points. Abyssal Ice spells do double the dmg of standard ice elemental spells and cost twice as much in XP. They can learn any ice spell at X 2 damage and power.

·          Arcane Paths:

o         Abyssal Ice

o         any ice spells

o         Path of Fire

o         Fire ball-+25

o         Spark Flame-+3

o         Flame Burst-+20

·          Class: Arcane Minion of Acheron, Fighter.

v       (10) 28-Create Void: A void opens which captures matter and energy, snuffing spells and the life force of anything within 10 feet of void as it pulls them into its vortex.

v       (10) 29-Abysmal Domination: drains the will, -1 willpower per success, and allows caster to dominate the will of a called target to enslave or command them until the one dominated can overpower the mage’s will.  Willpower loss is permanent until one dominated is freed of caster’s will.

v       (10) 30-Abysmal Creature:  a called creature, monster, or animal is turned into a minion which serves caster, at level of creature +10.  Creature gets 5 special abilities in path of the abyss that can be channeled through eyes, extremities, breath, wings, or flesh.

v       (11) 31-Life Snuff: The core of the void’s crushing black abyss engulfs target to snuff their life.  Soul is snuffed out as well on a triple crit (Hit Dice roll of 20 without bonuses) Save vs. death and soul destruction.

v       (11) 32-Black Storm: a black shadow moves over a large area to damage everything within its perimeters, draining life, stamina, willpower and strength -1, -1 per ace per turn, and damaging everything it moves across. Shadow looms +1 foot high per success and rolls over an area of up to +100 foot radius per success as called.  Lasts up to 11 turns.

v       (11) 33-Black Doom:  snuffs the souls of up to 11 targets as called to plunge them into the abyss and out again as victims are turned into Dead Realms Zombies (see Bestiary).  Crit required for success, damages otherwise.  Save vs. death and re-creation.

v       (11) 34-Black Enslavement: drain any check, arcane, or skill levels as called by -1 per success as called, and -1 willpower per success to recreate a victim as desired while target is enslaved by overpowering their weakened will.  Losses are permanent until victim is liberated from enslavement.  Only special wizard powers can liberate a victim once they are enslaved.

v       (11) 35-Abyssal Warding:  create wards with abyss powers as called over an area or fortress.

v       (12)-36-40-Master of the Abyss: Channel any abyss element, cast any abyss power at higher levels, create abyss wards, items, artifacts and creatures, formulate commands, factors and contingencies.


Abysmal Ice The coldness and hunger of the Abyss

Double damage and Power

Innate Clan Path


Stamina 1

v       1-Deathly Chill – chills and drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace, -1 movement per success.

v       2-Abysmal Mirror - Forms glassy sheets of ice on called surfaces which allows mage to see visions of select areas or persons.

v       3-Black Ice - A very slippery sheet of ice forms where called, very hard to walk on, and drains health while contacted.

Stamina 2

v       4-Encase in Abysmal Ice - Sleet encases target to suffocate and freeze with burning cold ice, -1 movement per success, damages, freezes and suffocates at 0 mvm or on a crit until ice is melted for aggravated damage.

v       5-Burning Ice Blindness - Freezes targets eyes to burn and blind them.

v       6-Pond of Abysmal Slush - Forms a pond of slushy ice (up to 10-30 feet across) where selected very rapidly.  Power and Range vs. Movement, drains stamina and strength -1, -1 per ace and damages, -1 mvm per success.  Acts like quicksand, hard to escape.

Stamina 3

v       7-Abysmal Freeze - Causes someone or something to freeze, slows animate targets down by -1 mvm. and dexterity per success, also makes them 'brittle', suffering X 3 damage per hit on successive hits.  Drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace.  Lasts +1 turn, +1 turn per ace.

v       8-Abysmal Door of Ice - Anyone not selected to pass will freeze, suffer damage, and be drained of -1 strength and stamina per success when they attempt to pass through door of ice.

v       9-Abysmal Pit of Ice - Deep pit of ice (up to 10 feet deep per success) forms beneath someone.  Drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace and damages per turn trapped.

Stamina 4

v       10-Embraced by Black Ice - Freezes someone or something, makes them unable to move, target suffering X 3 damage while frozen, drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace.  Lasts +1 turn per ace.

v       11-Dome of Abysmal Ice - Protective barrier of ice that damages and drains anyone who contacts dome by -1 stamina and strength per success.

v       12-Burning Void of Ice - Makes target so cold that their flesh burns with cold for x 4 damage with double aggravated damage.

Stamina 5

v       13-Icy Sepulcher of the Void - Encases someone or something in thick layer of ice which damages every turn encased, draining -1 strength and stamina, -1 per ace, and -1 all skill levels per ace as the void soaks mental falculties.

v       14-Bridge of the Abyss - Form a bridge of ice, anyone not selected to cross will fall into the abyss if they fall off of the bridge.  Any who fall into the abyss will be destroyed and rise again as an abysmal wraith, See Bestiary: Wraith, Abysmal.

v       15-Wall of Abysmal Ice - Surrounds called site or comes between called objects, damages and drains -1 stamina and strength per success from anyone who contacts the wall.

Stamina 6

v       16-Frozen Lake of the Abyss - Freezes a lake in moments with abyss ice, damages and drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace, from anyone not selected for bypass who contacts the ice, or passes over it.

v       17-Sphere of Abysmal Ice - A large globe of ice which can be used as a missile, or called to form around someone or something.  Damages and drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per success per hit.

v       18-Abysmal Ice Blades - Sharp blades of ice streak at targets, 1 blade per success.  Damage+18, +MA damage, -1 stamina and strength per success per hit, -1 MA level per hit.

Stamina 7

v       19-River of the Abyss - Freezes a river with ice from the void.  Contact or passing over the river causes massive damage and drains -1 level, -1 per ace to all skills and power as the void soaks memories, also drains -1 stamina and strength per success.  Does no harm to those selected for bypass, or to underwater creatures beneath the ice in the river itself, only to those above or on top of the ice as the surface of the ice is where the abyss overlaps it.

v       20-Vaccuous Quick Freeze - Freezes target in moments to drain -1 all levels, -1 all levels per ace, damages each turn frozen, and drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace per turn.  Lasts until spell is broken.  Damage will halt when HP is at 2, but levels will continue to drain until all levels are at 1.  Level loss is permanent until they are restored by spells geared for restoring memories.

v       21-Abysmal Tower of Ice - Tower made of 12 foot thick walls of black ice forms on called site.  Those not selected to enter tower are frozen for +1 turn per success if they contact the tower, suffering damage each turn, and -1 stamina and strength per success, and -1 permanent level loss.

Stamina 8

v       22-Abysmal Sea of Ice - Freezes a sea and overlaps surface of the ice with the abyss.  Any air breathing sea life will perish.  Anyone not selected for bypass who contacts the surface of the sea suffers an HP drain of -44, -2 per success, or double critical damage if ice does critical damage, with stamina drain of -1, -1 per ace.

v       23-Immutable Ice - Protects any object made of ice from melting and breaking, 10% per success.

v       24-Abyss Ice Elemental - An abysmal ice dragon, or other called form, made of semi-immutable ice is invoked from the elemental plane.  Abysmal Ice elemental will guard any site called, and commands all ice elements at up to Level 24, +1 per ace. Resists melting by 10-30% per success.  Level=Strength, Stamina is unlimited, HP is Level x 20.  All other checks at 5 d6 total. Willpower and Ethics commanded by invoker, Intelligence equal to invoker’s.  Can be damaged by normal weapons.  Lasts until killed or sent back to the elemental plane of the abyss.

Stamina 9

v       25-Storm of Abysmal Ice - Dagger like icicles rain down from the sky with stinging ice crystals that damage, drain stamina and strength -1, -1 per ace per hit.  +1 ice crystal per success split between called targets with +5 HB, +1 HB per ace per crystal to hit.

v       26-Fortress of Black Ice - A fortress of abysmal, black ice is raised out of the elemental plane on a called site.  The fortress has ramparts, towers, gates, a keep and the floors and courtyards glassy sheets of ice.  While the surface is of the fortress is freezing cold, the air inside the keep and chambers is tolerably warm (60 degrees), the walls acting as an insulator.  Those not selected to enter will freeze if they enter fortress, losing -1 level, stamina, and strength, -1 level per ace permanently as the void within the fortress walls soaks their memories, health, stamina, and strength.

v       27-Vacuuous Shield of Ice - Forms a shield of vacuous ice around someone or something.  Damages and drains -1 stamina and strength per success, and -1 level, -1 level per ace permanently, also drains health for -1 permanent HP loss per success from anyone who contacts shield from without.

Stamina 10

v       28-Icy Prison of the Void - Captures someone into a prison cell of immutable abysmal ice, resists melting and breaking 10% per success.  Cell forms around target and shifts through elemental plane to a called destination.  Cell drains health, stamina, strength, and levels by -1, -1 per success  per turn until health, stamina, and strength are at 2, and all levels are at 1, then drain halts.  Losses are permanent until prisoner is released by mage, or until prisoner is extracted and losses can be restored by a wizard or mage who has the right knowledge.

v       29-Abysmal Gateway of Ice - A gate which leads through the elemental plane to any called destination.  Any who are not selected to enter turn to ice and lose -1 HP per success permanently, and -1 level power and skills permanently if they enter the gate's threshold.

v       30-Abysmal Ice Catalyst - Allows caster to create a contingency, that triggers an ice affect if catalyst is triggered.  Caster calls catalyst, with up to +100 dmg as called.

Stamina 11

v       31-35:  Master of Abysmal Ice:  create magic items, spells, elementals, weapons, wards, artifacts, creatures, etc out of abysmal ice powers.

Stamina 12

v       36-40:  Improved Power:  Use abysmal ice powers at these levels as gained.



Necromancy Raise and Summon the Dead, Decay and Death

Clan Path


Stamina 1 (1-3)

v       Corpse Visage - Called person takes on appearance of a corpse.

v       Cause Fatigue - Causes lapse of extreme fatigue, -1 stamina per success.

v       Necromancer's Lock - Locks a chest, door, book with a dark lock which causes extreme pain and damage as long as unauthorized person attempts to open locked object and is within a 10 foot radius of protected item or door.

v       Necromancer's Skeleton Key - A key that unlocks any door, drawer, chest, etc. that is enchanted by locking it with the key, to open only with the key. Key will fit any standard lock. Forced entry causes degeneration and intense pain as long as infiltrator is within 10 foot radius of protected item or door.

v       Hide in Shadows - Person disappears into shadows, but may be seen if they make sudden movements.

v       Stench of Decay - Fill an area with damaging stench of death.

v       Hidden Door - Hide a door with a necromantic phantasm.

v       Deathly Silence - Fill an area with absolute silence.

v       Healing Aura - Heals minor wounds.


Stamina 2 (4-6)

v       Detect Undead - Detect vampires, zombies, wraiths, etc.

v       Stunning Touch - Paralyzes 2 turns.

v       Chill Touch - Chills to the bone and drains -1 HP, WP and stamina per AR used to touch.

v       Shadow Form - Form shifts into shadow and cannot be seen where there are shadows.

v       Choke Hold - Unseen force grapple's target's throat and chokes them.

v       Shriek Of The Banshee - Several people who hear the Banshee's cry are unable to defend next turn.

v       Conceal Magic - Hides spell from detection.

v       Feign Death - Death looks real and one cannot tell they are living.

v       Summon Shadows - To conceal self or someone.

v       Healing Grave - Heals serious wounds.


Stamina 3 (7-9)

v       Invigorate - Returns stamina and strength to someone who is weak or fatigued, +1 per success.

v       Spectral Hand - The hand can make ranged touch attacks at +2 bonus to hit.

v       Sadist's Touch - Touch causes agonizing pain.

v       Vaporous Form - Shift into a vaporous, mist form.

v       Vampiric Touch - Touch causes -3 life.

v       Death Armor - Body generates +9-AC, +1 per success skeletal armor.

v       Necromantic Seal - Seals Necromantic spell against Dispelling, Disenchantments, etc. requires correct spell of higher level mage +2 to break magic Seal.

v       Mark of Mage - Seals spell against detection and identification with necromancer's mark of power.

v       Phantasm - Realistic illusion.

v       Protection against Evil - Protects again dark magic and powers and warns of encroaching evil.

v       Speak to the Dead - speak to souls and spirits.


Stamina 4 (10-12)

v       Conjuration - A gate summoning spell of a called item.

v       Invoke Fear - Causes enemies to flee or miss in combat and others to retreat. Power and Willpower vs. Willpower.

v       Telekinetic Commands - Grapple, Push, Shove or throw someone telekinetically.

v       Contagion - Summon select disease to target

v       Enervation - Drain -2 levels until end of encounter.

v       Mask Of Death - Corpse takes on appearance of chosen individual.

v       Shatter Seal - Shatters mage's seal with higher power.

v       Shatter Mark - Shatters mage's mark. with higher power.

v       Delay Death - Delays death 1 minute per level or success. and 5 minutes per Ace rolled.

v       Deadly Vapors - drain life rapidly, 20% each turn, while caster and those selected are not affected.

v       Soul Beckoning - Summons spirits and souls.


Stamina 5 (13-15)

v       Enervation - Drain -2 levels until end of encounter.

v       Shatter Seal - Shatters mage's seal with higher power.

v       Shatter Mark - Shatters mage's mark with higher power.

v       Mortis Decomposer - Inflicts someone with fatal withering disease.

v       Skeletal Trauma - Causes victim’s bones to quake and pulse causing massive pain, damages with -1 strength, stamina, and WP, -1 per success for 2 turns, 4 turns on a crit.

v       Death Recall - Recalls the death of someone just passed away and restores them with 2 HP.

v       Enchant weapons and items - With known magic, effects are permanent.

v       Dread Shock – Damages, stuns and inflicts target with shocking terror, -1 turn, -1 turn per ace.

v       Hold Undead - Holds vampires, zombies, wraiths etc. even in vapor or shadow form.

v       Dome of Silence - A barrier which allows no one outside of dome to hear what is being said by those the dome surrounds.

v       Necronomican Curtain - Those behind curtain cannot be seen, sensed or heard, as this power makes subjects selected cease to exist to those who are not veiled.

v       Deathly Majesty - Command and summon souls, spirits, wraiths, and the undead at level 13-15 +1 per ace.


Stamina 6 (16-18)

v       Animate Dead - Bring Corpses to life to command at level 16-18, +1 per ace.

v       Illusory Mantle - Creates an illusionary area.

v       Shadow commands - Allows magic user to command the shadows and shadow walk.

v       Gate commands - Allows for gate creation on the fly or creation of fixed Gates and warding commands over gates.

v       Black mantle - Cloaking spell which resists true sight or powers that pierce cloaks.

v       Spectral Steed - Creates quasi-real black demon steeds for several people at level 16-18 with Shadow Horse stats (see bestiary).

v       Scrying Eye - Ability to spy on someone at a distance.

v       Shape Change – into called form, take stats from bestiary if a living form.

v       Haunt - Summon ghosts to haunt a target.  Chill on touch for -1 strength and stamina.

v       Necromantic Sphere of Force - An orbic shield which drains life from anyone who contacts shield or who attempts to infiltrate it. If someone attempts to infiltrate shield a second time, they are struck with a rapid decomposition infliction, which will decompose them to ash.

v       Mortus Infliction - Rapid degeneration which results in death if infliction completes.


Stamina 7 (19-21)

v       Cryptic Poison Spell - Antidote, ash of deadly nightshade, the cure itself unpleasant as it causes violent purging.  Poison affects those who are immune to poisons, including immortals as poison is necromantic, 20% dmg every a day until Poison is cured by antidote. Caster can also specify antidote as they cast.  Antidote can only be discovered by specific detection spells

v       Arrow Of Bone - Arrow can be fatal and causes extra damage against undead. 20% damage to mortals. 50% damage to undead.

v       Dead man’s Eyes - If someone meets necromancer's eyes using this, their gaze is deadly, draining the life from victim in moments to take the life into their soul to gain +1 level in necromancy.  Succeeds on a crit, vs. save.

v       Deathly Joining - Dominate an undead creature to control it, Power vs. Willpower.

v       Control undead - Commands the will, mind and actions of an undead creature, Power vs. Willpower.

v       Diabolic Summoning - Powerful creature or demon summoning power that is increased by 3 levels, which allows for command of creature summoned.

v       Sepulcher’s Suffocation - Victim suffocates breathing in air which chokes with fatal, rotting stench

v       Master of Familiars - Turns target into a familiar for one day per level, or permanently if Will can overcome will of target.

v       Force Shape change - Victim Shape shifts into commanded form

v       Morbid Tomb - Victim is plunged into a sealed, ancient tomb which infects them with necromantic withering. Victim degenerates over period of three days until death results. Anyone entering tomb is trapped and inflicted with decomposition as well.


Stamina 8 (22-24)

v       Enchant Weapons - Using available power.

v       Viable Phantasms - Life like phantasms controlled by user.

v       Dead Realm's Horrid Wilting - Wilts all who are not selected for bypass within a 22-24 foot radius of caster, doing double damage to the living

v       True Life Projection - Project up to 4 quasi-real projections of self at 50% power 1 Projection per Ace up to 4.

v       Flesh to Skeletal Armor - Powerful armor generates quickly at +8-AC, +1 per success. Takes one turn.

v       Heart Of Stone - Changes selected target's heart to a stone heart, true heart guarded within stone. Caster rendered great defensive abilities but hard to heal at -50% healing.

v       Forced Alliance Catalyst - Turns target to caster's side, Power vs. Willpower.

v       Protection against the Light - Protects against sunlight, holy powers, or forces being employed by angels or divine beings, +5% resistance per success.

v       Soul Capture - Captures soul in item or called area.  If performed on a living creature a zombie is created.

v       Dead Realms Warding - Wards buildings and areas. Area warded protected against magic, impact, infiltration and anti-warding powers.

v       Morbid Paralysis - Paralyzes and shrivels body to deathlike appearance.

v       Splintering Bones - Splinters victim's bones, causing great damage, and excruciating pain.

v       Dark Reincarnation - Reincarnates the dead into a new life as called. Two traits of corruption must be called into person being reincarnated. Example: (Greed and Obsession) (Sloth and Insanity) (Depression and Theft)

v       Resurrection - Knowledge of Soul Beckoning and Capture, Corporeal Restoration restores body. Soul Command, Union of Flesh and Soul, Vital Flame and Raise and Awake the dead to resurrect a person.


Stamina 9 (25-27)

v       Wilting Presence - Shadow cast on Targets Wilts them with degenerative life drain -2 levels per ace, -1 per success, and damage.

v       Hold of Subservience - Brings target to their knees with head bowed in complete submission.

v       Dead Realms Warding Factor - Increases power of Dead Realms wards with 150% MR.

v       Life Siphon - Drain Life, Soul, and Essence. Drains -1 level, -1 strength, and -1 stamina from target, -1 each per ace rolled.

v       Necromantic Ward - Places a deathly shield around and beneath a building or area, which inflicts anyone trying to enter area, who is not permitted safe entry, with violent nausea. If person tries to enter warded area again, they are struck with a deadly force which decomposes them very rapidly, until nothing but ash remains.

v       Artifact Zombie Ward - Places a necromantic ward around and beneath a building or area, which inflicts anyone trying to infiltrate area with a deadly force, which snatches their soul and will from them to transform intruder into a Zombie Minion at present level, who will obey the Necromancer who placed the wards implicitly. The wards entrap the soul in its barrier, but the person's will is devoured by the ward's powers, increasing its strength by +1. Only those selected to be bypassed can enter the warded area safely.

v       Dark Warding - Necromantic Selection for warding havens, areas, items and buildings.


Stamina 10 (28-30)

v       Active Negative Force Commands - Allows magic user to command and manipulate negative energies at will.

v       Prison of Obsidian - Encases target, or their soul (on death) in obsidian. They are preserved if captured alive.

v       Spell Reversal - Can alter alignment of spells or reverse them back on caster.

v       Thief of Life – Drains Blood, Strength, Health, Stamina, Levels, and Willpower. Does great deal of damage. Increases mages power by levels taken until spent.

v       Dead Realms Walk - Ability to walk to any death dimension, plane, world, underworld, hell, or other realm of the dead. Soul must be marked for passage to enter any underworld's forbidden corridors.

v       Crack of Doom Spell - Snuffs out the life force of several creatures, +1 target, +1 per ace as called.

v       Immutable Death Crush - Spirit hand grapples vital area to crush windpipe, heart, brain. Will pass through magic/energy fields.

v       Dark Creation - Powers of Necromantic and Dark Temple Spells; Commands; Factors; Improvised Casting (failure with failed chaos roll of 1 d6 roll of 1 fails); Recreation and Creation of Monsters, Flesh Crafting; Artifacts; and items Creation.


Stamina 11 (31-35)

v       Arch Necromancer - Create death spells, curses, artifacts, magic items, improvise dark magic, create wards, monsters and creatures.

Stamina 12 (36-40)

v       God of the Dark Temple - Ascension into Lich, Demon, Devil, Vampiric Deity, and Angelican vampire only. Holistic creation and command of the Dark Temple's powers. Any Life and Death command can be invoked. Improved Ward Creation, Stable Weaves and unbreakable seals to any not exceeding their power with the knowledge of disabling powers selectively. Failure with more 1s than successes.

v       Resurrect Army - Does what it says. Massive aural wave blasts over an army like a gust of shadowy wind and restores corpses, then the bodies begin to glow as their souls plunge back into their bodies and vital flames are sparked, and with command, Raise the Fallen, the dead rise fully resurrected with 100 HP each. Caster is KOed for a day and requires a week of recuperation.



Sorcery Control the fabric of matter and the elements

Wizards can choose from these as long as spells do not oppose good alignment with ‘cruel spells’. Cruel spells are those which focus on pain, terror or cruel deaths.

Clan Path


Stamina 1 (1-3)

v       Arcane Seal - Seals a Spell within an item or subject and protects against dispels, shatters, dissolves, disenchantments, disjoining, and detection, total MA roll = protection.

v       Whispering Wind - Message to one person, very quiet.

v       Suspension - Lift someone gentle or catch someone or something falling to let them or it down softly.

v       Fire Burst - Normal fire bursts out causing a bit of damage to all in range.

v       Trip - An invisible force trips someone in motion.

v       Ethereal Light - Lights the way in dark places with a pale, azure blue light.

v       Kaleidoscope Vision - Make someone see ten of everything.

v       Chameleon Cloak - Blends a person into their environment.


Stamina 2 (4-6)

v       Mental Commands - Spells can be cast w/o speaking.

v       Visual Sentry - All round vision.

v       Jinx - Causes someone to drop a weapon, fall down, or other minor called effects.

v       Air Hike - Jump 15 feet in the air and remained suspended for 1 turn.

v       Quicken Blade - One thrust becomes three rapid thrust, One swipe three, etc.

v       Hasten - Hasten another person or an object by +1 movement per success.

v       Conjure Item - Any small item, like a weapon, bottle of wine, etc. A minor gate summoning power.

v       Displacement - Target vanishes from one place and appears in another in immediate area as called.


Stamina 3 (7-9)

v       Arcane Mark - Marks a spell with Magic user's signature to protect against detection and identification.

v       Arcane Lock - Locks a door, gate or window to prevent entry.

v       Arcane Proofing - Protects a spell, magic item, or select object against specified effects or threats. Roll for each Proof cast. Success Roll = Power of Proofing +MA level of caster.

v       Arcane Quickening - Spells cast faster.

v       Boomerang Effect - A dagger or sword when thrown hoops rapidly, able to hit a target multiple times, and comes back to wielder, +1 hit, +1 hit per ace, +1 HB per ace.

v       Guardian Gate - Weaves any gate power with a contingency to seize a person in a gate under called circumstances. User must have pre-existing gate power.

v       Disenchant – removes enchantments with a higher roll.


Stamina 4 (10-12)

v       Soul Net - Captures Soul of the newly dead.

v       Holding Force - Arrests movement and ALL action.

v       Channeling Fork - Forks power to hit various called targets.

v       Resilient Sphere of Arrest - Encase creature/object in a resilient sphere of energy which resists physical and arcane infiltration.

v       Negation - Negates various powers as called.

v       Id Cloak - Protects against race, power, alignment, and presence being identified, and guards again sight, mental probe, visionary, divination and aural sight powers.

v       Shatter Spell – with a higher roll.


Stamina 5 (13-15)

v       Ultimate Stony Grasp - very powerful and hard to break grasp.

v       Bypass Wall - Walk through walls

v       Wall of Force - Invincible wall of force, often used in warding rooms and buildings.

v       Proofing Factor - Proofs against various effects as called.

v       Arcane Factor – factor a spell with one called contingency which results when spell is cast.

v       Enduring Sleep - Places target in deep, lasting sleep.

v       Seizure Gate - Seize someone in an arcane gate and transfer them to called destination.

v       Binding Honor - An agreement is bound with a called contingency which takes effect if agreement is broken. The contingency cannot be dismantled once one has agreed to terms. One has to agree to binding honor for agreement to count. Beware loopholes.

v       Binding Contract - A written contract when signed is bound by its signature, and if terms are broken, punishment as called on contract occurs. Proofed against all manners of dispels, disenchantments, shatters, reversals, negations and anti-magic.

v       Shield of Negation – Any powers that hit shield are lowered by power of shield.  Up to 5’ radius per success.


Stamina 6 (16-18)

v       Arcane Immunity - Saving throw bonus per success against spells.

v       Control Weather - Controls natural conditions of weather without extremes.

v       Transmute Rock To Mud - Happens very rapidly.

v       Fabricate - Create normal items.

v       Shatter - Shatters an object.

v       Shadow Walk - Folds dimensional layers as mage walks through the demi plane of Shadows.

v       Flame Armor - Armor which ignites an enemy in flames each time enemy hits or makes contact. Invisible until contact.

v       Ring of Rune Stones - Rune Stones appear to circle area party is in, absorbing all magic and energies cast on party. Can not be dispelled by hostile parties.

v       Anti-Factor - Protects a power or target against called power or effects. Must be used prior to any engagements.


Stamina 7 (19-21)

v       Disintegrate - Disintegrates an object or element.

v       Sequester - Banishes Target through a dimensional gate from a select place to their residence or a called location and prevents their re-entry within a radius of up to 5 miles per success.

v       Mantle of Invisibility - Renders target invisible and utterly undetectable.

v       Deadly Shocking Grasp - If held for longer that 10 seconds, is deadly, power vs. strength.

v       Secret Door - A secret door can only be seen, and opens only for caster unless others are selected to enter with him.

v       Reverse Gravity - Gravitational pull on a select thing is reversed to make it float.

v       Polar Inertia - Reverses the inertia of something in motion to send it whip lashing back.

v       Telekinetic Sphere - A resilient sphere that can be moved with mind.

v       Limited Wish - Allows a minor wish. A type of conjuration.

v       Plant Lore - Make plants grow quickly and move.

v       Permanence Factor - Makes a power permanent, seals and marks a power.

v       Soak Power – target soaks power equal to power of spell next turn taking less or no damage, while effects are negated to damage only.

v       Arcane Prodigy – wizard or sorcerer has innate arcane powers with limited path and can seal, mark, proof, factor, modify, fork, layer, quicken spells, use compound targeting, cast silently, and make spells permanent.


Stamina 8 (22-24)

v       Orb of Arrest - Arrests target in an Orb of holding energy.

v       Vampires Blood Bane - Spell does 5 dmg per success, each round until 1 LP remains. Spell can be cast 3 times of day. This spell burns a vampires blood, then their bodies from within to without, and hinders regeneration.

v       Arcane Tendrils Orb - Orb floats around a called area at guard and attacks enemies within a 50 yard radius as long as targets are in range.  One or rarely three of the six rays conjured by this orb hits a target, each with a different power:  1 d6, 1-4=1 tendril, 5=2 tendrils, 6=3 tendrils, 1 d6 for each attack effect.

o         1-Stun: damages, stuns -1 turn, -1 AR per ace, keeps attacking while target is stunned

o         2-Solidify: damages, -1 movement per success, 0 movement on crit, -1 stamina per success, effects last 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.

o         3-Health Siphon: damages and drains -1 strength per success.

o         4-Fatigue: -1 stamina, reflexes and dexterity per success.

o         5-Attack Stream: stream of energy grips target and damages until hold is broken, lasts 1 turn, +1 AR per success or until stream is broken by getting out of range.

o         6-Jolting Shockwave:  damages and throws targets 3 d6 feet with 2% chance per success of targets dropping anything in their hands, blow also staggers -1 AR per success.

o         Called Powers: Mage can also designate powers of the tendrils with existing spells with stats below.

o         Orb Stats:  Movement: 23, Reflexes and Dexterity: 16+1 per ace.

o         Level: 8, +1 per success, or level 1-24

o         Vital Energy (acts as HP): 640.

o         Orb cannot be dispelled, disjoined, or shattered.  Its energy must be scattered by attacking it with normal weapons until vital energy is at 0 and orb is destroyed.

v       Trap of Souls - Traps the soul within a photonic sphere. If touched the soul would suffer damage, and if the soul should lapse through the sphere, it would destroy it.

v       Quantum Leap - Leap through time and dimensions.

v       Arcane Dead Zone - Creates a dead magic zone up to 100 yard radius, +100 yards per success. No magic can penetrate or be used inside of zone.


Stamina 9 (25-27)

v       Magic Gate - Opens Gate in any solid object and past wards with higher roll.

v       Arcane Sphere - Protective Sphere of Magic woven with 9 various effects, each with a kick if sphere is touched. Each time sphere is contacted, an additional power woven into the globe strikes them, so that number of effects equals times touched. Each power must be dismantled in order it was woven with correct dismantling spells.

v       Succor - A protective contingency placed on another to protect them against certain circumstances.

v       Imprisonment - Traps victim within a select room or space with warded powers preventing their escape.

v       Elemental Aura - Protects from attacks of a called element and allows the casting of all spells levels 1-9 in that element.

v       Wish - Allows one wish on success. A form of conjuration. Must be something within the realm of possibility. Wish must be material.

v       Compound Targeting – combine with other spells to affect up to 1 target per success.


Stamina 10 (28-30)

v       Curse of Death - 10% dmg every RP day curse remains. Allows for no healing. Curse can only be dispelled by caster. Curse of death is a contingency spell, contingency terms named by caster. The only way the spell can be removed is for the contingency to be met.

v       Estate Transference - Move keep to an elemental plane.

v       Sphere Of Ultimate Destruction - Create a temporary Sphere of Annihilation. Lasts +1 turn, +1 turn per ace, and soaks the matter of everything it contacts to damage and disintegrate on a crit. Mage controls movement of sphere.

v       Sphere of Arrest - Arrests target and will reverse attacks on anyone attacking the sphere for double damage.

Stamina 11 (31-35)

v       Arcane Mastery - Create spells, artifacts, arcane items, powers, wards and commands, animate inanimate objects to create non-living creatures with select capabilities.

Stamina 11 (31-35)

v       Improved Mastery – Cast any spell at these levels as they are gained.

Stamina 12 (36-40)

v       Improved Power



Earth - Terramancy Invoke the earth and its elements... stone, soil, sand, salt, minerals

Note:  Precision of all targeted or missile spells are determined by Magic HB plus Missile and/or Targeting bonuses.  In cases of multiple missiles HB of each missile must be rolled.



Stamina 1 (1-3)

v       Volley of Pebbles - Pebbles rain down to do +1-3 damage each pebble that hits.  Radius of up to +10 feet per success with +3 pebbles per success within called radius.  Missiled spell.

v       Rolling Stone - Cause a stone to roll in called direction.

v       Mud Pit - a mud pit forms where called.

v       Reveal Stone - Reveals what types of stones there are, and where they are in an area a mile wide.

Stamina 2 (4-6)

v       Volley of Stones - Stones rain down, +1 stone per success, radius of up to +10 feet as called.  Power equals damage of each stone.

v       Quartz Arrow - Arrow of quartz streaks at target, +1-HB.  Power of roll equals damage. Missiled spell.

v       Earth Speak - Speak to the earth to gain knowledge that has occurred in an area.

v       Quicksand - Quicksand (or lightning sand in deserts) forms where called.  Those caught in quick sand sink to their deaths if they do not follow correct procedures of being still, relaxing, and laying back to let their body float on the surface until someone rescues them.  They will sink eventually regardless if no one finds them within eight hours.  Lightning sand can only be escaped if target can clamber away from the hourglass-like funnel of sand in time with power vs. movement and dexterity.

Stamina 3 (7-9)

v       Hurdling Boulder - Boulders tumble towards target area quickly or rain down, damage to all within radius of up to +10 feet per success.  Up to +1 boulder per success.  Missiled Spell.

v       Earth Spring - Reveals any springs in the earth.

v       Cavern Sight - Reveals nearby caverns and what is in them.

v       Open Doorway - Opens a doorway in solid rock.

Stamina 4 (10-12)

v       Sand Storm - damage each round. Target/s are blasted by stinging sand which is so fine it gets past all but solid elements, the wind so strong it tosses Level X 10 pound objects like tumble weed.  Radius of up to +10 feet per success as called.

v       Shift Stone - Shifts position of a rock as called.

v       Raise Pillar - Raises a pillar of stone from the ground, or a floor.  Power equals strength of pillar.

v       Dome of Rock - Rock dome with diameter of 20 feet, with 12 foot deep walls forms over called area.  Power equals strength of rock dome.

Stamina 5 (13-15)

v       Barrage of Boulders - Boulders fly at target area like they were slung from catapults, +1 boulder per success, power of roll equals damage of each boulder, range of up to +10 feet per success.  Missiled spell.

v       Heal Nature - Heals a damaged earth element as called.

v       Will of Stone - Affected target's will enhanced by +1 per success.  Lasts 1 turn, +1 per ace.

v       Earth Morph - Change shape of stone or mineral, or morph minerals into another earth element, turn quartz to sand, stone to dirt, metal to sand, another type of stone, etc.

Stamina 6 (16-18)

v       Desert's Hottest Elements - Alters called area into a perilously hot and dry barren.

v       Stairway of Stone - raises stones to form a stairway.

v       Heart of Stone - Heart has strength of stone to stand up against heart wounds, +Spell Level Used per success = Fortitude.  Lasts 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.  If made permanent, Regeneration and Healing take a -50% penalty.

v       Stone Door - A door is hidden by a thick wall of stone and can only be accessed by those caster calls.

v       Earth Door - open a door in earth, stone, sand, etc. and conceal doorway as same element. Select who can or cannot enter and see door, or mark door with a riddle or contingency which reveals a word of power.  Door otherwise remains unrevealed as solid stone, earth, sand, etc. as called.

Stamina 7 (19-21)

v       Earth Tremors - The ground shakes to unbalance those on shaken ground, -AR, -1AR per ace.

v       Minor Earth Quake - The ground tears open in area called in a rift that is up to +5 feet long and +1 foot wide and deep per success. Movement and Dexterity vs. Power and Area affected.  Damages those who fall in rift.  If Terramancer dispells the fracture it closes in on those trapped in rift to crush them fatally on a crit.  Aggravated damage otherwise as targets climb out of rift as it closes.

v       Land Bridge - A bridge of stone and earth forms over called area, up to 10 feet long per success.

v       Flesh of Stone - Target's flesh becomes tough as stone, with +Spell Level Used per success = Fortitude. Lasts 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.

v       Flesh to Stone – turn called target into solid stone.  Mage can choose to preserve life within the stone, otherwise life can only exist cast in stone for 1 d6 days.

Stamina 8 (22-24)

v       Land Slide - Brings a hillside, mountain, fortress or Cliff, roaring down fiercely on target/s. Dmg X Successes. Targeted spell.

v       Rejuvenate Earth - +1-dmg to caster per ace. Restores the earth exactly as it was prior to destruction in a matter of minutes within a radius of up to +10 feet per success.

v       Morph Element - Caster can alter one earth element into another element of any kind or vice versa of same or like size.

v       Earth Tower - Raise a tower composed of earth elements.  Power of Roll determines strength of tower.

Stamina 9 (25-27)

v       Severe Earth Quake - Brings down buildings and mountainsides, and opens deep fissures in the ground.  Rifts open up as called that are up to +10 feet long, and +5 feet wide and deep per success. Critical damage to anyone near center of quake, death if buried beneath a landslide or large building on a crit, or if a rift is closed on targets caught into fissures.

v       Fiery Fissure - Earth and Fire Taps. A rift of lava and incinerating fire opens up.  Aggravated damage to those nearby unless selected for bypass, death to those who fall in fissure (unless immune to fire), critical aggravated damage to those near rift on a crit.

v       Mercury Vapors - Deadly poisonous, even to immortals, aggravated damage.

v       Rock Storm - Hail of boulders and rocks - Dmg X Successes to all in area affected at up to +10 feet perimeter per success.

Stamina 10 (28-30)

v       Raise Volcano and Awake - Ground shakes and a volcano pushes upward to spew lava, burning ash fills the air, glowing rocks batter and damage all within in its 10-40 mile radius.

v       Earthquake to Canyon - Violent earthquake rips the ground open as called, opening canyon like rifts that are up to +50 feet wide, +25 feet deep, and .50 mile long per success.  Those who fall into canyon suffer impact damage equal to depth of canyon plus damage of roll.

v       Earth Fortress - Raise a fortress composed of called earth elements. Strength of Fortress is equal to power of roll.

v       Elemental Wards - Ward something, someone or an area with earth elemental powers.

Stamina 11 (31-35)

v       Master of the Earth - Terramancer can formulate earth commands, use them for warding, formulate catalysts, make enchanted items and artifacts, and blend them with other gifts.

Stamina 11 (31-35)

v       Improved Power - Terramancer can apply any earth elemental command at these levels as gained.



Umbramancy The Path of Shadows... what the shadows hide and touch and span



Path of Shadows

Stamina 1

v       1-Manipulate Shadows - Cause shadows to shift, bend and move as called.

v       2-Shadow Veil - Hides target in shadows.

v       3-Shadow Stalk - sneak around unseen and unsensed while maintaining a physical form. Shadows disperse when an action is taken against another. Unseen for one action.

Stamina 2

v       4-Shadow Cloaking - Cloaks target and their presence.

v       5-Shadow Door - create a doorway of shadow where no doorway exists that opens and closes only to creator.

v       6-Shadowy Concealment - Make a called target take on appearance of shadows.

Stamina 3

v       7-Shadow Walking - Close distance through shadow realm.

v       8-Shadow Bridge - Create a solid bridge of shadows 4 feet wide.

v       9-Shadow Perception - Allows for detection of shadow forms and active shadow applications.

Stamina 4

v       10-Gate of Shadows-which caster can take others through via the shadow realm.

v       11-Trap Door of Shadows - a trap door opens under someone and drops them into a cell of shadows which holds them captive.

v       12-Intercept Path - Allows shadow elemental to intercept other gate paths, even select ones with higher power (roll).

Stamina 5

v       13-Phasing-Phase out of material realm into corporeal form of shadows.

v       14-Aura of Shadows - nothing about subject protected by this gift can be sensed by any means.

v       15-Gateway of Vision - Allows shadow elemental to pierce the temporal layers of the shadow realm to see present, past, and future incidents. Elemental must be able to identify which subject of information sought by a name or location involving subject.

Stamina 6

v       16-Corporeal Assimilation -1 Form per 5 levels. Corporeal Disguise, can be any living creature.

v       17-Corporeal Shadow Form - Ability to take actions in shadow form.

v       18-Shadowy Keep - a tower or room of shadow is raised which can only be accessed by creator or those he selects to enter or leave the keep.

Stamina 7

v       19-Shield of Shadows - A dome of shadows surrounds called target/s and any powers or attacks aimed at target/s will pass into the shadows without hitting target. If attackers step through the shield, they come out on the other side of the shield past the shielded targets. Lasts until dispelled, protected targets cannot attack while guarded by shield, they too pass into the shadow veil if they step into the shield and another stride delivers them on unprotected ground.

v       20-Sanctuary of Shadows - Call the shadows into a lair, castle, manor, compound, or even a woodland area, to conceal those within. Very hard to detect. Also protects from sunlight..

v       21-Shadow Planes Walker - cross any distance and into any realm, world, alternate plane, or demi-plane.

Stamina 8

v       22-Black Oracle - Part the shadow veil to reveal those clan members selected, and use Shadow gates to intercept subjects within shadow realm and to intercept shadow gates.

v       23-Shadow Planes Gate - like a walker only shadow elemental can take others with them.

v       24-Eclipse in Shadows - Eclipse an area in the shadow veil, up to 10 feet per success. Protects from sunlight.

Stamina 9

v       25-Shadows and Stone - Haven, or even a select chamber, room, cave, etc., can be overlapped by the demi-plane of shadows to conceal overlapped area in an isolated fold of the shadow realm. Cannot be infiltrated without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone, and intercept path abilities. Only higher power using correct applications can invade protected area/s.

v       26-Dungeon of Darkness - Sinks a subject or select area within the demi-plane of shadows where the shadow lands overlap an underworld, creating solid walls. Very hard to detect without the ability to find an overlap. Area is hard to escape as well where no gate can be formed to escape without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone.

v       27-Dark Creationist - create any called, tangible, shadow effect, object or scope (such as shadow-bridges, doors, gates, keeps, castles, weapons, trees, ropes, ladders, vines, forests, lakes, etc.) with called effects which include selection of who creations are tangible to, and ethereal passage only to select subjects through doors and tunnels.

Stamina 10

v       28-Shadow Catalyst - Allows caster to create a contingency, that triggers a shadow affect if catalyst is triggered. Caster calls catalyst, with power of up to +300 as called.

v       29-Protection from Shadows - Protects from any rivaling Shadow Effect

v       30-Shadow Scape - Create a corporeal scope of shadows that is ethereal and invisible to anyone not select to enter corporeal zone. Area is created via quantum visualization to create material wilderness, buildings and grounds, etc., all cast in a night-like scope of shadows. Moonlight and sunlight can penetrate area to create a filtered light effect if called. Up to one acre.

Stamina 11 (31-35)

v       Improved Power

Stamina 12 (36-40)

v       Improved Power


 Shamanism  Summon, invoke, command, harness spirits and their energies

Hierophant of Chaos


v       1-{1-3} Healing Song – heal +1 HP per success, +5 per ace with healing song, gourd rattle, and medicine bag.

v       2-{4-6} Spirit Song – invoke a subject’s patron spirit to aid them in a called endeavor, +1 d6 per success, +1 HB, +1 HB per ace, +1 to save, +1 to save per ace, or +2% chance of triumph per success as called.

v       3-{7-9} Healing Chant – heal serious wounds and illness, +5 HP per success, +10 HP per ace.

v       4-{10-12} Advocate – summon a powerful spirit which will shield another from harm until the spirit is vanquished. Spirit soaks -1 damage or power per success per hit to protected subject no matter what kind of damage it is.  Advocate has +1 save, +1 save per ace vs. banishment.  This spirit is not affected by raise the dead.

v       5-{13-15} Invoke Dark Spirit – summon a dark spirit into a target or area to curse target with a called affliction that is triggered as called.

v       6-{16-18} Spirit Union – the shaman falls into a deeply meditative state as they dream walk to the other side where they can gain knowledge, or tap aspects of the elements, spirits, life force, or an entity to either draw energy from it and channel that power, or to expel a spirit from a person or area.  At high levels the shaman can join with multiple spirits (max number=AR).  Aspects tapped through union of spirit can last up to +1 turn, +1 turn per success.

v       7-{19-21} Alliance of Spirits – like union only it is not used for exorcism but for joining with a spirit to absorb aspects of that spirit permanently, such as the spirit of wind, earth, life, or of a creature. Level of Aspect = Power of Roll, +1 aspect gained on success.

v       8-{22-24} Resurrection – restore life to the dead through spirit conduits, the life force, and restorative healing.

v       9-{25-27} Purification – Purify blood, mind, body, food, water, air, etc. as called, by drawing undesirable matter into the dead realm.

v       10-{28-30} Mutual Alliance – Use with any power only share aspects tapped with others.

v       11- {31-35} Union of Flesh – shaman dream walks to the nether marches to tap echoes of spirits and harness their living embodiment of the past to call the flesh of a called creature into self or another to shape shift.  Shape shift ability can become permanent on a crit if called.

v       12- {36-40} Arch Shaman – advent spirit realms and netherworlds in the flesh by opening paths through dream walking, shamanistic creationism, spirit wards, protection spells, create creatures through elemental, life and spirit taps, enchant items, create artifacts, improvise spells.

 Pentacle of the Elements   The elements are life, are in all things and connect all things

Hierophant of Chaos

v Axis: Perpetual Change - The Great Cycle (culmination of all driving forces) Elemental and Biological Chaos

v1st Point: Darkness: Shadow, Absence, Vacuity, Dimension - Dormancy

v2nd Point: Fire: Light, Electrical, Inertia, Destruction, - Matter

v3rd Point: Earth: Plant, Animal, Mineral, Chemical - Particle

v4th Point: Air: Spirit, Spectral, Time, Astral - Vibration

v5th Point: Water: Storm, Ice, Harmony, Disruption - Metamorphos