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Corvaan Ereme

General Information

Player Information
Screen Name: NPC
Player Name: NPC
Date of Character Creation: 1/28/2009
RPG: The Middle Kingdom

Character Name: Corvaan (Vaan) Ereme, alias Grimwarr
Race: Namas
Age: 324
Location: Castle Ereme, Kingdom of Eremaes, also called Eredor, north of Hawker's Fort.
Aligment: chaotic good


Eyes: light grey
Hair: midlength and light brown
Height: 6'1
Build: Lean, hard muscle.
Skin: fair but sometimes tanned by the sun from being outdoors.
Outstanding Features: battle scarred

Though he is not the handsomest man, he has a very nice smile that is as warm as it is pleasant. He was the sort of man that some would call handsome because he had character, while others would say he was not very attractive at all. Years of worry make him look older than he should, while years of relative contentment shed years off his visage to betray how handsome he can be. Regardless of all that, his nose and lips are wide and full, the bridge of his nose angled somewhat by a characteristic bump, his cheeks are high, and his eyes are fairly deeply sunken. He has a square face but a rounded jawl and his light brown hair is midlength and very thick, tossed around tanned, rugged facial features that might have been a youth's in his mid-twenties, or an older man in his late thirties. The scars and lines of burden made it hard to tell. Most of the time he is clean shaven but now and again he has a scruffy bit of beard or a goatee.


Castle and Village Residents

Archaius (son and crown prince)
Illora (wife, deceased, died giving birth to Archaius)


Beremus (knight captain)
Persaius (first knight)
Brylus (2nd knight)
Naazir Adreamus (3rd knight : Shaamea)

Eredor Rangers

Arsalla (half-elf ranger captain)
Fae (werelion ranger)
Hallion (namas ranger)
The Eredon (the other eredor rangers)

Resident Mages

Andromedes (arch magus)

Castle Guards

Vargus (captain of the guard)

Ladies of Courte





Character History



Combat Skills

Melee: 42, +8 HB. Sword Specialization +2 HB.
Leadership 30, +6 charisma.
Battle Tactics,+2 init.
Riposte, level 32 damage to attacker on successful blocks.
Shield Bash, level 36, stuns for -1 AR per ace.
Breaking Sword Blow, level 21, damages and weakens rival sword by total power of roll.
Beheading Blow, +1 HB decapitating death blow, 16+ to succeed.
Combat Riding +2 HB mounted.
Build War Machines, 18.

Other Skills

Equestrianship: horseback riding, horse training, breeding, and care.
Medieval Architecture: design, masonry, carpentry, well digging, basic medieval contruction, including thatching from scratch.

Ranger Skills

Level 22
Pending +10

Knight Skills

Level 38
Pending +10

Outdoor Skills

Level 25
Pending +10


Weapons and Armor


Broadsword: enchanted, +80 damage, + ice, electrical, or fire, strength 465 (vs. breaking)
Armory: many other weapons at his disposal from his castle's armory (called weapon)


Buckler, +8 damage spikes, AC: 50 with max defense HB of +5.
Diamthrill Plate and Scale Mail Suit, AC: 185.
Reinforced Leather Armor: AC: 55 (for everyday wear).


Inborn Traits

Namas Traits

Quasi-immortal: stop aging between 21-40, rarely between 13-18.
Vulnerable to mortal wounds
Susceptible to Disease: resist only by 50%
HP Bonus: +40
Quick Healing: Level 5 Regeneration
Improved Strength: +3
Quickness: movement +5
Vigor: stamina +10
Non-Mage: 85% MR



Rate Chart for Checks: 1-25

1-9 is pathetic to poor rating
10-13 is average to decent rating
14-17 is good to impressive rating
18-21 is incredible rating
22-25 is amazing to fantastic rating
26-30 is phenomenal to supernatural rating
31-40-incredible supernatural rating
41-50-Godly or Titan rating.
51-200-Godly or Titan rating (strength only)

Physical Checks
Strength: 18
Stamina: 36
Movement: 20
Stealth: 18
Dexterity: 16
Reflexes: 17
Fortitude: 2

Sensory Checks
Vision: 21
Olfactory: 17
Hearing: 18
Touch: 14
Taste: 16
Overall Alertness: 17

Mental Checks
Willpower: 32
Intelligence: 20
Wisdom: 17
Constitution: 27
Charisma: 18
Logic: 18
Instincts: 21

HP: 688
Regeneration: 5




Vulnerable to wounds and disease
Susceptible to Subterfuge, because he wants to see the good in others he may trust the wrong people now and again, particularly if they are proficient at subterfuge and can dupe his good instincts. His knights and rangers try to protect him from this flaw of virtue.
Enemies: the werewolf Alpha Arcades (ar-cA-dEz) and his pack, located in the sea-side village of Aiberon, north-north east of Sea-eagle Roost Island. The other is Lord Eleghir, a wealthy clan demon lord from Sugar Island whose demon-hood is unknown. Sugar Island is 100 miles west of Eredor's shores, and north-north-west of Castle Ereme. These two united adversaries wish Ereme to join their alliance, or to take his kingdom as their own. (NPCs)